{Les8ifins} S.P.A.R.

{{Anonymus said: Les8ifins S.P.A.R. ?}}

News flash for new-comers: S.P.A.R. stands for ‘Shipping pair art reaction’ the first is them reacting to just average fan art, then shippy fluffy fan-art, then nsfw fan-art of the two of them but I put ‘*~*’ instead. ALSO- ThANK You for the request. I’m happy someone’s interested in my SPARS.

Aranea (Average Fan-art)- (”Awww…” She’d be touched.)

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Meenah (Average Fan-art)- (She wouldn’t say it directly but she heavily likes the art. Especially since she believes that, “I look awesome in everyfin!!”)

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Aranea (Ship Fan-art)- (She’d be a bit shy when approaching the subject of them together but she’d manage.)

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Meenah (Ship Fan-art)- (She’d be down. She isn’t one for being shy and isn’t that sensitive about the subject. She could openly admit that Aranea’s cute. ^^)

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Aranea (*~* Fan-art)- (”Oh my…” She would avoid eye-contact with Meenah for a week or so. If she slipped up at anytime and looked at her, her face could possibly become a blueberry.)

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Meenah (*~* Fan-art)- (After seeing it, she would continue to tease Aranea about it, only to see her blush because Meenah’s Meenah with Meenah intentions.)

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