I hate my body. So. Much. Seriously, I’m disgusting. People always wonder why I have to be wearing some sort of concealing clothing (hoodie, coat, jacket) or why I can’t stand people touching my body. I’m flabby, I have stretch marks, I’m boney in all the wrong places.

Fuck. Hopefully losing ten pounds then working out all the time will help.

Until then, plz don’t look at me.

captain britain & the mighty defenders is an a++++ amazing comic book and is ranking right up there with my favorite secret wars tie-ins so far. and man i’ve been enjoying this event. like. i’m skipping a lot of stuff i’m not interested in but i’m having so much fun reading all these different mini-series? like, planet hulk: SO GREAT. siege #1 was a DELIGHT. and now cap britain is THE GOOD SHIT.

(seriously though it’s … it starts in a city ruled by yinsen, from a world where tony stark saved yinsen’s life and sacrificed his own in that terrorist cave; yinsen went on to champion peace and healthcare and stuff. then his city became part of BATTLEWORLD. and it ended up right next to MONDO CITY, which is basically a judge dredd au of the marvel universe?

it’s. it’s fucking amazing. i love it.

yinsen’s daughter has her own iron man-ish suit, cap britain is dr. faiza hussain, there’s a shulkie thor with a law gavel instead of a regular hammer? i love this cast? and then you’ve got luke cage and emma frost as basically judge dredd and judge anderson? i can’t get over it. this is so good. i love it.