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After reading chapter 26, I feel like in the end, Emily and Tom will end up together and Wednesday will be her own person, strong and resilient, and Daniel will be a really good friend. It just sounds like it's heading that way. It just feels like Emily needs Tom way more in her life just to survive, she's been thru some seriously traumatic shit. I just don't see how Wends and Tom can ever be together now after ch-26...*sob*

Aww don’t cry darling! Don’t cry! You know that I couln’t possibly spoil it or you! Sorry but all I’ll say is that it isn’t the end yet.  It isn’t the end until I type out that last chapter and say this is it.  Here.  Hehe! Don’t cry, I purposely powered through 27 just for all you lovelies!!…enjoy? I hope *fingers crossed*

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 26  

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 27