When the hell did Adalind become my favorite character behind Renard? When did this tomfoolery go down? How? 

Oh, right. It’s Claire Coffee and her hilarious comedic timing. That’s why.

People take Grimm too seriously. This is highbrow comedy gold. I was in stitches during Adalind’s monologue to her mother’s casket. “So… thanks for being dead when I need you, Mom.” Oh. My. Gosh. And the scene where they were “harvesting” her mother’s … um… organs and ribs (oh, gosh, that sounds terrible … and it was, in a really funny way) and everyone was gagging…

Though… um… I have a problem with this plot thread. Which I’ll address later in the “gripes” paragraph. Even so, this was a good episode. Though, I am very worried about Sean. I think he’s being possessed by the Ripper. It’s kind of obvious, really. The spirit is using water to channel into him, back and forth. It’s a conduit from the other side. Only Renard would have known about the witness, and only Renard would have known about Henrietta. Still. Fun. (Though, as someone who has researched Jack the Ripper a great deal … those crime scenes were nowhere near as effed up on Grimm as in real life. Just saying. This Jack has manners.)

The trailer is gone. Nice tugging of the heartstrings, having everyone remember different moments of seeing the trailer for the first time. And the music … so melancholy. Pfft, toying with our our feels.

Aww, Monroe + Rosalee = adorable. Their careful handling of Adalind was also priceless. Also, I adore Budd. He’s so … hilariously adorkable.

Juliette. Hmm. Generally, I don’t give a damn about her either way, but … it would take some major mojo to come back from THIS betrayal (particularly if they gut Kelly Burkhardt next week) so … kill her.

Right. That brings me to two nonsensical BS things:

Adalind taking the suppression potion. Excuse me? What? She went through HELL to get her Hexenbiest powers back, she gutted another Hexenbiest to do it, and that sent her on her whole revenge subplot in the first place, so literally, what the hell?! Try it out on herself?! WHY? WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! IT MAKE NO SENSE AND IS INCONSISTENT WITH ADALIND. WTF, writers!

Next really stupid thing, which makes our gang look like morons: let’s call Juliette, who has told each of us several times now that she totally digs being evil and a Hexenbitch, and see if we can get her to voluntarily drink this potion that will de-Hexenbitch her. Becuase that will work. Let’s just hand it over to her, and hope that she drinks it right down!

Yeah. No. Anyone with half a brain would know that will never happen. The only way to get that potion into Juliette is if you subdue her first and then force it down her throat. So, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?

Henrietta is dead. Hmm, good thing they conveniently have another dead Hexenbiest with which to remake the potion that Juliette just smashed, huh? And how lucky that the one book that didn’t burn in the trailer had answers! ;)

Next week. I swear to Wesen, if they kill Trubel or Kelly (and it’ll be one of them, you just watch), there better be a smear that used to be Kenneth and possibly a splotch that used to be Juliette by the finale. You keep your damn, dirty hands off my female Grimms!

pixiedustandbluebutterflies replied to your post “pixiedustandbluebutterflies replied to your post…”

There’s just so much we don’t know. No one has told us much about hexenbiests even though we see them all the time. i just want a wesen encyclopedia with all the history and info on all of them. uggghhh BUT THAT JUST GOT BURNT BY JULIETTE

Too soon, Liz. Too soon.

I mean I like Grimm….but how they’re handling Adeline being pregnant with Nick’s supposed baby is kind of fucked up. Like Adeline if you were going to screw Nick to take away his Grimm powers, and you knew you had to screw him to do it, why the hell did you not take birth control? Like…..seriously…..this is just fucked up. 

Ugh Grimm enough with the pregnancy drama for Adalind already. (She even fucking lampshades it.)

Also seriously what’s with all the fucked up shit that you’ve got going on between Nick-Juliette-Sean-Adalind? Just what. First there was miscomunication Nick/Juliette and the whole unrequited Adalind/Sean. Then Adalind induced Sean/Juliette which led to a Sean-Juliette-Nick sort of triangle (that you still bring back whenever there’s a new issue). Then Adalind/Sean’s magical kid and drama. Then Adalind fucks everyone over again for stealing her child (for kid’s own safety) and there’s a Adalind-Nick-Juliette mess. And now with another fucking baby there’s a Nick-Adalind-Sean thing, with a rightly pissed off Juliette.

At this point just get the four of them together.

And bring back Trubel