November 21st, 2282 (Gravity Fallout AU)

I’ve been sitting on this fic for months, but I finally found the time to finish it up THANK GOD.

This is set in the Fallout video games universe (specifically fallout 4), but it’s not necessary to know the lore to read the fic by any means. All you need to know is it’s post-apocalyptic (China and the US went to war, bombed the absolute shit out of each other, and now the entire continental US is irradiated up the wazoo). It’s some good shit yo, PLEASE go play it if you have the means.

Plentiful pincest fluff and angst under the cut

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PSA: ASL students shouldn't be trying to teach signs *at all*, no matter how many notes you get.

Scrolling through the ‘American Sign Language’ tag and rolling my eyes at how incredibly wrong so many of these “instructional gifs” are. 


Sorry (I Let You Down) - Avery Indigo

My best friend is hella talented tbh. (You can follow his blog averytheband)

This is not available in stores or on iTunes, but it can be with your support.