seriously who would win

What’s the difference between seals & sea lions?

Is this curious animal a sea lion or a seal? What’s the difference, anyway?

It’s a sea lion! Here are some ways you can tell these two types of pinnipeds apart:

Any questions?

Few things to keep in mind about Damen

Damen is smart!

CP isn’t a brain and brawn story. That’s kinda the point - Laurent looks like someone who only uses his brain and is useless in fight. But in reality, he is an excellent fighter. And Damen looks like someone who is only a good fighter, brute without a mind. But in reality he is a hella smart excellent tactician and he can actually read people pretty well. (remember how quickly he pointed out that Aimeric is going to be trouble?)

Since the book is from Damen’s POV, we don’t really get a BIG revelation moment when Laurent (and readers) go “oh, he isn’t actually stupid at all, is he?”, just like we get an “Oh, he is actually a good fighter” with Laurent. But Damen is undeniably smart.

I can understand why people might be tempted to write him as a simpleton, because Damen sincerely doesn’t have any talent for deception at all and isn’t as good in plots and master plans as Laurent. However, that doesn’t mean he is not intelligent.

Damen is very good with languages

One proof of Damen’s intelligence is the fact he can speak (and write and read) several languages fluently. Don’t forget, he spends the majority of the books talking in Veretian, which isn’t his native language and it’s very different from language of Akielos, yet he never struggles with it. (in comparison, Laurent actually does struggle with Akielon) Damen also definitely speaks Vaskian and probably Patran. While he doesn’t speak the dialect of some Vaskian clans, he is still able to understand, at least partly.

(even if we are talking AUs, Damen should still have this ability, considering it’s part of his character)

Damen is good ruler and leader

Damen was brought up to be a king. He definitely knows how to run a country and he knows how to lead an army.  It’s weird some people believe that Damen needs Laurent’s assistance in ruling and is unable to perform basic tasks of everyday rulings of the country, because Damen was, as Laurent says “born to rule” and would know how to do all those things already. Maybe even better than Laurent himself. Considering Laurent wasn’t born to rule and we see Regent trying to deny him access to diplomatic proceedings, etc. - Laurent definitely knows the theory, but there is a question of how many opportunities he had to practice those skills.

While Damen does not have many opportunities to show his ability to rule in the books, we can see that he is natural leader of men and that people respect him. He does have some problems with the discipline of his men at the beginning of the third book, but he is at a bad mental place at the time - and in a bad political situation.

Damen is a great tactician

He is able to win fights considered unwinnable and when it comes to planning the battle, Laurent relies on him. I am seriously wondering who of two of them would win a chess match, for example.

TL’DR: Damen is smart, please do write him so

Woozi Fic 10

its been 10 days and im running out of ideas XD but im gonna keep trying to do this lol thanks anyone whos reading this and yeah i feel like this is kinda similar to one ive written before but yeah here you go XD

“SISTAR!” you yell out from the couch.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Woozi adds.

Hoshi and Dino take a second to compose themselves. “Play it, Seokmin!”

DJ DK, with his phone hooked up to the speakers, quickly finds and starts the song. As the music plays, Hoshi and Dino snap into character, channeling their inner Bora and Dasom. The audience, which consists of you, Woozi, DK, and Mingyu, cheers as the dance picks up. For whatever reason, they’ve been practicing their girl group dances for the past half an hour and, to your amusement, have been taking suggestions. Previously, they performed Apink’s No No No, Miss A’s Hush, SNSD’s Gee, and a few other classics. Enjoying yourself, you turn to Woozi sitting next to you. “Why don’t you join them?”

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I am a HUGE fan of Attack on Titan and Ouran Highschool Host Club. And I got thinking…

Who would win a fight out of Levi and Honey? OwO

when men don’t like female interests, it’s because they’re misogynistic or homophobic. when males do show interest, they are literally appropriating female culture and girls won’t be able to enjoy them ever again!!!

meanwhile hasbro is laughing its way to the bank and people on tumblr are underemployed and unhappy. i wonder who is winning?

seriously, i would rather have an awkward weird guy who makes $100k annually who puts his money where his mouth is then 100 teenage girls who didn’t give a fuck about the product until they needed to defend it from “teh menz”. because either way, My Little Pony isn’t intended for either two of the groups.

therealjacksepticeye VS markiplier ARM WRESTLING. WHO WILL WIN?????

No but seriously who would win? Jack, Mark, got any thoughts?