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[TRANS] 150825 Jaejoong’s letter to Yuchun & Junsu at 2015 JYJ Membership Week – Korean Fanmeeting

To. Two of MY PEOPLE
Read this letter, my members.
How are you. I am doing fine. Military service really depends on your perspective of things. It’s tolerable if you think positively, and really hard if you are pessimistic. But, it’s really okay. Seriously. Butㅜㅜ duty is so hard..
Yuchun will be enlisted on 27th, right? Fighting to you, you will have great time as a trainee. And Junsu, you should make a lot of memories before enlisting next year.

After I enlisted, I realized that it was wrong to think that 2 years of my life would be wasted. It would make cherishable things more cherishing, and deepest thoughts, even deeper. It’s like reading many books, meeting and talking to different people. And you start to cherish the memories that come back as you tell our own story, too. (A week) before enlisting, Kyung-Gu hyung came over to music video shooting and told me many things about the military. One of the things he said was, “Jaejoong, think of the military service as repaying the debt you owe to this country you were born.” I think that makes sense. Because I was born in this country, I was able to meet you two and the fans who love us. I will work hard to repay this debt during the rest of my military service. It’s really worth it when I think about it this way.

I don’t worry about you two.
I know that as long as we keep trusting and relying on each other, we will be together for life.
You are the two people I respect the most.
You are the two people who warm up my heart the most.
You are the two people who are the most decent.
You two are the reason I live.
Let us be happier in the future. You two make hyung’s world worth living in♥
And I never use red hearts to men.

Translations by: @inheaven_wjyj
Shared by: JYJ3

GTae for MAMA2015

I’m going to freely express myself based on my biased and delusional observations (as well as other viewers whom I discussed these with) during the whole event, which I watched from my television while occasionally checking out Instagram & Twitter for some fancams. Here are some of the cheap moments that G-Dragon & Taeyeon shared.

Caution: Don’t waste your time reading this trash if you’re not willing to spazz with me. You’ll waste the same amount of time I spend writing this with you reading this. My intended audiences are for my fellow shippers only. This is not to be taken seriously. Again, only for G-Tae supporters/shippers to spazz with since we’ve been waiting for this event to arrive.

Remember: MAMA2015GTAE

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Clone Club, we need to have a little chat.

One of the things I love so much about Clone Club, the Clonesbians, and the Orphan Black universe in general is that we all care about each other. We laugh together, cry together, and support each other. We’re even nice and supportive to other fandoms, because we know what it’s like to love something when it seems like no one even knows it exists.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of personal posts on my dash that say things like “Don’t bother reading this because it doesn’t matter to you” and “I’m sorry I’m wasting your time” and I need to make myself perfectly clear: if you need something, ask for it.

Seriously, you are a human being. You exist and you matter. Your feelings are valid. You aren’t wasting anyone’s time by being alive. Friendship and human interaction is what makes existence real life.

If you need or just want to talk to someone, you can talk to me. Chances are, I already think you’re awesome and would love to be your friend. In fact, it’s highly likely that if I follow you, I refer to you as my friend anyway, so I’d love to make it official.

I know it’s a stressful time of the year, especially for those with school and exams going on.You can tell me about your problems. You can tell me about awesome thing that happen. You can tell me what you ate for lunch. Really, if you want to talk to someone, I’m always here. I won’t judge you. I won’t spill your secrets. I won’t even give advice unless you want it or need it.

My ask box is open.
I’ll even give you guys my email address:[at]

Let’s be friends.

spring is coming and i am praying for elle, cosmopolitan, grazia, marie claire and other magazines to skip the “get fit for summer”“bikini body” or “bikini abs” part this year because i am seriously thinking about moving to another planet please don’t cut off trees for publishing your bullshit you’re wasting my time, your time and this whole planet’s time (how are we supposed to focus on abs AND therapy at the same time because let me remind you we are all trying to forget that we live in a planet where we can’t live 24 hours straight without seeing a reminder of how socially unacceptable our human body is when we don’t exercise or eat h**lthy) so move your ass to another subject I mean dogs are pretty interesting I want to read articles about dogs

“Karma is a bitch”

“Liam is a honest person”

“Reamy is ilegal, cuz Reagan is 19 and Amy is 16”

“Amy is not a saint, she’s a liar, Liam is better”

“Reagan is a punk creppy girl”

*other variable shitty argument from idiots*

Seriously people, tag your fucking hate, it’s not nice to read this shit every fucking time in the ships tags (Karmy and Reamy), it’s okay if you want to waste your time hating what you hate instead of  loving what you love, but for the love of ctuhulu make a “#lolkarmy” or “lolreamy” tag, even a fucking #lolkiam" but stop being a dick, for real

(and yes, i put hate on Liam on this, but really he’s a dick and i dislike him with a strong passion, it’s almost poetic lol)

That fake interview tho, I just read the last sentence and, really? SK? Why’re you so desperate? SasuSaku officially canon and that’s the fact! 

Seriously, you’re wasting your time by keep spreading fake interview like that. I mean, I’m okay if you want to ship Sasuke and Karin (whatever) but can you stop doing that? Spreading fake interview, twisting Sakura and Karin’s character, make equal Sakura and Karin’s feeling for Sasuke (since it’s a whole different damn thing! Can’t you see that?! It’s been said on databook!), etc. 

Lemme ask you this, if Kishi wasn’t planned SasuSaku to become canon, why should he wasted he’s time to draw many SasuSaku moments? 

Oops, Sorry I know you guys just can’t read the manga so I know how the answer will be. 

The conclusion is, you guys are soooo delusional about your ship that never gonna happen whatever you try to say, you want to prove, or you want to change, it’ll! 

Do you ever just……
Type out paragraphs…
Long ass paragraphs….
Dealing with….
Issues and controversial shit…….
….. someone
Said something…………
And then…..
Get a reply of…..
“Im sorry im not gonna read that im sorry i wasted your time, i dont wanna argue about this”…….
And you’re really salty….
And pissed…
But you don’t wanna say shit……
You don’t wanna start shit……………….

-I usually don’t say this but please don’t reblog-


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