I feel that people take HP too seriously. I love the series, have all the books and movies, wands, Slytherin scarf, tie, and robes, I know most people find that weird. seeing confessions make me feel like I don’t actually like the series bc everyone is going crazy about their houses, over think characters and who they ended up with, and that “Snape debate” is a going a little overboard. HP will always be my favourite book series but I think some take it too far.

Cop and homeowner shot, dog killed after police in Georgia show up at the wrong house

Georgia police responding to the wrong home on a burglary call shot the homeowner Chris McKinley , killed his dog and seriously wounded a fellow officer.

A DeKalb County Police officer is in serious, but stable, condition after losing a lot of blood after being shot in the hip.

The homeowner was shot in the leg and was treated and released at a local hospital.

Three officers responded to a call but did not have an address. They went around to the back and entered the home through an unlocked door, state officials said. 

Two officers opened fire on a dog inside the residence, killing it. The homeoner was shot as he walked from a room off the kitchen.

Neighbor Tama Colson was out for a walk when she saw patrol cars on the street. Then she heard gunshots

“I hear Leah screaming, I see Chris walking out,” she said. Then Chris said “`They shot me, they just shot me, and they killed my dog,’’’ Colson recounted. “So I hot him to lay down, took my shirt off and rendered first aid. And Chris just kept saying ‘Why did they shoot me? Why did they shoot my dog?’’’

Chris said he went to see what the dogs were barking at and saw black uniforms “’And I hear pop-pop-pop-pop,’’ Colson quoted him as saying.

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😥!?😧😧😧😧 The real question is why did this turn into a RAID? Even if they had the right house, which was a very slim chance in the first place, why did they go in? A suspicious person knocking on a door does not warrant a raid without a search warrant. If he broke a window and entered I could understand but this person KNOCKED and then never was seen again.  If the homeowner had a gun and fired shots, that would’ve been the FIRST thing the 3 cops would’ve secured and documented. Motherfuckers be sick 4 real! 😱😱😱😱😱😭😱😭😱

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do you think luffy and zoro's relationship has changed post timeskip? zoro seems a lot more severe towards luffy its really interesting to see how hes more like a strict big brother figure now in comparision their previous dorky bff relationship

No, I don’t think their relationship has really changed. Luffy and Zoro were never really “dorky bffs” in my opinion. Well, they had plenty of little interactions like that, but IMO that’s dwarfed by the amount of time that Luffy and Usopp spend goofing around. I think Luffy and Zoro possibly have the strongest bond among the crew, but in terms of who Luffy goofs around with the most that’s definitely Usopp (take a look at this post for examples of how much they love to have fun together). Zoro, on the other hand, takes his relationship with Luffy seriously. That’s not to say that Usopp doesn’t, but Zoro views himself in relation to Luffy very much along Captain-crew member lines, while Usopp seems to typically think of Luffy as his friend more readily than he thinks of him as his Captain. 

It would be interesting to go through the manga and find how each of the crew members refers to Luffy, and add up how many times they refer to him as different things. I would guess that it’s Zoro and Robin who most often refer to Luffy as “Captain.” For example, this is how Usopp referred to Luffy when Miss Merry Christmas said that Luffy was dead and mocked him for thinking he could become Pirate King: “There are times when you have to fight… no matter what!

Here he’s framing Luffy as his friend. Compare this to Zoro when Zoro was prepared to sacrifice his life for Luffy at Thriller Bark

For Zoro, this wasn’t about his “friends,” but about the crew he belonged to and protecting his Captain. Zoro has always been very conscious of the fact that Luffy is his Captain–that their relationship is not just one of friendship, but one in which Luffy is Zoro’s leader, and thus both of them owe things to each other beyond and independent of the fact that they’re also friends. And when the time calls for it, Zoro has always been strict with Luffy. He was strict from the very beginning 

and he was strict after Luffy’s authority as Captain was challenged by Usopp 

Even though Luffy and Zoro have occasional moments of mutual idiocy, Zoro is distancing himself here from Luffy’s “joking around,” and doesn’t think of himself as being a regular part of it. He thinks of Luffy as his leader, not as his goofy BFF. And so of course, he was strict on Luffy when he learned that Caesar had taken Luffy out on Punk Hazard 

And Luffy isn’t bothered at all by what Zoro’s saying. Luffy understands that their lives are on the line with every single potential slip-up, and that he really does need to take things seriously if they’re going to survive. Zoro is the one who most readily calls Luffy on things like this, and he always has been. Zoro is somewhat of a compass for Luffy–how good of a job Luffy is doing as Captain can often be told by how readily Zoro agrees with him. For example, after Enies Lobby Zoro needed to scold Luffy in order to remind him how incredibly serious it was that Usopp challenged his authority and left the crew. What Luffy wanted didn’t matter, because Luffy just wanted to take Usopp back since they’re friends, even though it would undermine him as the Captain. But when Luffy gets something right, even if it is difficult and painful, such as Luffy’s order to Zoro not to fight back against Bellamy and his crew in the bar at Mock Town, Zoro followed orders without the slightest hesitation. Zoro understands what Luffy’s role as the Captain is, and if Luffy deviates from it Zoro will set him back on track. And the rest of the time, when Luffy is doing just what he should be, Zoro will back him up without a moment’s hesitation. If Zoro seems more serious with Luffy after the time skip, it’s because the New World is a more serious place. But they still have their little moments together 

(For a little more on Luffy and Zoro’s relationship, ppl can read this post

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Explain why Okinawa in Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world? They eat pork and fish! They have the lowest recorded rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer in the world. They eat all parts of the pig. Their sugar and fruit intake is low.


No but seriously… is this a troll question ? Like I’m genuinely confused 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Okinawa staple foods for the last century have been sweet potatoes, rice, green vegetables with SMALL amounts of fish…

100g of fish per person, per week! On average…

Definitely not a high animal based diet!

Nathan Page- Le Sigh

You know what I love about Nathan Page?

I mean, yeah, I know we all love his good looks and talent and general wonderfulness.


What I really love about Nathan Page is his dedication to his craft. I love that in his interviews he speaks with such authority about his characters. He obviously thinks deeply, creates a world for his characters, seeks out the light and shade in everyone he plays. He likens his process to the world of art and he makes brave choices. These are truly admirable qualities for an actor.

I’ve seen first hand his generosity with his time when it comes to his fans. And I can only imagine that he is equally if not more generous with his fellow actors. He is clearly well-respected by the people he works with and is an all around ‘top bloke.’

And seriously, he deserves all the awards. And all the work he can handle (as long as he can still make Miss Fisher forever!)

What do you all adore most about the delightful Mr Page?

Seriously the only excuse for this horrendous atrocity of an outfit is the fact that it was for a photo shoot and they dressed you.


That drab brown suit the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a while. Even the poo emoji would stop smiling at the sight of it. And honestly I’m a whore for anything pinstriped but this crosses the line.

Then we go to the shirt. Black and white. At least you’ll be comfortable knowing there are no colours touching you after what must have been a dreadful experience for you having to wear a pink (PINK!) shirt. But seriously FUCKING SQUARES? I know mixing patterns is fashion forward, but there is a fine line between taking glamourous risks and being a risk to glamour everywhere. It’s definitely the latter here. Especially if we take in the FUCKING MONSTROSITY OF A TIE.

IN FUCKING SHADES OF DRAB GREY. And of course IT HAD TO HAVE A DIFFERENT FUCKING PATTERN TO EVERYTHING ELSE! Just to ensure this catastrophe didn’t end when our retinas could still be nursed to health.

But no, it’s not over yet. Then we have the SHOES. I MEAN WHAT WERE THE WARDOBE PEOPLE THINKING? Mixing a pinstriped suit (no matter how ugly the colour), which is the epitome of elegance, with BLOODY TRAINERS!!!!? Grey. To match with the tie and ensure they didn’t match with anything else.

If anyone thought the fact they seem to be made out of suede makes them more elegant and on the same page as the rest of the outfit, they would be WRONG.

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My experience by observing SJW's is that if a white person does something horrible, SJW's attack; not the person but all white people. If a POC does something horrible, SJW's defend; not POC people, but the action itself.

Really hard to take them seriously when they show such an extreme case of hypocrisy lol

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i fucking can't stand halloween!!! if the best "costume" u can think of wearing is a racist fucking caricature, sorry to say, but maybe halloween is not for u?? maybe come up w/ something a lil more creative for next year and sit this one out?? seriously, there are so many cute ass costume ideas on the internet. clever and funny shit that will make ppl smile! and u choose the "sexy pocahontas" or wearing a fucking poncho & sombrero? jfc i'm so tired..


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oooooooh! good one!

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate: Dawn steals them and Tara steals one back.
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple: Slightly not seeing this happening but possibly Dawn because Tara would be too shy. She would blush intensely.
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail: easy answer would be Tara bails Dawn out of jail for trespassing or smt but also Tara would get into something while meaning extremely well and Dawn would be very amused.
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues: Tara.
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes: Dawn.
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk: DAWN.
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights: Dawn starts, Dawn wins.
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush: Dawn. She’s so desperate to match Tara too.