seriously you guise this is fun!

Hello Whovians! Thanks for watching the Doctor Who Christmas special ‘Last Christmas’ along with us and following our liveblog! We hope you didn’t miss out on too many Christmas things!

(Maybe the TARDIS can take us back to the beginning of the episode so we can watch it again)

If you’re watching on BBC America, stay tuned for last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor! We’ll be hanging out in the tags a little bit longer to reblog your reactions, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet don’t turn those spoiler tags off (or scroll down. Definitely don’t scroll down!) Seriously, a lot of stuff happens in this episode and we don’t want you guise to get spoiled. That wouldn’t be a nice way to end your Christmas. 

(Same) [x]

We’re still tagging our ‘Last Christmas’ posts with #DW Spoilers and #Last Christmas so you can still block those tags with XKit or Tumblr Savior.