seriously you are wasting your time reading these

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*

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Damn your art style is so bad so trashy, I don't know why people give you commissions, probably cause you are very bad and they feel sorry for you. Also "don't repost" like wth your art is not even reblog worth. I know A class bloggers that don't care if people repost their stuff. Seriously you and your blog are sad

lol k

good job wasting your time writing all that cause i didn’t read it :)

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don't you feel as if you were wasting your time translating the chapters? there's already people who have been doing it since long ago and they're very dear to the fandom. besides, your posts have very few notes anyway...

in all seriousness, and as i state in my post, i just do it for fun, to share, and to improve my japanese. I think it’s cool that many people in the fandom can translate ^^ and about having few notes, i don’t mind, on the contrary, i’m glad that someone reads our translations ^^ it makes me really happy! and you know, it feels good to be able to read something by yourself!

But if you don’t like to see them you can alwas ignore them or just 

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hahahahaha xD

GTae for MAMA2015

I’m going to freely express myself based on my biased and delusional observations (as well as other viewers whom I discussed these with) during the whole event, which I watched from my television while occasionally checking out Instagram & Twitter for some fancams. Here are some of the cheap moments that G-Dragon & Taeyeon shared.

Caution: Don’t waste your time reading this trash if you’re not willing to spazz with me. You’ll waste the same amount of time I spend writing this with you reading this. My intended audiences are for my fellow shippers only. This is not to be taken seriously. Again, only for G-Tae supporters/shippers to spazz with since we’ve been waiting for this event to arrive.

Remember: MAMA2015GTAE

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spring is coming and i am praying for elle, cosmopolitan, grazia, marie claire and other magazines to skip the “get fit for summer”“bikini body” or “bikini abs” part this year because i am seriously thinking about moving to another planet please don’t cut off trees for publishing your bullshit you’re wasting my time, your time and this whole planet’s time (how are we supposed to focus on abs AND therapy at the same time because let me remind you we are all trying to forget that we live in a planet where we can’t live 24 hours straight without seeing a reminder of how socially unacceptable our human body is when we don’t exercise or eat h**lthy) so move your ass to another subject I mean dogs are pretty interesting I want to read articles about dogs

16:00 today
  • flatmate: (coming home from work) Are you still in your pyjamas?
  • me: (eating a bowl of cereal) Yep.
  • flatmate: ... why?
  • me: ...I just woke up
  • flatmate: Seriously? But you've wasted the whole day already!
  • me: Don't I know it. But in my defence, I went to bed really late; by the time I went to bed, I could hear you getting up for work.
  • flatmate: omg wtf why? What could possibly keep you up til 6am?!
  • me: ... I was reading Greek Mythology fanfiction.