• me: *joins family for a meal*
  • family: wow you never come out of your room!
  • family: *sexist bullshit*
  • family: *racist bullshit*
  • family: *homophobic bullshit:
  • family: *transphobic bullshit*
  • family: *islamophobic bullshit*
  • family: *bigoted bullshit*
  • me: you've just insulted me and my friends and our family
  • family: UGH you pick at eVERYTHING
  • me: *gets angry*
  • family: why are you angry?
  • family: you have nO RIGHT
  • family: we did nothing wrong
  • family: you're overreacting!!
  • me: *goes back to room*
  • family: ugh she's so difficult
  • family: she tries to pick fights
  • family: she's so unreasonable
  • family: she never even spends time with us

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

my ex man brought

his new girlfriend

she’s like OH MY GOD

but i’m just gonna shake it

to the fella over there

with the hella good hair

won’t you come on over baby

we can shake




I recently had the immense pleasure of reading quartetship’s A Pane Between and it is a gift I’m telling you guys like seriously


beth greene & tyreese williams ( inspired by this post [ x ] )

“ I’ve (we’ve) survived and you don’t get it ‘cause I’m not like you or them. But I (we) made it ! ”

Whew! Finally finished this little animation I’ve been working on of Sans vs Chara! :) I pretty much have no experience in animating things…. So this was really hard…. And it’s really sketchy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Hayden Christensen being a national treasure.
Attack of the Clones Blooper Reel

honestly if you don’t like hayden christensen then you can get out of my face.

Some Last Minute AP World Tips

The test in next Thursday. You’re lucky, the test is one of the last. Honestly, it’s too late to read your whole textbook and learn everything. Does that matter? No. But here’s some last minute things to keep in mind. 

  • WATCH ALL OF CRASHCOURSE.  It’s an easy way to study. It helps. You learn a ton. It’s a life saver. It’s how I got a four. My teacher didn’t teach so John Green taught me instead. 
  • Freak out now. Realize you know nothing and cry and breakdown. Do it now. Get it out of your system. The day of the test, you shouldn’t be crying. 
  • For god’s sake, start studying now. It seems early. It feels like you have time. From personal experience, my friends and I started studying the Monday of the week of the test. We all said we should have started studying the week before. Trust me, start studying now. 
  • THE DAY BEFORE THE TEST- Relax. You will want to cram. Don’t. I felt sick from stress the day before so I took a nap outside and didn’t study. I felt great. 
  • The day of the test, some of my friends did last minute cramming. I just laughed hysterically and couldn’t sit still. Some people were honestly calm. 
  • Basically what I learned was that on the day of the test, don’t freak out, don’t cram. Just stay calm and focused and it’s like going into a big game if you’ve ever played sports. Be happy, focused, calm, excited. Don’t go in not caring but also don’t be sick with stress. Try for that balance. 
  • The test looks hard because there’s so much history oh my god it’s overwhelming(all AP history classes look like that). But it’s not as bad as it looks. Just take it one question at a time. When you look at your essay prompts, just take a deep breath. 
  • You know more than you think you do. Trust yourself. 
  • If you don’t know anything, guess, make something up
  • If the essay is about Asia or Africa and you are stuck, think about what you know about Europe in that time period. It will help. Is it before imperialism? Is the United States a world power? You can draw conclusions from that. Remember, since the test is more about a flow of ideas and events, about the interaction, you can use what you know of other places to help. 
  • Bring a black pen with you. 
  • It’s seriously easier than it looks
  • If you know you have no clue about a multiple choice question, don’t waste time thinking too hard. Just move on, save time. There are some you can figure out with logic. Use your time on them. 
  • Seriously, just relax. You’re gonna be fine. You’re going to be okay. 
  • Know you’re not alone. Look around you and realize everyone else is as screwed as you are. It doesn’t help but it’s fun to see how everyone deals with it. 
  • And just keep studying. 

Here’s some websites that can help


So in addition to Ravi’s lovely hat choice…

Did anyone notice that the shirt Ravi is wearing….

… Is the same shirt Ken is wearing… BACKWARDS…

But the question is… who is the one who’s wearing it backwards???


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