seriously why couldn't they all meet

An analysis for favorite-frozen-things :D

(Sorry this took so long)

Okay, here we go:

So, we start in that dark alley. Bunny comes to abduct him and he gets thrown into a portal.

No biggie, right?


You take Jack - a teenage spirit who’s used to having his own schedule - and throw him out of his comfort zone, and you’ve got a mess on your hands. Plus that whole thing with the bag, and you aren’t really trying to make him happy. Not quite the smartest idea.

And then he gets his first view. He probably wasn’t expecting elves. That would throw him off even more, especially the people who appear in his line of sight next.

You see him trying to catch his bearings, trying to figure out where the heck he is.

And then he realizes who he’s looking at. 

Now he’s even more confused. Did he do something wrong enough to catch the Guardian's notice?! Because why else would they bring him here?

More thinking going on here, plus a bit of amazement because he’s finally in the workshop.

And then he gets yanked out of the bag unceremoniously by the same yetis that kidnapped him. He still has no idea what’s going on, so he’s just going to fake it until he figures out why the heck he’s there.

Now, here we see North. From his reaction to Jack, we can assume that he at least knows him by reputation or has seen him/met him before, but that they are no more than acquaintances. 

We see North acting so happy and excited that Jack is there. But, as you get later in the movie, you can tell that the North at the beginning of this scene is an act. He’s excited to have a new Guardian, sure, but he hasn’t forgotten Pitch, or Bunny’s reaction to the news. 

Tooth is just plain excited. She’s heard about his teeth, and she can’t wait to get a look at them. In this moment, she probably isn’t thinking much about the person those teeth actually belong to.

Bunny’s still not happy. He hangs out on North’s right, like he tends to do during the whole movie, but tries to look grumpy the entire time - he’s waiting for an opportunity to argue again. This winter spirit is not someone they want on their team - why don’t the others understand?

Sandy’s just chilling out over there.  We can infer that the two have had some interaction before, but we don’t know what exactly.

Back to Jack. He’s annoyed. He was shoved in a sack, tossed through a magic portal, has no idea what’s going on, and North has the audacity to ask if the yetis treated him well.

He uses sarcasm, trying to buy himself some time to think while also expressing  his displeasure.

And then he’s attacked by the Tooth Fairy. As much as he likes the little ones, this is a bit much.

He’s probably feeling even more off balance than before, and that’s saying something.

Then we have Sandy. Jack may not know what’s going on, but he does.

Moon, snowflake, Pitch, magic, groundhog, leprechaun, guardian.

He’s addressing Jack about the moon telling them that Pitch had come back, and that the platform thing had come up to show them a new guardian. They didn’t know who it was at first, thinking that it might be the leprechaun or the groundhog.

Of course, Jack couldn’t understand a thing, especially at that speed. He’s still confused, and still annoyed about it.

We see him turning a way to collect himself, freezing an elf and - in a roundabout way - asks if he’s there because of his behavior.

He thinks he’s finally figured out why he’s there, and now he can start planning his retorts. Jack’s actually rather intelligent, and it shows in the way he acts and responds to others. He’s pretty good at noticing where the conversation is going - when he has time to think about it and is in the right state of mind to respond (which is why he’s bad at thinking things through before speaking them when Pitch is around.).

And now we cut back to North, who’s trying to connect with Jack through “object lessons” (which is why I classify North as a kinesthetic learner, especially later

with his matryoshka doll) 

Then, after Jack’s little “How come?”, we hear Bunny speak for the first time since the alley.

“Ah, good question.”

Not exactly a friendly quote, and it sets up for the later argument. He’s obviously still not happy with the current circumstances (plus Easter is in a couple of days! and he’s still stuck at the north pole!? Maybe if it had been at a different - less stressful- time of year, he’d have reacted a bit better)

Now we get to see North in his element. He’s like a little kid who loves to plan surprise parties.

And Tooth’s still pretty cheerful about the whole thing.

Sandy’s totally pumped.

Bunny totally is not.

And Jack is thrown off balance once again. He thought he’d  just figured it out, darn it!

now he has to deal with fire (seriously North? Not exactly your best idea .But then, the big guy doesn’t seem to think things through all the way when he’s excited.)

And then he even got knocked into a yeti, as if he hadn’t exceeded his daily quota for physical touch.

In fact, the elves and noise have thrown him off so much that he actually begins to loose his balance - something that’s probably not normal for someone as agile as him.

You can pinpoint the moment when he actually realizes what North said.

And the shoes were just overkill. Shoes? Really? In this lifetime?

Bunny’s refusing to even take part in the ceremony, while North is in his zone.

Jack however, is not happy with the arrangements. Obviously they don’t care about what he thinks, so he’ll just have to catch their attention on his own.

((you can clearly see his belt in this pic))

In fact, he’s so irritated, he ends up using his powers. 

And sort of blowing Tooth away.

Then his classic line:

“What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?”

He’s beyond confused and a bit pissed at this moment. Seriously? That’s why they dragged him there?

All of Jack’s annoyance and irritation will eventually show in his argument with Bunny, and his yelling at the moon.

Let’s just say that this wasn’t the best start they could have had.