seriously you can hear his voice

So the new A Series of Unfortunate Events is wonderful and brilliant and has such a great aesthetic to it, but there’s one major issue I have with it

And that’s that every time Lemony Snicket opens his mouth all I can hear is Kronk

or worse

the asshole boyfriend from the Bee Movie

Okay We Can’t Go A Day Longer Without Talking About This...

I’ve touched on this briefly before but it’s time for a full post about it.


I feel like the biggest thing that has not been addressed properly this season is how fucking terrified Killian Jones is of losing his true love. Like ever since that soul-crushing episode in season four where he verbalized both his happy ending and the fact that he must be doomed to lose it because of his past villainy, I seriously think he’s been worried every single day, is this the day I’m going to lose her? That kind of constant anxiety would be taxing on any person, but imagine a person who has literally lost everyone they’ve ever held dear. Not to mention he’s already lost Emma to darkness and has also been separated from her by death. Can you imagine how scared he is about this vision situation? Do you hear the crack of terror in his voice when she disappears from Granny’s? He’s so worried and scared and probably feels sick to his stomach. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Emma kept the vision of her death from him for a while. He had literally just come back to life and finally escaped that constant anxiety and was happy for a minute, and she knew telling him about the vision would start all of his fears back up again. Killian Jones has had such a rough life and has worked so hard to redeem himself and all he is rewarded with is the threat of people he loves being taken away. This hurts me and it needs to stop please. 

Person who can’t even sing: LMAO HE CAN’T SING HIS VOICE ALWAYS CRACKS


Seriously i don’t want to hear anyone of you say louis can’t sing BECAUSE HE FUCKING CAN!!! And he’s the strongest and kindest human being i love him


Requested: one where ur on ur period and u have cramps?


Your name: submit What is this?


“Y/n, wake up,” Your boyfriend says, shaking you.

As he has pulled you from your sleep, the first thing you notice is pain in your abdomen, which you immediately identify as cramps. You aren’t usually a morning person, but you already know that this morning you’ll be even less of a morning person than normal.

“Y/n,” Shawn says again.

“No,” You groan in response.

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Jealousy can break the moon Part 1

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee

Lucid belongs to @inashibe

Muffin belongs to @mkitkat

Nerd and Jock AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge


Lucid was walking down the halls. He was on his way to his locker, when he heared two familiar voices. He hid behind one of the lockers.

“So, what do you think?” it was Muffin from the welcomming commitee and next to him was … “Yes, I like that idea” it was Moonlight. His boyfriend. And they were giggeling together. There wasn’t anything seriouse  about the situation until … Muffin gave Moonlight a kiss on his cheek. He waved goodbye and left Moonlight and a very angry Lucid behind.

Lucid came out of his hiding spot and was now face to face with Moonlight. “Oh, hey babe. How are you?” Moonlight asked smiling. “What were you and Muffin talking about?” he asked a little stern. Moonlight still smiled “Oh, nothing seriouse. We were just chatting about the new exchange students” “Nothing more?” he glared. Moonlight seemed to notice now that something’s wrong. “Are you oka-”

Lucid slammed him against the wall, but instead of hurting him he began kissing him. Moonlight was a little surprised, but kissed back, wrapping his arms around Lucid’s neck. Lucid smirked, he was going to have a good time.

Gladly, there weren’t any students around, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t change. He pulled away, making Moonlight wimper quietly. “How about we go somewhere more private?” Lucid asked. Moonlight’s mood emmediatly lightened up. Lucid took his hand and they went into the storage room wich wasn’t in use anymore.

Lucid locked the door and went back to his lover. “So, where were we?” he asked lifting Moonlight’s shirt up. “L-Lucy?!” Moonlight didn’t really know if it was smart to do something like that in school. They’d be busted if anyone heared them.

“What’s wrong my love? Scared~?” “I-it would be our end if we get caught!” “You worry too much” Lucid said and began kissing him again, his hands trailing up and down the other’s ribs. He began playing with Moonlight’s spine, this caused him to moan into the kiss.

Lucid undid both their shorts, lifting Moonlight up who began to panick “L-Lucy it’s not a good idea d-doing that heahh~” Lucid came in hard, making moonlight scream in both pain and pleasure. “A-ah oh God *pant* Lu-Luca-ahh” Lucid kept thrusting into him, making it hard to speak.

“Do you *huf* enjoy yourself~?” Lucid asked a bit breathless. Moonlight nodded, he loved this. “Would you enjoy it *pant* even if it’s not me?” Moonlight looked at him in disbelieve. Did he really just ask…“Whaah~” Lucid gave a deep thrust “Answer me!” Moonlight has never seen him that seriouse and angry. Moonlight gave him a small kiss on his lips.

“Does this answer your question?” he asked  giving him a soft smile. He didn’t believe what he heared next.

“Well, you’re making out with every guy you meet, wich means obviously not, you little slut!”

“What did you just say about me?” Moonlight hoped there was a small little chance that he did misheared him.

“I said that I’m not the only one you’re smooching with. Oh and who knows what else you’re doing with them” That was it. Nobody could ever say something like that and come away with it. Before he knew it he slapped Lucid.

“Well, if you’re so sure about that, then why do you keep hanging around with me. Or even better, why do you keep dating me?” Moonlight was so angry at the moment, he didn’t even realize he started crying.

He grabbed his clothes and quickl left. He didn’t care that he wasn’t dressed. It wasn’t anybody on the schoolhalls anyway. He just wanted to be alone.

Infinity ; Jason Todd x Reader

Title: Infinity

Words: 1,487

Fandom: DC (BatFam)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: One of the characters is smoking and the other tries to stop it.

Warning/s: Kinda angsty??? And a few swear words??

Legend: Y/N - Your Name ; Y/E/C - Your Eye Colour


You found him, in the balcony, leaning on the railings.

    His back was to you but you knew he’s smoking. You can see the wisps of white wafting as he shakily exhales.

    “Jason,” you said, softly but loud enough for him to hear and notice the seriousness in your voice.

    Your heels clicked on the floor as you walked towards the guy who meant a lot to you. It was the only sound that could be heard in the vicinity; everyone else was left on the ballroom, dancing and having fun.

    The moon was almost hidden in the clouds tonight. It was a starless night which made the sky looked like an expanse spreading towards infinity.

    Jason took a breath of his nicotine induced stick once more, blatantly ignoring your presence.

    You took a few steps forward until your body was pressed to the railing and were beside him. He didn’t even spare you a glance despite of your physical closeness; smoking was the only thing in his mind at this moment. It seemed like even though you were side by side, you both were far apart. So close, yet so far.

    And that worried you.

    When you met him, he was a cloud of smoke- literally and figuratively. He was with his signature black leather jacket and jeans of the same colour. Sunglasses perched on top of the bridge of his nose- the lenses hiding his piercing blue eyes -and a fag in between his long fingers. His lips blew out the smoke and it clung on the air with a desperate hope of staying longer.

    He had stood behind the convenience store your aunt owns, releasing his sorrows through the fag. You found that way several times and you were intrigued by him. He always had a leather jacket on and usually a beanie adorned his head when the weather was cold. He would buy fags at the store with some other nick nacks and head to the parking lot. You would often find yourself staring through the small window at the Manager’s office to look at the man who eventually became someone special in your life although at first glance the people already close to you disapprove of him.

    The reason you liked him at first glance was the reason they disliked him.

    It was raining when you both actually interacted with each other for the first time. No, you quite remembered it wasn’t just normal, light rain. It was a full on heavy rain that pounded on windows and roofs. You swore it could’ve been a storm but none of the news stated that.

    You had been at the mall for a few hours to help a friend out with a dilemma. You were quite sure the unnamed mystery leather jacketed person then would not be there at the store since it was raining hard as fuck and you were past the time he commonly arrives there. So, the shock that ran through you was great when you almost ran over the guy you found attractive and appealing at the parking lot.

    “Goddamnit!” Jason had yelled. The cigarette he had been smoking on fell to the ground as he unexpectedly shouted. You could say that he was surprised too.

    As you immediately got out of the car, apologies rolled off your tongue. He definitely was handsome but he looked like someone you didn’t want to fight with. Your bodily strength was only used to lift up a book or open a bag of something that is food. It was seriously a joke. You couldn’t match with him. Plus, the good side of his was something you aspired to be on because you wanted to get close to him. He had been sparking up your curiosity for days already and you wanted to crack the mysterious aura of this man with a beige beanie protecting his black hair from the rain.

    “I didn’t get resurrected to be killed again… And by a fucking car no less,” he mumbled after accepting your 99th apology. That made you more interested in him, instead of brushing off that odd remark people would typically pass for something as an irrelevant comment.

    Later, after two weeks of meeting up in the parking lot of your aunt’s store, about twenty five bags of crisps, five bottles of Jack, and 16 packs of cigs (his, obviously), you learned Jason was his name and that he’s been smoking since he was nineteen. He had an addiction that started because of his attempt to escape the desolation his life brings him due to reasons he said that were too messy to be untangled and understood.

    He told you he wanted to stop but felt like couldn’t because it was his release.

    “I smoke to forget the sadness and anger,” he had claimed which means he felt this negative emotions everyday because his smoking a daily habit.

    He stopped smoking when you both became close friends. You distracted him with your talks about Nirvana and their front man Kurt Cobain, dragging him to video game shops, discussing about a certain book that the two of you enjoyed and going restaurant hopping to buy loads of food. They were measly attempts but for some reason, it worked.

    He went from smoking a pack a day to none at all.

    Seven months and two weeks of not lighting one stick and he relapsed today. Out of all the days, the relapse happened today. Bruce would not be happy.

    He let out another shaky exhalation of smoke.

    You placed your hand on his forearm before facing him.

    “Jay, stop it.” You said to him. You received no response but only wisps of smoke.

    “Please, Jay… It’s almost eight months. Jason- you’ve been doing so well,” you pleaded. In those months where you spent time together, you developed feelings for him. It’s pathetic because he has enough burdens to carry and you did not need to add more confusion. Maybe your steady friendship was fine and perfect just the way it is. It would be something constant in the ever changing world of his.

    It’s saddening to see him stress and relapse.

    “Look, at me.”

    He turned his head to you, still leaning on the railings, finally some getting response from Jason.

    Jazz music from the party was heard even from here outside the balcony.

    “Old habits die hard, Y/N” he calmly stated before discarding his finished stick and whipping out a whole pack from his pocket.

    “Don’t do this. I thought you were happy now. I thought you were okay, Jay. Please, stop wallowing in your sorrow. I’m here. Talk to me.” You pleaded to Jason. Your whole body was turned to him and you were staring at his figure.


    His black hair framed his face so well and the little white streak added a depth of something mystifying. The blue eyes of his expressed thousands of emotions and buried secrets. Soft, pink lips that you found yourself looking at for a long period of time that is considered to be not the norm was pouted a bit at the moment as he an internal conflict with himself.

    He dipped his head down. He stared at the fags he had while you stared at him. You saw him making a move to light up one stick.

    This had to stop. You can’t let him be a slave to his emotions and what his past is doing to him. He deserves a life with no demons torturing him.

    He was an angel.

    Jason Peter Todd was a rare wingless angel that deserves goodness and happiness.

    Contemplating a minute or two on the fag or not, he decided to light it and get more nicotine in his system. He raised his hand to light the stick. You had to think quick.

    You need him to not smoke another stick or he’ll get back to finishing a pack a day. Or possibly even more than that considering what was going on with the present times.

    His fingers moved to the little wheel at the lighter to spark up a flame when you gingerly picked his fag and threw it.

    “What the-?” He started to say, fingers itching away from the tiny wheel of the thin lighter.

    You slipped your finger under his chin and forced him to look up so your eyes will meet. Blue eyes met with Y/E/C ones.

    ‘A girl shouldn’t be doing this but fuck it.’ You thought. You desperately needed him to know someone cares and loves him genuinely and wholeheartedly.

    You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Fearing rejection, you moved away but only to pulled back by Jason and kissed you back deeply than before.

    You heard a thud of the pack falling to the ground and smiled into the kiss knowing it wasn’t only that pack of fags falling tonight.


Note: My first reader insert!! I hope this wasn’t too blah and et cetera. This is also the first time I wrote Jason Todd so I profusely apologise if there are any out of character-ness and mistakes in him. I am hoping to write more in my blog especially about our well loved Jaybird.

-Mika the Fangirl x

Request - Eggsy Unwin

44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

Warning: Bad language.

When you answer the phone, all you can hear is a large gust of air.

“Babe? Babe?” You call out, frowning. “Eggsy? You there?”

“Heya babes.” Eggsy replies after a few seconds, his a little voice louder than usual, but still reasonably calm. “How’re you?”

“What’s that noise?” You question instantly, still able to hear the air rushing through the phone. It sounded like wind.

“Oh, nothing. I’m sort of en route at the moment, y'know, mid-air.” Eggsy chuckles, very casually. Your eyes widen considerably.

“Eggsy!” You shout. “Are you seriously calling me while jumping out of a plane?” Terrified, you stand up straight, clutching the phone to your ear.

“Well, yeah.” Your boyfriend responds, sounding perfectly relaxed despite having to shout over the noise. “I won’t have any time to call you when I land. I have to infiltrate-”

“Hang up!” You yell at him. “You idiot! Why would you call me while falling from a plane? You’ll crash!”

“I’ll be fine.” He argues, sounding a little annoyed that you were insulting his skills. “How was your day?”

“For God’s sake Eggsy, hang up! If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” You hiss worriedly into the phone, your stomach starting to feel sick with nerves.

“Babe, I’m trained to- Oh, fuck! I gotta go, someone’s shooting at me. Love you, babe!”

The phone cuts out and you close your eyes. You take three deep breaths and then you walk off to start cleaning the kitchen. You proceed to worry for the rest of the night until Eggsy returns safe and sound.

More personality traits

•Always forgets to flush the toilet
•Never goes out without ChapStick
•Always slurps

•Always tries to find something to complain about.
•Cant in any way save money
•Says whats on his mind

•When he hears a song he knows, he instantly sings along, not knowing that he’s singing out loud.
•Can speak in a number of different accents

•Takes things to seriously or literal (kinda canon, but anyway)
•He never says it, but hates it when Jay wants to meditate with him

•Cant stop himself from eating candy
•Gets annoyed by how long his hair is, but doesn’t want a haircut

•You can tell if she’s lying by the tone of her voice
•She finds it weird that despite she’s the younger sister,she has to look after her brother (e.g. she has to do the laundry for him or else no one will)

Drabbles - 18

It’s okay to cry…”  Rap Monster

“Oppa, can I come up?”

Namjoon freezes in the middle of eating a stick of chocolate pocky, his phone pressed to his ear. He’d been binge watching Running Man while he had the dorm to himself, the last bowl of Seokjin’s fried rice empty on the table next to him. He’d answered on reflex–the next episode is loading, and he doesn’t really want company. But he can hear the emotion in your voice.

“Uh, sure, yeah,” he says, scrambling to his feet. The box of pocky falls to the floor. “Of course, Y/N.” 

After he buzzes you in and opens the front door, Namjoon instantly knows something’s seriously wrong. Everything about your posture screams it. Your hands are balled into small fists and pressed tight against your sides, your arms folded across your chest. You’re biting your lip like you’re trying to keep from saying something, and the bruised red stands out starkly against your skin. The eyes he loves to look into, the beautiful dance of color and emotion in them, are rubbed raw and turned down to the floor.

“Hey…” he says hesitantly, his hands twitching at his sides. You seem somehow vulnerable to him. “Come in?”

You glance up for a second before nodding and stepping into the entrance. Namjoon closes the door behind you, watching with concern. This is usually the part where you ask about his day or tease him for still wearing his pajamas, but you just press your hand to your mouth. His mouth falls open when he sees the tears in your eyes. You never cry.

“Woah, Y/N,” he says softly, reaching a hand out to touch your arm. “What’s–”

With a sound too similar to a sob for his liking, you press your face to his shoulder. Bewildered, Namjoon wraps his arms around you, his eyes wide in horror. Small hiccups are shaking your body, muffled by a hand pressed against your mouth. Tears are running down your cheeks and over your fingers. 

“I’m sor–sorry,” you choke, putting a hand on his chest and pushing gently. “I just–hold on.”

He lets you put some space between the two of you but hovers anxiously. 

You look up at him, a sad, bitter smile on your face as you wipe your cheeks. “I didn’t mean to–just come here and cry on you. Sorry, Oppa.” Your hand hides your mouth again, your eyes shut tight.

“It’s okay to cry… just tell me what’s wrong, okay?” Namjoon presses a guiding hand to the small of your back, carefully leading you to the living room. He has an idea about what might have happened, but he hopes he’s wrong. That son of a bitch boyfriend of yours has been spoiling for a fight with him for months now, and Namjoon has a suspicion he’s about to finally get it.

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One Finger

I blame this on Dean. He got my motor running this morning, and it hasn’t stopped since… (this post) - although, to be fair, I did kind of start it. And @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit - Moz, you set the question thing up, so… AND I blame @awhiskeywithawinchester - (this post) - even though, to be fair, I’m the one who said it. I just want some company in smut jail, okay? I’m tagging people under the cut, if anyone wants to jump in the cell with us…

(gif by winchesterandwinchester)

“Seriously, Y/N, come here.” Dean is getting frustrated, you can hear it in his voice, but you’re feeling stubborn. He’s always so bossy. And you don’t feel like doing any more self-defense drills today. So done with the whole thing, you want a cup of coffee, some bacon and eggs, and a shower.

“I’m done, Dean. Going to have some breakfast.”

“Get your ass over here,” he demands, his brows drawn together in a thunderous frown, his jaw working.

You whirl to face him, folding your arms. “No! I’m sick to death of all this ‘training’ bullshit, I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I want a long, hot shower!”

Dean lowers his head a little, his eyes squinting dangerously, and he slowly points his finger at you, then turns his hand over and crooks his finger, beckoning you to come back. You laugh, widening your stance, not moving an inch.

“Oh, Winchester – like you can make me come with one finger.” You smirk at him, watching his expression subtly change, the annoyed anger in his eyes replaced with heat and just a touch of menace.

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Family Values. (3)

They were used to her ‘moodswings’. The days where she was more angry teenage girl than adorable little sister. But this was different, more emotion than puberty. This was heartwrenching sobs through a locked bedroom door as she completely shut them out.

“Sis, let us in.” Will knocked, knowing that it was his room too but not using the key he’d hidden on top of the foor frame. She was younger by 4 minutes, years for Jay and they could invoke the older brother rule but this wasn’t some teenage meltdown, or at least not the ones they were used to. “We know you’re in there, we can hear you crying.”

“Go away.” Her voice cracked, hurt laced in and Jay shared a look with Will before reaching for the key. His search was useless, fingers hitting wood as he sighed heavily. Shaking his head at Will, the younger boy sighed.

“Did she seriously take the key?” Will hissed, jolting as it went silent on the other side of the door. Why was it silent, she was just crying? “Jay.”

“Got it.” His foot connected with solid wood above the door handle. It knocked the door off kilter, swinging it wide. Her head popped up from her knees, her sobs had fallen silent because she was crying so much she couldn’t make a noise. Crocodile tears were running down her cheeks, her hair pulled back into a messy bundle of waves as she tugged her knees closeer to her. She was sitting in the corner of her bed, back to the wall as she tried to get away from their prying eyes.

“Sissy,” Jay started, at her side in a solid stride as Will grabbed his own duvet from his bed. Jay ignored her hands pushing him away, instead using them to pull her into his chest. Will draped the blanket over her as he crawled into the space behind her that was now vacated. “What’s wrong, why are you crying?”

“Nothing. I’m fine.” Will couldn’t help but laugh. Even if she wasn’t such a horrible liar, the whole, you know, crying her eyes out thing might have given her away.

“Nice try, but why’re you crying?”

She was silent for a long moment, fisting her brother’s shirt like she used to when she was a little girl. Even at 17, it made her feel safer than anything. Especially with Will pulling out her hairbow and braiding the strands that fell down her back. He had learned when he realized how soothing it was for her.

“Uh, he cheated on me.” She forced out, holding down Jay when he immediately tensed and went to stand up. “Please, don’t. All I need right now is for you to hold me, please.”

The brothers shared a look, relaxing on the bed but knowing that the moment she fell asleep they were going to teach that idiot boy a lesson.

And when the captain of the football team walked into the school the next day, a black eye and busted lip on his face as he apologied to her profusely well her brothers got a text that said four simple words.

I love you boys.

And that was all the thanks they needed, as long as she was okay that was all they could ever want.

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Heya there, I just wanted to say that you RP as an amazing Pendles, it touches my heart everyday to see you on the dash. When you have threads, I read each and everyone of them, I can totally hear his voice in your wonderful writing style. I believe you do him just as much justice as the person who created him and so admire the content and headcanons you make for him. Thank you so much for being apart of this small, but phenomenal fandom. I hope you have an amazing week, luv <3

((I-I’m not crying, you’re crying.  I-don’t even know what to say.  Seriously, thank you so much and I’m extremely happy my shenanigans brighten up your dash.  Pendles… do the thing.))

“This one?”

((Yes.  Thank you so much anon for such wonderful things to say about little, old me. I really appreciate it.  I hope you have a wonderful week too.))

I Want to Honor the Voice Actors

First off let me say, that every single voice actor in the 2012 show is extraordinary. When it comes to talent, they blow it out of the water. For this post, however, I’m just going to concentrate on the turtles.

  • Seth Green~ Hamato Leonardo

This is was his first season as Leo. For me personally, I was so excited he was joining the cast. I absolutely love his Leo. You can tell when somebody loves a role their playing. I swear I heard him squealing at the beginning of the NYCC 2k15 panel when he was talking about TMNT. needs to hear Leo squealing about Space Heroes now. He can go from making Leo sound like nerdy, excited little boy “Just like Space Heroes!” to a young man who has seen way too much “Let the Earth survive, or be destroyed”. That line sent chills down my spine.

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  • Sean Astin~Hamato Raphael

I seriously couldn’t think of a better voice for this hot headed turtle. The tone and the attitude Sean puts into him is perfect in every way. I’ve been a fan of Sean’s since I was 12. I have probably watched “Encino Man” more than 500 times. No lie, my mom threatened to burn the VHS tape in a sacrifice more than once. I swear I think he is super human sometimes, all the marathons he runs. Like how? Most of the time it’s for a variety of different charities. I hope with all of my heart he gets to run in every single country of the world. I think that’s his ultimate goal. I swear Sean even kind of looks like Raph.

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  • Rob Paulsen~Hamato Donatello

Seriously what can I say about this man that hasn’t been said a million times? and so humble about it. I put him on the same pedestal as Jim Cummings(if you don’t know that name look him up on IMDb, his VA credits are like reading a novel). Just like the other three Paulsen is very kind to fans. I love his take on Donnie. I for one, am a sucker for sarcasm. He’s been in the turtle family for almost 30 years. (Hoping one of these days we will hear Donnie sing:)

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  • Greg Cipes~Hamato Michelangelo

He embraces and embodies this precious little orange turtle in every way. Greg is literally Mikey. His love for all things flows through to his little turtle self. A fun party dude with a heart of gold. I honestly believe that Michelangelo is the glue that holds that family together when they’re about to break about. Greg is like the real life, male version of Pheobe Buffet from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who was my favorite of the girls on that show. Booyakasha!

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~When I look at the voice actors, I feel like I’m staring directly at the turtle’s souls, that’s how good they are~

Thank you Ciro, Brandon and Nickelodeon for giving us these amazing turtles!

@tmnt @nickelodeon

Drabbles - 105

You can’t make up for it by giving me a Tic-tac.”

“Oh, god, I’m gonna be sick.”

You’re bent over the side of the couch, a hand pressed to your mouth. Your stomach heaves again, and you gag, a whimper chasing the sound from your throat. Taehyung hovers closer, his hands lightly touching your back in concern. You wriggled away from him immediately, glaring through your watery eyes.

“What the fuck did you guys eat, a garlic buffet?!”

“We went to that new Italian place that just opened by the studio,” Taehyung answers, sounding sheepish. “It’s Kookie’s fault–he bet that I couldn’t eat a whole clove of garlic, but I did.” You can hear the smug grin in his voice. Fuck my life.

“So you decide to come home and kiss me with that toxic mouth?! Seriously, Tae, you reek.”

“It’s not that bad,” he argues, but his voice trails off, like he knows he’s full of shit. “Oh, I know.” He digs through his bag, before pulling out a small plastic container and rattling it. “Take one of these.”

You turn around, hoping for an aspirin. “You can’t make up for this by giving me a Tic-tac, Taehyung.”

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A/N: lol, thanks @jimeme-ho

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If we can prove that there is a sleepy lion god and it's cool with us calling it aweemowep then I am 100% on board with worshiping it 😂

same tho.. and like, just because of what ive seen over the past couple days, i feel like Someone’s already picked up the phone

so like……….

@Aweemowep give me the Goods im ready to devote myself to You

Can you imagine hearing Kylo Ren sneeze through his helmet’s voice modulator?  It would be the most terrifying sound–like an explosion punching through the helmet.  Now imagine being with him as his helmet is off and hearing him sneeze for the first time.  You fully expect to jump out of your skin from the power of the sneeze, but it turns out that he has adorable little kitten sneezes and you can never take him seriously again.

Peter Pan Imagine: “Let’s Play”

Request: “Hi could you do 14, 15 and 22 please with Peter Pan please”
      “So… wanna make out?” & “You’re a virgin?” & “WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!”
It was such a challenge to fit all three prompts in one imagine (as the requester preferred) and I LOVED planning and writing it. This was seriously a lot of fun.

Word Count: 1,315 (tried keeping it shorter this time, lol)

You hear rustling at the entrance of your tent. Your ears perk up as the sound of leaves crunching draws nearer. A voice calls out from outside your tent. “(Y/N)? You there?”

You finally look up from your stick, which you were carving into a spear. “Yeah, what’s up Felix?”

“Pan wants to see you. In his treehouse.”

You’re glad Felix can’t see your look of surprise. Pan and you got along well whenever you were around each other, but the thing was, you hardly ever were around each other. Most of the time, Pan treated you like he did any of his lost boys, and although you shared your own inside jokes and a dry, twisted sense of humor, you didn’t think your gender changed anything for him. In fact, you had hardly ever been alone together before.

You shoot up off your bed and whip back your tent’s opening, stepping out. “Really?” you ask in evident confusion. “Did he seem mad?” You were far from scared of him, you just hated the idea that he was angry with you.

Felix gave a sly half smile, “Nah, he looks like he’s in an unusually good mood, actually.” He swings his club on his shoulder and winks at you before turning. “Don’t worry, it’s probably nothing,” he calls back to you as he walks away.

“I hope so…” you mumble to yourself before making way to Pan’s treehouse.

You inhale deeply to prepare yourself before knocking on his door. “Come in!” You hear Pan call out. You open the door hastily, relieved a little at the relaxed sound of Pan’s voice. You’ve never been inside his treehouse before so you take in your quaint surroundings until your eyes land on…

“OH MY GOD, WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!” You scream, bolting out of his room and shutting the door tight, pressing yourself against it to keep it firmly closed.

You hear shuffling and footsteps approaching you from inside. Peter’s arm lands on the opposite side of the door. “Oh come on, (Y/N). I’m soo bored. I just wanted to have some fun.” Pan’s sultry voice carries through the door, tempting you to re-join him. You don’t even know how to react.

“W-what kind of fun did you think we’d be having?! Pan! Put on some damn clothes!” Pan must be out of his mind, you think. He didn’t even like you, he just wanted you to “have some fun”.

Pan pouts against the doorframe. “Aw, (Y/N), don’t be like that. You know it was just a joke…”

You roll your eyes, back still pressed soundly against the door. “Some joke!”

“Can’t you please just come inside?” Pan whined.

“For goodness sake, Peter, at least put on some damn pants!” I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation… You shake your head, completely flushed. You had never even so much as seen Pan shirtless before, let alone naked. And he didn’t even look like he cared. You can’t help but feel odd, for the first time ever, that you’re the only girl in Neverland. Has Pan done this same thing with other girls before?

“Alright love,” Pan’s voice returns, pulling you out of your thoughts. “I have pants on. Can you come inside now?” The yearning in his voice turns you on, and you bite your lip before finally sighing and turning around and opening the door. Pan is leaned up against the doorframe, with only his pants on, staring at you with an arched eyebrow and a smug smirk.

“Knew you couldn’t stay away, love.”

You mockingly scrunch up your face in disgust before pushing past him to stride into his room. “Well, I could hardly disobey the requests of the great Pan, now could I?”

He quirks his eyebrow again, “Back to ’Pan’ now, are we?”

You turn abruptly. “What?”

“Pan. You called me Pan. Earlier, you called me Peter…” He licks his lips. “It was the hottest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

You try to hide your shock at his sudden change in behavior with an eye roll. “So is there an actual reason I’m here, or –”

“I mean we can always just sit here and talk, if that’s what you want.” Something in Pan’s voice tells you that’s exactly what he does not want, and that he knows it’s not what you want either. Even though you spend all your energy trying keep your eyes off his sculpted chest and hardened abs, you decide to play his game subtly, dragging it on a bit longer.

“I mean… There’s all that drama between Sam and Troye that’s been going on, that’s interesting, don’t you think?”

It’s Pan’s turn to roll his eyes and give you a wild look of desire and frustration once he realizes what you’re up to. He steps towards you and says, “You want to know what else is interesting?”

You raise your eyebrows in reply. “What?”

“How embarrassed you seem to be right now.”

You try to hide a blush. “Embarrassed? Me?” You put your hand on your hips. “Absolutely not.”

Peter takes another step towards you, mere inches away now, his mouth curled into a faint smile and eyes blazing. “Okay, so… Wanna make out?”

You blink at him, flabbergasted. You punch his chest and make a face. “No!” Even if you are melting under his green gaze and witty remarks, you can’t help but feel too nervous to incite anything with… Peter Pan.

Peter is relentless. “Come on,” he raises his eyebrow again the way you love and leans into you. “You know you want to,” he growls against your ear, his hot lips brushing your skin temptingly.

You can’t help but lean your head back in open invitation to Peter’s touch as soon as his hands wrap around your waist. He moves his mouth from your ear down your neck, raking his teeth against your sensitive skin and sucking and kissing your exposed neck. He gently runs his fingers of one hand across your jawline, and the other to pull your waist into his, before taking your face in his hand and pressing his mouth against yours.

You moan into his mouth under his seductive touch and the feel of his burning lips that made yours feel on fire. You feel yourself lower all your inhibitions the moment you become completely consumed with Pan’s touch. He pushes you against his bed frame, grabbing your back and lowering you down onto his bed. Your chest heaves, breathless, and you pant against Peter’s mouth the second it separates from yours. “Peter, I-I…” You can’t seem to bring yourself to say it.

Peter lifts himself up slightly in order to look at you. “What’s wrong?” He asks breathlessly, brow furrowed adorably in concern.

You redden at the intensity of his gaze and lower your eyes, biting your lip. “Peter, I-I’m –”

“You’re a virgin?” He guesses, worry filling his eyes, his hands trailing down from your arm to your hands protectively.

You nod shyly. “I’m sorry I didn’t say –”

Peter’s eyes soften, and he smiles. “It’s alright. Who would you have done it with anyway? Definitely not Troye,” he adds jokingly, with an exaggerated eye roll, making you giggle. You loved that he could make you laugh at absolutely any moment. You relaxed, reaching up to run one hand through his hair and using the other to stroke his back, pulling him closer. Peter smirked against your parted lips. “Call me Peter again, and I’ll play nice and gentle with you.”

You lean up to kiss him softly, unable to keep your smile out of the kiss. His hand trails down your side and tickles your stomach and he gently lifts up your shirt. “Oh, you’re on, Peter,” you whisper, pulling him down against you again, crashing his lips against yours. “Let’s play.”

Tom Hiddleston Imagine
  • *you're sitting on the couch, watching your favorite movie in your laptop, when your boyfriend sits beside you*
  • Tom: What are you watching dear?
  • Y/N: Sshhh... I can't hear Christian.
  • Tom: Christian? *peeks to see the movie* Christian Grey?
  • Y/N: Tom please...
  • Tom: Seriously? Y/N? You're watching that? Again? What's so good about Christian Grey anyway?
  • Y/N: He's my fictional character crush. Will you stay quiet now?
  • Tom: Yes, of course. Christian Grey, the great one, as always.
  • *you sensed the jealousy in his voice, so you shut the laptop- set it aside and then straddle Tom*
  • Y/N: Someone is jealous.
  • Tom: No. I'm not jealous.
  • Y/N: I love you. You know that right?
  • Tom: Yes. Just go back to your movie, I'm fine.
  • *you kiss him passionately to take his jealousy away*
  • Tom: What about Christian Grey?
  • Y/N: Fuck Christian Grey, I want you Thomas William Hiddleston. *smirks*
  • Tom: Oohhh... I'm gonna love this.

anonymous asked:

Rather than analyzing every set of TS heart eyes, why not look at this way: Has there ever been a moment that Scott HASN'T displayed his obviously bonkers love for Tessa? Find just one example out of endless hours of videos and photos that begin when he was a little boy and go on forever. That moment does not exist. A very difficult game to keep up if it were not real. The man has been so smitten since childhood you can practically hear his 10 year old voice saying "I'm in love."

No, but seriously, this is what gets me about all the heart eyes we see. They are so consistent/ But also, I think it’s exciting to see them now because after Sochi his eyes looked so dead and glossed over and sure he looked at her, but it wasn’t with the love we’re seeing now. It wasn’t like this. So I think it’s exciting for people to see this at such a level as it is and just like…yeah, seeing that young boy in him again that’s just like giddy with love for his partner. Tessa too. I keep saying this, but my favorite part of everything now is the childish moments that are coming from it between both of them. It’s great. I love that they have that because it was so serious and so intense and needy and angsty for so long.


“Turn around,” Dean said suddenly. Sam glanced at him, checking to see if he was joking or not, but Dean’s eyes were set on the road in front of him, on all the distance he didn’t want to put between himself and you.

“Seriously?” Sam asked.

“Oh, come on, don’t do that,” Dean said rolling his eyes, keeping them averted from the grin he could hear in his brother’s voice. “I’m not saying let’s go back so I can propose to Y/N. I’m saying let’s spend one more night there, maybe two.”

“Sure.” Sam was still grinning as he turned the Impala in a wide arc the next chance he got, directing course back toward your town. And when Dean told him to shut up, though he’d said nothing, he only laughed as he pressed the gas pedal down harder.

“Wake me up when we get there,” Dean said, angling himself away from Sam and leaning against the passenger window. Under the guise of sleep, turned where his brother couldn’t see, Dean smiled to himself at the thought of even a few extra days with you.


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