I’ve had this idea for a sickfic floating around in my head where Lance is like really sick and delirious and thinks he’s still on Earth and mistakes Allura for his mom and when he recovers they tease him jokingly about not flirting with her anymore because he thought she was his mom.

“Are you seriously going to flirt with her after calling her mom for the last few day???”

“I did what?!”

I don’t really feel like writing it though so if somebody wants to give it a go I’m all for it xD

You know, season 3 is going to sound kind of stupid to our Japanese friends. They are getting all excited seeing Shiro again in episode six, then this Galra suddenly pops on screen and says “Final stage of project Clone complete, let him go.” Like seriously, no mystery for them. Writers clearly labeling the plot twist.


GUYS LOOK at this amazing thing @angrypiratehusbands made me! IT’S SO SHIPPY! The design was mile but all the beautiful work is hers and I’m looking forward to having it! 

I’ll be posting updated pictures of her TH costume soon and sending it to her so everyone will get to see her in it!

And seriously, go check out her etsy shop!

And there are more listed in the etsy profile! Lady has many shops.


share your victories in your walk with the Lord (even if it’s something as small as what you got from your Bible reading) with someone who will rejoice with you and encourage you and push you to go deeper. seriously!! if anyone needs someone to stand beside them, come talk to me!!! i love hearing people’s perspectives on what they read and love seeing how God can reveal different things to each of us in the same parts of the Bible!

There’s a bit in Wonder Woman that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s the part where she walks towards General Ludendorff at the gala. He see her and starts walking in her direction as if to attack, then surges towards her and grabs her in a kind of dance hold. She’s stunned, frozen. It’s probably the only time in the film where Diana looks afraid. 


Because she was attacked, but in a way she’s never encountered before. She’s been trained to handle “honest” attacks, where the attacker makes their intentions clear. But here she is attacked in the way women in this world are so often attacked. It’s an unwanted, unwelcome intrusion, a man putting his hands on her without her consent, intruding into her personal space in an aggressive, obtrusive, threatening manner. But to bystanders, they are simply dancing. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s trained her whole life to deal with honest, open attacks, but faced with the sneaky, faux-polite attack of this kind of man, she’s completely lost. 

I thought this was a great moment. It reflects the experiences of so many women so well. 

On a side note, I mentioned it to my (male) partner afterward, and he hadn’t even noticed Diana’s reaction in that moment. He’s a great guy and a good, kind person, but his obliviousness to her confusion and fear speaks volumes about the different experiences of men and women in our society. 

So I was supposed to post this like a week ago but my computer decided to break down because I have awesome luck. 

Anyways, this is based off of @parfaitperi‘s How to Train Your Dragon au which is absolutely splendid and I love it a lot so please go check it out here.


I have been wanting to make this joke since I started reading @wilyart‘s Insomnia comic, so I finally did it.

No regrets.

Now go read Insomnia, it’s an amazing comic with beautiful art and an incredibly well written and thought out story.



I am in awe of the details in this illustration! The rays of light, the shadows, the decorations, the audience’s hands you can see in the foreground, their headpieces/Baze’s hair decoration, the colors!! CHIRRUT’S SMILE! BAZE’S TEARS! DO YOU SEE THOSE TEARS?

Commission info for Jay can be found HERE!

“summer storms always felt like coming home”

lovely tonberriesandcream commissioned me to draw this scene from an absolutely stunning fic called running on air, which is 75k of beautifully written slow burn with long road trips across the country, muggle cars, unusual career choices, flower fields and starry skies, time turners and memories stored in tiny glass vials

believe me, you really want to read it


Idea taken from this webtoon called 상실에게.

I recommend everyone to go read it (if you can read Korean) because it is heartbreaking and wonderful and destroyed my life forever