ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? God forbid he ever comes out.. But I am sure he is proud to have male fans, just how females enjoy the approval of women same goes for men..

Honestly if Sehun ever came out I’m here for him, but the fact he “got” attacked on his insta so I hear for saying.. He appreciates male fans and he likes men.. and now I hear people are attacking him for saying that break my heart..

He’s been nothing but a sweetheart and the fact some of you would attack him for this .. Disgust me.

It’s 2016 …

Even if he “was” gay and came out. You just showed how fast you’d drop him and thats so shitty..

Honestly FUCK you if you wrote shit  on his insta or would drop him if he was gay… (I’m crying and so upset).. Seriously if you have a shitty thing to say or your just a homophobe




Leafy won’t roast our fanblogs bc honestly that would be disrespectful AF and I’m sure he knows that. He would never roast a specific blog because that would be mean of him and despite all his “cyberbullying” he is a nice man and he loves us(fans) and he knows we do what we do, however cringey it might be, because we love him. Don’t worry. AND if he roast any specific blog and is rude about it, I will personally make sure that he eats his fucking words and apologies


woooooo pride dresses for the youngins on the voltron team

im working on the adults’s but it might take awhile 

please do not tag this is as g//enderbend 

my reasoning for each one’s dresses below the cut :> 

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Felicity’s “New Boyfriend”

So, I jumped on Tumblr a little while ago to discover chaos over the TVLine interview where EBR confirms that Felicity is getting a new boyfriend in Season 5.

Here are my two cents:

Deep breaths, Olicity fandom. Deep breaths. 

While I don’t think EBR or Wendy Mericle were trolling us in the interview, I also didn’t detect the same level of seriousness that I think would be present if they were going to permanently break up Olicity and launch Felicity into a long-term relationship.

Honestly, after watching the interview, do you want to know what my first thought of who Felicity’s new boyfriend might be? 

A puppy. Maybe even a project or a piece of tech. 


It’s going to be okay. We know Olicity is endgame. We also know, even if we wish it was different, that the road to romantic reconciliation for Olicity is likely not going to be short or easy.

As @callistawolf so astutely (and painfully) reminded us, when Felicity walked away at the end of 4x16, that was the end. Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, for them, was over. There was nothing more to be done. And by the time 5x01 takes place, it will have been more than 6 months since that break-up. So, the idea (as sad for us as it is) that either Felicity or Oliver could be dating someone is not out of the realm of possibility.

And that’s okay. While Arrow is fiction and occurs at an accelerated pace, it is largely rooted in reality. There was no doubt of Felicity and Oliver’s love for one another throughout Season 3, even though stubbornness and circumstances kept them apart. And at the end of Season 3, our couple drove off into the sunset. They left on the honeymoon without the wedding, let alone the dating. In a lot of ways – even though Oliver felt he could be content in this new life forever – their time away wasn’t quite real. It wasn’t a true reflection of all the nuances of what their relationship actually was. They never addressed the problems of their non-relationship. And when they came back to the chaos of Star City, they buried everything once again and focused on the problem at hand. And the consequences of those choices and avoidances were evident in their 4x06 turmoil and later in their breakup. 

Now, it’s evident that Oliver and Felicity still love one another. That was extremely clear in the small moments included in the final episodes of Season 4. But reconciliation isn’t instant. Especially when underlying reasons for actions haven’t been fully addressed. 

We’ve been told that Season 5 is a reflection of Season 1. Oliver is going back to saving Star City as his main goal. He has abandoned his no-kill vow. He’s faced with re-learning how to not go it alone in the wake of Team Arrow’s break-up. We’ve also been told that Season 5 is the end of another chapter. It’s the end of the flashbacks. It’s bringing us full circle to when Oliver first returned to Starling. It’s still a journey towards the light. Oliver came to rest in a grey area at the end of season 4. To recognize the schism of light and dark within him. And to recognize that he may never fully be free of the darkness.

But I believe that season 5 will allow Oliver to embrace the light in the same way that he had let the darkness consume him as he prepared to return to Starling City 5 years earlier. 

And that will directly tie into his journey with Felicity. They both have journeys to travel. They both have lessons to learn. And they need to learn them apart and together.

So, a boyfriend for Felicity? A girlfriend for Oliver even?

Just part of the journey.

Question 😶

So guys I was possibly thinking of maybe creating an art ask blog for Belarus and Lichtenstein. I know that’s a pretty rare ship though so I’m hesitant. 😓 So my question is… Would that interest anyone?

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Last night Paulie reactions I'll describe as a crotch jerk reaction. Guys do that when they hurt and upset. When u really like someone and let them in they can piss u off the fastest. If meech or nat made that same joke I seriously doubt he would have ran around the house saying they need to be on the block asap. People need to realize guys get hurt and emotional too. Guys just react more explosively whereas women more thought out.


What is Voltron:LD?

Actually: a show with cool robots and people working in a team to take down the galra empire!!

Fandom: gaygaygayinspacegayinspaceGAyiNSPaCEgayinspace EVERYONES GAY there’s limited characters sO WE GOTTA SHIP THEM TOGETHER GAAAAAAAAAY

so in the new episode Zoro is wearing…..this and no one has pointed out that zoro seems to have…stuffed his overcoat in his pants?

like. What is that doing there, zoro.

Fashion AND function


here are some comics about retail I drew hastily after work while drinking ADULT BEVERAGES. disclaimer: I honestly like my workplace and my customers are mostly great and my co-workers are ALL great!!!! 

maya is gay: ski lodge 2 edition

I’m still trying to figure out how an episode that hetero managed to be twice as gay, but here goes.

First of all, this quote: “I felt like I needed to be sure of what you were feeling. […] We’re feeling things, we’re growing up. I just wanted to make sure what you were feeling.” 

This girl literally said she wanted to be sure of what Riley was feeling, twice. She wanted to try and feel what Riley felt. Do you know how common it is for young gay girls to copy other girls around them and try to make themselves believe that they like guys just as much? Maya said she did it to see if Lucas was good enough for Riley, and while that may have been half the reason, it’s so obvious that she did it to see if she feels the same way about boys, in general, the way Riley does. And then, you have this interaction:

Riley: “You can’t just ask me?” 

Maya: “Not about this kind of stuff.” 

Maya can’t ask Riley about feelings because, as she said, Riley doesn’t know what she feels, but even more so, Maya doesn’t know how she feels either. Pair this with her quote from True Maya, “I don’t know what I like anymore” and nothing about this seems straight, okay.

And then, oh my god, Maya literally says the words, “I don’t want a nice guy?…Yikes.” That right fucking there is a girl questioning herself and what she wants. But, then she brushes it off to focus on what’s right in front of her aka Lucas. And speaking of Lucas, she actually tells this boy to go find Riley and tell her he loves her, and when he questions the word love, she says, “Just say it, we like it.”

You know what Maya said to Josh moments before while talking about Riley? “I love her.” She told Lucas to tell Riley he loves her because she knows how powerful those words are because she said them herself, about the same damn girl

And finally, even though this post is about Maya, I just have to point out Riley in the final scene. They made it a point to have her say “Our first boyfriends, Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last?” and then they had the nerve to fuck me up and have Riley tell Maya that she is her extraordinary relationship. And the way Maya looks at her after she says that like, “Damn. I don’t want a nice guy. I want this nice girl, right here.”

Listen, at this point, if Riley and Maya don’t end up together, I’m gonna have to sue Michael Jacobs for the most awful and manipulative queerbaiting of all time.