Hey Guys!

In a recent ask, I referred to the fact that I a♏ going to slow ♏y roll with all of the Aranea upd8 art. This is very true, due to the fact that I love you guys and I don’t want to annoy any of ♏y lovely followers. Hopefully, I can stay off for at least a few ♏ore hours than usual, 8usy ♏yself with friends or school work. ::::)

And, at the very, very least, if I can’t occupy ♏yself, I’ll just queue it for a ♏ore even distri8ution. 

Alike, the current quirks that I’ve 8een using, “b=8, m=♏, and ’(eɪt), or the pronouci8ion of "eight”= 8", are just for the current upd8s. I’ll pro8a8ly stop using them in a8out a day or two. 
Thankyou for reading!

Wow! Thankyou, She’s such a beautiful character, and I just adore her.
I try to put all of my 8est effort into making my Aranea cosplays, and “headcanon” is the gr8est compliment! Again, thankyou very much.

anonymous asked:

Darling,where did you get your fabulous blue lipstick. It looks so good on you. :)

Thankyou! That’s very sweet, my gosh. ::::)

I actually do not use lipstick! I use Ben Nye, currently a blend of Cosmic Blue and Blue. It’s a lot cheaper than real quality lipstick, and it stays on all day. I swear by it!

And, there’s no need to struggle to find matching eyeliner! You can use it around your eyes as well. That’s a really great factor of body paint. ::::)

(And, if you are going to mix your own, I would suggest using more Cosmic Blue than Blue in the blend, but, it’s really all up to you! 

Also, when I say recently, I mean all pictures after the Pir8 Aranea shoot. For everything previous, I used just Cosmic Blue Ben Nye. It nearly matches the Serket text color, but isn’t very similar to their lipstick.)