lol I’m so pleased at this fuck up. ‘Cause it finally cements the idea (for those who seriously thought they were bro/sis) that all these titles they sling around are calculated. People who think that they use them w/o understanding what they mean or what the use of them means for the public can now finally come over to the dark side where we understand that they are literally always aware of their public image, where we know that 97% of what is posted and what is in the media has been either orchestrated, or at the very least allowed by them, so they can finally realize just how sus af these two are. THEY PLAYIN GAMES. And they been playin games since the start. Now ya’ll understand. My only question to you now is….

Why would they have to mess around with labels if they wasn’t hiding something? 👀☕

PSA: ASL students shouldn't be trying to teach signs *at all*, no matter how many notes you get.

Scrolling through the ‘American Sign Language’ tag and rolling my eyes at how incredibly wrong so many of these “instructional gifs” are. 


‘cause y’all need some smiley seokwoo to brighten up your dull day and well, who could resist their charming smiles! ❤


Outfit Inspired by Tracksuit Dracula – Hawkeye

Hold my pearls, bro.

And so ends our illustrious Hawkeye Week, in a wonderfully fancy mess of tracksuit and heels – a mashup between the old country and new. And how to style up such glorious gangsigns? By channeling our most favourite Kate Bishop, of course.

(Oh god, I don’t know what I’m doing. Send help.) is finishing up hawkeye week so let’s go out like a car crash


Sorry (I Let You Down) - Avery Indigo

My best friend is hella talented tbh. (You can follow his blog averytheband)

This is not available in stores or on iTunes, but it can be with your support.