not that I’m re-watching this scene over and over all day or anything but

okay so he does that, fair enough, and then we get a shot of Sam helpfully destroying all our hopes and dreams and then suddenly

Cas has the panties but then

[brief camera change again]

Clearly a different take where they’re back on the sofa where they remain for the rest of the scene

do you realise how close we came to a godless universe where Dean just put them back down instead of throwing them at Cas? 

I’m doing some serious counting of blessings here that this continuity-fucking take is what they went with anyway.

Moana, IMO
  • Jackson: Didn't realize until watching that Lin Manuel had written all the lyrics.
  • J: But after hearing them it was pretty obvious. Sounded pretty "Hamilton" at points.
  • Chris: I was told about that connection at the end. I don't know the music from Hamilton. What did you think of Moana?
  • J: Ok here we go.
  • J: Disney had already decided that traditional 2D was dead. So they (read: the two directors of Moana) approved a movie (Princess and the Frog) that would fail and made it traditionally.
  • J: Art imitates life. They thought it would fail, so it did. and it probably "proved" to them that no one wanted the classical Disney musical anymore.
  • J: So they come out with Wreck-it Ralph, arguably the best Disney animated feature for a decade before it.
  • J: Then Tangled (right? I think?) [AUTHOR'S NOTE: YES, I GOT THOSE TWO BACKWARDS, BUT MY POINT STANDS REGARDLESS] came out and with it they tried a musical again. But they'd forgotten or tried to "update" it or something so they went with RadioDisney style songs. They cast Mandy Moore, a perpetually young sounding former starlet. Perfect for a new, naive Disney princess.
  • J: In my opinion, that was a weak and cowardly way to succeed and make money.
  • J: That said, they're a business. So that was a move they could be confident in making.
  • J: Then came along Frozen. They knew some success from Tangled so they kept that and tried to add on to it. Looking back, I see maybe they were trying to improve. Maybe they saw there was a demand for a real musical after all. But they were hesitant to market it that way, just in case, which was why so many people were taken off guard.
  • J: That brought wild success, much to my annoyance. But it was because of star power, not actual cinema. But they saw they needed something stronger than pop-musical sound. If they wanted to return to Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, that wasn't the way.
  • J: So with Moana, they fixed it. The story was new. Pretty standard adventuring princess fare, but a genuinely new twist that I can't imagine could have failed. With Dwayne Johnson cast, there's your off-demographic draw.
  • J: Then you address your need for a real musical. What better move to make then to hire someone with recent explosive Broadway success? Cue Lin Manuel. He already understands how musicals work. That is: story must be advanced by the music, not simply reiterated or punctuated or repeated ad nauseum.
  • J: Belle told us about her world while singing. Ariel established the basis for literally every move she made during "Part of your World".
  • J: Tangled and Frozen have songs. Moana needs them.
  • J: That's what makes it a successful musical picture. And that's why it's a good movie and the other two are not.
that feeling when

you’re minding your own business watching youtube videos and you come across a phrase that sounds very familiar

long story short, [ this video ] talks about the unsolved murder of the robinson family which happened in july of 1968. i had nearly reached the end of it when i was floored by the similarity between a note from the suspected killer and the lyrics of “used to be my girl”.

does alex spend his free time watching videos like this one? is this all a coincidence?

i don’t fucking know but i had to share this with the world.


This is some stuff I’ve picked up in the last seven-eight months and it’s actually incredibly useful.

1. Do not be afraid to use guidelines/perspective lines. They’re very helpful when drawing faces or landscapes, and unless you know the basics of portraiture or perspective inside and out your artwork could look a little off. Nobody is going to criticise you for using them to get your proportions right. You’re free to use guidelines until you’re certain you’re comfortable without them (even then, you should probably still use them). 

2. You can mix paint on ANYTHING. Seriously. Trust me on this one. You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy expensive palette which you’re just going to get dirty anyway. Use almost anything you have to hold paint - scrap paper, cardboard, plastic containers, paper plates, etc, etc. Egg boxes are the best in my opinion. There is virtually no point in spending money on a palette as most of them are ridiculously overpriced - yes, sometimes it can help, but as long as something is strong enough to hold the paint and it’s easily disposable, you can use anything and everything you can get your hands on (and anyway, scraping acrylic off a palette is an absolute nightmare).

3. I’ve said this time and time again but I need to save everyone from forgetting this like I did: PLEASE, GOD, DO NOT WORK SMALL SCALE. If you’re trying to draw something with small details, WHY, OH WHY would you squish it into the corner of the page?! Do not strain your hands or your eyes by making tiny illustrations. You can use as much space as you need. Use a third of the page, half the page - Hell, use the entire page if you want to! You’ll find that you can get much more detail in if you work on a larger scale. 

4. References will need to become your best friend. Please don’t try to wing it and have it come out wrong if you’re unsure of how to draw it when you could turn to your friend the Internet and let her help you? LET THE INTERNET HELP YOU, SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING. I’ve found that Pinterest is the best place to find drawing references, and there are a lot of helpful guides for drawing and colouring as well. 

Speaking of references, don’t want to print out the photo or have to flip between your entertainment and the picture in different windows? Make the reference picture your wallpaper so you can just minimise the tab. For example, here is mine:

Very helpful.

*Pulls on overall straps*

Now I may be just a simple novice author but if I was J.K. Rowling, I would fix the whole whitewashing Harlem issue by having Newt and Co. return to New York City a few years later and go to the actual Cotton Club (instead of a metaphor) where they watch Cab Calloway scatting along to instruments that seem to be playing themselves while the Nicholas Brothers are performing dances that are so unbelievably amazing that it’s almost unreal. Almost like magic.

Tina is freaking out because the statute of s e c r e c y but other than that, the group just sits in the corner, beaming at the obviously magical Cab Calloway and the obviously magical Nicholas Brothers. That’s it. That’s the whole movie. They drink Queenie’s cocoa and eat Jacob’s pastries. Newt takes care to feed some to Pickett. Credence is with them. All is well.


“Personally, I hate the talent.” *Gestures to Hinata, causally having no talent whatsoever.*

“If it’s possible, I want to erase everything called talent from this world.” *Gestures to Hinata, but this time he’s the world destroyer, and he can erase Komaeda’s dream world, which will ultimately erase all the talent from this world.*

So I guess he fits Komaeda’s standards, Komahina’s canon!

anonymous asked:

will you ship the zine world wide?

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On Gillovny/Not Gillovny

What bothers me, really bothers me (aside from a relationships reality being the recurring and loudest drama in a fandom), is this.

We are a fandom based on belief. Hell our very show is based on belief. There is no shame in believing, in clinging to a belief until it is completely flattened. Or even then. We’re all a little Mulder.

But we’re also a smart fandom. Because our show is about science. About proof and making your own mind up about a thing. Becuase we’re all a little Scully too.

So why are we prepared to hand over the reins of our minds to a few loud voices? Why are we prepared to divide ourselves so firmly across a battle line on each side of which there is no convincing proof one way or another.

When did we stop accepting responsibility for our own beliefs? When did we lose the strength of our own convictions?

At what point did it become the norm, become necessary for people to form anonymous mobs to attack people for not sharing a belief. There’s room for all of us, there are ways to avoid opinions that upset you. I have friends with whom I stringently disagree but still consider friends. Disagreement and debate are part of every relationship. Disagree. Respect others and distance yourself from those you can’t be civil too. Like you would in real life.

Because as much as there’s room for believers and sceptics there should also be room for the uncertain, for the fence dwellers. There should be room to move, to reconsider based on evidence, to change and to evolve. People should have space to do that without being shouted down on their own blogs.

So can we please just pause? Can we stop nailing our banners to one side or the other? Can we leave space for consideration and discussion? Can we remain sceptical of hazy facts and rumours but still weigh them for merit? Can we ask questions without being screamed at?

Can we please, PLEASE, quit shouting and take responsibility for our own belief and acknowledge the rights of others not to share it. Loud voices are not always right, they’re just loud. An anonymous crowd can be just one person over an over again.

Be smart. Reject toxicity and baiting and question endless dangling of facts that may never materialise. Believe what you will. But believe wisely, not blindly

It’s what Mulder and Scully would want.