[lies down] okay so this is more like a stream of thought kinda thing but i was thinking about gabe as a character and this is almost definitely my fanon lenses doing their work but

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anonymous asked:

I would love to see seriously old Gabe and Dum Dum in MCU seeing that their sarge is still alive.

Could you imagine oh my god. Imagine if they didn’t get told but they saw news coverage of the airport fight and they just saw Steve and Bucky fighting together again, and they aren’t the same as before but the base understanding they have of each other, of the way they move, of how to work in tandem, how to fight so it looks like a dance and not a brawl, that’s the same. And Dum Dum and Gabe are sat in their chairs watching it happen and simultaneously, in different locations in the states they both start to laugh, because if any two people could come back from the dead to find each other again, it’d be their cap and sarge.

egyptiandeathgod  asked:

Gabe plays hide n seek with blind76 but there's aromatic candles around the house so it becomes guess wtf this spose to smell like game. "The fuck is this shit? The fuck is THAT shit? The fuck is THIS shit in particular."

Jack wants to know when the fuck they moved into Bed Bath and Beyond because seriously Gabe where do you keep finding these candles