Damnit, damnit, damnit!

Yes, I’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening with the slut. Reese is pulling me out of the Rainbow Factory I’m currently positioned at to help her and the other two. Which is fine, there’s only one glaring problem there: the manager. Think I’ll hint something when we meet up after this mess is done. Something tells me that Scootaloo-9023372 doesn’t know all our tricks.

I’ve changed my blog’s name to reflect these changes, and I’ve cleared the inbox. And will try to update more, of course.



Basically, if one of those things starts drilling? Game over, man. Game over.

I mean, it’s not like we know of hundreds, nay thousands of empty universes that any society can take if they so desired and all they have to do is contact the Foundation and get a new universe, FREE OF CHARGE, mind you. You know, get a new beginning in a brand new universe…

Oh. Wait. We totally do do that.