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So, hey. 

Luna doing her Oracle stuff was what was holding back the Scourge, right? So her dying is what made the whole eternal night thing happen. 

We’re also told that making these pacts with the gods is wrecking her physically, with her telling Ravus she doesn’t know how long she can hold out. The “I know the price of the covenant” implies making one with Leviathan is going to finish her off. 

My question is: did Ardyn a) just make the eternal night look like his fault by b) half-assing his Sephiroth impression by murdering somebody who was dying anyway?


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I've been having really nice dreams but, in all of them I'm smoking a cigarette and I'm honestly thinking about trying it. Do you think that's like... The worst idea... Or do you think I'd be okay just trying it.

No, I think that’s a very bad idea. Please don’t ever smoke tobacco, not even once, because it’s addictive. It may be nice in your dreams, but in real life it’s a disgusting and dangerous habit that will actually kill you. Smoking causes coronary heart disease and strokes, It can also lead to multiple types of cancer and bad lung problems like emphysema or bronchitis. Your lungs will turn black and it’ll be very hard to breath or even sleep, you ever heard a smoker cough? You don’t want to end up like that. On top of all that, you’ll also lose your teeth. Please promise me that you’ll stay away from tobacco because it’s incredibly horrible for you.

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Sorry for the late reply! I've read yours and I'm just a little confused so... are you saying that characters like silver should not exist because they are bad examples for the audience (or the readers?)

No - I’m not saying that at all. Silver is a brilliant character, actually. He’s morally ambiguous shading into villainous the longer the show goes on. He goes through one hell of a journey to become the character from a book many of us read as children, and he’s actually an excellent example of a character being relatable or sympathetic - but absolutely, completely not right. The phrase I’m looking for is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and I think that somewhere in a book of phrases, there should probably be a picture of Silver’s face next to that phrase. He’s a great character - I’m saying that as a fandom there’s a tendency to paint a character as one thing in s1 and then refuse to allow that character to grow and change, yes, even for the worse, as far as our portrayal of him outside the original medium he came from. S1 Silver was stumbling his way through life, getting into messes and getting out again with a grin and a few glib words and maybe a murder or two, but was certainly not a monster or a villain. S4 Silver has moved on apace into being a genuinely scary, certainly manipulative individual who is very short-sighted when it comes to the difference between his needs and wants as regards other people and what those other people have envisioned for their lives and why those things are important to them. Silver’s not a bad character by any means, but our reaction to him and understanding of him as a fandom has proven to be problematic, to say the least in that it’s static and actually sometimes harmful to people who see clearly what he became and have quite rightly said we’re not fond of him as a result.

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you know, cactus dicc is like a badly designed dildo...

shhhhh some people might actually like prickly extra textured exotic dickus we must not discriminate between dildo preferences!!!11!!11!

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people really still ship laurel with frank? and want wes and laurel’s baby to be frank’s? lmao okay….


Kirishima: “This is the first time I see you in your every-day clothes, do you always dress like this?”

Bakugou, thinking about his endless amount of skull tees and how long it took him to dig that plain red shirt out of his closet: “Obviously.”

  • Girl: *clutches my arm*

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)

You know what I really love about Thomas Sanders?

The fact that he doesn’t even know me, but he would use my name and pronouns without blinking an eye even though I’m “not a real boy” and I don’t “look like a boy” and that’s more than what my parents have ever done for me. So, yeah, I love Thomas Sanders ( @thatsthat24 ), and I hope he has a wonderful day because that’s what he deserves.