Taehyung bumping into GOT7′s JB after he walked in the wrong direction (>ω<)

dan and phil would totally vlog their wedding in 2022 

like can you imagine Dan with his video camera saying “I know it’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding, but I can’t help it cause seriously guys check out how adorable he is.” and zoom up on Phil in his suit and Phil would throw a bouquet of flowers at the camera and you could hear Dan’s hysterical laughter

and then videoing Chris and PJ and announcing “and here’s our best men!”
“And our bridesmaids” *panning shot of Louise, cat, bryony, zoe and anja*

“You managed to put a cat sticker on me at our wedding? PHIL!”

and the banter before the wedding

“Are we actually slow dancing to MUSE?”

“Dan this is not a funeral, stop trying to make everything black.”

“You can’t cry every time I say my vows” “you’re crying too, shut up”

“Isn’t the bachelor party kind of weird if we both go?” “But phil what about the chocolate coated stripper”

“You reckon if we tweeted fall out boy they’ll perform at our wedding?”

“Dil is not real- he can’t actually be our flower boy, phil”


우리 세후니 너무 귀요워ㅠㅠ

↪ a fan wanted to shake hands with sehun but he shook his head and made a sad face (t/n: fans aren’t allowed to touch during fansign)


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.