HELLO TUMBLR! long time no talk. I’ve been through alot that I havent updated you all on. I’ve had to move a few times, get re-settled in. It’s been hard for me to keep up with all my social networks, but if you follow my twitter and instagram you can get most my updates there!

So first and foremost, I’ve been performing for around 6 months under the drag name “farrah moan” here in Austin, TX. I’ve been hard at work putting this event together and it’s finally almost here! So If any of my followers are in austin, or are gonna be in austin on FEB 10th, you should DEFINITELY come see me and my amazing cast perform! I just finished the flyer today. 

If you get there before 10:20 we’ll wave your door fee! $3 wells drinks all night, a pre-show of guest performers at 10:30 and The Delectable Dolls perform at 11:30!