When a mini garden is done right, the plants feel grown in, not stuffed in, as if they have adapted to each other’s shape. This feeling is partially an illusion based on the care given to the initial positioning, but there is so much more to it. These are time based sculptures, so we think ahead, drawing on deep experiential knowledge of the differing habits, light responses, and growth rates. Lastly, we prune, pull and adapt as needed. Nothing is ever finished, but rather meticulously “caretaken”. By attending to these details, you set up the garden to grow into a pleasing, symbiotic whole.

Mini garden by Jon Schwark
Pottery by Conrad Gendron

Newt Scamander: “What, you fought in the war?”
Jacob Kowalski: “Of course I fought in the war, everyone fought in the war – you didn’t fight in the war?”
Newt Scamander: “I worked mostly with dragons, Ukrainian Ironbellies – Eastern Front.”
—  Aka Newt secretly being a dragon tamer in the war is canon and you’ll have to pry that fact from my cold dead hands
Serpentine Theory

My idea is that Serpentine(/Lizardite) IS the cluster. 

As shown by Ronaldo, snakes have some big part in the government, which gives me the idea of Serpentine, or Lizardite (a form of Serpentine, fyi).

Serpentine is not a single mineral, but rather a group of related minerals.

The names for the gemstones Serpentine and Lizardite come from the fact they are green, like a snake

A category of Serpentine is Chrysotile, which is described as polymorphous

some fishy pictures^

What Serpentine looks like^

Also, let’s look at two different types of Serpentine:

Williamsite, and Deweylite

William has the nickname Bill, and this gives us the name Bill Dewey

So the government official Bill Dewey has names that relate to Serpentine …………………

Also Deweylite contains small amount of Stevensite, but idk what to do with this information. 

(Sorry for the odd order of information)

Jay likes fusing cause he feels like he’s powerful and part of something great.  He doesn’t fuse very often though, so he’s sad.  

Bonus couple of things in this picture.  Serpentine and similar monsters are just corrupted gems.  
Also, the ninja usually refer to the others as their gem names out of habit, but try to use the human names as much as possible around Lloyd, like how parents call each other mom and dad around kids.  Jay tried to get the nickname BT (Blue Topaz) picked up, but the only one who really uses it is Lloyd.