seriously. i can't help but stare

my favorite moment ever in Jurassic Park is when Dr. Grant lights the flare…

the T. Rex sees him…

and in that single moment, Dr. Grant reconsiders all of the life choices that lead him to where he is…

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YOUR TAGS!!!!! YES!!!!! So many hip thrusts, so many stares, so many sexy moves, and I can't help but think that something went down with jikook that day................. sorry I just can't help it. Ant that KMW video of Own It???????????? it just doesn't help my thoughts, aaaaaahhhhhhh





i guess you could say it was very… productive. i wouldn’t be surprised if something indeed went down with jikook, the tension was painfully obvious lmao some might think they’d be tired to do anything after such a long day full of practice but cmon we all know jikook are all-nighter buddies

and yes i feel you when it comes to the kmw video… i haven’t been able to watch the own it vid in the same way ever since kmw made that analysis lol

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self-care is watching the "kiss the girls we want to kiss" kiss over and over and over. Seriously, whenever it comes up on my dash as a gif, I can't help but to stare at it for at least 10 minutes before I force myself to look away and get back to work. It's hypnotizing and beautiful and brings about excitement, yet also an oddly strange calm.

Holy shit fucking same yo. Same.

Not langst but...

I have like 5 langst prompts in my fucking inbox and at least 2-3 of them are from blogs I follow and love a lot so please someone scream at me to do them



I’m begging

Scream at me in my ask or in here to finish my prompts bc I have little to no motivation to do anything and all I’m doing is fuCKING DRAWING CHUBBY LESBIANS SO PLEASE SOMEONE STOP MY ATROCITIES

White & Black (1)
  • *In another dimension*
  • White!Genos: Huh? I...?*Jumps as he hear's a noise behind him, poising his hand to defend himself.* Who's there? *Black Genos appears*
  • Black!Genos: ...What the...?!....Who the fuck are you?
  • White!Genos: *blinking in disbelief* ..M...Me?....But...How..? *Both are shocked for a while before one of them finally remembers what he was supposed to ask.*
  • White!Genos: ...Well I may not know who you are, but could you perhaps tell me where Sensei is? * Black Genos stares for a while before sputtering a laugh, which confuses the White Genos.*
  • Black!Genos: Pfft! Haha! Seriously? You call Master "Sensei"? *continues to snicker about this.*
  • White!Genos: *For some reason can't help but feel a bit annoyed by this.* Look, I don't know what sort of game you're playing here, but I simply wish to find him. We both lost our way during our mission when we fell through a strange old cavern. *Black Genos is still laughing, which makes the White counterpart decide to give up.*
  • White!Genos: *sighs* Nevermind, I'll go search for him on my own then.... *Before he could leave though, Black suddenly grabbed him around his waist to bring him uncomfortably close to him. Making it a note to keep one hand holding his wrist.*
  • White!Genos: Wha-...What are you doing...? *He asked in bewilderment, trying to get him to let go; but found he was unusually stronger.*
  • Black!Genos: Now hold on. There's no need to rush~ *Says this in a rather dangerous voice that makes White grow anxious.*
  • White!Genos: Huh? What are you talking about? *Still look at him with utter cluelessness at his actions as one hand easily slides around his thigh and gives his ass a squeeze, causing him to jump in panic* Uh..?!..//////...Wait! Where do you think you're touching!?
  • Black!Genos: *grins* Well, truth be told, I've actually developed a fantasy in which I could feel what my master feels when he ravishes me. I wonder what I fee l like inside....If I squeeze nice and hard on something that's hard and thick ....If I drip a nice generous amount of lube out of my pretty ass....and....*Easily turns White's face to him.* What sort of sexy expression I make in utter pleasure with a cock up my ass. *Looks at him dumbfounded as he said such crude and lude things in his own voice. He would never have imagined an alternate version of himself speaking to him in such a way, let alone suggest something so completely outrageous.*
  • White!Genos: ...A...Are you out of your mind.../////...*tries to pry his arms out of his grip so that he could at least push him away, but is suddenly taken completely off guard as Black forces him into a deep kiss.*
  • Black!Genos: *Moans softly as he lets his tongue swim through his mouth for a while before pulling away. He was surprised how easily his other self could be swayed by a brief kiss from him, smirking at the flushed face as he struggled to regain his breath.* Heh heh, didn't think I'd be a lightweight...though you actually look cuter that way....*strokes his bottom lip.* White!Genos:*Panting heavily after an unexpectedly skillful kiss from himself, surprised even that he could be capable of making him weak in the knees the way Sensei did. It was so strange.*
  • Black!Saitama: My my~ Aren't you two becoming chummy there~
  • White!Saitama: Huh, I never thought Genos could go putty in someone else's hands other than me.... *Both Genos' turn to find their Saitama's looking at them with amusement. While Black appeared smug as his young disciple easily took the lead on the hero alternate, White was looking with curiosity as he scratched his chin contemplatively at this bizarre scenario. For them to react in such a way must mean they'd been watching in the shadows all along.* White!Genos: S....Sensei.../////....*looking rather frazzled and ashamed for his teacher to catch him in the act; though did it necessarily count as cheating being kissed by...well yourself?*
  • Black!Saitama: Well you gotta admit that that looked pretty hot. How often do you get to see two Genos' making out while one of them is being groped? *The one in black pointed out as he cupped White's shoulder like an old friend.*
  • White!Saitama: Well you've got a point there... *While the two teachers continued to observe and chat, Black Genos was eagerly awaiting their orders like a puppy. Though White Genos looked very nervous and expectant of his Sensei to tell Black to let him go as his hand continued to grope a cheek.*
  • White!Saitama: It's kinda weird how eager your Genos looks to hear us give an order...though I suppose that's not much different from mine to a degree....Hmmm....*looks at Black with interests*...Although I'll admit it 'does' get me a little curious. *Black Saitama suddenly had a brilliant idea as he wrapped an arm around Black and started to mumble something that only White could hear; even with the two young cyborgs being capable of listening in on them. Eventually White gave a gesture of thinking about something before nodding in agreement and whispering back before they separated and came up to the two.*
  • White!Saitama: Just don't be 'too' rough on him, alright?
  • Black!Saitama: Right right, I got it. *He waves to him in a bored way as White rolled his eyes and stood next to him before the two.*
  • Black!Saitama: Alright then~ Genos hand the little bunny over to me, will you? *gestures to toss White Genos over like a ball.*
  • Black!Genos: *Black Genos blinked as he ordered him to go to the White counterpart while he took his hero alternative.*
  • Black!Saitama: It's alright, we've agreed to switch you two to shake things up. We'll rejoin at another time. *Although he looked a little sad that he wouldn't get to enjoy himself with his master, he figured they'd arranged things to expand on the fun. He nodded and gave his White self a shove into his master's arms while he went towards White Saitama, looking a little skeptical that this version would give him the same amount of satisfaction.*
  • White!Genos: But...Sensei.../////....*He looked at his teacher with worry, wondering what he could have been thinking in handing him over to his other self who was possibly of a different caliber.*
  • White!Saitama: *smiles kindly* Don't worry about it, Genos. This is something that we'll both enjoy. Just listen to my, er, self.
  • Black!Saitama: *grins as he turns his head with a seemingly pleasant smile.* That's right. I'll be real good to you, cutie~
  • White!Saitama: *rolls eyes* Alright alright, hold the flirting until you get to your room. White!Genos: *Looks confused, which thankfully so did his Black version* R...Room? Black!Saitama: *scoffs at this* Oh please, we're pretty much gonna be doing the same thing. No need to be a tight ass.... *He watches as the two leave into the darkness, hearing the click of a door open and shut to signal they were gone.*
  • Black!Saitama: And speaking of a "tight ass"....*scoops White Genos in his arms and carries him off to the opposite side where a room had apparently been existing this whole time.* I'd like to test yours out.
  • *It was a strange room that seemed like a combination of a normal apartment room and one of those Love Hotels you'd find downtown. Though White!Genos wasn't familiar with them personally, he definitely recognized it from media and pop culture features.*
  • White!Genos: Wha...How is this place...? *Still completely confused at where they were and what was the logic of this strange place.*
  • Black!Saitama: *shrugged* Me and my other self had been exploring the places around here while you two were getting acquainted with each other. Not sure if it's something that just exists from our thoughts or actually exists at all. *drops him on the bed.*
  • White!Genos: Oof! W-What do you mean "exists from our thoughts," Sensei....*He asked nervously as the villainous version of his teacher pinned him down, looking at him with the same hunger as his own teacher.*
  • Black!Saitama: *Cups his chin to stop him from asking so much questions.* Enough talk, it's playtime little one~ *White Genos instantly obeyed, which made Black!Saitama pleased to see; though he'd still tease and discipline him a little; though of course keep his word to himself that he wouldn't hurt him too badly in the process.*
  • Black!Saitama: ....Hmmm~ I kinda see what that boring white-bread version of myself sees in you calling him teacher. You really are as innocent as a little bunny, aren't you? *Licks his lips as he raises his hand to stroke the bulge in his pants caused by his own Genos.* White!Genos: *Moans as he gropes it, covering his face.* Ugh! N-No, don't....I-It's embarrassing, Sensei.../////... *Black Saitama's breath hitched at the sight of him fluster and try to hide himself completely different from Black Genos' reaction. He was surely going to enjoy this innocence to the fullest.*
  • ------------------- END...?
  • Thank you HouseWaifuToster for really big help. Love ya xd

I have a few points to make about this photo:

This is the most attractive group of friends I have ever seen

Troye you look so good I can’t even explain it

But seriously why can’t I look like these girls?

Sage is gorgeous as heck and the Mellets need to give tips on how to make the most beautiful off springs bc I’m pretty sure my parents missed the memo

That is all…

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If you want to say all white people are all the same, always looking down on POC, then I guess it makes it easier for you to look down on white people. Spreading the racist ideas that people of one color are ALL a certain way doesn't help. Sorry, I'm white. So I'm full of privilege and look down on ALL POC? I'm also a woman, literally on food stamps and going to bed hungry as a child, and I'm gay. Instead of judging me, can't we just be allies? I'm more than the color of my skin. Aren't you?

White people are always looking down on POC. It’s in everyday life. Seriously, I walk into town and people stare at my because I’m indian and I might take too much milk for a dairy I don’t even own. We’ve been stereotyped into having dairies and being taxi drivers and said to be taking all the jobs. When so many people come to us for those services. 

I fucking get told to go back to my country even though I was born in the country I live in. I get told not to eat butter chicken for lunch somewhere because my white friends don’t like it but I see them eating it and making it the wrong way, and when I tell them spices need to be added they say I’m wrong. Since when does a white person know about my culture more than me?

I’m sorry that you had to live that way but it doesn’t give you a free pass to getting people onto your side. Of course I’m more than my skin colour, I’m a person who fucking has had their own culture turned into a fashion statement because it’s so “hip” and “ethnic”. If you all could just simply accept other people’s cultures and not turn them into something for your own enjoyment then we maybe could be so called “allies”. 

Am I hating every single white person out there? No. I’m hating those who have ignorance basically in their personality that you guys can’t figure out what’s right or wrong. And that basically seems to be the majority of you.

The day you experience even half of what POC experience then get back to me.

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I feel like as a 16 year old girl I'm missing a lot on things other girls my age do.. Like having a bestfriend since primary school or like going to parties or even doing crazy stupid stuff between friends.. My parents are extremely strict and they don't know what fun means to me.. I just want to enjoy life and i really can't feel like i am right now or later.. Also i'm extremely insecure about my look.. I mean it got to the point where i can't even stare at the mirror... Please help me..

I went to my first real “party” senior year of high school and I was in that same position. My parents, even to this day, are very strict but trust me. You’re honestly not missing much at high school house parties. People think they’re “cool” getting drunk and hook up and etc. Most of them are a shit show. You’re better off just hanging out with your friends and doing things you love. I mean, some parties are fun but trust me, you seriously aren’t missing a crazy chunk of your life. There are other things that are “fun.” When you’re older, it’s more fun to go out dancing than sitting around and socializing, at least to me haha

Insecurity is tough. Confidence comes with time. Trust me, there are many days I am insecure about the way I look but the first step is to stop looking in the mirror and picking at things. And stop comparing yourself. Stop letting yourself go. You are you and no one else is that person. And honestly, it’s personality that holds a heart. I always laugh when a male compliments me because it honestly means nothing to me. What they see in me physically does not add to my self-esteem. 

Over time you will learn to appreciate your own beauty and believe me, you are some kind of beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell your differently!


Do you love me?

Author: Not moose

Character: Dean

Reader gender: not specified.

Warnings: some cussing, fluff.

A sharp sound broke through the nice silence that was the early morning. You groaned remembering you set your alarm the night before to make sure you didn’t sleep your day away. You sat up and pushed the button, sighing when you were surrounded by silence again. You were about to get up again but the voice of your boyfriend made you stop in your tracks.

“Babe come one. We never get a day to relax, stay in bed."Dean whined from the opposite side of the bed you two shared. You laughed because the sheets were all tangled around his legs and torso.

"No can do buckaroo. It has been a month since we had an actual day off. The bunker has gone to shit. Last night for dinner I had a pop tart and some watermelon. I would like to ingest actual food for a change.” You got off the bed and walked to the closet while taking what you call hair, but probably looks like mess on top of your head to everyone else, into a messy bun.

“Fine but I’m doing nothing today. Have fun sweetheart.” Dean said while fixing the sheets and then plopping back down onto the bed.

“Nice try Mr. but no. You promised you would go grocery shopping with me today. So get you lazy ass out of bed and put on some clothes.” He groaned as you pulled the sheets from his iron grip.

“Fine but I will take my sweet time doing it.” He mumbled, slowly getting into a seated position.

“That’s cool with me. I will just get started on other projects that need to get done. I think I will start with giving baby a tune up.” You laugh, sauntering off towards the door.

“You wouldn’t” Dean says looking very worried.

“Try me Winchester.” You give him a playful smirk “Sam! Where are the tool-” You shout but are cut off by a pillow coming in contact with the back of your head.

“I’ll be ready soon. Don’t touch baby” Dean says before walking past you and into the bathroom across the hall.

Half an hour later both you and Dean are ready to go and are just making sure you wrote down everything you need.

“Ok well don’t forget apples, and coffee. I can’t live without coffee. Could you also pick up food that has all natural ingredients. I’m tired of your processed crap.” Sam says not even looking up from the bright screen on his lap top.

“Not crap Sam. It’s heaven, nicely wrapped for convenience. Your stuff is the crap. It’s tastes bland.” You say giving Sam your best bitch face, which has greatly improved since hunting with the Winchesters and seeing Sam give it to Dean on almost a daily basis.

“Amen sister.” Dean gives you a high five and sticks his tongue out at his brother. Sam just rolls his eyes and goes back to his research.

“Will be back in like…” You look at the list and let out a very annoyed sigh. “I don’t know. Probably two hours. I swear you guys eat enough for an army.”

“All that contributes to the stud you see before you.” Dean says showing off his very nice muscles.

“Good then you can carry all the bags.” You chuckle and walk out the door hopping in the passenger side of baby.

“Ok next on the list is..” Dean squints his eyes trying to read your chicken scratch you call handwriting.
“Ok what the hell is this word? I can’t read a damn thing on here y/n”

You take the list from him and try to read the word yourself, but you can’t even understand it.

“Well looks like we don’t need this item anymore. Let’s hope it was something Sam wanted.” You snort and start towards the isle that contains the next item on the list, chocolate.

“Yeah him and his rabbit foo-” Dean stopped talking abruptly and froze in place, a look of complete discomfort, shock, and something else you couldn’t quite place spread across his features. You followed his gaze and landed upon a women, about your height with dark straight hair, standing at the other end of the canned foods isle. She had a boy with her, probably 14.

“Who is that Dean?” You ask, getting his green-hazel eyes to direct back to your e/c eyes. He stands in place for a few more seconds before answering you.

“No one y/n. Let’s just go get the next item. I think it’s-” he was cut off this time by the teenage boy yelling his name.

“Dean? Dean! Oh my god. It is you!” The boy came running up and enveloped Dean in a hug. Dean didn’t move for a millisecond, but soon relaxed and hugged the boy back.

“Hey Ben. How you been? You have gotten way tall since I’ve last seen you.” He ruffled the young boys short dark hair, smiling the whole time.

“Good good. I’ve missed you Dean. You were like a father to me. And you know what, mom misses you too.” He gestures back to the very attractive woman who is making her way over now.

‘Wow. Father. Ok what is happening. And I don’t think it’s legal for someone to look that attractive.’ Your mind is racing and all you can do is watch the scene unravel in front of you. The women finally makes it up to where you and Dean and the boy are standing. She flashes this huge smile at him and you can’t help but stare.
'Seriously. Even her smile is gorgeous.’ You think, slowly inching backwards, trying to distance yourself from the awkward scene.

“Dean. Hey. You look good.” She says giving him another model worthy smile.

“Thanks Lisa. You too.” He says back before giving her a hug that before a couple of seconds ago, you thought he reserved for you.

“I’ve missed you Dean. I get why you left but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped loving you. The we have stopped loving you.” She pulls the boy named Ben closer to her. And then it suddenly hits you.
'Ben. Lisa. THE Ben and Lisa. The girl Dean spent a whole normal year with. The boy he treated just like his own son. Holy shit.’ This thought allows you to snap back to life and get a coherent sentence out.

“I’ll just um… go to a different isle.” You get the sentence out but realize the delivery was shaky. You mentally punch yourself before turning around. You don’t even get a full step before Dean’s arms pull you back towards the scene you so desperately wanted to get away from.

“Don’t go any where.” He speaks so gently you are a little stunned. He gives his attention back to Lisa after giving you a reassuring smile. “Lisa, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss you and Ben, but the life you two live, it’s not for me. Truth is it never has been. I have a different life now, with y/n. I still care about you but not in the same way.” Dean finishes and waits for Lisa to respond.

“I understand. I just miss you is all. I’m happy for you though. Come one Ben, we only need one more thing. Bye Dean.” She waves and Ben gives Dean one last hug before following his mom.

You finished shopping in complete silence, and most of the car ride is the same way before Dean piped up about half way back to the bunker.

“Y/n you alright? You have never been this quiet before. I usually can’t get you to shut up.” Normally at a comment like that you would’ve punched him in the arm, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about earlier.

“Do you love me?” You asked, completely surprising Dean. He even had to pull over and look into your eyes to see if you were being serious.

“Hey, babe, of course I love you. I haven’t ever loved anyone like I love you. Why are you asking that?” He questions while rubbing soft circles on you cheek.

“I just I don’t know. Lisa is so stunning and she can give you the life you have always wanted, the life you deserve and I’m just me.” You didn’t realize it, but a tear escaped while talking to Dean.

“Nothing is better than you y/n. And yeah she gave me the apple pie life but it didn’t work. She isn’t the one. If I were to ever have that life I would want it to be with you. I love you so much. You are my everything. Please don’t ever doubt that. You are too amazing for me and I will never leave you for anyone else. I promise.” Deans proclamation sent your heart fluttering it was the nicest, sweetest most sincere thing any one has ever said to you.

“I love you so much Dean Winchester.”

“I love you too y/n y/l/n”