ian harding about troian bellisario ±

“i had coffee with troian the other day, and we were talking about side-projects, and troian is, apart from being a great actress and doing really well on the show and taking it very seriously…sometimes (audience laughs) she has so many other side-projects going on. she just recently wrote and produced a movie in alaska about the end of the world. and she created this in her mind.”

Okay I’m probably biased but why wouldn’t Lionsgate want to make a Finnick and Annie movie?  They could have the action/suspense from Finnick and Annie’s Games, a romance that is more than a girl trying to decide between two guys (I feel like there’s too many love triangles in YA tbh), humor from Finnick (and who knows?  Annie’s probably funny too).  Like seriously, they have a great story to make, with freaking amazing actors to pair it with.  So Lionsgate should get crackin in my opinion because the film would be absolutely heart-wrenching and I want it so badly

Overall Thoughts on 5x15

That episode was hard to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed parts of it, but there was a lot of Malia and she was especially ridiculous in it. 

  • Oh already laughing in the first 5 seconds: 

That’s always a good sign. 

  • I just can’t take this beast seriously:

 It reminds of me Toothless:

Mixed with the things from the Scooby Doo movie:

  • “CLARK: Trust me, that’s no animal.” Like your report where you referred to it as “an enormous animal of undetermined species with a possible pituitary gland disorder” was so great hahaha. 
  • “SHERIFF: Stiles, get off this channel!” lmao. 
  • How wouldn’t the officers know that those cross-streets are the hospital? Like, do these writers have no idea what cops do? Knowing the exact location of the hospital would be a major component of their job.
  • ‘Where’s Parrish?’ ‘There’s a man on fire in the hospital’ ‘…Never mind.’
  • Hahahahahaha:
  • “DEATON: Her own dying scream might be so powerful that it kills everyone around her as well.” Now that would be one hell of a series finale.
  • Can Kira never wear something normal?
  • “SCOTT: We can’t get past a mountain ash barrier.” I’m still laughing about this. How are all of these supernaturals locked down there then? 
  • “SCOTT: And when we’re gone all anyone is going to think is that there was a reboot of the security system caused by a brown out.” …except for the fact that a patient would be missing which they would surely notice. Especially a patient missing from the most secure part. And they’d automatically guess you were involved. 
  • “MALIA: What’s our worst case scenario?” Is this the same chick who burst into an abandoned army fort without a plan, knowing full well the person in there meant her harm and had a hostage, literally the day before this? 
  • Seriously, what even are these facial expressions?
  •  Dear god: 
  • “MALIA: You did it before. You had to learn how, right?” “KIRA: Actually, no, it juts happened.” “MALIA: How did you learn to fight with a sword?” “KIRA: That just kind of happened too.” Thank you for taking the time out of the episode for this crash course on how shitty your writing is, Teen Wolf?
  • “MALIA: So you’ve never worked for anything and basically you’re a cheater?” 
  • She looks orange as fuck and you can totally see her makeup line: 

At least her hair is tamed this episode…or at least half of it is, that right side not so much. And those bangs. Does no one know how to part hair? 

  • “MALIA: I have a guy on the inside.” 
  • Why is Malia even in this scene? Kira has always done whatever she can to help everyone, like risking everything to help with the nogi shit when she really didn’t even know Stiles or any of them. But now she suddenly needs Malia to cajole her into helping Lydia? Mmmhmm. 
  • Gross:

I really did not need to see that elbow bone.    

  • “MELISSA: Why are you so sure it’s a he?” Well, I’m definitely not, especially now. Allison. 
  • “KIRA: Why did you take off the goggles?” Yeah, you shouldn’t have:

 Why do these stylists hate her? They don’t conceal the makeup line. They don’t care that she looks orange. They don’t even try to fix where her makeup was rubbed off. They put her in the worst outfits. They don’t tweeze her eyebrows before close-ups. They don’t fix her hair when it’s all fucked up in the back. They don’t even try to style it so she doesn’t look like these guys:

Someone. Has. A. Grudge.       

  • “MALIA: Because this is the only way we’re getting Lydia out of Eichen House. ”
  • I still can’t:
  • And again with these outfits, wardrobe department!

Kira is over here wearing shorts with fishnet tights and ugly, knee-high Hot Topic socks on top of them:

And Malia’s over here with her shirt tucked into her shorts like she picked a wedgie from the front and didn’t fix it:

Who thought any part of this was okay? 

  • I like how even a moment that should be about Kira and her inability to control her powers and her lack of confidence over that is really just actually about Malia.
  • “MALIA: I’m the one who is going ot be in the electrical room with her.” But why? There is literally no reason for her to need to be there other than the fact that they have to shoehorn her ass in somewhere. 
  • Since when do operating asylums give tours? Especially at night? To just random civilians? What the fuck, Beacon Hills?
  • The real MVP of the episode:
  • I knew Stiles would fall off that table.
  • “KIRA: You want to electrocute yourself?” “MALIA: I’ll heal” “KIRA: Not if you die.” Oh please let her.
  • “MALIA: I didn’t die.” 
  • “LIAM: Just knock them out and hide the bodies.” Okay, Teen Wolf is going way too far with having all of the newbies steal lines that clearly would have been Stiles’ while making Stiles an unrecognizable facsimile of himself. 
  • “MALIA: Stop worrying about what you might do. This isn’t about you.” Oh my motherfucking god. I actually fell like this is what the writers need to hear about Malia considering they’ve retconned her ass into like every fucking plot. 
  • “MALIA: We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.” 
  • “MALIA: Kira, it’s working. Keep going.” I am so glad Malia is here for these completely necessary and well-delivered lines. 
  • “LIAM: Not if we can break it down.” I know they want the newbies to seem important, but it literally makes True Alpha Scott so fucking useless. What is his purpose even?
  • “HAYDEN: How stupid do you think I am?” “DEUCALION: Since I highly doubt you want me to answer that question honestly…” 
  • And yet again, wardrobe, what the fuck is this:

Those pants are horrid and ill-fitting:

And did you really fucking think I would not notice that she is wearing the exact same hideous vest that you shoved poor Kira in during the previous episode?

 I’m watching you, wardrobe. And I want to have a word with whoever over there is single-handedly trying to bring back denim vests and jackets. 

  • If Theo’s cause of death is these 99 cent store claws, I am going to laugh for eternity. 
  • I am legitimately terrified of Josh:
  • I think someone needs to have Sprayberry go back to the tried and true method of practicing his lines in front of a mirror so he stops




Because, man, once you notice his expressions, there is no going back. 

  • “LIAM: I’ll get angry, then I’ll get stronger.” 
  • Lol:

 I want this to be the cover for the 5b DVDs. 

  • Why is Kira so useless in this episode?  Malia can take control and mirror Stiles as the “planner” and the one who gets shit done? 
  • “SCOTT: That was a life and death situation.” “LIAM: And this isn’t?” Not for Scott or his mother so it might as well not be. 
  • They keep making it seem like Stiles is the beast even though the timing doesn’t fit. 
  • Gorgeous:

  ♫ Walk walk fashion baby ♫ …seriously, this is the moment the music person chooses not to fuck around?

Can’t wait till next week. 

a conversation about mockingjay
  • me, to a coworker:did you see the last hunger games movie?
  • coworker:yes i did! i liked it but i didn't like how it ended.
  • me, internally:WHAT THE FUCK
  • me, externally:oh really? i loved it!
  • coworker:it just felt out of place.
  • me:no! it's so great. think about it, they felt safe enough to have kids when the world they grew up in had kids going off to the hunger games.
  • coworker:...i hadn't thought about it like that. that makes a lot of sense! okay, now i get it!

“Movie Night”, commissioned from the wonderful and lovely @renrink.  

This is pretty typical when Hessie ( @fukufire ) and I get together to watch cheesy horror flicks and series away from the crowds.  I’m told I make a pretty good pillow~  One day I might even steal my shirt back.  That is, if she stops making it look so cute.  (Yeah, I know, it’s not happening.)

Allow me a moment to gush over details.  Hess being the primary light source of the piece - the shading’s based off her.  She’s munching from a bag of popcorn kernels. <3  And there’s a near-authentic RHPS movie poster in the background.

I am elated, this came out hyper cute and even better than I imagined after I saw it in sketch form.  So, anyone that can spare it, I can’t recommend going to commish Ren enough.  <3

During the coloring process, SAI glitched up on her, and what came out was actually pretty cool looking; so Ren’s hand slipped and we wound up with an unexpected visitor just for the fun of it (under a read more for the sake of sort-of creepypasta)…

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anonymous asked:

I love they gave OUAT Hades the blue flaming hair. I also hope he'll have all that major sass as well. Its going to be hard at times to take him seriously with that hair. LOL

I am SO stoked about the blue hair. I was worried it was too over the top for the show. It works great in animation, but live action is another matter. It’s hard to tell from a still photo, but I think it’s great. It definitely seems like the characters they’re lifting directly from the movies are more or less intact (except having Herc have a crush on Snow?). For someone who’s a HUGE fan of Hercules the film, I’m very happy about this!

As far as taking Hades seriously…I think the performance will go a long way. Let’s wait and see!

I was drawing Gray but I couldn’t get him to look serious/seductive (lol) so here’s a shoddy line art of him being a happy dork.

I hope Lazer Team was amazing (I really want to see it)! Have a great weekend :)

you really shouldn’t post this, it’s actually really bad but I just wanted to send you some fanart

(Submitted by @hoodwinged)


(Seriously this looks great omfg THANK YOU :o)


Got to snap a(n unfortunately fuzzy) pic with @badgersinbowties at the Ann Arbor premier of Lazer Team! I would’ve liked to chat but a) I’m awkward and b) other people wanted pictures too. It was nice to meet you for the duration of the picture tho! And I think you did great in the movie!

Speaking of, Lazer Team was awesome! It was great to be able to see it in a theater and if it’s still playing in your area and you haven’t seen it I highly recommend figuring out how to get a ticket. Like, for reals. Also, don’t forget to stay after the credits.

I just came back from the avant-première of Zootopia/zootropolis and it was seriously awesome. I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about it.

The movie is extremely good and has such great characters, environments and story. Disney’s seriously doing great! Maybe this is one of my new favorite disney movies :’)

And after that we went with some people of our school to some sort of ‘masterclass’ in which the directors (who came all the way from the states D:) gave information about the process/production of the movie and it was so interesting and nice. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get a chance like this again ahhhh

oh, my heart... it kinda hurts...

I had an emotionally shitty weekend (weekend was actually pretty good, but mentally, I wasn’t in a good place) and watching What’s Your Number? was actually kinda therapeutic. The movie needs to come with a warning label though.

“WARNING: You may fall in love with Chris Evans after watching this movie.”

Seriously, the first and last time I watched it, I was fighting tooth and nail against this crush, so I was all in the “oh, Colin’s not that great” camp and I distinctly remember telling @katiekeysburg (my fangirling enabler) that “oh, I think the romance between Colin and Ally happened too quickly and there wasn’t enough time in the movie to develop it. It just wasn’t believable.”

Well, on second watch, and mentally in a totally different place, I’m now fucking in love with the movie. Definitely one of his best ones.

And I’ve fallen in love with him/Colin all over again. Like seriously, this kinda hurts.

sigh. Posting the official count in a little bit tomorrow morning.

So I found this movie yesterday and decided to watch. Boy, what a movie! I’d never heard of it before (It’s from January 2015) and afterwards I wish I had. It’s a great movie that teaches a lot about love and how you shouldn’t judge people on how they look. It also contains a lot of music and is fun to watch. I seriously recommend it to all of you. :) 

seriously tho my brother and i watched the movie “dead birds” last night and it was TERRIBLE. it’s slow and boring and nothing makes any god damn sense. the only redeeming quality to it is how great the (minute) amounts of gore looked so like 0/10 don’t watch it guys

Seriously though, like — it’s been a long while since I last watched Grease (the movie), but while watching the live production I kept remembering how cool and badass I thought both Danny and Kenickie were. Then Aaron Tvuko and Carlos as Kenick happened and I just………….. keep wondering if there was ever a time where I actually, truly thought they were cool or if that was just my teen self and her strange perceptions of the concept ‘cool’ because?? Tveit and Penavega made a great job of turning Zuko and Kenick into two actual dweebs? I swear to God. Biggest losers in the world. My sons.

Film Review: Carol

Carol (The Weinstein Company)
US Release: 20 November 2015
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Running Time: 118 min

A Review of Carol  
by Brandon Taylor, @brandonrambles

The first sound you hear in Carol is a dull roar, like the sea calling across some great distance. Eventually, a rhythmic clacking emerges, and the roar is transfigured into the sound of a passing train—this is a fitting opening for a movie like Carol, which is so much a story about the ordinary magic of transformation and transportation.

I must admit that I am predisposed to love a movie like Carol—I love period pieces, with all of their gorgeous cinematography and costuming. There is an earnestness, a seriousness to the dialogue in such movies, and people speak in an elliptical, freighted way about the seemingly banal rhythms of their lives. I have watched Jane Eyre (the lovely 2013 version featuring Mia Wasikowska as the titular character) dozens of times, and Becoming Jane, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Anna Karenina, and The Duchess also feature highly on my most-watched lists. I have an affinity for women in desperate straits, who inhabit a now vanished time, when glances held weight and the dark corridors of our lives held some mysterious, supernatural charge.

Carol features beautiful costumes (every coat made me sigh in envy) and there were so many stunning visual moments that I drove the woman sitting next to me crazy with all my sighing and gasping. For instance, there is the first time we see Carol’s home, rising out of a wall of snow, grey and solemn with windows taken right out of a Bronte novel. It takes little effort to imagine Carol sitting at one of these high arching, windows, filigree like black lace, staring out into the night, perhaps thinking to herself that it all could have gone so very differently. When Carol speaks, her voice seldom rises about a firm whisper, as if her native language were the confidential, the secret disclosed to only the closest of friends. I believe it is this confidential nature that some people misconstrue as coldness. I do not find Carol cold at all. She does not give much away because she feels as though much has already been given. Cate Blanchett imbues Carol with a simmering wildness, sensitivity easily prickled and brought to the surface. She is alive to the touch of the world and holds back lest she find herself brought completely out of herself and dissolved in a world that is far too cruel to women like her. Look to the way her eyes widen when she glances at Therese, when she finds herself surprised or caught unaware. She finds us all so amusing.

I find it difficult to characterize a movie like Carol, which is at once about nothing and everything that makes life worth living. On one level, it’s a movie about a romance between two women during a time when such relationships were taboo. On another level, it’s a movie about motherhood and desperation. On yet another level, it’s a movie about independence and trying to make your way in the world. Of course the truth is that Carol is about all of these things and more still.


10 Questions and 10 People

I was tagged by @thatonecurlygurl​ to do the thing. So I will.

1. What was the last movie you saw?

Originally posted by sustainedbywings

300: The rise of an Empire

2. What was the last song you listened to?

Hozier - Take me to church (but mostly because of THE AMAZING FANMADE VIDEO. Seriously, I’m constantly going back to this one, it’s great.)

3. What was the last show you watched?
It was the special ep of BBC Sherlock - The Abominable Bride

4. What was the last book you read?

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (can you believe this one on the right is polish edition cover? I can’t get over it! Young Maric and Loghain, such a beautiful artwork and they’ve took it away from me!!)

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Pancakes actually. But not the american-style pancakes.

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

Somewhere in Norway probably.

7. If you could pick a decade to travel to in time, what would it be?
Few years ahead, so I can move in to the house I’m planning to build. 2020 or later.
OR so far ahead into the future that we’ll all be living in a world of Mass Effect or Star Wars.

8. If you won the lottery and millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do?
Actually go to Norway and on other trips I’ve always wanted. And I would built this:

Only much, much faster.

9. What fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?
Umm, every one of them? Seriously, there’s so many of them… but ultimately  I would like to try my chances with Lestat de Lioncourt

Originally posted by psychoviolinist

Not Tom Cruise ofc, but even then I wouldn’t mind I guess. i just want my little dark prince to praise me like a goddess. Also, there’s much of a chance I’ll be left as a vampire afterwards, so… Yes.
And yes, I still want to be a vampire. I know it’s lame, but I want it.
(but seriously, there’ are tons of fictional characters I would like to hang out with! Cullen and Kylo and Joker and Dorian and Fred and Sera and Liara and Aegon and Oberyn and… you get it, right?)

10. What was the last Fandom you joined?
I guess it was a Star Wars. I mean, I’ve always liked the movies, even if I watched them somehow late (I was 18 back then?), but I’ve never felt like… obsessed with it, and that is what always makes me feel like I’m being a part of a fandom, even if the obsession itself is very brief. But I need it to happen for me to fully… to become fully attached to the thing. And it didn’t happened with the SW until this:

Originally posted by skylorennn

I mean - leaving my obsession with Kylo aside - it was a REALLY great movie, and book was awesome too. But I love when there’s a lot of emotions happening and even if Luke had it in ep VI with Vader, even if Anakin was one, pure ball of angst and I loved him, NONE of it srucked me more than Finn’s conflict, Rey’s doubts and Kylo’s issues (and Poe’s hotness, but that’s not the point ^^”).

Whew! That’s a long one! I didn’t mean to talk this much. Sorry ^^

And now it’s time to tag others.

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but none of you have to do it if you don’t want it.

the most fun thing about making hsr ocs is getting to see how theyd fit in the “side subplots” so this is cashmere’s character for the dangeresque series, detective leather bullet.
since cashmere is a huge old movie nerd, she takes her roles seriously when she gets to act in plays and stuff, and becomes the complete opposite as leather bullet. leather bullet is a freelance officer who is occasionally hired by dangeresque too for riskier missions, but is a challenge of pride to dangeresque as shes bagged some of the most dangerous coastwide masterminds in the cities, so dangeresque is always too relunctant to work with her. but her and him make a good combo as both don’t take crap from no one and make great bad cops


​So I saw Lazer Team opening night on Wednesday. Me, being a cynic, went in knowing it was a low-budget scifi with a whole lot of in-house acting out of Rooster Teeth. Off the bat, it wasn’t going to be the next Star Wars. But me being a huge RT fan was happy enough to see my heroes be…well, heroes.

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