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hey why are most of the VHS tapes in dutch? I'm dutch and i was just wondering

I’m actually Chinese,

And this is an elaborate scheme to take over the world, starting with The Netherlands. First we will collect all your VHS tapes…then we will use this magnetic tape to reverse the North- and the south-pole. This cataclysmic event will flood your country…while we are watching awesome movies!

Apparently sending Teagan whenever Ferelden needs to mess up something is still a thing…

If you’re stuck with little kids and have to watch lil kid cartoons, or if you’re just like me and enjoy cute cartoons, I seriously recommend Puffin Rock on netflix. The characters are adorable, it’s silly and sprinkled in lots of educational facts, and soooooo well animated. I just adore the style of the show.

Another good one is Heidi. I randomly marathoned through that and was extremely surprised to see a children’s show tackle PTSD/trauma, depression, disability/albeism for kids in a way they can relate. None of it is just blankly said “oh they have this” but it’s actually shown through the episodes and developed upon the characters actions and made it really relateable to me. I really enjoyed it.

Yeah, just couple of series I watched on netflix recently that made me happy.

ok but seriously the new tumblr post formatting update is making me so disoriented and confused and i dont think the dyslexia is helping like i can barely fuckign read a god damn post anymore ive never been this upset over an update like i cant even READ PEOPLES WORDS NOW

late for the debrief part 6

Hi Lovely People! I’ve got a part 6 for you. Seriously, it was meant to be a one-shot and you made it a multichapter. Yes, YOU, because I wouldn’t bother to write next parts if you didn’t want me to. I think there’s one part left.

Please don’t hate that part till you read it all. But if you read it and hate it-I can take it.


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

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Natasha is also selling these for extremely low prices. It literally cost $0.75 USD to buy one of the songs. Kids spend double that on a vending machine candy bar. I'd like to point out that you can select to pay more if you so desire and are able. It's kind of like a tip to the artist to say, "Hey, I really enjoyed this. Thank you for putting all the time, energy, and hard work into it. And thank you for sharing it with the world. You rock!"


Tom And Giovanna Fletcher Announce They’re Pregnant With Baby Number Two

To be honest, ever since McBusted’s Tom Fletcher and his wife, Giovanna, announced that they were expecting their first child way back in 2013 with an adorable YouTube video, we have been waiting patiently for the day that they’d do it all over again - purely for their A+ announcements.

But what could possibly beat carving ‘We Are Having A Baby’ into Halloween pumpkins to the tune of a cutesy schmutesy lullaby? Well, how about a Sega Mega Drive, dramatic music, and, of course, a cameo appearance for soon-to-be big brother Buzz?

Yep, Tom and Gi have done it again and we seriously could not be happier for perhaps the cutest family on YouTube.

Making use of the snazzy video skills belonging to long-time pal David Spearing, this particular video sees Tom go up into his loft and uncover his dusty computer game, taking it downstairs to play with Buzz and Gi.

With Tom and his one-year-old son settling in as Player 1, Giovanna takes the reigns as she selects a ‘?’ for Player 2 - cue an adorable shot of Tom smiling at his wife and a pan down to the baby scan over Gi’s stomach.

All together now: ‘N’AWWWWWWWWWWW’.

The star shared the video over on his Twitter page and quickly thanked well-wishers with: “Thanks for all the lovely messages about our new Fletcher on the way!

“Can’t tell you how excited I am!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦”

He then retweeted a gushing message from his sister, Carrie Fletcher, who exclaimed: “Is there a word for becoming an auntie for more than one child? WELL THERE SHOULD BE!!”

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Giovanna also shared a message with her followers: “So pleased you guys love the new video… ❤️👶🏼 feeling very happy and lucky right now. Xxx”

Perhaps the cutest part of all of this is that Giovanna and Tom are expecting at the same time as Tom’s bandmate, Harry Judd, and his gorgeous wife, Izzy, who announced their pregnancy a few weeks back.

Something tells us that these two adorbs little bubbas are going to be bezzie mates for life.

Congratulations to Tom, Gi, and little baby Buzz - who, for the record, we think is going to be an amazing big brother.

lmaooo I love my coworker. I told her about what happened and she was proper horrified and sympathetic but at the end she was like “…damn… who even thinks about touching asses at 7 am… it’s too early for that kinda bullshit. we’re just trying to get to work” lollll I know that sexual assault has no time or something but SERIOUSLY RIGHT THO? WHO THINKS ABOUT TOUCHING ASSES AT 7 AM. GO TO WORK OR GO TO SLEEP, ASSHOLES.

I’m still learning not to hate my nonwhite features bc I was seriously bullied & sexualized growing up because of my figure and because I “wasn’t as pretty as other girls”

It was a mix of being told I’m hideous & people grabbing my ass because it’s so big, and I was always jealous bc even fat white girls didn’t get treated like that