seriously why is mac and cheese so good

underrated doddlevloggle vids

a list of under appreciated doddlevloggle videos that have saved my life on more than one occasion: 

1. lego house - she’s so cute how could you not love her?  

2. night time tinker - soft piano playing 

3. an improve song about potatoes ft. The RH Experience - i’ll admit, this is kind of ridiculous, but it’s a nice pick me up, make me laugh song.  

4. pretty dresses haul - hecka cute dodie trying on hecka cute clothes (spoiler alert: boohoo sponsors her)

5. one for the road - live with a baaaand ooh -  seriously why does no one talk about this?? it’s so nice??

6. absolutely smitten on recorder - she’s so sweet and good at eveRYTHING

7. trying vegan mac and cheese! - adorable and educational 

8. all about you - mcfly cover! - !!! this video is so amazing i can’t 

9. who am i - there’s something really aesthetically pleasing about dodie eating cheesy aubergine and talking about life stuff 

10. FESTIVAL - vloggy dodie for the win  

11. how would you life it? - lauren aquilina (cover) - okay i don’t know how actually underrated this is, but i love it.  

12. no laughy just dancey - i just really love sammy and dodie and this video makes me smile 

13. swim and things - chats and sing songs = really cute 

14. short hairstyles! - this is just the sweetest thing honestly 

15. faces going places - cover with lucy moon - they’re so nice!! friendship goals!

16. anyway here’s wonderwall - the harmonies! the talent! agh!!

17. clean teeth clean mind - this is ridiculous, but it does feel nice to brush your teeth. 

18. fairytale of new york cover - little hedy is adorable and dodie’s hat

19. kiss you - one direction ukulele cover - this is the first video of dodie’s i saw of dodie’s back in 2013, so it makes me feel particularly nostalgic and in love. 

20. blank space - ukulele cover - just a cute warm lighted video 

21. nice lil moment - omg i love this video so much that my twitter and personal blog are named after it gah

22. take a moment || ASMR - this is the video that got me hooked on ASMR i love it 

23. building a LOFT bed - just all around adorable and never fails to put a smile on my face

24. here’s a little round i made up - just precious is what this is

25. i feel fine - the beatles cover - adorable dodie, adorable song, adorable pajamas. 

26. la vie en rose - ukulele cover - her flower crown!! and the beginning of the bunting background!!

27. how to make me tea - idk. a glump. 

28. I’M GOING BLIND!?!1/!? (but actually tho) - it was so hard to get that !?!1/!? right. this video makes me laugh, for some reason. 

29. a thousand miles of messing about - jack and dodie and hazel? amazing

30. build me up buttercup - crappy ukulele cover! - such a sweet song and i love seeing her growth over the years

31. paper games with lucy moon - nostalgia and friendship

32. and just for the lols because i’m a piece of shit

there you go!! thirty-two under appreciated (who am i kidding that’s a lie) doddlevloggle videos!!

@becausedodie​ i made this list for a friend a while ago and decided to post it, since you don’t feel to great rn i thought i would share it with you. these videos always make me feel a lil bit better on the bad days, i hope they can help you too! feel better! <3