I’m not saying I trust/believe these theories

but I don’t think the points made here, here and here about Charlie maybe still being alive are without merit, not to mention marghe’s note on blackbird imagery over here, so jusy fyi - I am mulling this all over fairly seriously

I’m not talking about Charlie coming BACK FROM DEATH, like a ghost or in Heaven or something - that wouldn’t help me, that would mean she still DIED in that dumb way, separated from Cas in that unpleasantly contrived manner and killed by an already physically disadvantaged one of the same guys she took on and escaped from two of only a few episodes previously

no, Charlie coming back from being dead would not fix this for me

but Charlie not being dead at all - that would have me clapping my hands and tipping my hat ‘bravo’ to the show for playing us all so convincingly

because I think it would be like the show almost metafictionally pointing to its own narrative problem, pointing out how it’s story has historically often led to female characters dying as a part of, a consequence of, the male led story of Sam and Dean, and how that is horrible and wrong 

they could give us a week or two to let the wrongness of it sink it, to show how the loss of Charlie has a negative influence not only in-show on Sam and Dean emotionally but also a metafictional negative effect on the spn narrative, by having it seemingly push Sam and Dean’s STORY into a familiar cycle with Dean leaving Sam in anger maybe implying the beginning of another round of their typical ‘blow out, split, eventual return to each other, blow out, split… ad infinatum’ …before then revealing that Charlie wasn’t dead at all, thus showing that they are committed to CHANGING spn from that story, because the SCARE of Charlie being dead could perhaps then be written as pushing Sam and Dean into finally recognising that the way they behave in regards to each other is bad for both themselves and others and must change, which will simultaneously be like the NARRATIVE recognising that killing more female characters is bad both for both itself and its fans and must change, all  WITHOUT having actually REFRIDGERATED Charlie to prompt this change 

(in fact, it could become a criticism of refrigerating women in general - Charlie’s placement in the bathtub, which many have already commented on being not dissimilar to placing her in a fridge, could become, in the event of her not being dead, something that is intended to be looked at critically as a fridging and condemned as such, could become a comment on how fridging women in stories is bad)  

so yeah - if Charlie is not actually dead, I think it has the potential to be kinda amazing

but well

these theories remind me a lot of the same kind that went round about Kevin after Holy Terror or the ones that went round about Cain after Executioner’s Song

 so I’m not holding my breath