And honestly I am salty becuase I know xingmis like me, will support the comeback despite the absence of our bias, yet some of the stans of the other members and exo as a whole won’t support Yixing’s solo career at all. The vast differences between the YouTube views of EXOS videos and even cbx’s music videos compared to yixings are large.

About the “Safe Mode” feature


Hello Tumblr staff, or the person/group that manages the staff Tumblr. Please listen.

This is about the new feature that was implemented recently, “Safe Mode.” I have a lot of friends and people that I follow/follow me that are affected by it. Not only that, people around the website who are saying they’re affected by it.

A lot of people have posted that the “Safe Mode” is actually not a good feature. It’s blocking things that are not “adult-content” like posts about the lgbtqiap+. There’s also been posts about how it isn’t doing it’s best to block the actual things that are “adult-content” like the porn blogs/bots that keep on harassing users.

The main point of contention is the fact that users under 18 aren’t able to turn it off. As quoted on the staff’s post about “Safe Mode”:

“(If you’re under 18: You’re not able to turn off Safe Mode until you’re older. You’ll just have to use your imagination.)”

Now, a lot of people on Tumblr are in the lgbtqiap+ community, especially people under 18 years old. Consider that many teenagers/children use Tumblr as an outlet, a way to get away from homophobia/transphobia/etc., as a way to be free from being in the closet outside of the internet, or just in general, being in the lgbtqiap+ community.

Coupled with the fact that a lot of people are saying the “Safe Mode” feature is blocking lgbtqiap+ posts, it means that users under 18 years old who are in the lgbtqiap+ community who’ve joined for comfort are going to become lost. Blocked by a feature because they had no choice on the matter. That really pains me that there are children and teenagers who are being blocked out of the lgbtqiap+ community.

The idea of “Safe Mode” sounds good on paper. Unfortunately, it will be a complete nightmare for everybody.

I feel that if “Safe Mode” isn’t going to be removed, I think the best solution is to at least make “Safe Mode” optional for everybody. That includes people under 18 years old. Let it be an option for everybody if they want to turn it off or on.

Please listen to this message, Tumblr staff.

(Sorry if this a weird way of sending an important message. I didn’t really bother to look for the staff’s personal emails.)

anonymous asked:

1D management actually DID something with the "couple" but it wasn't hide them. They used a ship that most of the fandom liked to keep fans. They took the confortable position, the let fans to believe in straight guys or gay couple. Bears were big queerbating. Do you really think that some teenagers were smarter than a experienced management and these teens discovered how LS was closeted? And do you really think Harry and Louis just let them to do what they wanted with them? For me, it's weird.

Dear Diary,

The universe is testing a hoe today with all these damn anons…

Neither myself, nor any of my closest mutuals, were ever teenage fans of One Direction.

And there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding of the term “queer-baiting” as it is swung around quite a bit when it comes to those gay bears. And I’m just like 

Diary, why must I be on the receiving end of all of this? I just want everyone to get along. 

Well maybe not everyone…Simon Cowell can choke. 

Anyway, please, universe, let me stop getting these fuckin messages. Thank you.

All the love .x

things i need right now, in order:

  1. a hug
  2. chocolate
  3. someone to wrap me in a comforting embrace while i fall asleep not thinking about the terrible aftermath of this episode

things i have access to:

  1. pain

listen, zutara fandom. i love you. i will be the first to defend you. i am one of you. but for the love of god will y’all please tag your shit properly. you know when you’re scrolling through the tag and you get the normal whiny ship hate and your eyes roll pretty much out of your skull? that’s not just the zutara tag. i’ve had some very nice and reasonable people point this out on several occasions and it’s a valid point. tag. things. properly.

example tags: kat@ang, k*taang, m@iko, etc. it’s not difficult.

Life is honestly so difficult being a yixing stan. We gotta defend him from the nasty ot8 stans and antis whenever news of him not particpating in promos and concerts come around 😒. Yet it’s so worth it becuase he cares for us deeply and works so hard so us, xbacks,xingmis and exo-l’s will be proud. Also, don’t you think we hate it too? Not seeing our man perform with his brothers or to be with them in general? It honestly sucks. I remember the dear happiness photo book where all the members were there minus Yixing having a blast and I couldn’t help but feel upset that Yixing couldn’t be there having fun..