Alrighty then, this started off as a study of the movement in overwatch with just rough animation that was never going to see the light of day… then I kept going… and going. A month passed.. and I kept going. This ended up as such a big project that I realised I had jumped into a bottemless sea withought learning how to swim.
Needless to say, Im super happy that I managed to just about pull this off with little to no knowledge on the subject. Junkrat is my favourite character in the game but I think that I like Jackrat a little more haha.

I have gotten so used to seeing Jackrat, when I see Junkrat with his actual face, I now get confused for a split second XD 

I would also like to remind all first year grad students that I cried my eyes out after my first day of class. And when my very confused boyfriend came home I literally yelled “Why did you let me do this to myself?!” 

And yet, here I am. Second year. Still stressed but more confident. With a cool research project that I’m excited about (even if I have no idea what I’m doing). And definitely a changed person from who I was this time last year. 

So for all of you feeling completely overwhelmed, it’s normal. You’ll get through it and I am totally here if you need to rant about how scary, stressful and annoying grad school is. 

I get it. You’re not alone. 


HPC 2016 Tessa and Scott SD Practice (HD)

IzuOcha #8 : Fuck the polls.
  • Izuku:*full cowl mode*
  • Ochaco:Where are you going?!
  • Izuku:Whoever voted you as the worst SJ heroine is going to meet my fee--
  • Ochaco:*touches Izuku*
  • Izuku:*floats*
  • Ochaco:Sweetie, I can take care of myself. Now turn off your full cowl mode before you hurt someone.
  • Izuku:But...
  • Ochaco:*glare*
  • Izuku:I'm sorry.





*incoherent swearing*

“Hey! There’s no need to be swearing so early in without encountering your first Heartless.”


It’s hard being Noa sometimes when you have a Heartless trying to be funny.

(these fuckers are getting smarter and smarter with each passing day, I SWEAR)


Dan’s Daily Doodle: Day 141

Just out of interest I wanted to draw @themrmagpie‘s character who is a wonderful sparklefloof. I don’t think I got it quite right (Emphasis on quite) but it was fun to experiment with

A guy spent 30 minutes trying to explain to me that he’s not against feminism, but against the word.

Me: So what do you suggest we call it.
Guy: I don’t know, something better.
Me: So you have nothing.
Guy: We need to look for a better word.
Me: So what you’re telling me is that you don’t like the word we use and we should stop using it for a word that doesn’t exist yet.