Last night was seriously one of my favorite times performing ever! The energy in the room was awesome and I had a blast. Thank you to everyone who came out and let me sing some songs for you! Can’t wait to do it all again VERY soon.
📷: @gabriellecarbajal (at House of Blues Sunset Strip)


SHINee - 상사병  (Symptoms) [Inkigayo 131013]

Can we talk about this particular performance of Symptoms? Because I really, really, really love how raw and passionate they sing here. Also, it’s live (listen to MR removed version here, compare with CD version). Admittedly, I skipped over this one when I listened to the Everybody mini album for the first time, but after I watched this performance and listened to the song again, I was hooked. This is definitely one of my favorite live performances from them (I seriously need to make a list).

r0tten-b0nes asked:

Sorry! Not meaning to be all secretive. Just didn't want you to think I was creepy messaging you on both blogs. I listened to that song tornado on my way to work this morning. Made for an excellent ride in.

Not a problem! I always love chatting–especially about music. I’m glad to you enjoyed Tornado. It’s hands down my favorite song in existence. Seeing it performed live is seriously a spiritual experience. Jonsi has such a stage presence! 

Grow Till Tall is also pretty wonderful if you’re in a mood.

solas-you-nerd asked:

How about E and N?

E: a song by a band I’ve seen live

I’ve seen The Decemberists too many times to count. I know that they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve loved them since I was a middle schooler making bootleg mixtapes on my parents’ computer. 

One of my favorite songs by them, one that gives me all of the feels, one that I want to assign to every OTP I have ever fallen in love with, is Summersong

I don’t know why exactly, but it just speaks to my sooooouuuuul. 

N: a song by a band I want to see live

I would die if I ever saw the Wombats perform their cover of Bleeding Love. It is my most favorite cover in the whole wide world (and I have a lot of favorite covers). I think I would just seriously turn into a puddle on the floor from excitement, for love of this song, from possibly swooning, and my poor boyfriend would have to put me in a bucket and carry me home.

Nothing is greater than the rush that comes with your embrace” JUST UNNNGGFF.

Send me a letter and I’ll recommend you a song. :D :D :D