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This seriously looks awesome. 

BY THE PRIMES IT’S THE NEW YEAR. Exciting, is it not?? Come on, ya know it is. Because if it wasn’t obvious 2016 was an awful year and let’s face it, we all know it’s Barry’s fault because he screwed with the timeline and 2016 was the result. Okay, but in all seriousness I met some really awesome people on this site this year, and got to know people more that I had previously known!!! You guys made this year wonderful so thank you!! Let’s leave 2016 behind and welcome 2017 with open arms!! (Unless it too is an awful year than just PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME.)

Below is a list of people who made my 2016 wonderful!! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!! This was last minute-ish. Stay lit guys!!!

The special people:
 @abittangledup // @atmrobber // @backinaflcsh // @basquehoe // @capedfound // @clxopatradenile // @darkrccm (And basically all your accounts) // @dxdger // @enigmatie // @firstwescrvive // @gxfangen // @harlykinns // @i-junketsu // @luxenebris // @nevermaxinecaulfield // @nicknamesaremygame // @notimminent // @ofeterniiity // @ofsyntheticmemories (And basically all your accounts) // @purexpression // @quccnvictoria // @refutured // @sxrdida // @taneleertivanthecollector // @thenameisvibe // @underoosed

The ones who know how to keep it LIT:
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I can not express how important Inside Out is.

Because it’s a movie aimed primarily as kids that has awesomely diverse female representation when it comes to personalities, as well as beautiful animation, explains minds and emotions and memories and all that stuff in a way children can easily understand, passes the Bechdel test in like the first ten minutes, and stresses the importance of your own personal mental and emotional health.

This is a movie with a female protagonist (who enjoys both rainbow unicorns and hockey) that tells kids that if they’re feeling out of sorts, if they’re feeling sad or angry or afraid or disgusted, that’s okay. That’s normal. And it’s telling them to speak up, to tell someone, to express what they feel, because bottling up your emotions - putting on a brave face when you really need to cry - only leads to more pain.

Inside Out teaches kids that it’s okay to feel and that is so, so, so important.

Tranquil Mini PMV

My entry for @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog ‘s #JoinTheMasquerade contest! This was super fun to make, and I love this song!! I can’t wait to hear the full album!!

(Also everyone should go check out the full song!!)

Truth be told, I’ve seriously considered revealing myself on here just because I have some really awesome videos from a party that I went to dressed as Alexander Hamself. (See what I did)

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I'M SO JEALOUS THAT Y'ALL WILL GET TO SEE BTS LIVE, THEY WON'T EVEN COME TO MY COUNTRY 😭😭 In all seriousness, I really hope you'll have an awesome time at the concerts, don't mind my salty European ass 💕


- Minnie ‘Min 💕

I’m gay for Willow-

- from @toxic-zer0


Tonight is the launch of @wbtourlondon ‘s new expansion of the Hogwart’s Express! Although I can’t be there tonight as I’m working at Les Mis, I was invited along to explore it last week and interview Stuart Craig, production designer on all eight films and James and Oliver Phelps who played Fred and George Weasley! Lovely, lovely boys! If you get a chance, go along and see it. It’s really, seriously awesome and thank you to the lovely Warner Brother’s Studio Tour Team for inviting me along to explore it all!