Amazing moments at British festivals

Go to a British music festival and you are in for a truly awe-inspiring experience. The sunshine (with any luck!), the positive energy from the crowds, the fantastic music and some seriously stunning settings too. They’re not all what you’d expect either: apart from the music talent, you’ll encounter everything from elaborate costumes to magnificent on-site architecture, pools and watersports, forest stages and more. Find out more


Some slightly older pictures of Averland during our sagas night at Swordcraft battlegame in Melbourne, Australia. Also my first night leading a whole army of 150 people!

 Seriously, seeing these pictures just fills me with delight and joy - I am so ridiculously proud of this thing we have built together, and I am absolutely thrilled to be the leader of such an amazing group of people. 

Awesome photos by the lovely Tony Delov - if you want to see more pictures of Swordcraft, check out his facebook page

“Tikki Spots On!!!”
So meeting @kit_starry was absolutely amazing and so surreal! I love both her and lulu and have been fans of theirs for some time now so the fact they wanted to meet and hang out with me just didn’t make any sense for the longest time.
This lovely lady here, Kit, is seriously everything I hope to be as a person and a Cosplayer. Her personality was phenomenal, from the moment I met her online I knew she had a good heart and a beautiful soul! Her posing and costumes were also crazy on point! Like seriously, I just sat there and thought “I wish I could pose like that, omg SO COOL!”
I loved talking to her and walking around as her twin for two days. Seriously one of the best people I’ve ever met in my whole life!!! I was so sad when I had to leave both of them did my best not to cry!!! Thanks Kit for talking to me, helping me pose, helping me stay warm, and just laughing with me. They are memories I will keep with me forever. ❤️
Marinette: @oomerochanoo
Ladybug: @gottab-kei

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Forgive the shitty selfie but I’m feeling REAL PROUD RIGHT NOW. I was asked to do a parade at the end of the month with a bunch of princesses and one of the only characters available to do was Tinkerbell. Since I’m not really a princess type, I figured I’d go for a fairy instead! As I am currently low on cosplay funds I decided that id take an old wig I’m not particularly fond of and try styling it myself. It’s not perfect by any means but I think it’s pretty same good for my first big wig making adventure! I can’t wait to debut this costume - @pulpheroine is making the dress and she’s an AMAZING seamstress and costume maker (seriously, go check out her work) and I’m gonna work on some wings this week to top it off. It’s gonna be awesome!! #cosplaywip #tinkerbell #tinkerbellcosplay #disneycosplayers

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