seriously. everyone go tell her how amazing she is

Cross-Checking: Chapter Ten

First off, a huge massive thank you to @loving-mellark for this amazing, gorgeous, perfect banner for Cross-Checking. I couldn’t love it anymore if it were my own child. Seriously. She’s the best and has talent coming out of her pores. If you haven’t seen her stuff, go check out her page. It’s well worth it. Thank you thank thank you my dear!! <3

Secondly, thanks to everyone who continues to read and review. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I read everything and take it all in, and it is so motivating. 

And last but DEFINITELY not least, thank you @papofglencoe, for overall just being the best cheerleader out there (and fixing my tenses when I go off the rail) ILY! <3 This story wouldn’t be as wonderful without you. 

Now off to Katniss…under the cut, well cause it’s dirty AGAIN. 

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