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Miyano Mamoru, Hosoya Yoshimasa

Mamo and Hosoya finding out their similarities to decide the title for this episode 

long post warning

Mamo: Before that, let’s find out our similarities

Hosoya: I see, similarities huh.. I wonder what is it. You are in your thirty’s right?


Hosoya: You are type B right?

Mamo: Wait, you are type B?!

Hosoya: Yes, I am type B

Mamo: Seriously?! This might be bad. But, don’t you think we are different even though we are both B?

Hosoya: That’s true. What about your parents?

Mamo: Alive and healthy LOLOLOL

Hosoya: That’s not what I’m asking about! LOL It’s about whether you’re OB!

Mamo: I’m OB

Hosoya: I see, that’s why. You have that O feeling. I’m BB


Hosoya: There’s one time during an event of different anime,

Mamo: That’s true, we had quite a lot of event together

Hosoya: Yes yes. The karuta one. You asked me, “Hosoya san, you’re an only child right”, and I said yes, then you said “I knew it”. After that I asked, “what about you?” And you said… eehh… youngest child? youngest child with two elder siblings?

Mamo: Ah! It’s the middle of three siblings. You don’t remember anything about me!

Hosoya: I remember that you have siblings!

Mamo: You’re not interested in me at all! What are you trying to say just now? What is it?

Hosoya: No no, it’s because you have siblings that you have that O feeling.


Mamo: That’s about it for our similarities. Type B…

Hosoya: Yes, type B

Mamo & Hosoya: Type B, man

Hosoya: Are you left handed?

Mamo: Both are in our thirty’s. Nope, I’m right handed

Hosoya: You’re gemini right? I am aquarius

Mamo: What is that?!

Hosoya: It’s related to the wind element, both gemini and aquarius

Mamo: LOLOLOLOLOL wind element? what are you? A romantic?


Mamo: So from all of that, we would like to go with ‘Miyano Mamoru to Hosoya Yoshimasa no Karuta Yarossa!’

Hosoya: Let’s go with that!

Mamo: Is this really okay? They say that it’s too direct so let’s go with 'Radio Yarossa!’