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Man I LOVE that Tex and Chuck fusion! He looks awesome! Ah ~<3 I think I am in love again. If you are doing all manner of fusions... What would a Tennie, Claire mix be like?

YESSSSS more fusions you guys are my favorite enablers oh my god.

I have no idea what what would lead these guys to fuse but oh my god

Tenaire is 2 good 4 u

You know, when I said Miranne needed a dress made out of those leaves, I actually meant a DRESS. Not mother fucking battle armor. 

Mega WIP. Which is why a bunch of the lines are still scribbly and the leaves aren’t detailed out. And why she’s missing a sword.

Y’all if you have rebuttals or dissenting opinions or whatever to the Hillary post, I’m not reading them, the post is on notification block and I’m not reading any responses nor am I interested in responses. I’m here to post about and discuss stuff like trash magic, pokemon go, and magical art. A one-off political post blowing up doesn’t really change what I post about and what I’m interested in discussing. Please don’t send me a message about your response to the Hillary post, I am not going to read your response either way and if you don’t send me a message I won’t even be aware the response exists.

Also please keep in mind my first and primary concern is staying alive and healthy as a trans person who’s just starting transition in a rough political and social climate for trans people. I am not interested in politics for the sake of politics, I’m interested in staying alive. If you can’t understand why I’m feeling afraid or uncomfortable with the way politics are going this year, then you can’t relate to me and you shouldn’t bother talking to me about it. Find another person to make into a debate partner who isn’t experiencing a physically painful sensation of panic when they contemplate Trump winning the presidency.

In other news, I chose Team Instinct in Pokemon Go and immediately regretted it when I remembered that I live in the back end of nowhere and the chances of me ever encountering an Instinct-controlled gym are slim to none.

On the bright side “going with your gut and then desperately trying to backtrack because your gut is an idiot” is a very Team Instinct-y thing to do so at least I’m on brand

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omgggg I'd love to claim Jisauce that made me laugh oh god how do come up with these nicknames?! they're gr8 and thanks so much for the name!! ^0^ --Jisauce anon ^3^

Aaaahh thank you!! I literally just sit in front of my laptop and think of words that rhyme/are similar to their names and then nicknames like jisauce are born//

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Why hasn’t anybody brought up that Centi’s gem could be a Cymophane(Cat’s Eye gem)?

@warlordofnoodles pointed something out that I forgot; Centi appeared in the very first episode AND that’s when the cookie cat thing was introduced…. gosh, this is getting cooler.