seriously why was the capslock not on when i typed that

anonymous asked:

Will we get to read about YF John's first successful blow job?

Oh, anon. You are the best enabler. Here, have 4000 words of johnkat porn.



Hmmm. Convoluted? No. Maybe involved. Convoluted sounds better in this context, though, so you type c o n v-


Hrk. No wait, convoluted sounds like you’re trying too hard, right? Yeah it does. Backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace.

“Karkat Karkat Karkatkarkatkarkatkarkatkar-MRPH!” he goes into your palm as he reels a little, arms flapping. He’s crouching next to your chair, being an absolute pest and you kind of want to throw him out of the goddamn window.

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