also i finished sense8 but i didn’t have internet to summarize my feelings so:



while we’re on this topic what’s gonna happen to will??? he can’t be kept unconscious forever?? is there gonna be a season 2??? what are the other sensates gonna do?? also what was the deal what that lady yrsa? she seemed p shady to me (and not in the eminem way) also what happened with whispers??

nomi my child i love her so much she is the best (also amanita is such a literature nerd i love it) i’m so glad lito and hernando got back together and daniela isn’t getting hurt but i still dk how i feel about her? i’m not saying she deserved to be abused but what she did was really shitty and also her proposal since day one seemed kinda creepy?

i HATE what happened to sun and i hope she breaks out of prison and fucking murders her brother and then goes to live happily ever after with her dog also capheus my son literal ray of sunshine i’m so happy he’s okay but idk how to feel about the whole wolfgang/kala thing bc it seemed kinda forced on me and a really stereotypical trope?

all in all i love it and can’t wait for s2 and more interactions btw the sensates and info about the evil organization and shit

I don't normally share stories but...

Ok guys. These lovely light switch things were installed in various rooms around the house so my three year old sister could switch the lights on and off by herself. This is a pretty logical idea, but I have not grown… accustomed to them being there. Normally, I wind up just hitting the light instead of turning it on because of the way the thing is made.

Anyway, I went to the bathroom, and as usual, I forgot that this little doodad was there. I hit the light switch and wound up getting the switch stuck. This caused the lights to flicker on and off rapidly as if afucking monsterwas about to jump out of the mirror and kill me. Seriously.

It’s climbing through your mirrors

Fucking your shit up

Trying to kill you

So y'all better hide yo’ kids

Hide yo’ wife

and get rid of that motherfucking light switch thing that will summon demons through your bathroom mirror.

ShadMina idea (wow how long has it been since I wrote THAT) that was inspired by shewhowantsmouseears and plurk

Mina just finished up a big concert at Twinkle Park, and she urges Shadow to come with her on the rides after it’s all over (since she has the park mostly to herself since they probably cleared it out to give her some privacy)

For the most part, he’s just hanging back and observing her having fun at the booths (though he aces the shooting booth out of pure pride and gets her the huge stuff chao she was looking at), though once Mina spots the Ferris Wheel, she begs and pleads and wheedles with him to go on with her, saying it’d be fun and pleasant and quiet, and he’s just like >8T HRMMMM until he gives in

Of course, Mina mostly wants him to go with her so she can cling to him over the height and maybe get him to hold her for once, but of course she doesn’t tell him that because IT’S HER SECRET PLAN TO GET SOME ROMANCE

…….little do they know, the Ferris Wheel at Twinkle Park have two different kinds of cars: a stationary one, and one that moves along a small track, like so

and they wind up on the moving car

and Mina is already skittery over heights, but having this car SHIFT and ROLL DOWN and SWING BACK AND FORTH when they’re fifty feet in the air has her wailing and weeping and latching herself onto Shadow like he’s the only rock at sea

Shadow has no issue with it since he’s ran through and jumped off of worse (and he can Chaos Control out if things got too dicey), and he’s like ‘….I thought you wanted to go on this? Why are you causing such a fuss now–’ and Mina is like SHADOW SHUT UP AND HOLD ME ;____;

of course, he doesn’t need much prompting since seeing her in distress troubles him and having her bounce around the car won’t make the situation any better, so he keeps a firm grip on her during the whole ride while she burrows her face in his fluff and shakes like a leaf

once they’re back on solid ground, he carefully deposits her on the nearest bench and she’s like OH GOD I MESSED UP I MESSED UP SO BAD and still pretty shaken– until Shadow comes back with two ice cream cones (a rocky road for her and a butter pecan for him) and quietly prompts her to eat it to calm her down

still takes Mina a while to stop being so embarrassed over it, but at least she got ice cream out of the whole thing

ok but do you know how mad I still am that in the movies Sirius’s last words to Harry were “Good one, James!” Like. Harry has to go through life thinking that Sirius thought he was a replacement for his dad, which people accused Sirius of in the books but was clearly not true, when Sirius died free and laughing and protECTING HARRY, his last words were to taunt Bellatrix, AND his last words to Harry were “Now I want you to get out of-”, why the FUCK would you undermine Sirius’s death in that way, seriously, please tell me who thought this was a good idea

Abe Portman: King of Sass part two

Yakob, you’re not getting another story, I want to complain about those fuck heads that I had to deal with for like 4 years.

Fucking Horace and Enoch were smitten with each other. Seriously they just needed to kiss like fucking damn.

And Olive, her and her NO BRAIN, thought it was a good idea to take off her shoes outside! She floated so far up that it was useless to get her down. She didn’t go out of sight but I mean come the fuck on. Who got in trouble? ME. The old ass bird yelled at me because Olive was a fucking idiot.

One time Claire got Enoch to reanimate her and Olive’s dolls. They got scared and screamed and hid behind me the whole time! I was TRYING to have a moment with super hot Emma but they fucking ruined it. They cried! Who got in trouble? ENOCH. The bird was all like “Enoch why the hell you you do that you lil shit?” And Enoch tried to tell her that they asked him but he got yelled at!

Those little girls got EVERYONE yelled at.

And poor Horace. Claire bit him with her back mouth and ripped his favorite suit jacket and when he refused to talk to her Claire went crying to the Bird an out how rude Horace was being.

One time, they saw Fiona and Hugh kiss and they were screaming at Fiona about how boys have cooties.

Yakob, promise me you’ll never go deal with those little shits. Olive thought she could do anything and Claire was a fucking baby about everything. Don’t do that to yourself, kid.

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Can I have exo reaction where you dress up as a neko for their b-day?? Thank you !!

I had no idea who this was so it may not be exactly what you want~ ><



Luhan: “who are you and what did you do to my girlfriend?”

Yifan: *trips after running away without a second thought in fear*

Joonmyeon: “You seriously did all that makeup by yourself? I wanna try I wanna try!”

Yixing: “but how do you look so different? It’s hilarious”

Baekhyun: *can’t believe his eyes*

Jongdae: “Woooah how do you look so different?”

Chanyeol: *freaks out when he sees you*


Zitao: “How do you look good even as an anime character?”

Jongin: *takes a picture to remember it*


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