okay so tomorrow marks a year since i caved from all of the b99 posts showing up on my tumblr dash and finally made the decision (the best decision) to watch the show! 

i’m still not over how incredible everyone in the b99 fandom is and i know i don’t talk to a lot of you (i’m kinda super awkward, that’s on me) but this is the best group of people i’ve ever been a part of! and i am so so grateful to every single person who follows me on here (i was totally not expecting this blog to have as many followers as it does when i first started it, so thank you!) 

anyways i’m super emotional because jake and amy are gonna get married, bye

Friday Free-For-All

I should be writing this story. I’m not.



  • Would you rather?
  • Make me choose
  • Fuck/Marry/Get Drunk With
  • Ask for advice
  • Headcanons
  • Movie and song recs
  • Tell me about your day
  • Rant/vent about something
  • Talk about life
  • Ask about anything


Facebook, SMH

I’ve been in a Florida Gardening group on FB for a while. I don’t say anything in there unless I’m really sure that I’m right (like identifying plants for someone). I keep my head down cos I see way too many arguments in there. Over plant names. You are arguing over plant names. With strangers. Vehemently. Rudely. And often with no idea what you’re talking about.

Aren’t gardeners supposed to be kinda chill?

Apparently not on Facebook. 


My brain: *Observes some completely random thing or action* OOO WOULDN’T THIS BE A AWESOME IDEA FOR A FIC?!?!?!? WE NEED IT!!!

Me: But we already have enough for another year. I think-

Brain: OMG WHAT ABOUT THIS TOO? WE NEED TO WRITE THIS ONE TOO!!!! *shoves another idea in my face with plot ideas already blooming.*

Me: They are kinda cool, but-

Brain: DO IT!!!

Me: …. okay.

-Admin Tam