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i fully understand the urge to justify accessibility elements with their value to nondisabled people, but i think it’s important for us to think long and hard about why that’s happening

yes, sign languages are valuable for communicating when you have to be quiet. yes, image descriptions are useful when you have a computer that loads slowly. yes, captioning is nice when you can’t play the sound on a video because you’re in a quiet space. but i honestly don’t give a shit

those things are awesome, that’s great, but that’s not their main purpose. and if you have to justify making the spaces you’re in more accessible to disabled people on the grounds that it also might in some situations possibly be useful to some nondisabled people, you need to seriously examine the way you’re considering accessibility and disability and the value and insight of disabled people

you need to consider why “some nondisabled people might be convenienced by this” is a better reason for you to do something than “this does the base-level amount of work required to let disabled people into a space at all.”

30 Days of #Multitwewy is a 30 day prompt project in which you are called to create fanart of any kind (fanfiction and fanart) mixing TWEWY - The World Ends With You (DS) with a popular video game. Starting date: June 24th, 2017.

For the next 30 days create fanart using a daily prompt. Do anything you want with the prompt. Have the TWEWY characters dressed as or interact with the characters of the prompt. Have them fight bosses or using items and equipment of other famous game series. Draw the TWEWY cast in the art style of other games. Seriously, anything your mind can think of and put on paper. If you miss a day, it’s ok, there is no strictness sticking with the particular day and prompt. If you want to mix the days and prompts, great! Just make something awesome!

I tried to include a variety of games and genres and I hope you like them. Sorry if something you love is not in the list.

All fanart should include TWEWY mixed with any game given in the prompts and not contain nsfw or gore (I know you can make Slent Hll and Resident Evil fanart without violence or gore and blood). Do not forget to tag your posts with #multitwewy & #twewy & #thegameyoumixitwith. Reblog and share this everywhere. Seriously, share this everywhere, we need as many people participating as possible, think of all the amazing fanart this can bring.

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oh god thank you so much for those redraws, your Gladstone actually looks like Gladstone- also, can I ask why you designed him with that little extra mark/break in his left eyebrow? it looks cool, like an invisible scar! just wondered if there was something more to it

oh shucks, thanks buddy I am so glad you like it (also thanks everyone those tags are sustaining my mortal soul) as for the eyebrow- kind of amazed you picked up on that but yeah! I thought it’d be neat if he had a tiny bit of scar tissue that broke up the eyebrow, but which could just pass as a normal trait

honestly partly it’s because I wanted a little asymmetry to break up the heavy eyebrow/eyeliner combo (I did consider giving him an eyebrow piercing but went for this instead), but with the whole super-unlucky-birthday thing that came from Sign of the Triple Distelfink I kind of liked the idea that there was some physical evidence that Gladstone had been unlucky at some point; especially something plainly visible and yet something that nobody but Gladstone himself would even notice. Where better to put that than on his face?

~ FYI for New Simblrs ~

I see a lot of these asks with other Simmers and in the distant past have had a few too. New to the Simblr world and want to start a Simming blog that is popular etc. Now I’m not a hugely popular Simblr, I have around 3600 followers I think. They’re far bigger out there, but the main advice is this;


Whatever you absolutely adore be it Vulcans/Star Trek (like me), Berry Sims like @berrysweetboutique, super hyper colourful aliens like @divadoom, chill Maxis Match like @servobride, loving everything with alpha and Maxis Match like @maimouth or maybe you’re more into Vampires or horror stories or reality TV like @quiddity-jones. Maybe your passion is storytelling, which can be done MANY different ways using the game we all love. Choose what you adore and you can’t go wrong, that will show in your imagery etc.


Can’t say this enough. New to Simblr? Notice how other people tag their posts. It gives your followers a choice to follow some posts and avoid others. Also tags can be used for people being able to find a story or legacy etc super easily on your Tumblr. Lastly, don’t tag anything as a custom content (s4CC) post if it’s not. That’s just begging for people to be pissed off with you.

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lmfao do not tag 'photographers on tumblr' unless you're a real photographer.

this is probably my favorite snarky anon comment genre.

you CAN’T be something - unless you are a “real” something.

I always want to know:

  • OK so what are the guidelines?!?! 
  • How do I know if I am a “real” photographer?
  • I also tagged the photo “musicians on tumblr” …so…that is OK? WHY?
  • How do I qualify to be a “real” musician, but not a “real” photographer?
  • Why is someone so perturbed by this? Watching my blog so very closely and reading every tag? WTF?!?!

lmfao indeed - perhaps when you mature a little bit you will see how silly this ”outrage” is? If not - you might wanna take a break and perhaps read about human behavior - try to understand your own motivations here. Maybe someone shut YOU down and now you feel the need to lash out at others that TRY?

My only real concern is that someone might take it seriously and decide they don’t want to take the chance of trying because some little kid sends an anonymous comment that makes them feel like they CAN’T do something. I’m used to this stuff - a lot of people aren’t able to brush it off.

Such strange behavior…

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Alright. Real talk. Where is this boy's modelling career hiding at? He looks fucking flawless in every shoot, how has he not been approached yet. And, to quote John Mayer Liam's 'body is a wonderland'.


You don’t just come in here and talk about Model Liam and John Mayer’s Body is a wonderland and fuck me up, no. But seriously, Calvin Klein has one fucking job????? And it’s not like this is recent, because aside from the emotional ROLLACOASTER these pics have been and like I actually have tags like ‘Where are Liam’s modelling contracts’ so you like, asked for this 

To quote Mayer, “Something about the way the hair falls in your face” fjnfklnlfkf

But Liam’s been serving them model looks since the start

He’s just walkingin trackies and a tee but that poise


Rmr 1Dday, birth of unofficial Model!Liam

jhnfjkfnhkj HE’S ON STAGE


I need ta send this Pap a fruit basket for this capture!!!!

Red Carpet



My best friends birthday is coming up soon and she really friggen loves Kermit. I wanted to do something special for her and I need your help! I am asking you to either send in fan art or maybe and edit or video. Anything of your choice just Something related to Kermit.
The deadline to get your work in is august tenth but the earlier the better.
Extra information if needed~
~her name is Winter
~make sure your work has something to do with Kermit.
~do NOT tag me in it because I probably won’t be able to find it. Send it in my inbox.
~be artistic. Make memes. Anything funny or cool with your work just don’t make it too inappropriate.
~I will most likely put all entries on a CD or something. (It depends on how many I get)
~seriously. Be creative. She likes puns and memes.
I will be shouting out and following everyone person who sends me their work. I will also post/tag my favourite entries. Remember the deadline is august tenth. Make sure to tell me if you need anymore information. Thank you everyone! Make sure to tell your friends. I want as many Kermit related posts as I can get. Have a nice day!

Every Question Has a Solution

Being Question sidekick but been forced to move in with the Teen Titans for a bit.

Relationship: Teammates, Budding Relationship.

Fandom: DC Comics. TT V JL

Character: Damian

“You’re joking.” You looked at your faceless mentor after he told you that you would be going to live with the Teen Titans because he had an important mission and didn’t know how long it would last.

“I’m not joking. You will be staying with the Titans.”

“This is unfair Q! I take care of myself. I did it before I met you and I will do it after!” You heard the older man sigh as he looked down at you. You could never read his facial expression since he never took off the mask around you.

“Y/N, please. I know I don’t say it a lot but I want you safe. You are very close to my heart.” Your face softens after he spoke.

“Fine. I will do.” You couldn’t see but under the mask, he smiled. Pulling you into a hug his hand ran over your hair.

“Batman will pick you up.”

“Great.” You said with clear sarcasm.

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Types of ships

The OTP This is the big one. The number one ship. The One True Pairing. This can change over time and people-ironically-often have a bunch of otps, especially in fandoms with a lot of characters. Everything about this ship will be reblogged and reviewed and kudos will be left. Usually not a rare pair. If this is canon, you are very lucky, and probably have a lot of fellow shippers. 

The I-Ship-it You like this ship. It’s on your shipping page. You reblog cute photos of them if you like the picture. You read and leave kudos on work, but rarely a comment. You like them, but not that much This is rare pair territory.  

The I-See-It You are okay with this ship. No strong feelings either way, but if you find a picture with them in it, and it’s really well done, you might reblog it, or just like it. It’s all right as a side pairing in a fanfic, but bigger ones, you will probably pass over, unless it’s a very good one. 

The Meh You really don’t care. If canon, it never garnered your attention enough to make you interested or not interested. Don’t really see it or care for it, but don’t actively dislike it, either.  

The I-Don’t-See-It You aren’t really a fan of this ship. You don’t see what’s to like, and, frankly, it makes you roll your eyes when you see others gushing over it. You probably won’t ever read a fanfiction with this as a main pair, but if it’s a side pair, you guess you might let it slide. 

(I-See-It, Meh, and I-Don’t-See-It can often slide and are more or less fluid, sometimes dependent upon canon and your own mood. All three can be considered ‘Rare Pair territory’)

The I-Don’t-Ship-It We’re getting into ‘ew’ territory. You tag your impressions of this ship with ‘ship hate’’ just in case. You don’t really like talking about it, and you’ll scroll right past any pictures of them. This could be the make or break part of a fanfiction, and it makes your day worse to hear or think about them. 

The NOTP You hate this ship. Anything you have to say on this will be ship hate and if you don’t tag, you’ll end up with angry anons in your box. This will be on your blacklist, and any fanficion with it will be passed right by, thank you very much. You’re not in the mood for throwing up your dinner. If this is canon, you are truly in hell. 

Others (Note: These may or may not fit into a category above, or into multiple categories. Some will overlap.)

The Will-Everyone-Please-Stop-Talking-About-this You didn’t really care for this ship. Or maybe you even grudgingly liked it and had to admit that it was good. But the fandom is so obsessed with talking about it that it’s become the thorn in your side. You hate this ship with a vengeance and you are so don’t with hearing about it from literally everyone you know. 

The I-Only-Ship-This-Because-It’s-Canon You don’t really like this ship on it’s own, and you probably wouldn’t ship it, except it’s canon, and they get along really good together in canon, if they actually wouldn’t anywhere else. You put it on your ship list because it’s Canon.

The Canon-But-Still-NOTP You are in hell and probably hate yourself and the entire fandom. You get your own slot because I pity you.

The I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This You’re the only person to ship this. What else is there to say? Everything is barren and you and the “Canon Notps” sit and grumble together. 

The Rare-Pair All in all, this might not actually be capable of being called a rare pair, but not a lot of people ship it and you praise god when you find yourself in the company of someone else who ships it. You can count yourself luckier then the “I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This” because. Well. You are. At least you’ve got one or two, they don’t even have that. 

The I-Can-Respect-This You don’t ship it yourself, but you respect it, and even find it cute sometimes. You could find this slipping into otp category if you liked the personal characters more. 

The I-Find-This-Morally-Wrong Whatever you might find morally wrong, this ship has it! Especially if it’s canon. People who still ship it really tick you off, and it’s probably on your blacklist. Or, you might be very outspoken and make this a public campaign! Weather or not people acknowledge that the ship is bad, they still shouldn’t ship it. Look, I can respect this, but please tag your ship hate. It’s getting really annoying. 

The I-Love-Them-As-Enemies. Look, let’s face it. These two will never work out as a couple. But you love the dynamics and whenever they fight or you read something where they’re enemies, something inside you gets fluttery. 

The I-Love-To-Hate-This You hate this ship, but you love to hate it. It’s..not really something you can explain. You love to make ship hate posts and debate about it all day. You probably have other ships for the characters involved. 

The I-Hate-To-Love-This Maybe something about them you find gross, or morally wrong, or they’re canonly awful, but, you still ship them. You ship them as you cry and apologize to everyone. You mutter about how you shouldn’t hate them and occasionally make posts that you find yourself needing to tag ship hate. You’re the first in line to tell everyone how awful it is, and you’re probably hypocritical. 

The How-Did-This-Get-Here No. Seriously. You probably don’t even like the characters. But. Still. The ship is there, on your shipping page. You don’t even remember putting it there. 

The You’re-So-Pretty-Together Aesthetically pleasing, you love to see them kiss, but you probably don’t read fanfiction about them because you realize that they’re not actually going to work out. They really do look good together, though. 

The That-Character-Isn’t-Attracted-To-Them You guess it might work, but canon/headcanon decrees that it won’t, because person A (at least) Isn’t attracted to person B. This won’t end up on your shipping page. 

The Why You do not understand this ship. It confuses and concerns you. Why do people ship it? Why do so many people ship it? You’re scared and losing faith in your fandom. 

The Why-Do-We-All-Ship-This You have yet to meet someone in the fandom who does not ship it. You’re not sure why everyone ships it. You find yourself shipping it. Is this even canon? Does anyone care? It’s creeping up on the Rare Pair lover. It’s going to get us all, someday. You’ve already succumbed. 

The One-Ship-Everyone-Agrees-On All right, this isn’t a given for every fandom, and it might not even be for two persons. It might be two items, or a person and a food.  But there it’s ‘canon’ and everyone agrees on it.  

The My-Friend-Made-Me-Ship-It Honestly, you still aren’t even sure if you really ship it. But, it’s constantly on your dash because of one or more of your friends, and their constant love of and talk of the ship has slowly but surely won your (Possibly begrudging or resentful) acceptance. 

And, finally. 

The I’ll-Ship-This-Until-The-Day-I-Die Look. You might not care about the characters. You might not even care for the ship. Or you might adore both the characters and the ship, or one or the other. But nothing, canon or otherwise, will make you not ship this. You get personally offeneded when people don’t ship this. Even when you leave the fandom, you’re still going to ship it. You won’t ever escape. 

The I’ll-Never-Ship-This-Even-If-That-Means-Death You might love both the characters, or neither, or just one, but one thing is clear. This ship will never work. You might not care enough to even put this on your notp list. But you won’t ever ship it. Nothing can make you ship it. You might not even care if others ship it, or you might cringe every time you hear about someone else shipping it. But no matter what, you won’t ever ship this in any way, shape, or form. 

I was all happy in Tumblr when I decided to check the batb tag.

Guys. Listen. I understand if you don’t like a ship. I understand if you think your ship is the best and the other one is trash. I understand if you think all the people who ship it must read a bible or something. But
Keep it to yourself.

Don’t you see you’re only creating a bad ambient?

Where’s the need in trying to make us feel bad?

It really annoys me the fact that there’s an anti gafou tag. Seriously, grow up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just respected each other and everyone’s ships?

Ensemble Stars Superpower AU


-I actually made this list just for fun, not wanting people to take it very seriously. If you want to take some ideas of it for your work (fanart/fanfic), you don’t need to tag me or anything (only if you want, of course), I’ll just be so happy if you would send me a link of it, but you don’t really need to. It only will make my day happier~

-If you don’t like something about and you want to change it for your work, I don’t really care, feel free to do whatever you want~

-If any of this superpowers resembles too much of any power of an official work, you don’t need to tell me, I actually was pointed out when making it and I also looked it up to see from where it can be also from. As I said, you can ALWAYS change it at your will.

-It was originally made to be a bnha AU, but I changed it to make the options wider and have more freedom about the universe. But you can change that.

A little about the universe:

-The original units of the game here are separated as training groups.

-The idols in the game are in this universe in the superpower course. It’s divided into two sub courses, the fighting course and the social help course. Some people go on both, and some just go to one of them, depending on their power. The special corp. course only learns to fight and improve their powers on battle. They normally turn into superheroes or work in the military. The social help course uses their power on normal jobs to help people. They normally turn into detectives, doctors, firefighters etc.


Electric Manipulation: He’s not very strong, but he can use it good in battles. He also pranks people by burning down lamps and shutting down electronics.  


Light Materialization: This power can turn strong light beams into fine glass-like shards and sticks, which he normally fights using it like a sword, throwing knives or shield. People do confuse it with Ice Manipulation, since it looks very similar and his family is specialized with Ice. Since its weakness is darkness he teams up with Subaru quite a lot.


Time Traveler: He can travel for a short time back in the past. The maximum he did was going back to one week, but everything changed so drastically that he swore to himself to never going back more than 3 days.


Technological Manipulation: He can manipulate any sorta of digital objects that he has his hands on. It’s more of an Electric power but he can’t lash out like Subaru does, since it’s made for very precise work. He uses it more for investigation, but he’s working to use it in battle.


Mental Manipulation: It’s much like a hypnosis, but stronger, he can manipulate someone actions and speech entirely by a simple touch on the forehead for a good time being. He also can read someone’s mind when using it, but he prefers to use it for good causes. Nowadays he only uses it when Koga goes into rampage modus in his wolf form.  


Wolf Transformation: He transforms his body into a wolf creature. It’s very large and powerful, but if Koga is very enraged in this form, he can go into rampage modus, attacking everything, not caring if it’s a enemy or friend. Rei helps him to calm down.


Sand Manipulation: He attacks with loads of sands, forming into different forms. When he entered Yumenosaki he could only form scary monsters and animals, which people distanced a little from fear. Right now, he’s learning to also make cute forms and help people.  He also when his heart beats too fast from something suddenly, he can break the nearest glass into pieces.


Human Senses Manipulation: He can take out people’s sense but while doing it, he also needs to give up on one of his. People were scared before from him, since there was a rumor that you would lose that sense forever, but it was a huge lie.


Psionic: A very wide mental power, it has a bit of every mental power possible. Eichi developed this power very, very young. It’s absurdly strong, so strong that his body can’t follow it. He normally never uses it since its power is uncontrollable and he can destroy himself using it too hard. He promised to himself that when the time comes he will lash out the power and won’t look back. In a group battle challenge he already almost died.


Body Shifter (human): His power is limited to only humans that he knows the appearance. But he can imitate their exact voice, quirk and also personality.


Hypnotic Object Summoner: He can summon a wished object of the victim as a trap. If the victim falls on it (which is normally the case), they fall into a hypnosis state. Since he doesn’t like to fight at all, Yuzuru does the rest of the dirty work.  


Shadow Manipulation: He can only manipulate his own shadow, but also can stretch it and make it into a physical 3D form. The range depends on how much light is falling, making it 50m long in the normal sunlight. The shadow can’t be touched or hurt, but it can actually touch and grab stuff, making it very strong, but it can be lost if it’s in contact with another shadow.


Sound waves Amplifier: He uses it to make sound waves of notes so strong that it can attack someone; the notes interfere on how the attack will be (higher notes are more precise and cutting thin attacks; deeper notes are more imprecise and 360° ranged). Normally people do confuse it with Air Manipulation. He also uses outside battle and practice to help with inspiration on his songs even when his group members forbid him since he normally destroys stuff when doing it.


Weather Manipulation: A very difficult power to use freely, but they master it perfectly. It also can’t be used all time since it can bring nature into chaos, which is a good excuse for them not to train in school.


Ice Manipulation: A charming power, he uses it mostly to make cool shapes in battle. He’s powerful, but he makes his mistakes when nervous.  He also projects random ice thorns on his body when startled or when he sneezes.


Telekinesis: Very common power on his lineage, but he still needs to learn a lot. He can at maximum lift cars. It’s also very tiring so he doesn’t use that often outside battle and practices.


Dream Wanderer: A Very strong power, but not very effective in battle. He normally uses it to discover people’s subconscious and make his strategies. He also needs to be asleep when using it but the victim doesn’t need it. He also only attends the sub course of Social Help.


Neon Manipulation: He manipulates the gas neon, he can store it on his body and shoot strong lasers.


Plasma Manipulation: Likely his brother, but their resource is different. He also prefers to shoot discs than lasers and can make a force field, but it still needs improvement.


Puppetering: He can control any power of another person that he laces his strings on. The only weakness is that he can’t control the victim’s power if the person doesn’t have the mental consensual. He also is in control of Mika’s power most of the time, so he can’t use his power in its full form, but in a very small fracture of it.


Magic Eye: His Power comes from his eye and it’s so strong and unstable, that Shu needs to control it with his Puppetering Power.  They’re working on Mika to finally control it alone, but he feels too attached to Shu, so he deep down doesn’t want to improve and is afraid of Shu leaving him.


Fire Manipulation: A powerful young man, who in the past was very scared of using his powers because he could burn people very easily. He learned a lot over the years and now pretty much controls it perfectly.


Plant Manipulation: He can use his power to make plants grow and move at his will. He’s still learning a lot since a lot of plants demand positive energy to control, and he pretty much lacks on it.


Waterkinesis: Very, very powerful mysterious young man. Rumors say that he can even lift the whole ocean if he wanted. But he normally uses his power to play on the school’s fountain.


Smoke Shifter: He can turn his body and everything he’s holding into smoke, making him an excellent young fighter. But he also turns into his smoke form unconsciously when startled or sad.  


Super Strength: He is very new to his power, since he bloomed very late. He looks up to Kuro who helps him to master it since their powers are similar.


Magic Archery: With a bow, he projects powerful light arrows on his fouls. He also has a very precise aim.  He normally doesn’t fight, since it’s still a very slow art of fighting.


Corporal Boost: He can boost the speed and power of his arms and legs to give very powerful punches and kicks. But since he’s very pacific, he normally doesn’t use it to attack anyone. He also teaches Tetora to make him stronger.


Liquidify Metal Power: He can turn any metal into liquid and make it back to solid at will. He also can manipulate and shape it very easily, almost making it a Metal Manipulation Power. He knows that people could use his power for bad things so he learned to have a very strong mind against any mental manipulations.


Body Shifter (Weapon): He can turn his body parts into any kind of weapon (mostly made by metal). His favorite weapons are long ranged machinery. He’s extremely talented, so he doesn’t train with a group but actually helps groups to train.


Super Jump: Very talented and hard working, he turned miserable very long jumps into too-fast-for-the-human-eye super jumps. Mitsuru says that even him can’t follow Nazuna sometimes.


Healing: It’s a very good power but he’s still very young. He can heal Medium-sized wounds, but he still struggles with sicknesses and large wounds. He needs days to complete it. He also is only in the Social Help course.


Animal Whisperer: He can talk with any kind of animal and he’s very good on that. Since it’s not a battling power, he pretty much only stays in the Social Help course.


Super Speed: He can run in a super fast speed, but he is still learning, so he can’t keep up with Nazuna’s super jumps. He also is very careless, making him trip over things while running.


Divination: He was a pretty talented boy, but on the second year Eichi had a small incident and Tsumugi was mentally affected. He can’t use his powers since then, but Natsume helps on that by stealing his blocked powers.


Soul Reader: He can read people souls and know exactly their weakness. He has a little problem by reading very strong power users, he describes as seeing the person having fog around them all the time. But only Natsume knows about this.


Power Stealing: He can steal any power he wants, only by a simple touch, but he can maximum use it for a minute. He pretty much uses Tsumugi power to know the things since Tsumugi has a block. He also respects Eichi’s deadly power and he swore to himself to never steal his power and possibly die.

I’ll be adding separate characters sheets for everyone if it gets popular or you can always send me a request for one character sheet and I’ll do it as soon as possible.

Maybe I’ll change the post in the future.

Last Update: 05.10.17

Daily Self-Love and Healing Pt. 2

Tuesday - Sacral Energy: Pleasure and Identity

The sacral energy is all about pleasure and enjoyment in yourself. For those of us who deal with mental illness, feeling any sort of happiness can seem intimidating or downright laughable. This series is all about both practical and spiritual ways to help heal your body and soul. I’m working to include tools from various types of therapies in order to make this a good tool not just for myself but for others who struggle with a variety of mental illnesses as well. (Seriously, some of these prompts are taken from DBT worksheets.)

Some awesome tags on my last post pointed out that not everything here will work for everyone, especially those with Cluster-B Personality Disorders, some of these things can set off imposter syndrome or depersonalization. Find what works for you, and feel free to adjust these suggestions as you need to. 


  • Drink a glass of water. Set a timer if you have to. Sacral energy is apparently related to the water element, so this is something that both physically and spiritually helps this energy.
  • Masturbate, if that’s your thing. 
  • Take a shower!!
  • Brush your teeth
  • Put on music you like and dance
  • Go out in the sunshine (or use a heat lamp if you have it)
  • Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself
  • Alternatively, wear no clothes and appreciate your body
  • Journal!! 
    • Prompt: How do I currently feel about my body and myself? Write out all of what you feel, good and bad.
    • Prompt: What are five true things that I like about myself?
    • Identify a judgment you have about yourself. Describe reasons for letting this judgment go. Write out a replacement for this judgment with descriptions of facts, consequences, or preferences. Identify acts/words/imagery that helps you let go of this judgment. Remember not to judge your judging! Write out any changes you see in your emotions or acceptance while you practice non-judgment.
  • Identify healthy boundaries you want in your life. Think about practical ways to implement them.


  • Mediate! 
  • If you want to focus on a color, focus on the color orange. 
  • Do a self-love ritual or glamour
  • Foods for this energy:
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Carrots
    • Pumpkin
    • Sunflower (seeds)
  • Herbs for this energy
    • Calendula
    • Cinnamon
    • Coriander
    • Fennel
    • Gardenia
    • Licorice
    • Vanilla
    • Carob
    • Red raspberry leaf
  • Crystals for this energy
    • Carnelian
    • Fire agate
    • Red coral
    • Orange calcite
    • Amber
    • Peach moonstone
    • Garnet
    • Tiger’s eye
    • Sunstone (a personal fave of mine)
    • Bloodstone
  • Affirmations: Affirmations can be helpful to repeat while meditating to keep you focused. For some, affirmations may not work, and that’s okay! Find what works for you! Here are a handful of good affirmations for your Tuesday Sacral meditation!
    • I love and enjoy my body.
    • My sexuality is good and valid. 
    • My gender is good and valid.
    • I am stronger than dysphoria. (Affirm your gender!)
    • I am emotionally healthy.
    • I create and keep healthy boundaries.
    • I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take. 
    • I take good care of my physical body.
    • My sexuality is sacred.
    • My gender is sacred.
    • I let go of shame and guilt.
    • I love and enjoy myself.
    • I am at peace. 
  • Thank the Universe/Deity(ies) of choice for your body and emotions. 
  • Ask your power/being of choice for help in being emotionally healthy and confident.

anonymous asked:

Great job at attempting to make my ask look bi-homophobic, but nah. I'm not having any of that. Laxus wasn't written into males and that is what I defend. Respect towards how he was written. By badass I mean that he needs no romance. And I am just tired of seeing this whole Fraxus fandom screaming "omg!!! fraxus!!" at literally nothing. Your evidence is literally Laxus protecting his friends, Freed included, because he is his FRIEND. But there is literally zero attraction there. Chill already.

Yikes. Honey, I think you’re the one who needs to chill… You literally jumped back into my ask-box with more hate messages mere minutes after I posted an ask that you sent me last night. Like, just how much are you stalking my blog?

Btw, I never tried to make you look bi/homophobic – that’s on you, bud. But, hey…

It’s actually hilarious that you’re this ironically and hypocritically bent out of shape about Fraxus shippers (enjoying a fictional pairing within their own tags, mind you) and claiming our content as “nothing”, when all of the female-featuring Laxus ships are largely fabricated from heteronormativity, initially based merely on a chapter cover or Laxus’ pre-developed sexist deviancy. 😂 You’re arguing that you don’t care about romance now, but then why did you care enough to message me about it in the first place?

Also, you realise that ships fundamentally originate from one party being vocally affectionate and showcasing or stating their feelings for another character, right? In this case, Freed is confirmed to have such for Laxus. So, already, Fraxus holds more canon weight with that factor alone than any of the other Laxus pairings. 🤔 Additionally, they have the most moments and (obviously) interaction. But here’s the argument that apparently went over your narrow-minded head – Fraxus have moments that parallel some of the other FT pairings; by this, I’m trying to get at how that they would be approved and accepted if either one were of the opposite sex (still based on said same moments, as similar scenes are enough for the other couples to be shipped because of).

Now, I won’t bite and detail the evidence of every Fraxus moment in canon, since that’s partly already been done by others and – in brief with some scenes (1 & 2) – myself before. But take a read of those more recent panels I’ve provided with the accompanying analysis alone, then attempt to argue that they don’t mirror moments other ships (in and out of FT) have had or that they wouldn’t be embraced & supported as a pretty much unquestionable pairing if one of them were female. 🙃

“Laxus wasn’t written into males and that is what I defend. Respect towards how he was written.” Ok. 😑 [ 1 ] You’ve never studied media, huh? It’s common sense and perceptible from any medium – and, you know, society – that same-sex [relation]ships are treated with subtly, implied rather than emphatically stated and held to a much different standard than straight pairs (1 & 2). Characters that never express attraction are still labelled as heterosexual and even heavily coded queer characters have their presented sexuality erased by some readers/viewers because such hasn’t been declared literatim, even though nobody expects it from straight roles. Sexuality is still a very controversial subject – as any scholar or study in this field will tell you – as such, creators shy away from heavily depicting it, due to fear of backlash. Plus, marriage equality is still illegal in Japan and male/male relationships are particularly an issue in shonen especially. [ 2 ] There is nothing in canon that suggests Laxus isn’t “into” Freed, as I’ve stated before – he reads as male-leaning biromantic (with Freed) and female-leaning bisexual (with Cana & Lucy). His deepest relationship (alongside his bond with Makarov) is with Freed, and their scenes convey the same tones that Gaj/evy (& others) had [before G/L’s canonisation in 487]. [ 3 ] How about instead of “respect” towards how you’ve personally perceived that fictional character to be written, you respect the tagged opinions of others who are passionate about both the ship and the mentioned sexualities because it’s important to them, perhaps hits close to home/provides representation and maybe because they simply enjoy a cute pairing?

You know, this is the exact reason why I stayed out of the Fairy Tail fandom for so long… Guess what? Some people are actually capable of seeing opinions they don’t like and having the maturity and willpower to not harass someone over some fictional pairings! Crazy, right? 😱 Seriously, it’s that simple, dude. Hey, don’t like something? Roll your eyes and move on! Block tags that you’re so strongly adverse to, damn. Speaking of which, I don’t need this negativity, so consider yourself and your multiple Fraxus & sexuality-insulting (whether you intend for them to come across as such or not) messages blocked. 👋🏼 Bye, Felicia.

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Stop wasting your talent on this Sasuke x Naruto crap! Sasuke belongs with Sakura, the fucking ending proves it! What you should be doing is actually writing about them and stop helping people to validate a pairing that will never fucking exist!

Originally posted by rolandlimerence

No seriously what is this, though? My synapse just misfired, can’t comprehend. I should write what you want you meant?

Originally posted by uzumakijk

I might not really be a part of the fandom, but i’m going give you another response 

Originally posted by georgetakei

^_^ ^_^…by the way, you stalking the sasunaru tags to see my posts or something? You really need to get your priorities straight love.


People who give ship hate, seriously get a (excuse my French) fucking life. I don’t know how many posts and basic human values will make you get some logic into that head of yours.
One just wants to get into their ship tag and see cool stuff, not flooding with hate and anti hate posts (which are necessary but wouldn’t be needed if you were reasonable).

IT’S. FICTION. It doesn’t go beyond it. So get a puppy or learn how to knit but get your ass do something better rather than be a coward bored asshole who just wants to waste people time by doing hate.

I tried to be rational but I’m fucking tired of this crap.

Okay, I don’t want to make this long, but there’s a reason I’m disappearing for longer periods of time lately, and its not work.

A lot o things have been happening in the community lately, and one of those things is hate.

There has been so much hate going around that it’s getting exhausting. So many wonderful people have received gate mail, lots of them angst writers. This is so harmful and toxic, I really don’t think I’d be able to stop if I went into an explanation of why this needs to end.

If you do not like a persons writing, or you do not like what they write about: block them, black list tags that trigger you, or simply skip over their posts if they somehow appear on your blog. Seriously, you have the choice before you send hate to someone, and you need to realize that the right choice is to not send hate.

This was such a loving, caring community, honestly one of the bigger reasons I joined, but I’m so sick of seeing all the hate around and I’m starting to just avoid things. If I haven’t messaged you back, I’m sorry, if I haven’t reblogged something you wanted me to see I’m sorry, if I haven’t answered your ask I’m sorry, but I’m so tired of the hate guys. I’m so tired.

I’m not leaving, don’t think that, I still have lots of things I love about the community, but I may be on a little less because this is all just becoming a bit too much for me.

I want everyone to stay safe, do what you have to in order to keep a happy, safe blog and piece of mind.



Honestly, most people come here with requests because they didn’t bookmark a fic they really loved, and it resulted in them losing it. If you don’t have an AO3 account, request one! It’s the current #1 platform for fanfiction and it’s only going onwards and upwards, so you may as well join in while you can. I know feedback can be scary, but bookmarking is so important for not just authors, but for you (and even us! Believe it or not, we often rely on other people’s bookmarks to find certain fics.)

Bookmarking on AO3 is brilliant, as it works similarly to a tumblr reblog and you can add your own tags. I do this when I read fics so that if I ever need to find it again but it isn’t tagged well, no worries, ‘cause I’ve added my own appropriate tags! This is how I often use other people’s bookmarks to find something, and how I filter my own bookmarks for future use on the blog. It’s really, really handy.

It’s also something people constantly forget about. There is a whole separate filter system on AO3 for your bookmarks. USE IT! It’s amazing, fantastic, next level, and AO3 has SERIOUSLY raised the bar for fanfiction archives across the internet.

If you get anxious about leaving feedback in the form of a bookmark, just don’t think of it like that. Think of it as reblogging something on tumblr. You tag a post, and you go back onto your blog in order to find it maybe a year later. You don’t think of it as feedback, you think of it as archiving. This is the same principle the blog follows - we’re not just recommending and leaving feedback, we’re primarily archiving fanfictions with as good a tagging and search system as tumblr can provide. Stick with this mindset and I promise, you’ll probably never lose that favourite fic again. You know, the uh, the one with the grinding and choking and the paddle spanking and - yeah, maybe it’s more nerve-wracking to ask FYEF for it than to bookmark and tag!

Remember to keep up to date on FYEF’s [AO3 Guide]. Next up… how about that tagging system, eh? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it all. 

  • Magnus: knock knock
  • Alec: *leans forward* who's there?
  • Magnus: *also leans forward* Magnus
  • Alec: *grinning* Magnus who?
  • Magnus: Magnus who asked you to do the dishes 2 weeks ago! *throws sponge at Alec's head*
  • Alec: *looks around* Blueberry I need your help with something!
I Just Met Him

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1505

Warnings: Starting college, leaving home, fluff.

A/N: This may or may not become a 2+ parter if I can think of where I want it to go >.< Written for @thinkwritexpress ‘s College AU challenge.

(Also this is my 1500th post - yay me!)

This was it. You sat in the front seat of your dad’s car looking up and the huge campus building that would be your home for the next year. You had never been away from home before; hell, you’d never been far from your small town before, but here you were, about to start on this crazy journey. Your parents were as excited as you were and you were pretty damn excited and soon they were helping you unload the car, each of you holding a box to take to your room.

The entire building was buzzing with people, lost parents and their kids trying to find their room. Finding your corridor you headed in search of your door, your mum and dad following you. The doors of some people who had already arrived were wedged open and you could see your new neighbours busying around their rooms. While looking for the number on the piece of paper the helper gave you this morning, you found yourself looking straight into the room of a tall, broad shouldered guy. He was moving boxes of books from the floor to his desk, and as he spun round to check he has them all, he saw you. Smiling, you look down, not realising you’ve stopped walking until you feel your dad’s box hit your back as he didn’t notice you’d stopped either.

“Hi,” he grins at you, his green eyes glinting and you look back up at him.

Keep reading