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(A/N: So I am taking this idea out for a spin. I got this idea after talking to my sister about her dyslexia and some of the problems she faces in school, however I fear I am unable to convey the emotions or difficulties behind having it.  Let alone the desire to try and prove just how smart you really are. That being said I haven’t decide whether to continue or scrap this version/idea.)

“You want to learn how to read?’ Belle repeated, cautiously. As excited as she was at the prospect of having another reader in town, the beauty felt rather suspicious. After all, you were Gaston’s friend, and she wouldn’t put it past him to recruit you into helping woo her.

You bit your lip frustrated. The anger within you threatening to break free as you answered, ‘yes’ for the millionth time. Seriously? What did Gaston see in her again? Sure, she was incredibly beautiful, but other than that the two held nothing in common.

“But… why?” She questioned.

You about near lost it. “Look if you don’t want to teach me fine. I’ll find someone else to do it!”

That was a lie. The only readers in town were Belle, her father, Pere Robert, and surprisingly Gaston. The last two who you held too much pride to ask, and the third a most definite ‘no’ if his daughter refused you. “No. No, I’ll teach you. It’s just…. you’ve never had any real interest in reading before, (Y/N).” Belle replied.

Oh. Oh! Now you understood the reluctance. “Trust me, your the last person, I’d try to set Gaston up with.” You snorted. “I’m asking for this favor for my own personal gain. No matter how humiliating it is.”

“I see.” The sharpness of your tone threw Belle back a little, but you weren’t exactly known for being tactful of people. In fact of there was anyone considered funnier than her, it would be you. The girl proclaimed as the town’s idiot.

“So are you going to teach me or what?” You huffed. Despite looking away Belle could see the bit of redness in your cheeks. It was actually kind of adorable.

“Alright, meet me by the laundry area later this afternoon. We’ll start then.” Belle instructed.

“Great.” You answered. A smile adorning your face for the first time during the whole conversation.

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Bioware; A History of Gay

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