seriously who thought of that question

I feel so bad for my DM whose running a homebrew pathfinder session, because he has three relatively new people in the group who are taking the campaign seriously, making actual characters with well thought out backstories

but then he has me and our boss, who have hit the stage of dnd games where instead of creating characters for plot and feelings it’s “can I feasibly run a naked barbarian whose only thing is that he sets himself on fire and grapples people, and make it work?”

the answer to that question is yes btw, but your DM will hate you for it. i can feel the spite in his heart every time i begin a sentence with “i roll to set myself on fire.”

Trying to finish this story, but...

my heart is breaking. This election is incredibly telling about the state of our country, and how comfortable people have become with discriminating against others. I’m disgusted, and I feel a surge of anger that I rarely allow myself to feel. I detest Trump and all that he stands for, and seriously question those who chose him to lead.

But please….please remember this, my friends. Never forget it, no matter the outcome:

The sun will rise, and we will carry on. We will live. We will work. We will fight. 

And we will prevail where it counts. In uniting together and supporting each other.

We must remember that we’re not alone, that we’re enough, and that we have each other’s backs.

We will love ourselves and each other. Because once a thing is known, it will never be unknown. And with that knowledge, we cannot be stopped.

I will finish and post this fluffy smut tomorrow, outcome be damned. I will be here tomorrow. Hope to see you there too. 

I love you. We got this. No matter what, we got this.

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Thoughts on Firebringer

The entire cast is amazing, but Meredith Stepien and Lauren Lopez were the standouts.  Seriously, those two are triple threats.

Whoever played the grandmother (I think it’s Lauren Walker) is hilarious.  

The lyrics are a little repetitive, but the music more than makes up for that.

It takes place within a world where no one questions women leading societies or women marrying each other.  That is amazing.

Polyamory is represented positively (Meredith’s character has multiple husbands and wives at one point).

At the end, two women marry each other (I won’t say who) and it is wonderful.  All my thanks to Starkid for representing wlw positively.

Okay I can’t see RWBY until tomorrow, but some thoughts from the uproar I’ve seen.

1. Quit accusing RT of being transphobic because Tai tricked Qrow into wearing a skirt. That does NOT mean transphobic. Quit taking that topic seriously 100% of the time.

2. I admit Taiyang’s arm joke was questionable at best. But I HIGLY doubt he did it to be a jerk. He loves his kids, you can tell. And I come from a family who makes jokes like that and no one is bothered bu it. If Yang was bothered, she didn’t show it, she’s more bothered by how it happenee and figuring out how to become herself again. Otherwise, as she said, she adapted. If it was anyone else, it would upset her, but from her dad she’s fine with it.

3. Quit acting like you know the characters and the show more than Miles and Kerry do. You don’t. End of discussion.

How they would react to somebody struggling with sexuality:

Remember while trying to work out who you love, make sure to love yourself!


Probably the best help you got was from Thor. He took you to Asgard because he wanted to show you the complete range of couples and sexuality’s you got there. He wanted to make it clear that no matter how conflicted you were that it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, on Asgard it doesn’t matter and you’ll always be accepted.


“Clearly you saw me and thought ‘woah who is that sexy piece of meat?’” Tony laughed as you playfully slapped him on his arm.  He got up and started pouring the two of you a drink, “but seriously don’t sweat it. There’s seven billion people on this planet, that’s seven billion different people to have a chance to fall in love with. I think the better question is ‘how does anyone know for sure their sexuality?’”


“I mean… have you seen Steve? That guy’s like a god, how are you not into him?” He laughed and you chuckled a little unsure of what to say. He leaned forward and grabbed your hand with his metal one. “(Y/N) it’s fine, if you are unsure then just know you aren’t the first one. Take your time, pace everything to how you feel like it. Please, promise me that you will not feel pressured into dating anyone you don’t want to because of today’s society.” 

Wanda & Nat

It just turned into a massive game of ‘Would you date…’ and you and Nat teasing Wanda with her crush on Vision. The pair of them were so comforting with it, there was a real sense of true friendship in the air and it actually turned into one of your favourite nights with them.


“Are you embarrassed, (Y/N)?” He squinted his eyes at you and you remained silent. Lovingly he brought you in for a hug. “Love is not the same for everyone and for a loyal person like you, I trust that it mustn’t be easy. I can only pray that all will work out with whom ever you love. Wakanda is here for you.”

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I'm super confused about my sexuality. I at first thought I was bi, but then decided that I was a lesbian (although I prefer to say I'm gay) the thing is, I find guys attractive, I just don't want to date them??? I don't know what this means so I was just wondering if you could help me figure it out. Thanks.

This is actually what a lot of girls who like girls go through! I think it is to do with our heteronormative society and that fact is often brushed away and not taken seriously even though it can mess our thought process up alot as wlw. You can find anyone attractive or pleasing to the eye but that doesn’t mean you want to date them etc. Like I am not oblivious I can notice a good looking guy when I see one that doesn’t change the fact that I would never want him to get close to me etc. It’s really about questioning if you want to kiss/be intimate with a guy, are you attracted to them in every way. You are gonna have to figure it out for yourself because I cannot tell you your sexuality. It’s okay if it takes time or if you change your label. I know it is frustrating but it’ll be a relief once you figure it out. x Take your time.


“It’s alright, it took me some time to unlearn this too.”

I finally figured out why this sentence sits badly with me.

Context: a debate between friends about some social justice topic. After the arguments had run out and it was clear that nobody was going to convince the lone person who was against the group’s opinion, one person said: “Well, when I remember what I thought a few years ago…I wasn’t very educated back then either.”
Other people agreed immediately, but it didn’t feel right to me. Even though I supported the group’s opinion and even thought that the person in question was pretty uneducated and might change their mind with more information.

Now I figured it out:

That sentence implied that the person’s opinion wasn’t important, because it’d change anyway. Which would mean not taking me seriously at all because I’m seventeen and there are lots of topics I haven’t given much thought. I’ll definitely end up changing my opinions at some point in my life! Still, people seem to respect my opinions.

It also implied that everyone would come to the same conclusion if they learned about a topic enough, which would mean that there can’t be multiple informed viewpoints on this issue.

And (to tell the real reason I was so annoyed) it just sounded condescending as fuck. It reminded me of sentences like “oh, this trans thing, that’s just a phase. I remember when I was a kid, I used to want to be a boy too. And look at me now!” No. Fuck you. This is not about you. People are different and generalising from your experience to predict someone else’s is not going to work and also rude.
To make it clear, I also think that he was uninformed about the topic, I just think it’s rude to say that. Like, if someone had told me “being gay is just a phase” I would still have turned bi, so they wouldn’t have been wrong, but it’d have been rude.

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About pansy tho!!!! Whenever I see stuff about her I'm like wait I had very not happy feelings toward her did I forget something???? I was so glad about your post because seriously?? She's terrible. And she doesn't even have a visible redemption arc (if there is one at all)

Yeah she’s horrible and has no redemption arc. And I don’t buy that ‘she was just a poor scared slytherin’ bullshit. She was a hateful pureblood who used her position of power and privilege to bully others she thought lesser than her. We see nothing else of her than this. And the “she was brainwashed by her family” excuse doesn’t convince me either. There comes a time when you should be able to think for yourself and question the shady morals your family raised you with. Besides, none of that stopped sirius from rejecting the ideals he was raised with did it? Why are we supposed to give her so much sympathy when its the Muggleborns who suffered most? The muggleborns who were attacked and tortured and killed, the muggleborns who had to endure ridicule from people like her, the muggleborns who were rounded up and wrongly presecuted, muggleborns who were barred from going to school and forced into hiding to avoid said persecution.

There are so many worthy Slytherins to discuss: Andromeda, Slughorn, Regulus, Narcissa, Draco to an extent and hell even Snape. Pansy is not one of them. Her discourse harks back to that post that was like “imagine the rawness of slytherin feminists” Like sure they were great feminists if you ignore the whole discriminated against an entire group of people thing. (Of course this is referencing to the state of slytherin house during Harry’s story and not how it would be after or how all people who identify as slytherin are like)

tl;dr: Pansy Parkinson aint shit, there are much better slytherins than her.

Imagine your brother Danny teasing you about the crush you have on Barba

(A/N: For anonymous who bumped this idea up the list for all of you. I hope you all enjoy.)

Imagine your brother Danny teasing you about the crush you have on Barba

“Seriously Carisi?” you questioned as you both took a step into the squad-room.

“I’m feeling you, Y/N. It’s the next big thing.” he said dramatically.

“Of course just like time.” you sighed shaking your head.

You and your partner Sonny, had just come back from interviewing every registered sex offender in what seemed like the entire city of New York. Though-out, the whole day, Sonny had been telling you about this article on weird food combinations and who he tried one and it actually tasted good. You were disgusted by the thought of pickles and frosting.

As you stepped into the station, you quickly scanned the squad-room. Barba was talking to Liv by the media station. Rollins was making a coffee in the break room. And Finn was sitting at his desk talking to someone who was sitting at your desk. From your position who couldn’t see who it was. As soon as you saw it you buried over in curiosity.

As you approached you heard all too familiar voice.

“Danny.” you sighed in relief as you stepped in the middle of their conversation.

“Hey, you’re finally here. Took you long enough.” Danny joked standing up, “This is for you.”

He had handed you a typical coffee cop but it was opaque so you couldn’t see what it actually had inside.

“What is it?” you questioned, inspecting it.

“Iced Tea.” he said as you popped of the lid.

“It’s melted.” you commented looking at the  contents.

“Well then it’s tea.” he rebutted.

“Thanks I guess.” you said unsure as you sat the coffee cup down, “What are you doing here?”

“Can I not come down and see my sister?” he questioned pretending to be hurt as he stepped forward and pulled you into a hug.

“No, you can’t because then you wouldn’t be Danny Reagan. You’d be an imposter.” you joked as you hugged him back.

“Try me.” he wagered.

“Sarge.” you began turning around to Finn, “On a scale of one to ten, how much has he embarrassed me since he got here?”

“A solid 7.” he replied leaning forward obviously enjoying the exchange.

“Well, you’re definitely Daniel Reagan.” you chuckled, scooting passed him and sitting down in your chair, “So why are you here?”

He quickly glanced at Finn, “I already said. I wanted to see my baby sister. See where she works. Bring her a drink because she works so hard.”

“Hmm.” you agreed noticing the look as he sat down on the edge of desk, “Sarge?”

“He was talking to the other Reagan, for about fifteen minutes.” Finn informed.

You gave Danny a look.

“Do you tell her anything she wants to know?” Danny questioned, looking at Finn.

“I like your sister. She’s got my back so I’ve got hers.” he smiled before standing up, “I’m going to leave you to alone. To talk”

You both watched as he got up and dragged Carisi away with him into the break room with Rollins.

“What are you doing here?” you asked again taking a regretful sip of the ‘tea’ he’d brought you as you refocused on him.

“I’ve told you that twice already.” he pointed out.

“And both times you were lying.” you countered.

‘And how’d do you figure that?” he questioned raising an eyebrow before taking the cup of you and taking a swig himself.

“You have tell Daniel. How else do you think I always beat you at Poker?” you questioned.

“You had a great teacher.” he suggested.

“Joe taught me how to play poker.” you reminded.

“Exactly.” he stated.

“Come on Danny admit it. You’re here to to spy on me. Did Dad put you up to this?” you accused.

“Woah. Calm down. Nobody sent me here especially not Dad. He thinks you’re better detective than I am.” Danny confessed.

“True. Why are you here then?” You questioned once again.

“To see you.” he argued putting his hands up.

“Then why were you talking to Jamie?” you fired back.

“Maybe because he’s my brother. Our brother.” Danny pointed out.

“Alright then, what we’re you talking about?” you questioned.

“Uhhh.” he began to mumble, unable to think of an excuse.

You narrowed your eyes, knowing you were close to breaking him. He did the same. Hence starting one of your infamous stare-downs. You usually won and you won this time. You watched as his face broke from a firm scowl mirroring one you had.

“Alright, alright. I’ll admit I’m not here to see you randomly. I’m here to see you because of what happened at dinner last night.” he admitted cautiously, edging away from you slightly.

“Oh my god.” you sighed in exasperation, “You can’t believe anything Erin says.”

“Usually, I wouldn’t but after seeing how you were blushing yesterday at down and right now. I know it’s true.” Danny said his voice getting higher as he went on, standing up, “You like the new ADA.”

The dinner to what he was referring to was the one you had yesterday. It was after church, on a Sunday afternoon. Normal, for the most part until Erin suddenly asked what was going on between you and Barba. Which was nothing but you couldn’t convince the whole table of that. Especially after they all started asking questions and accused you of blushing. A claim at which you adamantly denied as well as any regarding any romantic feelings towards the ADA.

The rest of the table seemed to forget but your oh so delightful siblings, continued the discussion. Jamie, who worked at the same station as you, talked about all the times you and Barba had argued publicly and all the times you had what he described as ‘flirty exchanges’. Erin told them both about how you and he acted when you first met. You were staring at his ass, apparently. When she saw you together you were always ‘a little to close’ and constantly in ‘intense discussion’ or ‘suggestive banter’. She also told them about how you’d spending more and more time at the courthouse and DA’s office ever since he joined a few months ago. Not even mention that she described in excruciating and mind numbing detail the encounter she walked in on which had sparked it all.

The last Friday evening. You were in Barba’s office going over your witness statement for a trail you had coming up. He was sitting behind his desk in his chair, going through the statement, while you were were sitting on the other side of his desk. Your legs over the side while you twisted to face him. Listening, as he went over it. Essentially, what happened was that he couldn’t find a certain section. So you leaned over the desk to point out, propping yourself up with the elbow. while you were leaning, you made a comment about the colour of his tie. He leaned down in response, hoovering in front of your face and made a comment himself. You were in the middle of this conversation, Erin, bursts in, unannounced and sees you like that. Obviously, you sprung away from each other in shock and she continued to speak as is she hadn’t seen it.

You tired to explain that she had just come in at an awkward moment that could have looked weird if she didn’t know the full story. But she was adamant as was Jamie, who just seemingly turned on you.

Danny, on the other hand, hadn’t ever met Barba. He couldn’t contribute but he joined in with all the teasing though he also not so seriously but seriously threatened Barba for trying to ‘get with his baby sister’. A threat that you didn’t take seriously because you knew Danny would secretly be excited at the possibility that you actually liked someone.

Growing up, you and Danny had always been the closest out of everyone. When you were born he was fifteen years old. You would assume that at that age they wouldn’t take any interest but he took a liking to you that he hadn’t the rest of his younger siblings. Apparently, their was something about you according to your Dad.He actually offered to babysit you which you later found out was because apparently babies attracted girls and Danny was a ladies man. Though, he didn’t just exploit you, you actually had fun. As an officer he took nine year old you on ride alongs much to your Mother’s dismay. He liked spending time with you. You think it was because you were so much younger that when he he talked to you, he didn’t face any judgement, just a friendly face. When he came back from Iraq, you were the only one he talked to about it. Considering, you were only ten at the time, you really didn’t really understand the weight of what he was saying. He leaned on you because you wouldn’t judge him, you’d give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him everything would be okay.

You guess Danny, watched out for you because by the time you were born your Mom and Dad were so busy, not that they weren’t great parents, it’s just that they had four other kids to watch over as well as you. Danny, took upon himself to watch out for you. At face value and to most people Danny was this scary, brutish cop that preferred violence to any other tactic and he was but he was also a loving brother, son, husband and father. He was like that because he wants the city you all live in to be safe.

He maintained such an open relationship with you throughout your childhood by the time you started problems, he was person you turned to.

When your Mom died.

When Joe died.  

You were each other’s go to.

The only thing you didn’t talk about was your romantic life. He talked about his but you never discussed yours. It was an open secret amongst with your family. That you didn’t date. You had fun, had sex but never had any serious relationships. You knew they knew why too. So, you sort of understood why they were so excited at the prospect of you actually, genuinely liking someone.

And as much as you denied it. You can admit, evidently only to yourself that you did have a small crush on Barba. He was the only one you’d met that could keep up with your teasing and remarks. You bounced things off each other, made jokes at each others expense. You both had passion and sarcastic tendencies. You could feel some sexual tension between the two of you and you were defiantly psychically attracted to him. He did have a nice ass. But you were certain that he only saw you as friend, if even that. Maybe, just a colleague. Though, you did know a lot about him. Coincidentally, you had been spending a lot of time together. You got to know him better and saw more than just his face value. You were falling hard.

Maybe Danny was slightly annoyed that you hadn’t told him sooner about your ‘crush’ but you also knew he was excited and curious to see what Barba was like. And maybe he knew that you liked someone was just waiting for you to say something.

“Will you shush!” you warned, looking in Liv and Barba’s direction.

“You do. I knew it.” he rejoiced but quietening down.

“Is that why you came down?” you accused.

“Obviously. I needed to check this guy out.” Danny said as if it was obvious.

“I do not like him.” you stated adamantly.

“Oh yes. You do. I can see it in your eyes. You really like this guy.” Danny stated all knowingly.

“I do not.” you repeated.

“I like him more than that Nathan Weston from 8th grade.” he continued.

“Will you stop?” you pleaded, practically dying of embarrassment, “How do you know about Nathan?”

“Uhh.” he fumbled.

“You followed me didn’t you? You followed me on my first date, just like you did Erin.” you accused.

“Well what made you think we wouldn’t?” Danny shot back.

“Who was with you?” you questioned.

“Well, it was me, Joe, Jamie, Dad, Grandpa, Erin, Mom even Nicky. Though she probably doesn’t remember it.” He admitted with an apologetic expression.

“Remind me not to speak to any of you ever again.” you demanded, mortified.

“Oh come on, Y/N. It was such a long time ago and don’t worry I won’t be following on your first date with this one.” he reassured gesturing towards Barba.

“We aren’t going on a date.” you refuted.

“Yet.” he corrected, “You should though. He’s a good guy.”

“And how would you know that. You hadn’t heard of him until yesterday?” you asked confused.

“I did a background check.” Danny confessed casually.

“You what?” you asked shocked.

“Don’t be so shocked. I had to do one. Need to make sure this new boyfriend of yours isn’t secretly a serial killer in Canada.” he explained.

“You know he’s an ADA right?” you argued not understanding.

“You know I don’t trust the DA’s office.” he reminded.

“You know our sister is one of those DA’s, right?.” you countered.

“Yeah, she’s one of the rare good one at that office.” He nodded.

“Well Barba, like Erin, is one of the good ones.” you stated honestly.

“I know it’s in his file. Which is in the bottom draw of your desk. By the way.” he gestured.

“What the hell, Danny? I don’t want to know.” you stated adamantly.

“You’re not curious about your boyfriend?” he questioned teasingly.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” you stated once again.

“But you want him to be.” Danny winked.

“Y/N.” A voice greeted.

You turned round and Danny looked to the side to see Barba standing right behind you. He had his hands on hi pockets a smirk on his face. Obviously, during your exchange with Danny, you hadn’t noticed him leaving Liv and walking over.

“Councillor .” you greeted back, trying to swallow your evident embarrassment.

An awkward silence fell over you both, mostly because of Danny, smiling like an idiot.

“Ugh, Barba. This is my brother Detective Danny Reagan. Danny this is ADA Rafael Barba.” you introduced with a weary smile.

“Councillor.” Danny nodded out-stretching his hand.

“Detective.” he said shaking his hand, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You too.” Danny smirked.

“Your sister has said nothing but great things about you,” Barba complimented politely, which surprised you.

“Which one?” Danny asked jokingly.

“Erin.” he answered, giving you a brief look.

“Oh really, “ Danny began giving you nudge, “Well councillor both my sisters had good things to say about you.”

“Oh really? Like what?” Barba asked flashing you a smirk which made you die a little inside.

“Well Erin said your a good lawyer and this one says you have a nice…” he went to say.

“Danny, can I talk to you for a second?” You interrupted, standing up and dragging Danny away, “We’ll be right back.”

You dragged him over to the far corner. You could still feel Barba’s gaze on you.

“What the hell are you doing?” you demanded extremely annoyed.

“What? Me? Nothing?” he defended.
“I can’t believe you were going to embarrass me like that.” you protested.

“I wasn’t going to say it. I knew you were going to stop me.” he chuckled at your fury.

“You are unbelievable.” you sighed.

“What’s unbelievable is that one of you haven’t asked the other out yet. You’re sexual tension is insane.” he joked.

“Argh Danny. That’s weird. And about that. You literally watched us say two words to each other.” you countered, giving him an confused look.

“It’s all I needed to hear. I know true love when i see it.” he sing-songed a goofy smile on his face.

“Please leave.” you begged.

Cue another stare-down.

“You’re lucky I have to get back to work.” he chuckled before going serious as he watched your expression, “Don’t be annoyed with me, Y/N/N. I’m sorry. I was just having fun. Forgive me?”

“I know. Just please leave and I’ll forgive you Danny Donuts.” you forgave.

“You know I find that nickname offensive.” Danny commented.

“That’s why I said it.” you smiled cheekily as you bang pushing him out the door, “Goodbye.”

You gave him a shove before beginning to walk away from him and back to your desk.

“Love you.” Danny called from down the hallway, walking backwards.

“Love you too.” you called back turning round and blowing him kiss like you did when you were a kid.

He gave you a wink before walking off. You watched until you couldn’t see him anymore. Before turning back and walking to your desk where Barba was still standing, waiting.

“You all look so alike but you’re all so different.” Barba commented as you sat back down in your desk chair.

“What?” you asked not understanding.

“You Reagans. You all look so similar but you’re all so different.” he elaborated.

“Are you saying I look Danny?” you asked serious offence taking mock offence.

‘Well you look a lot alike Erin.” he stated.

“Thanks.” you aid sarcastically.

“But much prettier.” he continued a smirk on his face.

You looked up at him in shock and surprise.

“Excuse me?” you asked unsure of what he had said even though you heard everything clearly.

“I said though your sister is pretty. I think you’re much prettier.” he repeated steadily seemingly unfazed.

“Oh, okay.” you sighed unable to think of a rebuttal and then finally, “You heard Danny didn’t you?”

“Right from the background the check.” he chuckled.

You groaned in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry about that. Danny is…” you began before trailing off.

“Why are you apologising? Do you not like me?” he questioned.

“Do you want me to answer that question?” you checked.

He nodded.

“Maybe.” you half admitted reluctantly.

He gave you a look.

“Okay maybe I have a small romantic liking towards you.” you mumbled.

“Okay.” he nodded.

“I’m sorry. Just forget I said anything. I shouldn’t have…” you tried to explain.

“The feelings mutual.” he interrupted.

“What?” You questioned.

“The feeling is mutual. I guess I also have a ‘small romantic liking’ towards you too.” he elaborated.

“Really?” you questioned in disbelief.

“Yeah, we should get coffee sometime.” he suggested watching you.

“Are you asking me out?” you asked.

“Yes.” he replied.

“I never thought this would happen. To be honest I didn’t think you would like me. I can’t believe you are. It’s good that you feel the same way. It would be awkward, if you didn’t. You know?” you began to ramble.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” he interrupted.

“To what?” you asked.

“To the date.” he replied a smile breaking out on his face.

“Oh my god, yes. I said yes, in my head. I assumed i had said it.” you admitted in embarrassment.
Barba chuckled at you.

“You know Reagan, “ he smirked, “If I had known it that all it would have taken to make you less annoying and more endearing was to ask you out on a date. I would have done it sooner.”

“Oh really?” you teased, shaking your head in a disapproval.

“Oh yeah. If only your brother had come and outed you sooner. I’ll see you later… on our date.” he winked before turning away and beginning to  walk out.

You watched after him trying to be annoyed, but you could feel the massive smile on your face formulating.  

me: *realizes i have art block*
me: *get super suicidal*
me: *sobs silently*
me: *questions life*
me: *has a panic attack*
me: *thinks that all my friends hate me*
me: *thinks suicidal thoughts*
me: *skips all meals*
me: *ponders on life*
me: *talks to a friend who makes me happy*
me: oh wow im ok now-
—  seriously what is wrong with me???

I have a lot of questions about the Tongue Tied music video - who came up with these dance moves? Why is there a random Elvis impersonator?? Does Craig have any idea at all what he’s doing? Why is Robert so into it? Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? Why did I spend time and effort making these gifs???

W h y?

my history teacher calls on ppl randomly in class, and today he called on this one girl to answer a question and she pauses to think then goes “i have no idea honestly” and he says “get out. get out of my classroom” and i was like what the fuck? i thought he was joking but he was serious, and then the girl gets all like “im paying attention” and he goes “whats the last thing i said” and she repeats exactly what he said before. how are you gonna get mad at a student who honestly doesnt know the answer to a question, and then put them on the spot for it??? like what the fuck?? and then he went on to say somethin like “people, if you’re not gonna take thi class seriously then blah blah etc” YOUR FUCKING JOB IS TO TEACH US HISTORY DONT EXPECT EVERYONE IN THE CLASSROOM TO KNOW IT ALL ALREADY! how the fuck are you going to try to kick a student out of a class for not knowing something? jkghdjkghdfjkg 


It’s crazy unfortunate how when you’re about to depart from a place you meet someone you know is one of a kind. Seriously one of kind yo. I know I’m not suppose to question God, but I do wonder sometimes why God put us in those situations. Like is it to show us what to look for, to remind us not to lower our standards for anyone, to let who we’re currently with or around go or what?? 🤔 idk

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This might seem like a weird question, but I've been thinking about it lately. Does writing and/or acting ever make you like characters that you'd normally hate? I'll use " The West Wing" as an example because I watched it all the way though for the first time recently. It has at least a couple of characters whom I'd normally dislike, but the writers and especially actors are SO good that I love them instead. They give them so many layers that even some of their unlikable traits are likable.

It’s not a weird question at all. A really good actor will definately make a character more engaging, even if the character is the kind of person that you’d normally seriously dislike. Likewise, thoughtful writers who create complex, multilayered characters can make you want to see more of them. Some of my favorite film and tv characters were the outright villains but they were completely fascinating because they were so well written and acted.

Take Hannibal Lecter for a great example. The man is a murderer and a cannibal, but whenever he’s on screen you can’t take your eyes off him because he’s so compelling. He’s incredibly well written. He’s complex and multilayered and remarkably appealing despite the fact that he makes your skin crawl. Add to that mix an actor as Anthony Hopkins and you’ve got probably one of the best villains in film history. He made me want to know more even while I’m repulsed.

And I’ve said before that really good actors can make their parts more engaging than they come across on paper. Good examples of this are the stars of Supernatural. Both of them have had to deal with poor scripts and inconsistent writing for their characters has been very uneven over the many years that the show has aired and both of them punch well above their weight class. Even when their characters are asked to do very problematic things, you still see and sympathize why they may be doing those problematic things. You end up siding with them even when the script is trying to pain them badly.

Likewise, a bad actor can completely trash even the best writing (not naming names here but my followers know who I’m talking about).

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This might be a bit of a strange question but is the @realgpad Instagram account really Gen's? Jared didn't tag it but fan accounts are on regrams of the Shep pic but the accounts it follows are all 1D and other boy actor accounts. Feels weird to me for some reason, thought you might know

Hello, dear anon!

I’m afraid I’m not on Instagram myself and I have no idea whether or not she is there. If I were you, I would assume it’s a fake account. I can’t see who the person is following, but I seriously doubt G would be interested in teenage heartthrobs. ;)

Maybe someone reading this knows and can comment?

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"Both times it was Raven (kinda), both times a dead parent came up, and both times it questioned whether said dead parent would of approved of their leadership style." Next time Bellamy should call Raven out on her being a daughter of abusive alcoholic mother. But Bellamy wouldn't ever do that because he actually cares about people's feelings, unlike Raven, who only "cares" about her friends when the plot requires it. The writing this episode was terrible.

despite my disappointment with basically every one of Raven’s comments this episode (seriously wanna kms cuz I love her but like what the actually fuck), I actually think it was extremely well written and thought the parallels and connections back to S1 this ep were sooooo good. I thought Clarke was brilliant this episode tbh, she had her break down, she struggled, she had hurtful shit tossed in her face, but she still put on a brave face and ultimately told the people what she needed to tell them so they’d actually be motivated to work (and not just stand around like they did in the start of the episode) I thought literally all of the adventure squad scenes were so so good. It was the same type of battle with ethics and morals. Save who we can save today, or focus on the long run knowing people will be dying every day? Ultimately both Bellamy and Clarke are choosing to save everything when you think about it. That’s what Raven wants too, just their ways of going about it are obviously different. I loved everything will Ilian, and Octavia omg, and Kabby, and echo now coming to arkadia? ya I can feel things heating up already, next ep will be brilliant I think

I Have Zero Motivation For Studying

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What is your pet-peeve ?

Cats, definitely cats… Even if I’d love to have a lizard or an otter.

A thought that comforts you when you feel like the whole world is falling apart?

My friends and my family are here for me, I’m not alone. And if I physically am, I have a lot of plushes to cuddle.

What is more important in life: success or happiness? Why?

HAPPINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because seriously, the world is so sad without happiness, what’s the point of being successful if you’re sad and alone ?

Most hilarious typo made recently?

Pezena instead of ear… seriously, my friend will never let me go about it, she’ll remember it to me at my wedding and even at my funerals ^^

An advice for your younger self? 

Trust in you, you’re not alone anymore and you’re stronger than you think.

An unpopular opinion?

I really don’t know for that one… sorry !!!

Discuss: chocolate/mint or chocolate/orange?

Hum….. Can I say chocolate/strawberry or chocolate/chili ? Because seriously, apart from the fact that I am allergic to chocolate (doesn’t keep me from eating it) I just don’t like mint and oranges (excepts for mint teas or orange juices… but otherwise, Yeurk….)

How do you want people to remember you? 

I want them to remember me for who I am, I girl you can be kind, calm and full of compassion, but also a crazy one, who wears rainbow colors and Marvel or HP t-shirts. Like the crazy and happy girl I am almost everyday.

Somewhere that makes you feel utterly relaxed? 

My room I guess…. Actually, I’ve never really looked for that kind of space, but if it isn’t my room, I’d say a gigantic library full of old books like we only see in fairy tales (or in very old castles in Austria or in the UK).

Fave life lesson out of a fictional series?

Seriously, I’m still hesitating between two…. Let’s see…. Well, I have that one from Fantastic Beasts, even if I can’t really follow that advice (serisouly, nobody would believe or follow it) and that : “Worrying means you suffer twice”. And the other one is from Gandalf (pointy hat, great white beard…. Ok I’m out) “Qll you have to do decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”. I think that one is really my Fave Life Lesson.

Describe your aesthetic?

Wow that’s a hard one…. I’ll say a lot of books, colorful but simple at the same time, bright and with a lot of flowers or animals. And of course, a bit f geeking too (like some MArvel or HP or FBAWTFT)

My Qs:

  1. What is your fave fictionnal character and why ?
  2. Which places to you dream of visiting ?
  3. Are you a giver or a taker ? Explain
  4. What’s the most embarassing/comical thing you’ve ever said in front of a teacher?
  5. If you could turn back time and change only one thing, what would it be?
  6. What’s your favorite celebration ? 
  7. Discuss: Star Wars or Stark Trek, and The Lord of the Ring or The Hobbit?
  8. What do you love most about yourself?
  9. A place where you’d want to spend the rest of your life
  10. What was your worse cooking experience ?
  11. Someone who’ll always be at your side ?

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‘She called me a war criminal,’ I said.

'She’s wrong,’ Cassie said.

'Did what you had to do, man,’ Marco said. 'We all did.

❮Jake, it was I who pointed out the possibilities to you,❯ Ax said. ❮I pointed out that the Yeerk pool aboard the ship could be drained.❯

'Yeah, but I made the call. I pulled the plug. So why don’t you tell me: How is that prosecutor wrong? How is Visser One evil and I’m not? I’d really like to know that.’ I had intended it to be a rhetorical question. I hadn’t mean to sound so plaintive.

Cassie took it seriously. 'Jake, I’ve thought a lot about this.’

Marco rolled his eyes. 'Yeah, we know.’

'I’ve had to think about it because I’ve done the same things you’ve done, Jake. You were the leader, but if you’re a war criminal then so are we for following you.’ She shivered. It was cold and the breeze was gusting. 'I’ve had to make my own peace with things I’ve done.’

Despite myself I was hanging on her words. And despite myself I was remembering kissing her.

'Jake, you can’t…’ She took a deep breath. 'You can’t equate the victim and the perpetrator.’

'So as long as you’re playing defense it’s not possible to commit a war crime?’ I asked. 'That’s pretty close to just saying that the winner makes the rules because it’s the winner who writes the history.’

She grabbed my arm and searched for my eyes, forcing me to look at her. 'No, Jake, it isn’t. There are a lot of close calls in history, lots of wars where the blame is evenly split between the sides. This isn’t one of them. Before they came to Earth no human ever attacked a Yeerk. No human ever harmed a Yeerk. This one is clear: We are the victims. They made war on us.’
—  Book #54: The Beginning, pg. 90 (by K.A. Applegate)