I’m amazed by the fact that there are people in this world who refuse to eat eggs for the simple reason they come out of a chickens butthole but then there are people in this world who eat semen like it doesn’t come out of the same hole as pee

Okay, if we didn’t already know that Sam Pepper was the dick cheese of society his new video is literally of him kidnapping two viners, one of whom was in on the joke, and tying them up, the pretending to KILL one of them as the other one SOBS HYSTERICALLY
I literally cannot conceive how fucked up you would have to be to go through with something this sick but the video is painful to watch
My favorite part of this oh so funny joke is when the guy screams “no! He’s all I have!” Real funny Sam. Hilarious
You sick fucking bastard.

I’ve come to the decision that quest bars are disgusting. I have spent years eating them when I wasn’t vegan bc I “loved” them. (I didn’t. I loved the fact that they were under 200 calories and hand 20g of protein…) but the bars themselves.. Nast-tayyy 😷

I’m not going to waste my time eating foods that make me feel sick for the sake of “macros” or “lower calorie” or anything like that!!!
Life’s too short for that shit man ✌🏼️