I posted my last thank you art for 5k followers 6 days ago what is happening I’m freaking out aaaaaa. Thank you for following my trash blog omg.

Dear Jason Rothenberg,

Me: Whatever you do, don’t kill off Jasper, Monty, Bellamy, Octavia, Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Maya, Miller, Indra, Lincoln-

Jason: You’re naming all of the characters…


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No one gives a shit about you not caring about Cole omfg

k im sorry to rain on your ask anon im so so sorry but i just gotta say congratulations bc this is the first ever time i’ve gotten an angry anon of any kind THANK YOU BLESS YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY

If you are flying drones outside Misha Collins' house:
  • don’t
  • seriously like don’t
  • why are you even doing this
  • stop
  • like he has your drone so just stop
  • you’re a horrible human being
  • the man has small children
  • you’re harassing a real family and it’s gross
  • stop

you know the old walking dead saying “characters get better with hair”, that’s why shane got worse

literal biggest weakness in hte world: ship partners w/ matching themes adn icons.

you think that dead durins gifset is the worst possible thing i could gif?

what you don’t know is that my fragile heart was planning on even more heartbreaking gifsets while it was waiting for hd version to come out

I can be at any character’s throat like in a very irrational way if they attack Skye in any way…


Not Jemma Simmons, never Jemma Simmons.

Sooner or later she’ll see things clearer, because above everything, she’s got a HUGE heart, she’s a hero that wouldn’t hesitate to give her life for her friends, and that’s exactly what she’s doing, being protective of her friends… she just doesn’t know that one of then is going through something crazy.

You know I am always attracted to villains and ambiguous characters in tv shows (but there is always the definite line between life and fiction here) but then….but THEEEEN…. there are some characters that I want to hug and give them everything because they are simply perfect and deserve everything and they are just my babies and if they were real life people and not imaginary characters I would love them to the very ends of the earth.

Leo Fitz is THAT kind of character!

He is perfect. With mental issues or without, with being different or not, with being confused or being funny he is simply perfect.

He knows how to love people. How to support people. He is a great friend, a great man (in the truest meaning of the word) and a perfect human being.

For me Leo Fitz is one of my very favorite characters ever. I simply love him and after the episode “aftershocks” I love him even more (which I didn’t think it was even possible!)


I believe you asked for Terezi cosplay pictures???

Yep, I did!  The Terezi Cosplay Positivity project is now underway >:]

And by the way, I was following you for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t even know you cosplayed Terezi?! Like what?!  Bruh, you look amazing!

(Cosplayer is genetically-terminal)

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Vlad walked up to the ghost once again, looking no less red then the last time. "Okay so... I am so sorry again... but these anons keep making me do things and..." He gave the man a peck on the lips. "Again I am so sorry."

I'm a pretty non-confrontational and violent person but if you insult my fandom, you better have the blurb for your headstone written. That is, if they can find your body.