AG: I think the game knows it’s always gonna 8e played 8y kids, and it always rigs it so they enter right around the cusp of sexual maturity, whatever the race is.
AG: Which kinda makes sense, since if they succeed, they’ve got their whole lives ahead of them to do whatever the hell they’re going to do in their universe, like start repopul8ing and whatnot.
AG: That means the game also knows it’s got to deal with all these damn kids who are coming of age while playing it!
AG: I really think how successfully they mature is tied to success in the game. It challenges the players in all the ways they need to 8e challenged to grow, which is different for every individual, and veeeeeeeery different for every race.
AG: I don’t think we were so hot at that aspect of the game. In fact, I’m sure we were quite awful. Hell, even I wasn’t that gr8 at it! I actually just kinda fell ass 8ackwards into the god tier, to 8e honest.

Homestuck doesn’t queerbait, it straightbaits.

Remember when the comic seemed as if Dave would end up with Jade and Karkat would end up with Terezi? Yeah well DaveKat is canon instead

Way back when it seemed like John and Rose were set up to be together but she has super hot alien vamp wife.

Roxy and John are getting along well! Oh no she’s gay and possibly dating his grandma too

Terezi obviously has to choose between Karkat and D– nevermind she chose Vriska

The hets have been bamboozled again