seriously who came up with their ship name


First off, here am I waking up this morning after Hamlet. 

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Second off, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I just…there are NO WORDS! The play starts out with HIddleston sitting at a piano, silence, then he starts playing AND SINGING! It was this absolutely heartbreaking song and the whole theater is dark except for one spotlight right on Tom. Then all of sudden FANFARE LIGHTS, SET CHANGE, PANDEMONIUM as the play truly begins. @imaginaryboyfriendcollection and I were sitting in the last two seats on the end, in the front row literally ON THE STAGE. I was on the very end so I was right by the stage entrance and the entire night the actors kept freaking me out because I couldn’t hear them creep up behind me preparing to come out on stage. This also meant every time Hiddleston came out on stage from my side his lovely most wonderful smell of happiness, rainbows, and sunshine would waft past me. It was the greatest high ever! My favourite part of the play was when Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are sent to figure out why Hamlet is going crazy. Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are played by two AMAZING women and so they changed the gender of the names to RosAcrantz and GuildAstern. My favourite was Ayesha Antoine who plays Rosacrantz (seriously Tom NEEDS to date a WOC I SHIP THESE TWO SO FUCKING HARD!) Anyhoo back to the scene, Hamlet is sitting on a couch brooding wearing a hoodie, black jeans, war paint on his face, and his shoulders a draped in the flag of Denmark. When Rosacrantz and Guildastern walk in with a black BeatsAudio Pill speaker playing an upbeat song, Hamlet jumps up and a dance party ensues. I believe this is where the couch humping part came in but I can’t really remember because I was so in awe of everything. But the moral of all of this is Ayesha Antoine and Tom Hiddleston are soul mates and my OTP and my true ship and good god I need them to date after this because they were amazing together and shes all short and petite and he’s all tall and amazing and just UGHHHHH I LOVE THEM! Anyhoo, the play continues, Hiddleston crys real tears and at one point a teardrop drips off his nose and poor baby he looked so sad and miserable. Don’t even get me started on the sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes all I could think about was Coriolanus and that interview where Tom says his sword broke and went flying through the audience. Since I was sitting literally RIGHT THERE I could just see that sword breaking and flying at me or someone losing their footing or something. Another thing to note is throughout the entire play everytime Hiddleston would raise his arms his shirt would rise up and his little tummy would peak out and it was cute and adorable and in his death scene he falls to the ground with his arm reaching up and you can see his abs peaking out and basically I couldn’t cry at the death of Hamlet because I was too busy oogling Tom’s abs staring at me within touching distance. 

So yeah…that was my night. Please keep and eye on @imaginaryboyfriendcollection blog today as she is a far more eloquent writer than I am and probably remembers more details. But now you know my favourite scene, the fact that Tom needs to date a WOC, and he humped a couch. 


To the first picture: I just love Leslie and Jim together ^^ nothing more to say XD

To the second one…
Yeah…I’ve been infected by the Nygmobblepot fandom >3<
Seriously, who came up with the shipping name?!
Was it not even Robin and Cory themselves? XD i do recall something like that…XD
Why not Osward, - Edwald, or …Pengler? XD Nooo you have to choose a name you can’t even spell at the first try ToT
Btw i hope i managed to give a creepy tone to this picture
because…the episodes where Oswald lives in Edwards Apartment do have a really creepy tone on them O.o
but i love them anyway XD

We need to talk about Sheith.

So, first off, this isn’t about Shiro x Keith. It doesn’t matter if you ship them or not, because what we need to talk about is not Shiro and Keith. It’s the ship name. And not just Sheith, but every Voltron ship with Shiro in it: Shance, Shklance, Shallura, Shidge, Shunk, Shoran, and the monstrosity that is Shatt. I mean, come on guys. Shatt must have been some kind of mistake, right? Whoever the heck came up with all these ship names was seriously misguided, because they are about the most horrendous sounding things in existance (not that klance is much better) And so, as a multishipper who appreciates several of the above pairings, I refuse to continue calling them such abhorrent names. Sure, you guys will, but frankly, from here on out, I’m going to just call them with the suffix -ro, for a much smoother sounding ship name. Keiro. Much nicer, don’t you think? As they all are. Lanro, Klanro, Alluro, Piro, Hunro/Huro (who cares? They both sound better than Shunk.) Coro, and by far the best improvement, really not that that means much, Maro.

That is all.

(what am I doing, nobody’s even gonna see this post, are they? I have like, one follower. Ah, well.)

Kima wore a dress at Allura’s suggestion even though she would’ve rather worn her armor, she and Allura left the dining hall together, they were apparently both in Allura’s house when the assassins attacked (as Allura was likely the target, and didn’t seem injured at all, odds of them being in the same bed are … pretty high), said house was referred to as “theirs”, Kima was there first thing in the morning when Vex came by, opening the door for her like she owned the place, like

just admit they’re girlfriends

lovers in the nighttime

Gals who are a bit more than Pals

like if I have to get my heart broken every time Gilmore shows up please at least give me this, please, I just need

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Imagine College!AU Steve approaching a random strange asking if he'll pretend to be his boy/girlfriend because some creep keeps following him

Steve would really, really like to turn around and shout at the creep who’s been following him since he left his art class. Get up in his face, demand to know why he’s following Steve, why he’d followed Steve yesterday as well. It probably wouldn’t go too well, too many people taking offence to Steves abrasive attitude, his inability to keep walking when something he didn’t agree with was happening.

Except, he can’t get into another fight on campus. He’s been warned and, regardless of how good his reasons for getting into a fight in the first place, next fight will be met with a suspension for the rest of the semester. Steve really, really doesn’t want to get suspended. 

So there’s really nothing he can do, except grit his teeth and keep walking, wishing he could swing his thick soled orthopaedic shoes into the guys shins and tell him to back the hell off. But the guy keeps getting closer, and closer until he’s only a few steps behind Steve, which is setting his teeth on edge. Sure, Steve could shout himself hoarse, throw a few punches, but the guy looked like he weighed double of Steve, and Steve wasn’t sure he could win that fight even if he’d sure as hell love to try.

They’re about five meters away from one of the usually deserted paths that Steve needs to take to get to where his art class is meeting for an outdoor session, except Steve really, really doesn’t want to go down there alone, with the creep staring holes into his back. There’s a flash of movement, however, and Steve glances over to see a man lounging on the grass near a bench seat, silver hair glinting in the dappled light falling through the trees.

Steve’s never seen him before in his life, but the sun reflecting off silver hair was like a beacon of salvation, and Steve wasn’t going to pass it up. If he got beat up (or worse, or suspended), Bucky and Sam would never let up about it.

So Steve tucks away his pride, which says he doesn’t need saving, fuck you very much, and approaches the man at a quick trot, widening the space between himself and the man who’s been following him, and practically throws himself down next to the man, placing a hand on his shoulder. Steve grins at the startled look on the guys face, glad that he’s positioned himself in such a way that the silver haired mans face is concealed by Steves back and whispers,

“This guy’s been following me, and I don’t wanna walk down that path alone.” The man blinks, thinks for a second, before propping himself up on an elbow, giving a smirk Steve knows Nat would be proud of.

“Pietro.” He says and Steve feels his heart skip a beat, because his voice was wonderful, accented and deep.

“Steve.” The smirk turns into a grin as he sits up, wraps an arm around Steves thin shoulders, and tilts his head to look past Steve at the man who’s now awkwardly standing a few meters away, still on the path.

“My boyfriend says you are bothering him. Leave.” Steve can feel himself turn bright red at the declaration, because that’s not how he would have gone about it, in any way, but the man jolts in surprise and takes a few steps back.

“You are still here.” Pietro says, a few seconds later, glaring at the man. Steve can only see his profile, from where he’s been tucked into Pietros side, but finds it hard to look away nevertheless.

The man shuffles for a second, but when Pietro starts to get to his feet, the man turns around and walks back quickly the way he came. Pietro chuckles and flops back down, bringing Steve with him.

“Do you like Sokovian food?” Steve raises an eyebrow, trying to shift so his bag wasn’t digging into his side.

“Never had it.” Pietro makes an obviously fake noise of outrage.

“You will have it tonight.” He declares, and Steve feels a blush work its way up his face again. Pietro just smirks at him.