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Ewwww you're black! You're so ugly Grayson would never go for you

Oh boy, here we go again.

First off, the correct terminology you’re looking for is brown not black and if we’re going into details, the shade is ‘dusky’ you colour blind moron.

Secondly, if it truly was such a crime being a complexion that was on the darker end of the spectrum, why do men of your seemingly superior white race, call us exotic, shamelessly leering at us, their eyes bulging out of their sockets?

Thirdly, I COULD NOT CARE LESS WHETHER GRAYSON WOULD GO FOR ME OR NOT. My life is not dependant on a boy who does not know I exist nor will it EVER be on any boy. Unlike you, I have more important goals to achieve, like making a name for myself, having a career, oh and HAVING AN IDENTITY that is not shadowed by anybody, especially not a boy. 

Fourthly, if your skin does crawl knowing I’m not white, then get off my feed and stop obsessing over everything I do. Beauty doesn’t come with instructions, specific requirements and labels, you ignorant dimwit. Every shade of the human race is breathtaking and no one colour is better than the other. And if it were so, there would never be so many poems, figures of speech and the like that compare the concept of beauty to darker shades of life. 

So, get your racist, uneducated, bratty white ass off my blog, stop obsessing over me and I sincerely hope for the love of God, when the time comes, you realise just how big of a fool you’re growing up to be.


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Okay so... I wanna start doing hp roleplay on tumblr but I don't really look like any of the characters and don't have much money to go buy wigs and the works.... Do you have any tips for someone just starting out?

((OOC: I mean, who says you don’t look like any of the characters? I don’t really have any wigs, just my Tonks one [though one may be arriving in the mail any day now], so I’ve just sort of made do. I’d say if you can’t afford wigs and stuff, just do without. Firmly establish yourself as your own version of the character, and put yourself out there! That’s pretty much what I did.))

hey uhh, quick question. why the fuck do ppl hate aces so much??

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"If I knew" or "Count on me" (bruno mars) Heizuha or Shinran

Okay, so this might be a bit of a cop-out because this wasn’t written purely for this, it was just a random one shot, but it fits with the lyrics, slightly. So here you are, anon.

‘If you’re tossing and you’re turning and you just can’t fall asleep.’ - Count on me. HeiZuha

It all starts with a giddy feeling in his chest.

Usually Heiji knows when the mania is coming – knows it from the way his sleep-cycle becomes malformed and inconsistent, without making him the slightest bit tired – and usually, he knows how to prevent it before it happens. His stomach feels like it’s swelling, and he knows that it’s probably best to avoid any caffeine and to tell Kazuha just so that she has some sort of understanding.

But that’s only usually. Sometimes, it’s sudden, his thoughts creeping up on him like an engine starting to rev before zooming too quickly for him to process, and maybe it’s noticeable to everyone around him, but it sure as hell isn’t noticeable for him.

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