Honestly the Nuckelavee is such a cool mythological demon that I was somewhat disappointed how little good time it got as a Grimm in Volume 4 of RWBY

Though I think this is the case in general with the two “Uber” Grimm we’ve seen so far in the show. The two I’m being specific about are the Dragon and the Nuckelavee. Like the Dragon is a mobile spawn for Grimm and is a fucking dragon but the most I ever remember it doing is getting talked at by Cinder and then taken out by Silver Eye Powers Ex Machina.

Hell seeing as it isn’t technically dead I was hoping in Volume 4 it mention that it being able to spawn Grimm constantly and was doing weird shit to the surrounding area. Like derelict Reaper shit. Yet no Glynda is apparently got shit well in hand.

Then there is the Nuckelavee that is set up as this thing that can tears through villages like paper and has apparently been continuously active for probably decades without dying. Well apparently if 4 first year combat school students who’ve done a bit of grinding on the way to the next story quest can fuck it’s shit up. Hell let’s fuck the menace completely for a panty shot joke.

Rosalee Calvert is probably the most under-appreciated character on Grimm. Seriously.
-She can fight and defend herself. She is also willing to kill for her love.
-She is crazy smart and solves literally 97.8% of the problems on the show.
-She is deeply empathetic, even toward people who have done her and her loved ones wrong.
-She’s a small business owner, in a specialty business that requires care, training, research, and tons of attention to detail.
-She is calm, practical, and level-headed, often needing to soothe the male leads, BUT she has a past full of mistakes and is far from perfect.
-She is sexual, sensual, and sexy, which is very often not a quality given to “good” female characters, even in 2015.
Rosalee Calvert is amazing, and I will fight you.

Coming back home

Endy: *arrives to the cave during the 3rd or 4th day, the sun was going down so it looked like a good place to stay, he entered it putting torches on the walls, going further into consuming darkness, taking his steps carefully with Arion infront of him* This place seems quiet enough.. let’s stay here.. *sits on the ground then takes some bread from his inventory and starts to nomz it, petting his wolf with the other hand*
*some really slight skeleton noises in the distance, they seem far away tho inside the cave*
Arion: *suddenly turns his head moving ears up and starts to sniff the air*
Endy:…wellp.. maybe not so quiet.. *stands up grabbing a torch in the one hand and preparing the other one armed in huge sharp claws to the attack* I hate skeletons.. this one is yours, and also his bones~

Meanwhile not too far away:
Bart: hey buddy.. how’re you feeling.. I think that an asshole of your breed is coming and he has a dog.. I don’t like dogs.. they like to nomz and bite and crunch bones.. and I care about my noble ass.. my family is highborn I can’t let to a flea-bitten doggy to taste my leg.. even if It’s a really tasty leg.. okay seriously.. can I leave you with him.. I don’t feel like to stay..
Grimm: ..yes I can take care of myself now I guess.. a little ender can’t scare me..
Bart: ..wellp you met lady Death and drank some tea with biscuits with her so I guess nothing can scare you anymore.. maybee.. *smirks a bit while takikng the torch sneaks away, and before disappearing whispers* I’ll follow you..

Endy: *takes the torch behind himself then narrows eyes*..a light, probably lava, so high underground?..
Arion: *starts to growl and jump excited*
Endy: *peeks into another part of the cave*..holy fff-.. *sees Grimm leaning against the wall almost all in bandages with severely burned skin*

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When the hell did Adalind become my favorite character behind Renard? When did this tomfoolery go down? How? 

Oh, right. It’s Claire Coffee and her hilarious comedic timing. That’s why.

People take Grimm too seriously. This is highbrow comedy gold. I was in stitches during Adalind’s monologue to her mother’s casket. “So… thanks for being dead when I need you, Mom.” Oh. My. Gosh. And the scene where they were “harvesting” her mother’s … um… organs and ribs (oh, gosh, that sounds terrible … and it was, in a really funny way) and everyone was gagging…

Though… um… I have a problem with this plot thread. Which I’ll address later in the “gripes” paragraph. Even so, this was a good episode. Though, I am very worried about Sean. I think he’s being possessed by the Ripper. It’s kind of obvious, really. The spirit is using water to channel into him, back and forth. It’s a conduit from the other side. Only Renard would have known about the witness, and only Renard would have known about Henrietta. Still. Fun. (Though, as someone who has researched Jack the Ripper a great deal … those crime scenes were nowhere near as effed up on Grimm as in real life. Just saying. This Jack has manners.)

The trailer is gone. Nice tugging of the heartstrings, having everyone remember different moments of seeing the trailer for the first time. And the music … so melancholy. Pfft, toying with our our feels.

Aww, Monroe + Rosalee = adorable. Their careful handling of Adalind was also priceless. Also, I adore Budd. He’s so … hilariously adorkable.

Juliette. Hmm. Generally, I don’t give a damn about her either way, but … it would take some major mojo to come back from THIS betrayal (particularly if they gut Kelly Burkhardt next week) so … kill her.

Right. That brings me to two nonsensical BS things:

Adalind taking the suppression potion. Excuse me? What? She went through HELL to get her Hexenbiest powers back, she gutted another Hexenbiest to do it, and that sent her on her whole revenge subplot in the first place, so literally, what the hell?! Try it out on herself?! WHY? WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! IT MAKE NO SENSE AND IS INCONSISTENT WITH ADALIND. WTF, writers!

Next really stupid thing, which makes our gang look like morons: let’s call Juliette, who has told each of us several times now that she totally digs being evil and a Hexenbitch, and see if we can get her to voluntarily drink this potion that will de-Hexenbitch her. Becuase that will work. Let’s just hand it over to her, and hope that she drinks it right down!

Yeah. No. Anyone with half a brain would know that will never happen. The only way to get that potion into Juliette is if you subdue her first and then force it down her throat. So, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?

Henrietta is dead. Hmm, good thing they conveniently have another dead Hexenbiest with which to remake the potion that Juliette just smashed, huh? And how lucky that the one book that didn’t burn in the trailer had answers! ;)

Next week. I swear to Wesen, if they kill Trubel or Kelly (and it’ll be one of them, you just watch), there better be a smear that used to be Kenneth and possibly a splotch that used to be Juliette by the finale. You keep your damn, dirty hands off my female Grimms!

Things you might say (if you had a pet kitten named Grimmjow)

As requested by duende71. :)

It is true that I often make jokes about how Grimmjow is basically a giant floppy kitten. But this post is different. In this post, we are going to pretend that you just adopted a real kitten - tiny, fury, unlikely to punch you in the face repeatedly. Naturally, you named this tiny actual kitten “Grimmjow.” What sorts of things might you find yourself saying if you had a a pet cat named Grimmjow?

1. “This is my kitty, Grimmjow. His hobbies include stealing my socks and trying to climb inside boxes that are way too small for him.”

2. “Man, I don’t know what to do! If I let Grimmjow into my room at night, he will sleep on my face. But if I don’t, he spends the whole night with his paw under the door, mewing sadly." 

3. "Who has a fuzzy little kitten butt?? Is it you? It’s you!!!”

4. “Nice save, Grimm. I *totally* believe you meant to miss that jump.”

5. “No, Grimmjow, this is people food.”

6. “Grimmjow, you can paw at my leg all you want, but this is still people food.”

7. “You can mew sadly while pawing my leg all you want, Grimmjow, but this is still - ”

8. “….”

9. “Okay fine have my chicken.”

10. “Grimmjow, did you get your head stuck in the kleenex box again?”


12. “Sorry, I can’t come to dinner right now. Grimmjow is asleep on my lap. It is actually illegal for me to move.”

13. “No you don’t understand he is purring.”

14. “So Grimmjow has fallen asleep, draped over the back of a chair. How do cats even work?”

15. “You know what Grimmjow hates? When I sit next to him while he’s cleaning himself and make slurping sounds.”

16. “Dude! Open the door carefully! Grimmjow loves trying to escape!”

17. “Grimmjow loves to chase string! Want to watch me make him do back flips?”

18. “Grimmjow, please. You’ve been crying for like five minutes. I’m in the bathroom, and I will open the door when I’m done.”

19. “Grimm, seriously, what is your thing about closed doors?”

20. “Grimmjow, you are the best snuggler ever.”

Why does silver-eyed magic hurt both Maidens and Grimm?

We learned from Qrow last season that people with silver eyes excelled as hunters of Grimm because of their powers. And we just learned this episode that Maidens are also easily harmed by this same magic, as Cinder has been seriously injured from Ruby’s Grimm-stopping outburst.

We also know that the Maidens got their power from the Wizard, and it has been heavily implied by the visuals that the creatures of Grimm are extensions of Salem’s power.

What if Maiden magic and Grimm magic are more similar than they appear on the surface? Perhaps it’s not as simple as “good magic” and “evil magic.” Maybe both sets of powers come from the same source.

Perhaps the Wizard and Salem are not unique practitioners of their own magics, but are instead two of a kind.

This would also suggest that silver-eyed magic comes from somewhere else, possibly a third character of a power similar in strength to the Wizard and Salem. But who?

Reposting Bhura because she got a massive redesign. I’ll write her profile down again.


Bhura means Brown in Indian. Anarsa, her family name, is the name of an indian pastry.

Her weapon of choice is a pair of Compact Dual Bullet Edges (DCBE) called Lōṭasa Ṭhīkarā (Lotus Shard). A rather primitive weapon without variancy. However, it has the advantage of using both melee and ranged without having to switch forms during combat.

Her Semblance is called Lotus Progeny. When active, her strikes leave glyphs, “seeds”, on her target, which can then be detonated at will (left untouched, they will detonate on their own). If she were to strike an enemy multiple times while her Semblance was active, she would create a massive chain explosion. The Semblance can be combined with Dust for elemental explosions. The technique leaves behind a purely cosmetic flurry of lotus leaves.

Now onto redesigning Cina, then designing Laranja and Teghin. So much work!

Short story under cut!

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Lets talk about Coco

Throughout this whole fight she is calm as FUCK!

She just walks! Saunters! Peacefully strolls around especially when GIANT SPIKES THAT WERE JUST IMPALING GRIMM come toward her she just swats them away like fly’s. She then continues to stroll to a grimm at least twice her size and talks to it, spitting while she does (ladies can do whatever the hell they want and still look fabulous) and then parries her opponents attack and then proceeds to KICK THE GRIMM TO ITS KNEES, yeah the clearly heavy prada bag didnt knock the grimm down, it was her foot! Kills the grimm with a slam of her bag to its head and then whips out a giant Gatling gun and decimates a ton of grimm.


Have a tiny bit more of the TJ Hammond/Johnny Storm fic! I actually HOPEFULLY will have Steve/Bucky up for you tonight sometime, but until then…

I apologize for ALL THE FEELS.


“He’s asleep,” Johnny hissed. TJ, listening from the bedroom, had to smile at the ferocity: so brilliant, so unselfish. “Don’t you dare wake him up—”

“That’s exactly why we’re here,” Sue Storm said. “TJ Hammond, Johnny. Did you have to?”

“TJ Narcotics Anonymous Hammond,” rumbled a voice that had to be Ben Grimm. “Johnny, seriously?”

Johnny’s voice scorched the air. Sizzled with sudden rage. “Yeah. TJ Hammond. Don’t say another fucking word.”


“That man,” and oh TJ could imagine Johnny’s eyes, narrowed and blazing, showing every ounce of emotion the way they forever would, “that man asleep in there is braver than all of us put together, he’s putting himself back together, he gets up and keeps trying every single day, and you—”

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Things we can maybe look forward to in the next few eps of RWBY:

- Qrow using the Scythe mode of his weapon
- Qrow in general, because Qrow is literally perfect
- General Schnee? (Something about this screams Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist)
- The Dragon Grimm. Seriously. It’s a fucking dragon. There is no way that isn’t awesome.
- All of the teams joining together Avengers style to rek the White Fang and the Grimm.
- Ruby vs Neo: Battle of the Smols
- Sun and Neptune fight scenes please?
- Pyrrha gaining literal superpowers
- Ozpin and/or Maiden Pyrrha vs Cinder (this is gonna be some Matrix Revolutions or Dragonball Z level shit right here guys)
- MOTHERFUCKING TAIYANG (please RT, hear our prayers)

Things that will very likely rip your heart from your chest:

- Pyrrha not remembering who Jaune is
- Blake vs Adam
- Yang possibly finding her birb mom?
- Aforementioned birb mom being responsible for all the bullshit going down all over Remnant?
- Penny being rebuilt and not having any memories of her waifu- I mean Ruby?
- Penny not being rebuilt EVER?
- Sage and Scarlet STILL not having any dialogue or extensive action scenes.