Days had gone by since a breakup between two trolls happened, and one side of it was taking it well, at least he thought he was. The other side? Who could say, there was no contact being made between them at all so he had no idea whether or not if he was okay. Maybe after this little ordeal in the bar he would message him to check up on his well being. He was still important to the Highblood, after all.

Though, Ricmen doubted he was still important to the other, he did say he’d rather not be friends. Or anything for that matter, but it wasn’t going to stop him from worrying.

The Highblood shook his head furiously and grabbed for his upcoming second shot, downing it in less than a second and slamming the small cup down. From the point he was sitting in at this particular bar, he could see everything. First floor and second floor of this open, rather rickety place. Everything ranging from the rustiest, to maybe a single Rare, seadweller laughing and hollering it up on the first floor. Now that he was actually becoming aware of his surroundings, and not dwelling in his thoughts, he finally realized how loud this place was.

Rowdy music, hooting & hollering, Lady Trolls dancing around and trying to seem desirable. All of it was just one, big, messy scene to Ricmen, and a bit boring too, he could go for some ruckus, but not like the ruckus the downstairs were causing. A good fight maybe, have someone lose a tooth or chip their horn. Throw someone against the bar, through the window, or through the window on the second floor so they’ll probably end up dead and rolling around on the street floor.

He chuckled cruelly at that thought, his lips finally spreading into a wide smile, and only leaving his face once his third shot came up. Down the hatch it goes, where it stops, it won’t do anything to him because he’s practically had a drink every day, for the past 2 & ½ sweeps. What a great lusus he had.

6 Sweep Old Nook Destroyer
  • Cresiistuck:
  • Cresiistuck: this is how Serloi had Nabrok's child
  • Zeda: naw, it happened when Nabrok dominated that nook
  • Zeda: :U
  • Cresiistuck: SCREAMS AT YOU
  • Cresiistuck: serloi throwing a couch across the room
  • Zeda: The seed has already been sown Anna.
  • Zeda: You are too late.
  • Cresiistuck: /slowly rests my face in my hands
  • Cresiistuck: /distressed sob