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samsam i know youre writing a lot rn but have you read anything new thats good?

helloooo anon-anon :) heres a few that i’ve read/reread in the last couple of days:

Also, you should know that practically 90% of my time has been spent reading The Captive Prince Series by C. S. Pacat and I would recommend it to literally everyone. It is incredible. Go read it right, right now. 

When someone feels the need to tag reylo fan art as anti reylo:

When someone feels the need to tag anti reylo hate as reylo:

The world is a bad enough place as it is without shipping wars. Don’t make it worse. Next time, look into your hearts (and your internet histories) before you post.

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If you’re ever sitting there wondering why all this is happening and why they (and we) can never get a break, just remember that 1DHQ have ALWAYS gone to great lengths to keep us talking about them, and 98% of the time it’s not their artistic work we’re talking about.