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You are really negative. Seriously try and bring some positivity in your life.

Oops haha did you guys just hear that block button? 😇😇😇😽😽😽☀️🍆💕💞💓💜💚💙💝💘💖💗

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The mayor said he wants homeless people off the streets of San Francisco while it hosts the Super Bowl next year. Fuck that guy, seriously.

Ever notice how politicians who want homeless people off the street always mean, like, they want them to somehow disappear/go somewhere else? It’s never like, “I want there to be no homeless people because that shit is a heartbreaking tragedy,” it’s always like, “Literally, I would kill these people if I could.”

Updated Fics from August 23rd to August 30th

Hiiiiiii I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!!!! We have soooo many fics that updated this week! and soooo many new onessss! I hope you enjoy them and just send me some fic recs if you have any for me to read!!!!

Also, If anyone knows about someone selling a ticket to the Philadelphia show, please let me knowwwww I am looking for 1 ticket!!!!!! Floor seat!!!! Thanksssss


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As Per Usual by rebexciting and wokeuptired chapter 1

Pure Feeling (Harry’s POV) drabble by hurrricanes

Valley of the Dolls by onismanxiety chapter 1

Also, I am branching out!!! and just started reading a Liam and Niall fic!!!!!!!! I read too many Harry’s and I have a mix in my head!!!! but these fics are amazing so give them a gooooo!!!!

Res Ipsa Loquitur by bioluminescentwriting chapter 6

ALMOSTS by rebexciting chapter 5

Happy reading!!!! and don’t forget to show the authors how much you appreciate their time and effort!!!!!


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Can u tell i got babies on the brain? She makes my lips quiver….too cute!
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“Hey, it sounds like my son just gained superpowers. I sure hope he maintains his friendly demeanor through his angsty teenager years or this is going to be awkward.”

This woman sure does seem to like her wine. The gentleman has never met a woman quite so taken with the drink, or one as enchanting and beautiful, for that matter.

She is pretty hot, or at least as much as the art style allows.  You might not want to go too heavy on the booze though. Gotta take care of her liver.

The fellow has stained the mademoiselle’s fine garment. The gaffe is unforgivable, and the only true course of chivalry would be to liberate the damsel from the sodden cloth and launder it immediately.

So it’s all a ruse to get her naked?  Ha ha, I jest.  DAD is a man of high standards and his intentions are certainly noble.  But seriously she can just alchemize a new one or something. Given her propensity towards alcohol, she definitely knows how to get wine stains out.

The woman has never met a gentleman so strong and considerate and handsome. She cannot tell for certain if her intoxication is due to her seventh glass of wine, or the contours of his proud, powerful nose, and the sensual aroma wafting from his pipe. 

A combination of the above, probably.

The man and the woman are at ease. They have everything because they have each other. They know that together they can make it through anything, whether trouble brings a bit of spilled wine on a chic lab coat, or reduces the very castle beneath their feet to ruins.

Well that’s sweet.  After all that romantic drama shit with the trolls it’s nice to see something actually work out. Also, the fact that the wine drops look kinda like bloodstains is worrying and this had better not be foreshadowing.


30 day otp challenge 09 - hanging out with friends (this kinda strayed away from gayperion :/)

Fiona: You seriously eat pizza with pineapples?

Rhys: Uh, yeah? What about it?

Fiona: That’s disgusting!

Rhys: Oh come on! First, you make fun of my fashion sense, now you make fun of my food choices?! I just came here to have a date with Vaughn!

Vaughn: Guys, can we just eat…?

Sasha: Yeah, eat some pizza already.


Circus AU

Previously on “If You Live”: Corazon suddenly fell seriously sick. His illness and its cause are still unknown.

So here we are! Chopper is finally introduced in the story! yay!  But how does he know Corazon, now? Do you guys have an idea? (•̀⌄•́)

Also, I thought it would be way better if I just stopped writing the dialogues with my poopy writing hehe

More Circus AU!
Corazon | Law | Luffy | Chopper
I’ll teach you” | “I’ll teach you” (part 2) | “Throw a knife at me!” | “Bandages” | “If You Live” (part 1) | “If You Live” (part 2)

like why do people think that people say theyre communists just to be cool????

being a communist actually sucks. 99% of people will instantly hate you. Your family will think youre evil. Nobody takes you seriously.

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me4 goals: all LIs are not pansexual and some are gay/lesbian :) stop this homophobic "everyone is pan!" nonsense

Ok, let’s take a step back. I don’t think anyone here is seriously suggesting that everyone is pansexual. And Bioware has had strictly homosexual relationships in the games (Traynor & Steve). 

I think a lot of this talk has come out of frustration with lack of gay options in the previous games. You couldn’t romance another male until the third game (despite Kaidan’s VA having recorded that option in the FIRST GAME), and the lesbian options didn’t fare much better (if you didn’t want to romance Liara, you didn’t get another full romance until ME3 either). I suspect that’s why so many people want the characters to be romanceable regardless of your gender, because that was something that wasn’t really an option in the other games.

But I wouldn’t worry about everyone being pansexual in andromeda. Bioware tried that with DA2 and the reception was mixed to say the least. I think we’ll probably get a mix of heterosexual, homosexual, and bi companions (or more?). 

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My girlfriend broke up with me because of distance. It's too hard for her. Even though we both love each other. And it hurts like hell. Please explain why people would do this. Like seriously we both are madly in love and just because of distance she's giving up. Totally just gutted

Not sure distance is the problem here my friend. You don’t break up with someone you’re “madly in love with” over something as trivial as distance.

Seriously, after watching the whole Nicki and Miley feud one thing kept rolling around in my head:


Like, for reals. 

I am not a fan of either one of them but if I was in Nicki’s camp I would be absolutely ashamed to even be affiliated with that kind of shitty behavior.

Even as a publicity stunt…Nicki, who is older, (and you would think) more mature, should have known better than to allow some shit like that to happen while her fans were watching.

She should be teaching the young little baby Nicki’s that adore her how to handle themselves in a high pressure situation with class and grace and with their mother fucking head held high because if after ALL the back lash and BULLSHIT  that has been thrown at Nicki over the years hasn’t effected her than Miley and her young, attention whore mouth shouldn’t be any different.

It was classless and weird and felt faker than her ass. 

I understand that the current pop/rap genre is garbage and filled with nothing but regurgitated shit from when music was actually amaze balls…but serious?

This was just poop on toast. 

Times a million.