serpent fire

The mythic snakes.

These three snakes are important to Norse mythology:
Jörmungandr, the Midgard snake, who encircles the world and will let his tail go at Ragnarök. Níðhöggr, who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil. And the serpent who drips venom onto Loki’s face as his punishment.

Pyrography by Wood Fire Ink.
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The Eastern System of Kundalini Yoga affords us a basic clue into the interior operations of Mystical Alchemy. Kundalini Yoga aims at the awakening of various centers of psychic force in the Ethereal Body. These are called Chakras or Cakkrams. Although there is literally a Chakra for every nerve in the body, there are seven in particular which are of vital importance in the Science of Kundalini Yoga. These Chakras are symbolized by seven Wheels ascending the spinal column which the Yogi endeavors to initiate into whirling motion, to awaken their subtle energies and vitalize his consciousness with their occult currents of power. This is accomplished by way of awakening the Primary Nerve Current known as the Kundalini or Serpent Power. The Serpent (Kundalini) is a phallic symbol, representing the creative force of reproduction or Sexual Energy. The Kundalini is Sexual Energy – the Libido – also called Shakti (Power) in the Sanskrit tongue. It is by this Sexual Power that the Chakras are literally transformed into veritable centers of cosmic radiation, illuminating the soul, mind and body of the Yogi with the Celestial Light of the Sun.The seven Chakras, which are also called Padmas or Lotuses, are the occult centers of psychic energy in the human body. They are not really a part of the human body, but rather correspond to certain parts of it, thus we call them occult (secret). The Chakras are secret centers which generate Prana and are a part of what is termed the Subtile or Ethereal Body. As Lotuses they exist upside downuntil the awakened Kundalini strikes upon them and makes them right side up. In this they are slain and transformed, purified and consecrated. It is an essential object of the training of the Magician in the New Order of the Golden Dawn to awaken the Kundalini, and thereby accomplish this inner work with the Chakras. Any proper system of initiation must necessarily awaken the conscious experience of these centers at some level, as they represent the true initiation of the soul. There are seven steps to this internal initiatory operation of Yoga. These seven steps correspond with certain alchemical, astrological and magical principles. The number seven is of great importance in Hermeticism. Note that there are seven letters in the words Sulphur, Mercury and Vitriol, which are names for the three alchemical Principles. There are also seven alchemical Metals which are linked with the seven traditional Planets of Astrology. And to correspond with these and other important concepts of the Septenary, there are seven Steps of Initiation in the New Order of the Golden Dawn. The symbol of the New Order of the Golden Dawn is, in fact, a Gold Cross surmounted by a White Triangle, giving us the number seven. This symbol represents the Great Work of Alchemy. Such is also the alchemical symbol for Sulphur which denotes the SECRET FIRE of Alchemy. This SECRET FIRE, which is the First Matter of the Great Work, is the Kundalini or Serpent Power of Yoga. Moreover, the Cross represents the four Grades of Zelator, Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major and Adeptus Exemptus; and the White Triangle represents the three grades above the Abyss called Magister Templi, Magus, and Ipsissimus. In alchemical terminology the Cross represents the four so-called Aristotelian Elements called Fire, Water, Air and Earth; and the Triangle represents the three Principles of Trimaterialism called Sulphur, Salt and Mercury. The Cross further represents the four elemental Chakras of Yoga called Muladhara, Svadhistthana, Manipura, and Anahata; and the Triangle represents the three higher Chakras called Vishudhi, Ajna and Sahasrara.Muladhara is the Root Chakra, Svadhistthana is the Navel Chakra, Manipura is the Solar Plexus Chakra, Anahata is the Heart Chakra, Visuddhi is the Throat Chakra, Ajna is the Pineal Chakra, and Sahasrara is the Crown Chakra. In Alchemy these Chakras are linked with the seven Metals called Lead, Iron, Tin, Quicksilver,Copper, Silver and Gold. These Chakras are also linked with the seven traditional Planets of Astrology called Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Luna, and Sol. The seven Metals and seven Planets correspond with the seven Chakras as follows: Lead and Saturn correlate with the Muladhara Chakra; Iron and Mars correlate with the Svadhistthana Chakra; Tin and Jupiter correlate with the Manipura Chakra; Quicksilver and Mercury correlate with the Anahata Chakra (or alternatively the Sahasrara Chakra); Copper and Venus correlate with the Vishudhi Chakra;Silver and Luna correlate with the Ajna Chakra; and, lastly, Gold and Sol correlate with the Sahasrara Chakra (or alternatively the Anahata Chakra). Of the seven Chakras, only six are visible to the inner eye of the Yogi. Sahasrara, the so-called seventh Chakra, is an invisible and ineffable centre which cannot be classified as a Chakra per se. Yet it is with this Invisible Chakra that the Yogi or Magician seeks to integrate himself. For this so-called Chakra represents the True Self of the Yogi or Magician which, in Alchemy, is symbolized by the Stone of the Philosophers. Now there are innumerable centers of Prana in the Subtile Body called Nadis which are commonly defined as Nerves. Prana is the vital, creative energy in Nature which animates and maintains all life and it is the subtle link between the visible and the invisible. Nadis are subtle nerve channels of Prana. The word Nadi is derived from the Sanskrit root “nad”, which signifies motion. The various petals of the Chakras are Nadis. Prana moves or circulates in the Nadis, governed by the currents of the Sun and Moon. Purification of the Nadis is one of the most fundamental exercises of Yoga proper. There are three principal Nadis of Yoga. These are called Ida, Pingala, andSushumna. Of these three the latter is the most important. Sushumna starts in the lowest Chakra Muladhara (5 cm. above the anus and 5 cm. behind the penis). Within the Sushumna is another Nadi called the Vajrini which contains yet another Nadi called the Citrini. The inmost part or centre of the Citrini is called the BrahmaNadi. However, it is not really a Nadi, but a vivara, that is, a hollow passage. The opening of the Citrini initiates the process or makes open the gate through which the Kundalini can enter the Kula Marga or Royal Road to the Crown Chakra. Such is called Brahma-Dvara. The Kundalini is asleep, closing with Her mouth the entrance to the Sushumna, until She is awakened in the Muladhara Chakra. When the Kundalini (Shakti) is awakened, by way of proper initiation, She enters the Royal Way in the Sushumna and rises through it to unite in orgasmic ecstasy with Her lover Shiva who isconcealed in the Brahmarandhra (Sahasrara Chakra). In Her ascension to the Brahmarandhra She pierces with puissant passion the various petals of the Chakras which, in effect, blossom into beautiful and fragrant Lotuses of Light. And when Shakti embraces Shiva in the Sahasrara, then are all the Chakras made one in the blissful, eternal blossoming of the Supernal Lotus of infinite petals. Ida and Pingala, like Sushumna, start in the Muladhara Chakra and rise to the Ajna Chakra, but, unlike the Sushumna, they rise with an inverse, serpentine movement. Ida is to the left of the Sushumna and its nature is lunar and feminine. Pingala is to the right of the Sushumna and its nature is solar and masculine. When Ida and Pingala meet at the Ajna Chakra they enter the Sushumna, making a triple knot, and again they are separated and, ergo, annihilated. That is, they are discharged of their Prana which then rises through the Sushumna to penetrate and kindle theSahasrara Chakra, allowing for the ecstatic, orgasmic embrace of Shakti and Shiva which, as you might gather, constitutes the greatest victory in Kundalini Yoga.

- Frater Aurora Aureae; ALCHEMY: THE BLACK ART

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: When uncle Rick said that he is planning on revisiting all of his characters in previous series during the apollo trials, is he including characters in the Kane chronicles? Is Walt and Anubis going to make an appearance? How are things working out for Carter and Zia? Is Bes living happily with Tawaret? Does Sadie realize that Drew is a demigod? How can Rick possibly revisit all of his previous characters in just five more books?

Just One Word January BPC
Day 3: Gold

Some hardbacks with gold lettering

‘Pon embertide night 'neath a moon-black sun, in the ragged ring of the Serpent-path. Like moths we are forever drawn back to the Secret Fire of Eld, to leap in the flame of our own self-recreation, to once more reclaim our memories from the dust… once more the Sabbat-tide is come!
—  Andrew Chumbley, “The Cult of the Divine Artist”, Opuscula Magica Vol. 2
Ilvermorny aesthetics (according to tumblr)

Horned Serpent: deep purples, sophisticated faces, pursed lips, black nails

Thunderbird: hair blowing in the wind, hiking boots, blue skies, smiling redheads

Pukwudgie: warm fires, sweaters, platonic cuddles, blondes


ilvermorny fall aesthetics

pukwudgie: pumpkin picking, baking doughnuts and pies, pulling worn, knit blankets out of the attic closet, eating candy corn, orange sunsets, woodland animals running about
wampus: hay rides, canoodling on the couch, eating apple pie, warm milk and cookies, army green jackets, making jack o’ lanterns, football, the world series, scary halloween masks
horned serpent: log fires, hot chocolate, hard cover books with worn spines, pumpkin scones, cable knit sweaters, heavy blankets, moccasins, leather boots, SATs, denim jackets
thunderbird: hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, s'mores, watching Disney halloween specials, orange and red leaves, flurries, toast and jam, mischief night

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Now that gen 7’s fire starter is pretty much confirmed, it strengthen’s the theory that the fire starters are based on the Chinese zodiac.

Why all of them are bipedal is unclear, but I assume it’s because the Chinese zodiac animals are often depicted in anthropomorphic form. Perhaps Game Freak wants to complete this list.

If this is really their intention, we might get to see two legged serpents or horses for fire starter Pokémon 😂


Of my Goodreads goal of 150 books I have managed exactly seven. I tend to read multiple books at a time so it takes me a while to finish them all. My to be read shelf looks something like this. A day late Day 11 of the May challenge by @journaling-junkie

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” Hades intoned.
Hope arched an eyebrow. “I have no crown.”
“That would depend on what its made of,” Hades responded with an amused smirk, glancing up and Hope reached up a hand to feel at the crown of flowers wound around her head.
—  ST, in which Hades thinks he’s being clever
The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana

The First Hour: In unity the demons praised God, losing their wickedness and wrath.

The Second Hour: Through duality the fishes of the Zodiac praise God, the fire-serpents entwine the serpent-staff and the lightning becomes harmonious.

The Third Hour: The serpents of the serpent-staff of Hermes are thrice-entwined. Cerberus opens its triple muzzle, and the fire praises God with lightning’s three tongues.

The Fourth Hour: In the fourth hour the soul returns from visiting the graves. It is the time the four magical lanterns are lighted at the four corners of the circles. It is the hour of enchantments and delusions.

The Fifth Hour: The Voice of the Great Waters glorifies the God of the heavenly spheres.

The Sixth Hour: The spirit remains immobile; it sees hell’s monsters advancing upon it, yet it is fearless.

The Seventh Hour: A fire imparting life to all soul-beings is directed by the will of pure people. The initiate stretches forth their hand and suffering passes into peace.

The Eighth Hour: The stars speak to each other. The soul of the suns responds to the sigh of the flowers. Harmony’s chains render all the creatures of nature in agreement with each other.

The Ninth Hour: The number that may not be revealed.

The Tenth Hour: It is the key of the astronomical cycles and of the rotation of humanity’s life.

The Eleventh Hour: The wings of the genii move with a mysterious rustle; they fly from one sphere to the other and convey the messages of God from world to world.

The Twelve Hour: Here the works of the eternal Light are being fulfilled by the Fire.