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INTP - ENFJ Conversations #02

INTP: “What you don’t like about me?”

ENFJ: “Nothing.”

INTP: “Really?”

ENFJ: “Yeah, there’s nothing i don’t like about you.”

INTP: “That’s impossible. Why?”

ENFJ: “Well i don’t know… Love is blind, i guess?”

INTP: “Maybe you haven’t found it yet.”

ENFJ: “It can be.. But seriously, i like everything about you.”

INTP: “For now…”

Another convey…

INTP: “Aren’t you tired talking to me? I always talked implictly and unclear.”

ENFJ: “No, I’m not.”

INTP: “Am I draining your energy?”

ENFJ: “No.”

INTP: “So, talking to me increase you energy?”

ENFJ: “Yeah, of course.”

INTP: “So, what kind of person is draining?”

ENFJ: “Someone who noisy.”

INTP: “Am I not noisy?”

ENFJ: “Are you kidding? I can barely hear what you said sometimes.”

INTP: “Oh… So, someone who talked out loud?”

ENFJ: “Yes.”

INTP: “…So..”

ENFJ: “No more question!”

Other People - 5SOS Imagine

For the past eight months, you and Calum had been going out on dates, having fun, enjoying each other’s company, it was great. There were a few minuscule problems though - well, maybe they weren’t so minuscule. You weren’t officially dating, you hadn’t kissed, you never held hands, and you were starting to get tired of Calum’s shit. Honestly, none of this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact that Calum posted that he was out on a date with another girl one night. He had a problem when you said you were going out with guy friends, but he was allowed to go on dates now? Hell no, you were ready to confront him about this relationship, or friendship, or whatever the heck it was.

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anonymous asked:

u always talking about stats, abilities and shit when u don't even play competitive, all u can do is draw pkmn as if they were owls i'm getting real tired of your bullshit

I actually think you’ll be hard pressed to find me talking about stats or abilities at all lol? Name one time I mentioned stats or abilities in the past few months. It’s very rare, I barely ever do, and it only came up today cause a) new abilities announced and b)  someone sent me an ask about it, and hey, even if I did talk about it a lot, stats and abilities can still be relevant to filthy casuals like me, so fuck you? It’s not as if discussion about them is exclusive to competitive players lol

AND despite many of the recent pokemon owl pieces including genuine owl pokemon, I  am well within my rights do draw owls or whatever the fuck I like lol if you don’t like it (you seem pretty tired of my content so I assume you follow or follow someone who reblogs my shit) then like really why haven’t you unfollowed and/or blocked me yet, seriously haha it’s not difficult, and it’s your responsibility to tailor your own tumblr experience, and see what you want to see not mine bro