Congratulations to the winners! Your familiars are all gorgeous. <3

Bearded Yeti (Akitaxzero) | Yeti Brawler (Sableye)

Clouded Mith (Hallea) | Cinder Mith (Craven)

Dunewind Manticore (Asmo) | Silvermane Barbtail (Roro)

Amethyst King (LadyKianna) | Emeraldback Shardspawn (DirkJake)

Brightwing Dwarf Hainu (Solarstar) | Dwarf Hainu Macaw (Sandwich)
Tricolour Yapper (vulpines) | Barking Jester (Cynderbark)

Butter Caiman (AlpineHell) | Gladeveins Needletooth (Zangoose)
Rosetail (Snifit) | Tropical Caiman (QueenParda)

Serpenta (arctictis) | Scarlet Serpenta (NeroGravity) |
Acid-Tongue Serpenta (autumnalis) | Marbled Serpenta (weyrbound)

Harlequin Stagwing (Ursus) | Petalwing Peryton (Virgo)
Wispwillow Peryton (Xemni) | Rosy Peryton (Nochnyr)

Rainbows and bad grahpics? This must be a giveaway! There will be four winners:

  • 1st place - Prismatic Silks bundle
  • 2nd place - Unicorn Guise 
  • 3rd place - Rainbow Flair Scarf 
  • 4th place - Marbled Serpenta and Bellus Glamortail

To enter, reblog this with your username and… tell me your favorite (or one of favorites) dessert! :D The giveaway ends on the 15th of June, at 12:00 FR time.
Good luck!

Battle under the Fallen Moon and Serpent

A piece which will be sold as prints in the upcoming Prints Charming happening here in Bristol UK in September:

Prints Charming is an exhibition and silent auction raising essential funds for a Bristol based art and art therapy charity, Art Refuge UK, that helps displaced people who have had to leave their home and often family, due to man-made and natural disasters such as earthquakes, political conflict, poverty, persecution, trafficking and war.
Hamilton House Gallery, Stokes Croft, Bristol. 13th-18th September 2016.

All the work included is loosely based on mythology and/or folklore, this is my attempt at a Tarot style composition/narrative - two opposing armies meet for battle under the watch of a princess and a rare fallen moon. The serpent waits for the outcome to feast on the unsuspecting victors.

Ed Cheverton

New Baldwins Brew Recipes

Level 5 Recipes

Rosetail: 1 Copper Muck, 2 Orange Sludge, 4 Green Goo, 1 Sizzling Phosphorus, and 2000 Treasure.

Tropical Caiman: 1 Copper Muck, 2 Orange Ooze, 3 Yellow Goo, 1 Sizzling Phosphorus, and 2000 Treasure.

Level 13 Recipes

Acid-Tongue Serpenta: 2 Copper Muck, 3 Orange Ooze, 3 Yellow Goo, 3 Green Sludge, and 4000 Treasure.

Marbled Serpenta: 1 Gold Muck, 3 Orange Sludge, 3 Yellow Sludge, 3 Green Sludge, and 4000 Treasure.

Dusklight Alchemist Tools: 1 Black Slime, 3 Purple Ooze, 2 Purple Sludge, 1 Purple Goo, and 3000 Treasure.

Golden Glow Alchemist Tools: 1 White Slime, 4 Yellow Ooze, 2 Orange Ooze, 2 Red Ooze, and 3000 Treasure.

Primary Alchemist Tools: 1 Grey Slime, 3 Yellow Sludge, 2 Red Sludge, 1 Blue Sludge, and 3000 Treasure.

Supercharged Alchemist Tools: 1 Grey Slime, 3 Green Sludge, 3 Green Goo, 3 Green Ooze, and 3000 Treasure.