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If this whole Malec leaked promo thing is true, then I’m honestly okay which the angst. Last time the angst was hard for me to watch because their relationship was still new, but now they’ve officially said that they love each other and their relationship has matured. I think that they’re gonna be able to handle some fights because that’s what couples do sometimes. This is the shows way of giving us drama for them without actually breaking them up like most shows do with their LGBT couples.

Not the One Part: 3

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed.

Warnings: ANGST. CUSSING. 

Author’s Note: Thank you all for the love! I just hope y’all will like it.

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It’s been 6 months since Barnes and Romanoff announced their engagement to the team but it’s been 7 months since they told you privately. It’s been 7 months since you lived in the Avengers tower. It’s been 7 months and you haven’t been the same Y/N everyone knows all to well. You moved out from the tower the day they told you about their stupid fucking engagement and you weren’t the only one who thought it was stupid. The whole team knew your love for the soldier and they congratulated them but they couldn’t help the look of disappointment that was painted on each and every one of their faces. 

You were cleaning your kitchen as Kodaline played in the background. You felt the sting on fresh tears seeping their way threw your waterline. You continued to clean while the tears raced down the sides of your face. 

Broken bottles in the hotel lobby
Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feelin’ it again
I know its crazy to believe in silly things
It’s not that easy I remember it now it takes me back to when it all first started
But I only got myself to blame for it and I accept it now
It’s time to let it all go, go out and start again
It’s not that easy But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

“Hi I’m Y/N, I’ll be your new partner.” You were too excited to be teamed up with Bucky Barnes that you were literally jumping up and down with excitement. Bucky chuckled at your child-like personality and flashed you a winning smile as he turned around to face you fully. 

“Hi I’m Bucky, it’s nice to me you.” He had a faint pink tint on his cheeks while your whole face looked like a damn tomato. You looked anywhere but him and mumbled a ‘you too.’ 

That was the first time you met Bucky Barnes. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around And in my dreams I meet the ghosts of all the people who’ve come and gone
Memories they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
Naive I was just staring at the barrel of a gun
I do believe it But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

”Y/N! WATCH OUT!” You felt something percolate down your right side and then you felt the rush of the pain at once. You crumpled into the dirt landing on your side and you saw feet treading towards your line of vision. They stopped abruptly in front of your face and you looked at the mysterious man with the heavy footsteps. You didn’t see his face but you did see the barrel of a gun pointed directly in between your eyes. You didn’t cry or beg, you braced for it. 

“NO!” Bucky tackled the man a little too harshly due to the pain of the tackle the pain shot your shoulder. With a quick snap of the neck, the enemy was laying lifeless in the dirt. You applied pressure to the wound on your shoulder and your side. 

“Bucky I-” 

“You’re so stupid Y/N! You could have gotten everyone killed!” You kept your mouth shut the rest of the ride back to the tower. 

That was the first time Bucky made you feel worthless. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started
High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
[x2]Yeah this world keeps spinning
How this world keeps spinning around

You just received the worst news of your life and you are running away from it. Bucky is getting married to someone who was suppose to be your friend. 

“I’m leaving.” You appeared in the lounge area with your luggage in tow and your eyes hallow. The team paused the movie they were watching for movie night. You decided to tell them together rather than rumors spread or someone be missed. Even Barnes and Romanoff were there. 

“Why?” You scoffed at Steve’s acting and threw him a raised eyebrow to which he returned with a sad shrug accompanied by a tearful smile. 

“I’ll visit.” You smiled to the team as they one by one came and hugged you along with a couple of ‘please don’t go’ and ‘I’ll go with you.” You chuckled at Wanda’s stubbornness to not take no for an answer that she was moving with you. She eventually backed down with some of Visions logical reasoning. The team carried your belongs to the truck as the engaged couple came to talk to you. 

“Y/N.. what happened to you?” Natasha’s comment triggered something in you and you began to sob. 

“Yo-you want to kn-know what happened to m-me? YOU HAPPENED TO ME, BOTH OF YOU!” Your crying began to make your body shake with pain and grief. “You were suppose to be my friend Natasha. I really do hope it’s worth it. I really do hope that you both will fall in love with each other at some point because otherwise the years that I will have to endure without you Bucky, will be wasted.” You sniffled as you finally felt some weight being lifted off your shoulders. You didn’t get a response as you began to walk to the elevators. You looked over your shoulder to find a tear slowly falling down his face and Natasha looking disheveled. 


You blinked a few times as you remembered the memories that will scar you for a lifetime. Wiping the tears from your face, you made your way to the living room. You dropped your body onto the couch and reached for your laptop, thinking Tumblr would help your mood. You just logged in when your phone began to ring and at the sound you groaned rather loudly. When Steve’s name came on the screen you pressed accept. 


“Y/N! It’s Bucky, he’s been shot.. he might no-”

“I”M ON MY WAY!!” You were already in your truck when you hear Steve’s panic voice and you sped in the direction of the tower. Not giving Steve a chance to decline you hung up on the Captain. Your eyes began to leak huge tears as you thought about never being able to even hear his voice or see his smile. 

You made it to the tower in less than five minutes and parked your car in the garage then rushed your way to the medical bay. When you got to the medical bay you saw Bucky standing there looking confused and stunned. Your eyebrows furrowed and you walked in further as you examined his stature. Your hair and eyes slowly became a fiery red as you figured Steve lied to you about Bucky’s life being in danger. 

“He did it to get us to talk.” Bucky noticed your rage and began to think it was best to calm you down before you get a hold of Steve.  You had your back turned to the soldier as you tried to calm down for Bucky’s sake and began to slowly turn around and look at him, really look at him. 

“You look like shit.” Your words ran true and you didn’t hold back either. He looked like he just got back from hell. He’s skin is pale and transparent almost, his once blue eyes are now grey and dead, his hair is greasy and messy, his lips were chapped probably from dehydration, his shoulders are slumped and he looks like he hasn’t slept in months. You wrinkled your nose at the man as you thought how sick he must feel. 

At your comment and first words of choice, Bucky threw his head back and clamped a hand over his stomach due to his belching laugh. Your eyes twinkled a little at his smile and the response he gave you. Subconsciously you took a couple steps forward, you wanted to be around him. 

“You too.” You scoffed at his shortness but you laughed through your nose as you found he was right. You turned to look at your reflection on one of the glass windows. Your hair looked like it suffered a hurricane disaster, your eyes were slumped, your skin was paler than usual, your body was slumped over as though gravity was failing and your eyes were red and swollen. You cringed at your appearance in the reflection and tried to fix your hair. 

You sighed and began to walk towards a chair near Bruce’s desk. Bucky studied your every move and you began to grow nervous under his intense stare. You thought about talking but what would you say? So you decided to snoop through Bruce’s desk and you came a across a rubber band ball. You snickered and threw the ball at a wall to your right and watched it bounce off and land in your hands. 

“We should talk Y/N.” You didn’t look his way as he spoke in a gentle manner.

“Talk then.” You began to grow engrossed with the ball and you were about to catch it when a metal hand beat you to it. You rolled your eyes as you stood up and walked towards a table to sit upon. You pushed yourself on the table and looked at Bucky in a waiting stare.

“The team misses you..Y/N please move back in.” You rolled your eyes and stared in a different direction than the handsome man in front of you. 

“No.” Your voice was blunt and held nothing but emptiness. You glanced his way and saw the irritation in his eyes. He obviously didn’t want to do this but you guess Steve made him do it. You rolled your eyes as irritation began to cloud your calm state. You didn’t want to be here unless it was an emergency. This wasn’t an emergency.  

“And why not?” Bucky was getting annoyed with your stubbornness. You whipped your head in his direction in a millisecond. You glared your stone cold eyes at the foolish man before you. 

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” At this point your anger disappeared and was replaced with hurt. Your voice was laced with desolation as you spoke. 

“COME ON Y/N! GET OVER IT, I CHOSE HER! YOU LOST!” Bucky threw his arms in the air and he almost looked pained to say those words. 

“I DIDN’T LOSE BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE ME A CHANCE! HOW CAN I LOSE WHEN I WASN’T GIVEN A CHANCE TO COMPETE?!” You had tears dashing down your face and you had abandon your place on the table and now stood before Bucky. You were only two feet away from him as you screamed at his blindness. Bucky seemed at a loss for words so you continued your rant. 

“How can you say you don’t love me when you don’t know the first thing about me? How can you tell me to get over you? I love you Bucky. Do you know what that means? It means I’m going to pretend to love your music even when I want to blow my brains out when I hear Frank Sinatra playing. It means I’m going to always look for your favorite ice cream at the store and if they don’t have it, I’ll find it somewhere in this crowed city because the look on your face when you see it brightens my day. It means I’ll let you think that you killed more bad guys than me on missions because you look so happy when you win. It means I’m going to take all the mean comments and hateful looks because at least you are talking and looking at me. It means I’m going to let you have the last piece of dessert even if it’s my favorite. It means I will hunt down those bastards that did this to you because when I hear you scream at night, the only way I can go back to bed is to go to a HYDRA base and light them on fire. It means that I could listen to you all day about anything and everything. It means that I want you to be happy everyday even if it’s not me and it’s not. It means I will love you forever.” Your voice was gentle and compassionate as you spoke some of the things you love about Bucky. You held eye contact the entire time you confessed your tender feelings. 

Bucky’s lips parted at your confession and gulped a large bubble of air as he took everything you said in. You sighed as you walked to the entrance and leaned on the door. You didn’t want to be here anymore. 

“Steve I will light you on fire if you do not let me go.” Your voice was calm and neutral and that means you were serious about lighting Steve on fire. The door opened with a ‘sorry’ echoing out of the speakers that were installed around the tower. You glanced back at Bucky and began to walk out of the place you use to call home. 


Y/N glanced my way before she finally left the tower. I stood there completely shocked and confused at her confession. I was deep in thought when Steve and Natasha entered the room. Natasha placed a hand on my shoulder that pulled me out of my thoughts and back into reality. Steve stood before me with a sorrow look on his face. He missed Y/N and so did the whole team. Well maybe not Natasha. Wait.

“Nat did you know Y/N is in love with me?” I took a step away from her touch and her presence. 

“Well I mean, yeah.” She chuckled and tried to take hold of my hand but I pulled it back before her skin came into contact with me.

What?” Steve and I said in unison. I was flabbergasted at her confession. Y/N was her friend. 

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” She looked bewildered by my harsh tone towards her.

“I wanted you to myself. Plus we are perfect together.” She spoke in a duh manner that made me give her a ‘what the fuck’ look. 

“We are done.” At my words, she began to become fearful. Her face wore a frightened mask and she began to cry fake tears in hopes I would take her back. 

Steve stood beside me the whole time and didn’t say a word as the scene unfolded. He padded me on the back as Natasha finally left with a huff, seeing she wasn’t getting her way. 

“What now?” Steve stood in front of me as he asked about the game plan now. 

“I need time to figure things out.” My voice was small at how foolish I felt but luckily Steve just patted my shoulder and left with a spring in his step. 

I sighed as my feet carried me to my room to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do now. I rubbed my face as I thought about Y/N’s confession to me. I began to get a thought. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. would you show me all the footage of Y/N we have?” I sat on my couch in my living space that Stark had arranged for all of us. 

“Yes Mr. Barnes.” I hummed as my TV came on and the first thing I see is Y/N. 

I sat back on the couch and made myself comfortable because this was going to take a very long time. 

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Temporary Home

by asteroidphil | No warnings other than fluff and feels | Dan/Phil | 2.2k | complete

Summary: It’s time for Dan and Phil to move on from their current flat, but finding a new home is easier said than done, especially when they know that it’s not going to be their forever home.

AN: It’s 03:30 there are probably some errors, i’ll read over it again and correct them (ill remove this once i have) 

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Then We’ll Come From the Shadows (Chapter Two)

Thank you @eleventhemage for the speedy proofread! 

Prologue and Chapter One can be found here

Jane, Will, and Jonathan carefully and quietly walked through the front door of their house; the younger two clutching bags of candy in their fists. Jane’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline when she saw her mother sleeping on the living room floor; she turned her attention to Kali, who was still awake and sitting on the couch, a blanket around her thin shoulders.

“What happened?” Jane inquired in a soft voice.

“They fought. Your mother has a soft spot for ‘murderers’ that your father seems to lack,” Kali replied with a shrug. She gave a little wave to Will and Jonathan. “Hullo again.”

“Hey,” Jonathan and Will chorused, both boys looking utterly uncomfortable with her presence.

“I won’t murder any of you, if that’s what your worried about,” The girl assured them in a dry tone.

“So they’re letting you stay?” Jane set her bag down so she could cross her arms over her chest.

“Until they figure out what to do with me, or I run away; which is what I’m thinking the chief is hoping I will do.”

“Okay, well, I think Jonathan and I are going to go to bed. Goodnight you two,” Will announced, exchanging a nervous glance with his older brother.

“Good night. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Will Byers.”

“… Yup.”

Jonathan knelt and shook his mother on the shoulder until she opened her bleary eyes and looked up. “Wha…”

“Come on, Mom; this is a hardwood floor, and you have a bad back. We’re taking you back to your room.” Both boys helped Joyce to her feet and started walking her down the hall to the room she shared with Jim. Jonathan knocked, and he and Will immediately averted their eyes to the floor. Jim tended to sleep without a shirt and neither of them were accustomed to the sight yet.

When Jim opened the door, Jonathan gave his mother a gentle push, she was asleep on her feet. Jim pulled her into his arms, took a step back, and gave the boys a sheepish look. “Thanks.”

“You’re not allowed to put my mom in the doghouse. This is still her place,” Jonathan lectured, refusing to make eye contact.

“I didn’t–”

“Okay, goodnight.” Jonathan abruptly pulled the door shut.

Once the boys were in their room (they shared now Jane and Jim were a part of the household), Jane took a seat on the couch, a safe distance from Kali, and folded her hands primly into her lap.

“What happened to the others?” She inquired.

Kali sighed and leaned back against the couch. “I didn’t kill them, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“I wasn’t. But they’re your family and–”

“Were. Dottie went back home; turns out she was just a poor little rich girl looking for excitement; Axel and Mick are doing some sort of Bonnie and Clyde thing that I can’t get behind, and–”

“Too criminal for you?” Jane asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice. Kali frowned and let out an impatient sigh.

“Yes, I suppose. I don’t know where Funshine is. When the rest left, he was the only one who wanted to stick around, but he didn’t want to help me do… well, you know. I told him to go back to whatever it was he was doing before me. Apparently, he had enough money saved up to try and get me to settle into a normal life where he gets to pretend to be my father and send me to school, or something noble like that. He’s like the chief, I guess.”

“Why didn’t you do that?”

“I can’t be normal while Brenner lives. You know that.”

“Kali, he’s dead. That man near Chicago had to have been mistaken.”

Kali shook her head. “I went back to him, you know.”

Jane gave a soft gasp, covering her mouth with one hand. “Kali, no…”

“He’s alive, and so are his daughters, so don’t worry your pretty head about that.”

“Then what did–”

“You know one of my powers is I can tamper with memories, right?”

“Huh?” Jane was not aware of that.

“He saw us, Jane. I had to go back to make a polite suggestion that he and his girls had not seen what they did. He went back to the police to retract his report, and after he did, they all forgot that we had even been there. I was protecting us. The effort almost killed me, but I did it.”

Jane took a shaky breath and scooted closer to Kali, leaning in with a frown. “How does that work?” she asked in a low whisper.

Kali straightened her spine and shrugged. “It’s like… post-hypnotic suggestion. I tell them what they saw, what they’re going to say, things like that. I only know it works because–” she pointed to her nose. “And Funshine wanted to take me to the hospital after that because there were seizures.”

“Stay here.”


Jane reached forward to take Kali’s hands in hers, squeezing urgently. “Dad knows people that can make it so you can stay, so no one will bother you anymore. They made it so I’m his daughter, and they can do the same for you.”

Kali snatched her hands away, shaking her head in disgust. “That’s not for me, I’ve done too much to have a normal life.”

“But you could!”

“Not. If. Brenner. Lives.”

Jane’s shoulders sagged as she exhaled heavily, her hands going to her knees to nervously rub at them. “Could you do me a favor first?”


“Before you go off to do this, I want you to spend a week here. Just a week to see how it feels to belong, and to be safe. I, at least, owe you that for making sure Ray Carroll stays away… yes?”

Kali scrunched up her nose and stroked her chin as though seriously considering the offer. Jane’s breath caught in her throat as she waited, almost certain that the brash young woman was just going to laugh in her face and say ‘thanks but no thanks’.

“If I don’t like it, you’re still staying here, correct?”

Jane nodded slowly. “I’m never leaving my family or Mike.”

Kali made a soft gagging sound at the mention of ‘Mike’ but still nodded. “Very well. But you will help me find Brenner. You don’t have to come with me, but I would like your very specific assistance. Ray actually pointed me in the right direction, and I want to be certain.” She dug into her coat pocket and pulled out an envelope, handing it to Jane. It was addressed to Ray, but the only return address was a post office box without a name.

“Why would he stay so close?” Jane inquired breathlessly, her throat tightening with real fear. “This is right of Bloomington.” She knew this because Mr. Clarke had arranged a field trip to the city, towards the beginning of the school year, and Jane had obsessively catalogued every sign between Hawkins and there, putting together her mental map, piece-by-piece. She never knew when a working knowledge of local geography would come in handy.

“Maybe he’s waiting to strike.”

Jane gave a little gasp, and started to stand. “I should show this to Dad, he’ll know what–”

Kali grabbed Jane by the wrist, her dark eyes wild with fear. “No! You may trust him, but I do not. At least not yet. He works for the police and Brenner works for the government, they could be like peas in a pod.”

“That’s not true.”

“Promise me you won’t say anything. I am begging you Jane… don’t take my choice away from me again. If I decide to stay after the week is up, I will show it to him myself.” Kali’s hands were gripping Jane’s shoulders, tears threatening to fall from her eyes as she pleaded her case. Jane felt her heart ache and her resolve crumble at the pitiful sight.

“I promise if you promise.”

Kali nodded, holding up a pinky and crooking it. “Pinky promise.” When Jane just stared at the little digit with a confused frown, Kali laughed and hooked her pinky around one of Jane’s. “It’s very serious, you know - pinky promises - much more binding than regular promises.”

“Oh. Okay then. Pinky promise.”


“Joy-Joy?” Jim nuzzled the tender area behind Joyce’s ear as she stirred, lying on her side with her back facing him. “Faker, I know you’re awake.” He was rewarded with a grumpy little grumble.

“I thought I fell asleep on the living room floor.” She slapped away at one roving hand as it crept up her side. “Mad at you.”

“You did. Jonathan found you and read me the riot act for making you sleep in the doghouse; wouldn’t even let me explain myself.”

“Good. But he should’ve left me alone.”

Jim groaned. She was impossible when she dug in her heels. Stubborn as a mule. He reached over and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, trailing one finger down the side of her neck. “I can’t sleep when you’re not in bed with me. I should thank him.”

Joyce snorted and shrugged, though he couldn’t mistaken the little whimper that escaped her lips when he started stroking her neck. “I sleep fine.” She turned onto her back and looked him straight in the eyes, her lips primly pursed, and her eyes unblinkingly serious.

“I’m not going to put the girl out on her ass, Joyce, but we need to take precautions if we’re going to care for her, even for a little while.”

“What kind?”

Jim shrugged. “I’m going to call Owens, for one.”

Joyce wrinkled her nose and sputtered a bit. “Why?”

“He has a way of knowing things. We could find out about her parents, maybe reach out to them; if she’s done everything she claims to have done he also might be able to make possible connections to her… disappear.”

“Or he could report her!”

Jim shook his head. “No. He wouldn’t want to bring another scandal down on the Department of Energy, especially after having to go along with that chemical leak story about the Holland girl, and I have a feeling this Kali is hard to keep quiet when she has something to say.”

Joyce sighed. “Well, that’s settled I guess. I’ll try to make room so she and Jane can share–”


“No?” Joyce pulled herself into a sitting position, her frown deepening as she looked down at Jim. He sat up and placed his hands on her shoulders, leaning forward.

“I’m not saying we can’t take care of her, I’m just saying that maybe she should keep a bit of a low profile. The cabin.”

“With Harrington?”

“Why not? He’s trustworthy, and probably wants to pay it forward after we took him in.” Steve’s father had unceremoniously kicked him out when the Ivy Leagues turned him down one by one, and community college became a feasible option. Jim had despised Steve’s father in high school, so apart from being fond of the son, being able to stick it to the father by being the better man also factored into his decision.

“I guess. Steve has that place looking really nice lately, too.”

“It’ll be a palace compared to what she’s used to, I promise… And the fight for the bathroom in this house won’t have to get any worse than what it already is.”


Jim grinned and leaned in for a kiss, pausing short before asking, “Still mad at me?” Their lips nearly brushing at the inquiry.

“A little, but feel free to kiss me all the same.” he felt her smile against his lips as they made contact.

“I love you.”


“A roommate?” Steve Harrington leaned against the frame of his (Jim’s) front door as the chief himself stood on the porch and explained the situation. Joyce stood slightly apart from the pair, her arm around the shoulders of a diminutive punk rock chick carrying a knapsack.

“Temporary, I assure you,” The girl shot back in an acidic tone. His ears perked at her accent.

“Foreign exchange student, luv?” he teased, causing her to roll her eyes.

“As far as you’re concerned, yes,” Jim intervened before Kali could make another remark.

Steve made a face, sensing a definite red flag from the chief’s tone. “It’s a bit more delicate than that, isn’t it?”

Joyce nodded. “Yes, Steven. So we’d appreciate it if–”

“Hey, I’m going to be as silent as the grave.”

Kali pulled away from Joyce and pushed past Steve so she could enter the cabin. “Good,” she said, over her shoulder. “I wasn’t sure what I would do if I had to listen to your voice a second longer.”

Steve felt his cheeks burn as an impressed smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.

You and @dumbass-stilinski are the salt sisters right? How much salt can you pull out of this?

For starters why does anyone think Dylan and Britt would be secretly married or even get married when they both do not live together, and they both are away for work for a majority of whatever everyone worships as a so called relationship.. why can’t Dylan be happy with someone that actually cares about him? Like seriously, someone that’s there for him always, someone that’d do anything for him.. not just hang around like Britt does whenever she needs more attention because she’s a soul sucking golddigging leach.. I’m tired of seeing shit like that, the rumours weren’t true about them being engaged and Britt even said it herself she’d never marry him and she also admitted to having commitment issues; many other people agree on this hopefully, and you know all those old photos of Dylan and Britt together and all? They came out literally when the first time was running promo to get people to see it, Britt leaked the photos to several of her fan accounts and it was a huge mishap about it. I mean you really think update accounts spend all day snooping around for private content like that? Britt leaked the photos, because she knew she’d get a reaction from people and she knew that if more people paid attention to Dylan, they’d automatically paid attention to her.. some Aries women are like that, where all they want is attention and they’ll even manipulate a man for years to get it. Back in 2010-2012 Dylan was a newcomer to the industry, Britt knew what she was doing.. who wouldn’t go after someone that’s new to the industry that in the end would be as immensely popular and successful as Dylan? Sort of explains why they broke up and probably still do break up over and over and over again since 2012 like many articles state..

I just wish Dylan saw Britt for how she really is when he’s not around and even when he is around.. it’s been literally 15 times since this event and Britt never even went with him to Colton’s wedding if anyone forgot, she literally went to a Halloween party.. she could’ve easily been Dylan’s date if she wanted like she was at Ki Hong’s wedding; 15 times.. they’ve never been spotted once together by paparazzi, except for the bike photos from 2012, the airport and Tomorrowland set photos from 2015, and Victoria Justice’s birthday party where she pulled Dylan by his arm and he was tipsy.. all of those taken by paparazzi are PR, we’ve never seen Candids of them together at all, no press videos of them together, hardly any fan photos/videos of them together.. even if they’re private about their relationship, why keep it so secretive? For example Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone met the same way Dylan and Britt did, on set of a movie.. they were together for the same period of time before they publicly split.. but we never knew about their private life, we never knew what happened behind closed doors.. we saw them together and everyone loved them, but it was never like this.

What’s the point on being with someone for so long if you’re hardly together to begin with? Dylan’s clearly said he bought HIS own house, not “him and Britt/his girlfriend bought a house together”, he alone bought a house.. Britt’s address was leaked and if you pull it up next to her name it clearly shows that it’s her house, Dylan’s address was never leaked thank god, but LA times listed the county though in an article.

They both don’t live together, many articles have listed them as on and off again since 2012, they both work from long distances, Britt has multiple intimacy scenes in all of her rolls when Dylan even said it himself he’d never do scenes like that just for the sake of it, the way Britt talks about Dylan in interviews and what she says about him, just her ton of voice and the wording she uses.. there’s so much more leading on to all of this then they probably want people to let on.. I know this submission is long and I’m staying anonymous for my protection, but more people should talk about this. I know Dylan is a strong independent man who can handle himself, but maybe I’m just too worried about his safety and this has all brought a concern to me. And I also want to add, Britt’s never ever been seen carrying a pillow around an airport with her (referring to those sighting photos from like 2015 or something), and she’s from South Carolina, explain how someone who grew up in the “south”, has apparently “always loved” the New York Mets and the New York Jets and anything else that Dylan’s loved for years, when she’s not even from northern states herself?

Pull up a timeline of every event, every film production, every sighting.. everything Britt did last year and put it next to a timeline of Dylan from when the incident on set happened to when he started filming American Assassin.. you tell me if I’m wrong about Britt not being with him for a majority of his recovery like articles claim. I’m not calling Dylan a liar and I never will but none of this adds up. Britt didn’t “singlehandedly” nurse Dylan back to health.. especially not when he had severe brain trauma, PTSD, plates inserted into his face and several other things going on with him. There’s no possible way.

(Please if you’ve finished reading this, please post this, maybe I’m crazy and just over thinking all of this.. but I’m confused on why there’s so many lies and if this is all legit about Britt being this “good girl” that all of her people know, I’m just concerned with Dylan’s safety)

☔️ I get a lot of Britt posts and y’all know i don’t post that stuff anymore but I’m posting this because i can see how much effort you put into typing this, also it’s not really that salty tbh it’s just an analysis of a random article and i actually found this interesting to read so ty. ☔️
Moving Out

Summary: After five years of living in their London apartment, it’s finally time to move out and start making new memories in a different place.

Words: 1.5k 

A/N: What an original title right? This is just a short oneshot to celebrate the momentous occasion of Dan and Phil moving out of their apartment! I know this isn’t a celebration for everyone and some people are feeling quite sad but, considering i’ve been waiting for this to happen for months, I’m going to be happy. Even though I’m ad to see the end of the London apartment.

Read it on AO3 

Looking around the apartment, Dan still couldn’t believe how far they had come. It felt like it was just yesterday that the apartment was full of boxes and they were getting ready to move in.

Now, the apartment was full of boxes once again but, this time, it was for the opposite reason. It was their last night in the apartment they had lived in for five years and they were going to be moving in to their new place the following day. As happy as they were to finally be about to move out, it was also kind of bittersweet.

They lived through so many memories in their London apartment. Dan could hardly belief all they had been through in the last five years. From having their own radio show on BBC Radio One, to writing a book and getting to go on tour around the world. They were five crazy years.

Five years of ups, but also downs. Dan still remembered living through some of the worst moments in his life in their London apartment. From frequent existential crises, to fighting with Phil during their first few months after moving in. It was hard to believe that, after five years, it was finally time to say goodbye.

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anonymous asked:

JxD smells of fanservice to me. I mean, OOC character who *nudges nudges wink* screams it. If it was meant to be for bigger reasons we wouldn't be getting things this way

Same. I don’t even care if they are really going for a romance anymore. I’m not particularly keen on it, but if they could only do it well. It feels rushed and forced, they obviously didn’t put much thought or heart into it. If it is supposed to be the grand love story of GoT, they didn’t put any effort in to make it worthy of that title. But then s7 simultaneously feels like filler and throwing too many plot points at us at once. I’ve said it before, the pacing this season is weird and unless they really turn it around in the last three episodes, or use it to set the stage for an amazing s8, I’m not sure reducing the numbers of episodes was a good idea. It feels like they’re simply working off a check-list of what has to happen, without building any suspense to those moments. 

@iqqsgonnabeokay I wanted to respond to your reblog, but since I was already working on this ask, I’m just going to tag you here. (-: That scene annoyed me to no ends, you can’t even imagine. 


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Some thoughts on wlw in mainstream media and fandom

I’ve noticed a trend going on in certain tv shows and fandoms that is bothering me a bit. So let’s talk Clexa, Sanvers, Cophine and WayHaught. 

I have to say that I really like being a part of these fandoms and communities that are so active and produce so much content like fanart, fanfiction and super detailed text posts deconstructing the relationships/characters/motivations. I love you guys and I like enjoying that content but I’ve noticed something that is a bit worrisome. 

Fandoms are expanding weakly written characters (or characters that barely get any screentime) and the writers are taking all the credit. . 

I’m not gonna say much about Clexa, but I remember the time of the hiatus between seasons 2 and 3 where I read so many things about Lexa and how amazing she is.. things that weren’t in the show .. where I started liking her a lot more because I got to know her because of the fandom expanding her character with theories and backstories. We took a couple of lines about Costia and created this whole story about who she was and who they were together and all we knew about her was that Lexa loved her, she got killed in a political powerplay that failed and that Lexa has avoided getting close to someone because of all of that. But in the show that Costia conversation was a minute long. And then we know the shitshow that happened in the latter half of season 3. The first half was pretty dope in developing Lexa and grounder society and political climate. And they we all know what happened. And this might be odd to say, but the fact that she died doesn’t bother me that much. How she died and how we were lied to, and baited by the shitty PR people is the unforgivable part. How the writers pat themselves on the back for creating those characters and being progressive and then just fucking it up in a way that’s so incredibly idiotic that the backlash came to a total surprise. And then having Clarke hook up with another chick because it’s close enough is so insulting and again idiotic that i can’t even. But what do I know, I stopped watching that shitshow after 3x07. 

The same thing almost happened in OB with Cosima being with Shay (because they didn’t book the actress as a regular .. Hmm why does that seem familiar). Delphine is another character who we spent not a lot of time with and that was fine because they wanted to make us wonder if she’s working for the clones or for Dyad. And they did the fake-out death thing (and I’m sure that they didn’t kill her off and dropped the Shay story line because of the backlash). I think that they truly are less moronic than the people behind the loo and they payed a bit more attention to the fandom. And at the moment of me writing this, the day that 5.06 airs, they are trying to fix some of the issues. Delphine being isolated and not trusted by the main characters and her whereabout and general actions. They’re also expanding her character by having her interact with other characters like Mrs. S and PT and Aysha, etc which both furthers the plot and also gives us some information about the type of person she is. (A woman who’s willing to take a lot of shit to get what she wants). As with Lexa, I won’t have minded that much if she was actually going to die (because the universe of those shows is ruthless and dangerous and not everyone survives it and killing a fan favorite is a good way to hammer that shit down) but the framing of it is problematic. If we think about how Paul’s demise was framed (Paul who was in a very similar position to Delphines) how we was framed as a self sacrificing hero whose shitty actions were forgiven and understood completely, as opposed to Delphine who would have died in a garage alone..) But she didn’t die yet, and while I don’t think she will, I know not everyone will survive this season and I’m ready (nope… I’m not) for the heartbreak. 

Sanvers is.. ergh.. I like them they’re cute. The later in life storyline rings so true to me as a closeted 25 year old that’s not even funny, but Maggie is barely in it. She is Alex’s GF and we know little else about her. She had a bad coming out story (that was traumatic so of course she might have issues with Valentines day, but Alex is a romantic so she’ll do the bullshit Valentines day thing for Alex). Which is dumb. Love is strong but even with love you still need time to process and get over things. As nice as the scene with them going to a Valentines/prom thinggie is, I’d rather have had them talk about it. A simple “ok, I really to like you a lot, and I know you are a romantic at heart and I know this is important for you, but I can’t do this now. Maybe in the future, but right now, doing the Valentines thing still hurts too much” . How great would that have been? And then we get the thing with her girlfriend that she cheated on, but we didn’t talk about it. Why did she do it? Who was that Maggie that would cheat? Why was she scared? Like I could answer this, I’m sure that I would find nice reasons, but I would have loved if the writers would have given those answers themselves. And they get really intense scenes and short cute scenes, but there’s not a lot of screentime there. And now they’re getting married because why the hell not? Gay people can do that now right? But we won’t have the actress as a regular. Because wlw want representation and a married couple is that right? Why develop Maggie when we can do other things? And the behind the scenes pictures of the premiere is giving me season 3 finale “leaked” photos vibes that it’s seriously making me consider if i want to continue watching the show. I loved Kara but she was treated like shit in season 2 by the writers and I don’t like seeing that in characters I like. So if Kara is poorly written and the wlw relationship underdeveloped and has 2 minutes of screen time why watch it? 

HayHaught was similar to Sanvers with the (not so) slow burn and Nicole was a bit isolated but they’re doing a good job in season 2 developing her. And I like the show, but it’’s also campy and while I like that OB and the even the loo had more interesting premises ( I like sci fi so I’m biased). I also like the supernatural demon fighting thing but sci fi is my jam. Anyways I actually like the show, but it’s not really something that I would recommend to my straight friends. OB is obviously the best of the shows that I mentioned ( and I literally sat one of my friends down and made him watch all of season 1 a few wars ago.. it’s fine already made me watch all 3 LotR director cuts in one sitting so.. we’re even). I am really exited about Wynonna Earp though, and I do love it, but I think it’s more of an aquired taste. 

Anyways this long and rambly post was supposed to reflect the fact that we are so starved for representation as a community that we praise shows and writers that might not completely deserve it and the frustrating thing about it is that they get to pat themselves on the back for being so progressive and get all this attention that isn’t completely earned.  Except Emily Andras she’s pretty awesome ( this season, Nicole is getting developed, the POCs were added to the cast and the te fact that they included the Melanie’s pregnancy into the show is actually pretty progressive and awesome. I’m not a big fan of those stories and I’m still pretty conflicted about Wynonna being pregnant. Mostly because I think that she might have chosen a different way to deal with this. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt). 

Anyways thanks for reading this rambly post and I hope it made some sense? 

Title: Scoundrel (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Bucky Barnes got under you skin, but that was really an understatement. You loathed the way he made you feel; giddy and flustered. He loved to pester you, and you loved to pester him.

Word Count: 1736

Warnings: slight cursing/angst?

A/N: Bucky x Reader inspired by Han x Leia? Yes pls.  Writing this def helped me get through this hell week. ALSO UH WE HIT 3,000 FOLLOWERS/BFFS? WHAT? We need to celebrate, but I don’t know how! OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Enjoy this, I hope it starts you week/day off great!

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bye b*tches

since you guys really just can’t stop i’m leaving the community

i’ve met like 20 people that i genuinely am willing to roll with but like half of you just can’t let drama go. even though the huge twenty-nine thing has died down by now, i know that next weekend there’s gonna be a whole nother sh*tstorm, and i’m just not here for it. 

so let me just break this down for you in easy steps. some of the sh*t i’m about to talk about is related to simblr, some is just about tumblr overall.

1 - in case you “adults” have been living under a rock for the past few decades.

 there’s this argument that kids spend hours upon hours online surfing the internet, playing games, and using messaging apps/the sorts. those rumors, spoiler, are pretty true. 

that means that teenagers know how to use the internet, and they know when things are shady. i’m speaking for those 14+ because i know some certain 13 year olds who are dumbasses and probably gullible as s*it. 

you don’t need to play hero. we can fend for ourselves. after all, as many of you have probably complained about, we’re staring at a screen all day.

there are a ton more things i b*tch about under this cut. if you’re opening read more just to be triggered because you’re sensitive, you can go f*ck yourself lmao.

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Lego House, part seven

Characters – AU: Babysitter!Sam x reader

Summary – Just when the Reader thinks life can’t get any better, she’s thrown another curve ball!

Word Count – 6,698

Warnings – The fluffiest of the fluff!

A/NIt’s the last part.  I’m a little sad to be leaving Y/N and Maile, but I’ve loved writing their story!  I hope you still enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing it!  And as always, feedback is loved and appreciated!  

Catch Up: Lego House Series Masterlist

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Your name: submit What is this?

You still couldn’t quite figure out how you’d gotten so lucky in life.  You had an amazingly intelligent daughter, so was also the sweetest three year old you’d ever seen.  Your husband was funny, sweet, smart, compassionate, and so devoted to you and your daughter.  He made you and Mai a priority every day; you couldn’t have asked for more.  It could possibly get any better.

Life was pretty much perfect.  

Late in January, the Winchester family got together to celebrate Dean’s birthday.  You were once again struck by how lucky you were to be a part of this family.  Dean and Lisa were so happy together, and so in love.  The way they looked at each other reminded you sharply of the looks you and Sam exchanged.  Dean looked especially smitten with his wife, constantly giving her a peck on the cheek or a quick hug as he walked by.  It was too cute to watch.

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Everything Wrong with the Once Upon a Time Musical

Everything Wrong with the Once Upon a Time Musical.

1.   The first shot of Snow and Charming they are returning from Rumplestiltskin’s dungeon except… That isn’t the outfit Charming wore to the dugneon.

2.  Later in the episode we see Charming wearing the fur trimmed cape.  This is iconic for him BUT he gave it to Rumplestiltskin during a Season 1 flashback.  This is kind of important for two reasons.  A. Because Rumplestiltskin wears that thing in several flashbacks until it’s tattered and ragged.  And B.  Because Rumplestiltskin plucks a hair from it and entwines it with one of Snow White’s hairs to create the “True love” essence he adds to The Dark Curse before Regina can cast it.  There is no way Charming can have the fur trimmed cloak while Rumplestiltskin is in the dwarf mine dungeon.  The only way he could have it and it be in good condition is if he had several identical cloaks but there’s no indication that he had similar cloaks because after he gave it to Rumplestiltskin he never wore one like it it again and Rumple wore it to death.

3.   Snow White and Prince Charming should not require a pirate to take them to Regina’s castle.   First, they are royalty living on a coast line, we know Snow White’s father had ships, it comes up before.  If they wanted the element of surprise why didn’t they go by land?  They have traveled to her castle before in less than a day.  It’s been reached by land many, many times.  

4.   Snow White selling their prisoner to a man singing about skinning him and ripping out his spine.  WTF?!  Seriously, stop and consider ANY good character who would sell a prisoner to someone talking about ripping out his spine and skinning him.   Good people simply don’t do that . Even “to protect their baby.”  No, the villain from White Princess does that, not a decent human being.  This goes up there with what the Charmings did to Lily but the show doesn’t address it that way.  This is NOT okay.   And it should never be justified.

5.   Why did the musical spell effect Zelena in Oz?  Is it like the original Dark Curse randomly leaking into other dimensions when it’s convenient?

6.   Why did the Charmings rush to do physical battle with Regina?   At this point in the continuity Rumplestiltskin had cast a spell so Regina could not hurt the Charmings in any physical way.  That’s why they released her when she was very nearly put to death.   And that’s also why Regina was going to cast the Dark Curse.   Because she couldn’t hurt them.  They shouldn’t have needed “Song power” to stop her fire balls.  It was kind of a big deal that she couldn’t use her fire balls on them.

7.  Rumplestiltskin claims he survived Dream Shade before “because he’s immortal” and yet when he was originally stabbed with Dream Shade he was still dying when he arrived back in Storybrooke because it could kill even an immortal.  He only survived because Snow White used magick to allow Cora to die in his place.  Yes, he came up with a cure for Dream Shade poison but I doubt it would have worked while unconscious on the floor of his shop.  Just a small scratch of that stuff was rapidly killing Charming in Season 3.  

8.   “The Dark One doesn’t sing.”  I know Robert Carlyle didn’t want to take part in the musical but Rumplestiltskin has done creepy mini-songs all through the series, in fact he’s one of the only fairy tale characters who sang in his original folktale.  Even the original script for Skin deep had him “humming his song” and Belle hums it in her cell at the end (though this never happens in-episode).

9.  "Then Rumple, he will see, he should have chosen me.“  How is Rumple supposed to know you gave Regina that spell?!?  He’s in the dungeon and (if not for everyone forgetting the last twenty-four-hours) he would have been sold to be tortured and killed just for making a known criminal unhappy…        

So many continuity errors in just one episode…

failwolf!derek pining, merged pack, monster of the week+vampires, mindless fluff

will be cross-posted on ao3

Happy Valentine’s Day, @eeyore9990! I hope you’re not too disappointed ;)

“I don’t even know why I’m so surprised,” Stiles comments from his perch on the back of the couch in Derek’s half-renovated Hale House. The pack is there, having an emergency meeting after baby Liam had scented something sickly and bloody in the north side of the preserve while…doing something. Chasing rabbits or messing around with Mason, most likely, though their pack’s resident pup had been less willing to divulge those particular details.

Derek and Scott are arguing with their diplomat voices, all half smiles and fake-patient I see your point, but how about — the way they’d learned how to do after Scott’s Special Magic True Alpha genes came out and Stiles and Allison had bullied him into joining up with Derek’s pack after the whole accidentally bit a freshman fiasco.

Their pack had already been growing into a certifiable zoo of supernatural creatures, but now that Scott had grudgingly admitted that maybe he’d need Derek’s help to avoid turning into Derek-post-Peter (the first time), they were well on their way to becoming the new Alpha Pack, something that Stiles was always gleeful to announce during training days and that everyone else had gotten tired of hearing.

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In Vino Amaritas (Leopika)

I’m playing with kurapilka‘s awesome headcanon, which you can see HERE. I’d link to the original, but my internet is sketchy at the moment and won’t load her blog.

The title is a play on the old Latin saying, “In wine there is truth.” Now it’s, “In wine there is bitterness.”

Warning: mentions of grisly death pop up.

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From Popolo 2002/10

- As we talk, I’d like to hear about your first impression of each other… -

S: I met Matsujun maybe at Playzone rehearsal. I think it was Aoyama Theatre. I thought someone who looks like an insect came. Because he was thin and had big eyes.

M: Don’t say things like insect… As for me, when I saw Sho-kun I thought, “There’s a cute kid with a large forehead.” (laughs) That time, there are some  Air Force (sneaker) soles that had enamel, Sho-kun was wearing North Carolina color.

S: (laughs) Those shoes, I still have them. The other day when I was planning to wear them, they were too small so I couldn’t wear them (laughs). Around that time, during the sneaker boom, Air Max, Air Zoom Flight, and the likes were really booming.

M: After I appeared in Ai Love Junior, we came to interact a lot, huh.

S: There were times when we went back together, but from that time we got close and were together everyday, huh.

M: From around that time, I hung out with older kids. Going to Shibuya everyday…

S: Going to the game center everyday (laughs). Everyday up to the point of {making me wonder}, “Is it okay like this?” By the way, this guy once said, “I’m not going to high school.” I’m sure it was inside a taxi we rode from Dougenzaka. I still remember it even now. I said, “You have to go to high school.”

M: If I had to say, I wanted him to give me a push and say, “It’s fine even if you don’t go.” (laughs) Well, now I’m glad it happened.

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WFC Drabble #5: Rated R (it’s not actually that’s just the title)

“What if I told you it was one of the biggest movie offers of my life?” I begged.

“I don’t care. You’re not screwing him on camera, (Y/N).” Justin scolded stubbornly, as I threw my legs across his lap.

“Technically, I’m not screwing him at all. It’s really just an illusion.” I teased, throwing a Munchos chip at him from across the couch.

“You wouldn’t even make a sex tape with me. How do you think this makes me feel?” He teased with a frown.

I slightly giggled. “Pornos are trashy. Besides, I don’t want that thing getting leaked or my career is done-zo.”

“So what’s this movie even about? Can I see the script?” He asked, shoving a chip into his mouth.

“My agent only sent me like six pages,” I said, grabbing my folder off the table. “But here’s the plot summary.” I handed Justin two pink sheets of paper.

As he read through the paper, his eyebrows creased slightly. He looked up at me from the paper.

“So you’re going out for Scarlet Weathersby?” He asked, lifting one eyebrow.

“Mhmm, why?” I responded.

Justin cleared his throat before reading of the character description list. He held the paper with two hands so he could get a closer look.

“Scarlet Jessica Weathersby. Main role. A young, nineteen year old girl who turns her good, clean reputation into the worst one after meeting Chase Pierpont, a twenty one year old escaped criminal. Chase shows her the world’s most dangerous places, hoping that she’ll leave all she has behind to run away with him, so he may escape the ones looking for him.” Justin lowers the paper and smirks.

“You’re not badass whatsoever, (Y/N).” He laughed.

“I was a virgin before I met you. Things change if you give them enough practice.” I winked, putting the papers back in the folder.

“This movie sounds like a chick flick gone dangerous.” He teased.

“Oh my god,” I cackled. “You did not just say that.”

“I still don’t see where the sex scene comes in.”

“Hey, I think that’s what I said when you were making ‘What Do You Mean?’.” I smiled foolishly.

“Maybe I should just talk with the wardrobe manager. I don’t want you wearing anything leather or tight or-”

“Justin!” I interrupted. “I haven’t even gotten the part yet.”

“Shut up,  (Y/N). You don’t even have to audition. If sex sells, then you’re the reason for it.” He winked, as I blushed.

“Hey,” He cooed. “Badass girls don’t blush at compliments.”

“Don’t even start.” I groaned, covering my face.

“No, we’re gonna need some practice. I’ll compliment you a thousand times if I have to, and I will, but you’re not allowed to blush. Ready to play?” He asked, sitting up.

“Yup.” I agreed.

“(Y/N), badass girls don’t say ‘yes’, they say ‘whatever.’”

“Justin, you wanna tell me why you know so much about badass girls?” I scolded.

“Enough about me.” He said, shaking his head. “Here we go.”

“ (Y/N) drives me crazy. Her bone structure is so perfectly defined, all I feel like doing is kissing her perfect little cheekbones.” He whispered, inches away from my left cheek.

“Everyone always tells me how lucky I am to have  (Y/N). They have nooooo idea. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world, though she doesn’t always believe me. But her ignorance makes her even more beautiful.”

I tried so hard not to smile or blush, but it was getting real complicated. My face wasn’t stone cold, but just the right amount of seriousness I could handle.

“Now for the true test.” Justin joked.

Before I could acknowledge what was happening, I was being attacked with kisses by my boyfriend. I couldn’t stop laughing.

“ (Y/N), y-you have to k-keep a straight face!” He teased, laughing mid-sentence.

“I can’t! I give up! I’ll just have to work harder, I guess.” I confessed, taking his head in my hands.

“You’re not badass at all. You probably never will be. But it’s okay, because you are the cutest little angel God has ever sent down from heaven.” He squealed, kissing my cheek one last time.

aww this was cute

Sakura Monogatari

This is it. My magnum opus, I’ve been working a week and a half getting it ready, and now, it’s finished 8D!!!!

Again, inspired in the wonderful characters created by @tamarinfrog, helped by my friend @iyasplash (thanks for being my beta!), I give you a sweet story about my favorite squid pairing: Cherry Blossom (the title itself more or less translates as “A Cherry Blossom Tale”). Make sure to play the provided BGM for added atmosphere ;)

Without further ado, enjoy =D!

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