• terezi: i get sad and anxious about my own strength and self-worth, so i feel like i have to rely on vriska more than she relies on me. i’m such a burden. i wish i wasn't so weak
  • me: aww… i hope terezi eventually learns how much vriska cares about her, and hopefully she'll realize that she's been an overall positive influence in vriska's life and that she's not a burden at all!
  • 1/2 of the fandom: OBVIOUSLY this means the relationship is abusive. terezi's unhappiness can't POSSIBLY stem from her underlying struggle with her own self-importance, and there's NO WAY she can be in a healthy relationship while also being mentally ill. i have NEVER heard of the concept of an unreliable narrator

Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Vriska and Aranea, and just the Serkets in general going around lately so I figure it’s time to plug a character comparison for the two based off some posts ive been around tumblr

I want to link some of these posts here but I can’t find them, though if someone had a link I’ll take it and link the other posts people have made about asap because it influenced a lot of this. 

(Also this may be long, sorry)

Anyway, moving on.

Vriska and Aranea heavily contrast. When Aranea was introduced she was prim and proper, and polite. Vriska on the other hand, was introduced as a bit of a jerk. She was rude and stepped on people and was a huge bitch. This is likely a big reason Aranea was perceived so well, while a lot of people hated Vriska.

Vriska grew up with an abusive lusus, she was forced to kill or be killed. She basically became a serial killer, but by troll standards, a model high blood. She was put in a spot where she had to be tough and this isolated her, she became rude and bitchy. She’s morally gray and has a different concept of heroism. She doesn’t take crap and she stops at nothing to gain her end goal.

Aranea grew up on a planet of peace, her main issue was that of her psychic abilities leading her insecurities. She can sense people’s emotions and when she senses the negative emotions directed at her, she dwells on them. Because of this people see her as overwhelming and needy. She wants attention no matter the cost, she wants to be relevant.

Now, to the topic of Mindfang’s effect on the girls.

Aranea sees Minfang as the person she could have been, a better version of herself. After Aranea couldn’t take her irrelevance in the new session, she inserted herself into it by force, and insisted to be called Mindfang. She dreamed of being someone of adventure, like in a book, and she got her with in her other life, but not this one.
For Vriska it was different. Mindfang was a persona she took on in FLARP, and also someone she felt the need to become. She became like a pirate, because this was what she needed to be strong. She used Mindfang to cope, and to find her sense of self. She used it to become strong enough to deal with her lusus, and to be able to kill people for her lusus without guilt, as is expected of the perfect troll.

Vriska was forced to become strong and tough, not to mention a bitch, just to survive. Aranea was put into a kind society with a developed social order and acted much more polite. However, they both unravel when things changed.

Vriska became soft, kind, and sensitive, she became who she really is under her facade. Aranea revealed her true self, someone much more malicious. Vriska was a jerk, but Aranea was a straight up manipulator, who tricked people through her polite exterior. Vriska put on a strong act because she needed to do it to live. Aranea put on a nice act because she used it to manipulate people.

Vriskas scheming was always one with the end goal in mind, sure, she wanted to boost her own image, but she also wanted succsess for everyone else. She didn’t God Tier John for her own gain, but for everyone’s gain. Even when she went to fight Bec Noir, she did it for everyone, but she’s stubborn and didn’t back down when Terezi warned her.

Aranea was much more cunning in her manipulations. She was in it for herself, and used everyone else as a stepping stool, all the while she still acted nice. She wanted attention, she wanted to be in the spotlight. She wouldn’t mind going down in infamy as long as she’s relevant. Her planning and trickery was smart. She knew what she was doing. She was clever and ready.

I remember seeing one post in particular I REALLY liked because the person who made it pointed out a very clear and clever analogy for the characters, if you can find it please link me so I can credit them for pointing this out. They stated that a good metaphor for the characters is Terezi’s eyesight. Vriska blinded Terezi, and Aranea healed Terezi. At first glance (not an intentional blind joke) it seems like Vriska is the big bad bitch who took away Terezi’s eyesight, and Aranea is the lovely healer who gives it back. This is wrong. Vriska may have blinded Terezi for revenge, however, she gave Terezi what she inevitablely needed to become who she is, to connect with her lusus, and to become a part of her. Aranea took that away, Terezi was already low in her abusive relationship with Gamzee, and when Aranea “healed” her, she fell further and deeper into her depression.

This is a perfect allusion to their personalities. One seems harsh and horrible, but hides a good nature with the good of everyone at heart. The other seems nice and sweet, but hides an ill manipulate intent.

A big theme in Homestuck is to not judge people through their exterior, and with some of the best character development, it lets us see the innerworkings of people. They aren’t 2D, and some wear facades. Good or bad. 

When your friend has been committing acts far past your moral boundaries and now she intends to fight an all-powerful being in the slight chance she will win however she is more likely to get everyone killed so you agree on a coin flip to decide if she should leave and as it drops it dawns upon you she will twist the fortune in her favour and that for once in your life you’re seeing more perspectives past the good and bad = black and white narrative while debating if it’d be morally right to sacrifice her life in place of the others that would live.