seriously who gave you the right to exist

Just Gongchan Things (Warning: Long Post Ahead)

Tall, dark, and handsome.

Soft and sweet voice.

Some performances to hear his honey voice:

Variety dark horse.

“I want a diamond ring! TEN CARAT!!!”

Stronger than he looks.

Huge gamer nerd.

Oddly good at rock, paper, scissors.

And limbo.

Seriously great with kids.

Biggest weakness = that box game.

Actually cried because of kelp once.

Has pride in his badonka-donk.

Likes to find hearts in everything.

And I mean everything.

High-key clingy with zero shame.

A little lot gay for Sandeul.

His side fling with Jinyoung.

“Awkward” relationship with CNU.

His bromance with Baro.

That one time he went blonde.

Amazing Photoshop skills.

An actual seven year old sometimes.

All in all, just a precious human being. Needs to be protected at all costs.

Stan perfection. Stan Gongchan.



15 Days of BE: Day 10 - Favorite Moment:

↳ Rin and Yukio at their mother’s grave

Yukio: “Have you ever thought, maybe it wasn’t right that you and I were born? If we didn’t exist, then mom and dad would still be alive right now. And all our friends, they wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

Rin: “You’re such a dork. Seriously? What about everything they believe? What about what they stood for? It’s cuz of who they were that we’re even here. They made us who we are, they gave us our lives.”

Yukio: “You’re right. Our parents were pretty amazing, weren’t they?”

Rin: “Damn right they were. They’re our parents after all.”