seriously why so handsome

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Jackson wants to be my bias so bad…go away. Seriously though why does he look so damn handsome in this picture? I’m having trouble breathing.

Cnetz’s Reactions to Drum-Stick’s Previews of Chanyeol
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(Note: This weibo post was reblogged like crazy and somehow reached the fandom of the most popular Chinese boygroup in China. I’ll translate some of their reactions. (I have checked their page to make sure they are indeed not fans of Chanyeol or exo.) By the way, this fandom fights with exo-l sometimes and most of them don’t know who he is. lol)

[+185] Though I don’t know who he is, he appeared on my page, don’t know why. But I won’t say no to a pretty boy. Want high quality pics…         

[+142] Not a fan……….but seriously, the visual is really good.          

[+141] Who is he????????? So handsome!!!!!! Why is he appearing on my page!!!    

[+116] He should be in a Kdrama.                  

[+117] Chanyeol’s visual is so gorgeous that I want to go down on my knees and lick the screen even though I’m not a fan.                         

[+103] Who is he……. I saw this post on the hot weibo post board, such a handsome guy, total leading male actor face~ did he act in any kdramas????                   

[+93] Oh my god who is he? So handsome…..                       

[+68] Not a fan. His visual is so good that it’s gonna explode.               

[+60] Kind of handsome……  (tn: I don’t know how it sounds in English, but in Chinese, this is written in a tone where she’s admit what she’s saying though also denying it a bit… lol)                

[+46] Is this the Park Chanyeol that people talk about? So handsome. Heart. No wonder why my classmate who doesn’t usually fall for any star likes him so much.         

[+5] This set of pics are really extremely beautiful, I’m totally not a fan of exo… I heard that the pretty boy in these pics wasn’t feeling well yesterday? I guess beautiful people all look extremely gorgeous especially when sick or tired (tn: don’t get it wrong. It’s a compliment. If you’ve read “The Dream of Red Mansion”, you would // chel’s note: it’s like saying he looks gorgeous all the time, even when he’s sick, because you know… not everyone has the ability to maintain their visuals when they’re feeling sick and awful)         

Some other notes in reblogs:

wkwsmhyrzmhkwzxywc……………………    (tn: commenter is speechless)

Such visual… I approve..  

Goodbye world………….

I’m dead

This is too f** beautiful

Each pic hit me heavily right on my heart. I’m dead

Breathless, breathles…..

So handsome

This is the first time that I approve of exo’s visual

Oh my god so handsome


Shut up. I died of sudden death

Chanyeol, such a handsome boy.

I’m breathless..Chanyeol is really goodlooking.

I need to chill out.

Oh f* I don’t know what to say. Fainted! hahsuxnzkalmsmzjsoak………..

Why are so many of Chanyeol’s pics suddenly appearing on my page?  


Mamma mia…

Bonus: a girl reblogged it four times….

1st reblog: Who is he??(screaming face)……I’m done.

2nd reblog: Is this Park Chanyeol? His visuals are breathtaking!!!! ah

3rd reblog: Am I attracted?

- Then a Chanyeol fan confirmed that it was Park Chanyeol

4th reblog: ahahah so handsome so handsome, I’m attracted. All pretty boy lovers in the world belong to the same family!!!

Translation by: Genie