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Are you team Nicki or team miley

I’m team neither one pays my bills so I don’t care!

But seriously, I can see both points. I actually agree with Miley that Nicki blew the whole not being nominated thing out of proportion. But nicki did have a valid point in her argument. So I dunno. Can’t we all just get along.

NEW ZEALAND - idk it’s okay for me to submit here lmao. im a white person from a maori family but as a white person i dont just get subtle racism i get fucking full on “fucking maori people smell bad and dont have jobs haha theyre all alcoholics and convicts” like lmao yeah fuck you, my family and i are maori? im totally aware that i get white privilege, but seriously i hate how poc are treatd and thought of in nz, serious bullshit.

ok this is something i’ve tried to ignore but it’s rly starting to bother me so like here we go i guess

why do ppl almost always hc the quiet and/or awkward characters as asexual??

like?? u can be quiet and/or awkward and not be ace?? ur sexuality has literally nothing to do with ur personality?? it’s honestly so annoying that ppl automatically jump to the conclusion that a character must be ace just bc they’re a lil quiet or socially awkward

anyone can be ace. just like anyone can be gay or bi or pan etc. im sick of constantly seeing the same thing over and over. like ya, as an ace person, it’s nice to see ppl making ace headcanons but like. when it’s the same type of character 90% of the time it gets rly aggravating bc its like ppl are saying that there’s a certain image for what an ace person is supposed to be like and act like and that’s just. gross tbh. bc we’re all so different, just like any other person?? and obv im not saying that there isn’t quiet/awkward ppl who are ace bc obv there is, but not every ace person is like that?? lack of sexual attraction isn’t an explanation or reason for why a person/character is quiet or awkward. it’s a completely separate thing?? it’s honestly not that hard to understand like. i myself am awkward as fuck but it has nothing to do with my asexuality u feel me

im not saying to stop headcanoning quiet/awkward characters as ace, that’s not the point im trying to get across, i just. i want ppl to think about this more and be more diverse with the characters they hc as ace u know?? pls stop headcanoning characters as ace solely bc of a few personality traits they possess. and this isn’t directed at fellow ace ppl bc like obviously as ace ppl we’re not gonna stereotype, we just wanna see ourselves in characters we love and that’s rad. but i just rly want all the non-ace ppl to read this and understand how tiring it can be to see the same thing over and over. obviously i can’t speak for every ace person—im sure this isn’t something that bothers every ace person, but i know it bothers me

this got rly long and ranty but im just. rly salty abt this tbh and im sorry if im not making much sense lmao

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Sorry but..... that anon was an absolute shit head in that last ask and it almost made me want them NEVER TO HAVE NICE THINGS EVER AGAIN HOW RUDE OMG! (seriously though.. who does that, that was rude and random as hell)


Ok, this made my night a lot better.

Seriously though, I’m ok with people not loving my stuff, and I’m always happy when people want to defend Derek, but coming into an author’s ask box (or comment section on AO3) just to say “oh hey sorry….. but I hated your story” is just out of line and ridiculous. First off, don’t apologize. You’re not sorry or you wouldn’t be sending the message. Secondly, I’m not going to suddenly turn around and rewrite my fic because you dislike it, and thirdly, all it’s going to do is make me feel bad about something I worked hard on. So why don’t you (you being the hypothetical commenter, btw, not actually you :P ) go find another fic more to your liking instead of wasting your time and going out of your way to make me feel bad?

Now, this is not the same thing as constructive criticism – saying something like “I feel like Stiles was a little harsh in this scene, when he said [X thing]” or “the resolution felt a little rushed,” etcetc. Obviously those aren’t fun things to hear, but at least I get that you’re trying to be helpful.

Anyway. Now it’s waaay past when I should be asleep, but thanks for making me laugh before I do.

The Twins Guide to a Great Relationship

Rule 1: Communicate

Rule 2. No seriously. Communicate.

Rule 3: Compromise.

Rule 4: Have we mentioned communicate?

Rule 5: We cannot emphasize communicate enough.

~TheSilentSage & askdeuceswylde (aka Hikaru and Kaoru)

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Any tips for beginner glassblowers?


Get a broom handle and tie a weight on the end of a rope, then tie that rope to the middle of the brook stick. Practice rolling the weight up around the stick then back down again slowly. Seriously good way to develop finger strength and stability.

Cobalt 6 makes a good black.

If you have uneven wall thickness in hollow work, your marver is more useful than you think. Use it to condense the thin spots then reshape.

Work smart not hard, if you think a tool will help, it probably will. Unfortunately my mentor didn’t tell me about half the tools that exist. And also, making your own tools is fun and cost effective.

And last but not least, Nobody wants a Kenny bowl.