This is a thing.

Name/Nickname: Kenzie


Contact info: If you’d like to RP, shoot me an ask and we can exchange Skypes or set up a link or something. c:

Characters you play: Rose, Kanaya, Jane, Roxy, and Vriska are my main ones, ((Mom Lalonde, (Roxanne) does that even count?)) but I can swing just about anyone if you need me to. Also I’m pretty decent at Redglare I think.

Ships you ship/do not ship: Rosemary, Cottoncandy, Lalondecest, Scourgecest, any Serket/Maryam ship, Mom/Dad, Roxy/Dad. I DO NOT SHIP- Dirk/Roxy or John/Rose sorry. Anything else I’m pretty cool with though.

Headcanon biology: I’m cool with whatever, although the bulge/nook combo is preferred.

Other: Paragraphs are a must, spanking is always lots of fun. Iiiiiii don’t know I’m not really picky, I like to cater so whisper things in my askbox. c: