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Three Recent Bookish Thoughts
  1. Don’t read The Essex Serpent if you’re on the autism spectrum. It’s probably not super triggery but it has one of Those Characters and they’re treated like That.
  2. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue seems to be doing social justice messages right, I’m so pleased.
  3. I had a customer call in yesterday to not only thank me for helping her in the store, but to apologize for not chatting enough or complimenting my appearance, and it still makes me smile this morning.

Another tattoo design, this time a half-sleeve illustration, created for a client on Custom Tattoo Design. The art depicts the client’s future self reaching down to save his mother, reimagined as an angel, while she protects her two children against a horde of predators. The client’s mother had died during his teenage years, and so he wanted a meaningful first tattoo to commemorate her. I was deeply moved by the premise and jumped at the opportunity to help him visualize the design.

FP Jones x Reader "Craving something sweet"

Pairing: FP Jones x Reader (she’s legal, don’t worry 😂)

Summary: FP is craving something sweet

Warnings: Oral Sex

A/N: Sorry it’s short and it probably sucks! Just breaking the writers block away. Sorry if there is any mistakes, it’s almost 3AM and I’m tired af.


Part 2


Riverdale wasn’t a town where tourist would come and take awkward and cringing pictures at touristy places. It was more like “we’re just passing by” kind of town. It self, the town looked old and full of danger, so many people just ignore the little town and head off to their destination without a memory of the lonely grey town.

Y/N Lodge was the oldest child in her family and was half way through getting her bachelors degree when her father had been arrested. She was forced to leave University only to move with her mother and young sister to the small town of Riverdale. Even though her mother left working in Pop’s, Y/N was left working in the dinner as she tried to get her life back. Twenty two years old and she was barely holding on to keep her head up.

Riverdale wasn’t as bad, the people were nice but the teenagers were the worst; especially the privileged kids.

Pop’s had left her working alone for the late shift. With Pop’s being open 24 hours, he had her almost every night working the late shifts. Which at first she was against with, but now she was getting used to it.

The mysterious serpent watched Y/N from his truck as she was cleaning the table booths and getting everything spotless. One in the morning and clearly nobody else was going to barge in wanting onion rings or a milkshake at that hour.

The bell above the door rang as the serpent had decided to finally make his entrance to the empty dinner. At that moment, he watched her bending down to pick up the dirty rag that had fallen from her hold. “Empty house Lodge?” He spoke, as she turned around to face him. She knew he had been staring at her from his truck since he parked, but she got startled at the sound of his raspy voice so close to her.

“A burger with everything and a side of onion rings?” Y/N giggled, removing the pencil from the bun that was pulling away her long wavy black hair. She walked towards FB, but only to pass by him to take his order behind the counter.

“Actually, I just want a milkshake.” The loyal serpent customer smirked at her appearance. Her pastel yellow uniform hugged her curves perfectly as her messy hair fell below her breast.

“Getting tired of me and my burgers?” Usually, when Pop’s left her working the night shift, she was the one who always cooked after midnight.

“Your burgers are good, I’m just trying not to get fat.” He chuckled, his eyes landing on Y/N’s lips. She had her wooden yellow pencil between her lips as her teeth sank into the small pencil. Oh, how he would love to taste her. “And I would never get tired of you sweetheart.”

“You better not.” Y/N blushed, avoiding his intimidating eyes. “What flavor do you want?”

“What’s your favorite one?” FP asked. He always looked forward to spending his sleepless nights at Pop’s with Hiram Lodge’s oldest daughter. It was a dangerous path, and the venomous serpent wanted to take it.

“Probably the double chocolate with extra whip cream.” FP rolled his eyes at her playfully. Veronica and Y/N were quite different, but when it came to food, they were like the same person.

“I’ll have the mint chocolate mint with no whip cream and your favorite one please.” FP didn’t really have a sweet tooth for milkshakes, but he did have a sweet tooth for a certain Lodge.

“Damn, you must be having cravings tonight.” Y/N laughed, making her way towards the ice cream fridge. FP didn’t dare take his eyes off her as she prepared his order on the other side. His weekdays went from boring to having late night chats at Pop’s with his favorite waitress. FP had switched his routine from drinking every night, to spending his beer money on actual food while he spent time with the oldest Lodge daughter. He didn’t care the trouble that would come from flirting with Hiram’s daughter, but he couldn’t resist her innocent looks.

She was quieter than Veronica, she didn’t wear pearls on her neck and since she started working, her louboutin heels were replaced by simple white vans that matched her pastel uniform to perfection. “I thought you were more of a vanilla type of girl.”

“Baby, there’s nothing vanilla about me.” Y/N cockily smiled at the fired up serpent as she placed both milkshakes in front of him. Handing her a ten dollar bill, he grabbed both shakes and walked over to one of the many empty table booths.

“When you finish putting that in the register, sit with me.” He didn’t asked, but he ordered her with his raspy and demanding voice. Y/N insides twirled as she made her way to the booth after she had closed the register door. “Drink.” He demanded once again, sliding over the shake he had order, only for her.

“You didn’t have to buy me the shake.” She spoke up while she avoided his eyes in front of her. FB on the other hand, couldn’t keep his eyes off her. The predator in him wanted to pull her on his lap and taste her completely. He wanted to have her warm skin on his, he wanted to explore every inch of her.

“Your innocence is captivating, what are you doing to me Lodge?” Y/N’s glistening eyes landed on his own as she bit down her lip. She was feeling the fire in her increase as she watched him stared her down completely. “How can I control myself if you keep looking at me like that baby.” He groaned, his hand finding his way to his already messy hair.

“What if I don’t want you to control yourself?” FP didn’t waste a second more. He pulled himself off his side of the booth and rushed towards her side. Quickly, she wrapped her arms around his neck desperately as his hands found themselves running up her now exposed thighs. She pulled him into her, crashing her lips to his as his hands reached up to her ass and he pulled her on to his lap. Y/N slipped her own tongue between his lips, being the one to take charge.

There was nothing vanilla about Y/N Lodge, clearly. Her lips were now attached to his jawline and then following his neck, sucking on his sweet spot. “Y/N.” He moaned out, holding on to her tightly as she grinned her hips on his growing bulge. She was the one calling the shots, and even though FP enjoyed it; he wanted to hear her cries and moans desperately.

Gripping on her sides, he pushed her hard on the end of the booth as he nibbled his way up from her neck and on to her jawline. “You were right earlier, I was craving something sweet.” He whispered to her before going down to her now exposed breast leaving sloppy kisses on each one. “I’m craving you.” Y/N jumped a bit as his shivering fingertips ran across her thighs.

“FP.” She moaned, as he pushed her uniform skirt up to her stomach as he went down on her. He left soft kisses on her inner thighs, teasing her every second. Pulling her underwear off, he slipped one finger into her and quickly her hands gripped on his hair as he added his tongue to the mix. Y/N cried out of pleasure as his tongue fuck her like his life depended on it. Another shock hit her as he ran circles on her clit into the mixture. Y/N felt like she wasn’t even in her own body anymore; the pleasure was too good. He moaned as her thighs tightened their grip, sending vibrations into her.

“God FP.” She panted, as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of her as she rode out her high.

“After you get off your shift, my place.” He pulled up her underwear back up and fixed her skirt as Y/N tried to catch her breath still. FP smirked proudly as he watched her still overwhelmed from his touch.

“Good, because I need more of you.” She admitted, pulling him towards her and crashing her lips to his once again. She was the one now hungry for dominance, but that had to wait.

“I’ll be waiting for you.” He teased her, once he pulled away from her.

“Don’t have all the fun without me Jone.” Y/N laughed, as she watched him walk towards the door and his truck.

He knew what he was getting himself in to, but he didn’t care; he wanted her for himself.

bugheadjonesiii  asked:

I want to know what hotdogs agents requests are like he is a dog?? I feel like they go something like this: he must receive 1-3 "good boys" from the main cast daily. If he barks on cue he must be given a firm paw shake from the actor opposite him. he must have his own trailer and it must have, but is not limited to, 60 chew toys and stuffed animals, a doggy edible arrangement, a masseuse on retainer, steak tartar for dinner every night, and three other dogs for him to play with.

I agree, in addition to these stipulations

  • Hot-Dog should get top billing (fuck Cole for right now) – he’s more important
  • he must get first pick from craft services
  • each and every scene must involve Lili
  • must receive a custom-made Serpents leather jacket
  • must also have his own beanie
  • negotiates to replace Cole in each of his scenes
  • slowly replaces Jughead to form the new power couple – Betty-Dog

~Falling to Temptation~

As the lights came up, Dae was standing with her back towards the audience. A skirt hung low on her waist, made of fine silk with a dazzling red and gold design, and matched the sleeveless top she wore, which didn’t pass the bottom of her ribs; just enough to keep the woman decent. Her entire midriff was left bare, apart from the dangling piece of jewelry that adorned her belly button, and gently swayed with the motion of her hips. Her feet were also bare; well-manicured, toenails painted a deep crimson, and a thin gold ring tightly hugged each second toe. The only other adornment was an intricately carved golden serpent, a custom-made band that wrapped twice around her left bicep.

As soon as her toes touched down on the floor of the stage, music began to play. It was subtle at first, hard to differentiate from the jingle of music coming from the woman herself in the form of dangling trinkets, but as it started to get louder, her hips began to move, and those melodies parted ways while still in harmony with one another. Her shoulders were still, not moving an inch, as everything below them slowly began to come to life; the movement was fluid, like the ripple of waves across the surface of the water. Effortless. With her back still toward the audience, her right arm reached out to the side, mimicking the flowing motion of her torso, fingers pointed and curling with the smooth flick of her wrist as if beckoning some unknown entity from the shadows.

She slowly turned to face the audience, arms reaching up over her head, fingers pointed as a ‘wave’ began to make its way through her form. It started at the tips of her fingers, the rest of her body falling into the dance in a mesmerizing fashion; her body was that of a snake slithering through the sand, smooth and graceful, and fitting, considering what happened next.

There was a new movement, a sparkle of crimson peeking out from behind her neck as she danced. The head of a snake emerged from seemingly nowhere, and lifted to let its tongue dart across the woman’s cheek, as if it was giving her a kiss. Her smile brightened, though she never once lost the hypnotic rhythm that kept her hips moving side-to-side. The dark red serpent curled around the front of her throat, then around the back, the way it might if it were trying to choke the life out of its prey. That wasn’t the case this time. It continued on, carving a path across her upper back, sliding along her arm as she lowered them; its body pulled, moving across the soft flesh of her neck, but never squeezing or showing any sign of aggression. Soon, it was draped across her arms as if it was some sort of living shawl, and she spun around, letting her skirt take the air briefly before she paused and rocked her hips back and forth once more to the rhythm of the music, which had picked up enough to offer warning of the end of her performance.

The dance began to take on a graceful, ballet-type feel - each part of her body taking part now as she turned on the balls of her feet, bending back at the waist, reaching behind her at a seemingly impossible angle. An almost pained expression found its way to her face, some kind of internal conflict as she 'struggled’ to pull the snake from around her neck. Though frantic, her movements were still fluid, and eventually they began to settle like the waves in the wake of a ship. She stopped, taking a deep breath as she reached for the 'sky’, tilting her chin up as her eyes filled with hope… and then she crumpled to the ground, the lights dying around her, leaving the stage bathed in darkness

((Much thanks to the guildies that made it out, as well as onlookers from Silversun Industries and others - I appreciate your understanding while I flooded your chat boxes <3 This was the first time I’ve ever really done anything like this, and was kind of last-minute as far as planning goes, but I had a blast! ^-^))

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