seriously where was this show all my life

Watch “The Good Doctor”

Seriously. Go watch it. Support it.

I am crying right now because this show is about a young man with Autism who, his whole life, faced stigma even as he was a genius. He faced many hardships that neurodivergent people face every day, and yet he still pushes forward.

Throughout the episode - the first episode - I felt like someone was batting my heart with a baseball bat until the very end where they reached in and tore it out. The end left me in messy tears.

I never cry in movies. Moved? Yes. Cried? Never. Dogs could die and the main protag could lose it all, and I didn’t bat an eye. This had me crying.

The main character is a savant autistic young man who only wants to help people, help them live long and wonderful lives because of the tragedies of his past. He’s brilliant and has no ulterior motives to be at this hospital besides help people. Yet, even as he has one in his corner, everyone else sees his diagnosis and tries to shut him out.

But he tries. He tries harder than anyone else would. He does the seemingly impossible even as everyone else struggles to understand him.

This show is so important to me as someone who is neurodivergent and as someone who has grown up with autistic family. Please, please watch the show on ABC or hulu or some channel that streams it for cost because it needs support. It needs to stay on the air. It’s too important, already, to lose.

PS For friends, please be warned that this may be triggering. Emotional abuse and abuse of animals is present as is death. If these deter you, then please reblog and have others see it, understand the meaning of the show.

I want to say I can’t go on without you, but that isn’t true.

I have gone on without you. We have gone weeks and months without talking and I have found myself happy during that time. I thought of you and I missed you, but I also had happiness.

But the thing is I don’t want to go on without you. Even though I know that I am able, and able to happily live a life where you only live in my memories, I don’t want to.

I don’t need you. I want you, and us and our late night talks which stem from fights and end in jokes. I want you to try to make me laugh when I’m so angry all I can see is red. I want to hate you for doing it, for not taking me seriously even when I know that it’s your way to cheer me up and show me you love me. I want the part of us that is so intertwined and impassioned in each other that we can go days without needing another human soul.

You see, I have had life without you, and I know what it entails. I have had adventurous solo road trips and hikes where I sit at the bottom of rocky cliffs staring out at the ocean. I have had drunken flings and nights where my girlfriends and I drink wine until we collapse on the couch. I have laughed without you. I have loved without you. I have had passion with other and I have had heartbreak with others. So believe me when I say that I do not need you, I can do this on my own or with someone else, but you are still a unique and wonderful presence in my life and I want you.

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #187
So Something Happened at Phoenix Con

I’m not usually one to complain, or criticize, or speak out at all really. I’m one of those fans that just quietly sits in the corner and admires from afar, silently praising all the guys for what they do. But every now and again, someone does something that lights me up, and I’m off like a firecracker.

As I’m sure you’ve concluded, that happened recently.

I’m a Jared girl, but I love and respect all the actors equally. Respect being a keyword here. Phoenix con 2017 is going on now. As it so happens, that’s exactly where this incident took place. Yesterday. On the day mostly recognized as Misha’s day of the con.

Let’s all just agree that Misha is an incredible human okay? He’s actual such an incredible human that he borders on being a real life angel. He deserves all the good things in the world. Which is why I am particularly fired up because of what happened.

**Not naming names because this is not to bash anyone, just to draw attention to the fact that these are people with real, human emotions**

I’m going to summarize this the best I can because, honestly, the more I talk about it the angrier I get (and I’m not an angry person, this just really doesn’t sit well with me).

Long story short, there was a con-goer that had been to a con in the past and she had Misha sign her arm. Misha had said that if she still had the autograph on her arm the next time he saw her, he would buy her ice cream. No harm in that part. This is where things start getting…. Uncomfortable.

The girl then decided she was going to take Misha up on that (which, admit it, we would all try to keep Misha’s auto on us as long as we could, bet or not). But, instead of doing any number of options that would be considered safe and acceptable, she peeled off her skin, including the autograph, and preserved it.

Are you still with me? Hold on. I’m not done yet.

At Phoenix Con, she then adhered it back to her skin. Now, I’m not sure if she showed it to him during a panel, or ops, or autos, or where. But when she did show it to him, he told her to take it off.

**this is where I get seriously pissed**

So, she takes it off. AND FUCKING THROWS IT AT HIM.

This girl, who claims to love and respect Misha Collins throws a piece of her dry, dead, decaying skin at him. It lands in his lap and his handler has to come pick it up. She tries to excuse it by saying ‘it’s all in good fun’ and that he’s ‘used to her by now’, but let’s make a few things clear.

It’s all in good fun? I’m sorry, I have never once in my life have gone around throwing preserved skin at people for the fun of it. And I’ve asked some of my friends (the ones that wouldn’t call the cops on me for asking such a question) and they all said the same thing. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity or Mary Jane that lives next door, people don’t like having dead skin thrown on them. Especially a stranger’s skin.

Secondly, no matter how many times we meet them, they really don’t know us. They don’t know if you’ve got any diseases. They might not even recognize you, really. How many times have you seen someone at work over and over and over again but don’t really know them? I have. I’ll admit it. And you know what? It is my job to interact and build report with customers. And I’m not a celebrity – I don’t have millions of people begging for time with me.

I guess I made this post for a few reasons:

1.       Is my anger justified or misplaced? Taking into consideration that, while I’ve never met them (Pitt Con is so far away), I do love them like they’re family

2.       I’m open to opinions.

3.       I want to make a PSA that Jared, Jensen, and Misha – hell EVERYONE – are human. Don’t do something to them that you wouldn’t like having done to you. If you wouldn’t like have dead animals thrust into your hand, don’t make them hold one. If you wouldn’t like someone to throw decaying organs on you, don’t do it to them! You paid money for a ticket to the con. You did not pay money to abuse them.

I know I’m going to probably get hate for this, and to be honest, I really don’t care. If you think I’m right, great. I’m glad someone sees this from where I’m at and finds it just as wrong as I do. If you think I’m wrong then… well, you keep doing whatever you think is right. We’ll agree to disagree.

tl;dr – Don’t throw your decaying, preserved skin at Misha because he’s a human and it’s disgusting on so many levels. Show him respect. Show all of them respect. You know Misha is too kind to say anything about how uncomfortable it makes him, so just save everyone from being awkward, and save the fandom from feeling like we have to apologize for the actions of a single fan.

TBT Pilot Script Notes

First off, the script introduces Kat as “gifted and overpraised as a kid” which i loved lol

When Jane is talking about the pitches she sent to Jacqueline while the girls are walking into the office there was supposed to be a line where she says “Do you think I’ll get to do the one about sexting the wrong number?” to which Kat replies “You did not seriously pitch something from my personal life!” KAT HAS SENT A SEXT TO THE WRONG NUMBER AND I AM LIVING LMAO i want @starchasertonight to write an AU ficlet where thats how she meets Adena

Richard is introduced as Richard “DICK” Hunter which i found hilarious until it said they call him that “because all the girls would like to get on his” ://

When Adena speaks Farsi when Kat shows up at her studio she’s supposed to say “Sorry, give me a second” idk if thats what Nikohl said but yeah. And Adena is actually a little bit meaner in the script. She starts off the convo by saying “I can’t believe I have to tell you this but: No means no.” Im glad they cut it.

Carl the driver tells the girls “I’ve been driving Scarlet girls around for 15 years. This doesn’t even come close to my weirdest day” lol I guess stalking exes is just a normal day at Scarlet

After Adena says “Those are illegal in my country” shes supposed to give Kat a smile and say “…but I’m well travelled” ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

So Katie was 100% right Im pretty sure the dildo packing scene was dark because they didnt have the set for Adena’s apartment ready yet. It wasnt mentioned at all that they had to do it by candle light lol

“Adena puts her hand over her own HEART. The girls make eye contact. It gets a little intense. Flustered, Kat looks away.”

After Kat asks her why she still wears the hijab Adena is supposed to say it liberates me “As do my tattoos.” which I wish they had kept.

“Kat and Adena stare at each other, a real connection forming. Who is going to be the first to look away? Suddenly, Kat’s cellphone rings.”

“They end with a firm but loaded handshake.”

“Kat turns and looks out the window. She’s thinking about her victory. But also still thinking about Adena. She feels like she has more she wants to say. Slowly she spins her chair so she’s facing away from her glassy office door. Then takes off her top. What the hell is she doing? Oh my God. She’s taking a TOPLESS SELFIE. Adena gets the picture from Kat. The message accompanying the picture says: You touched me here. Adena reacts in surprise when she sees the photo. Yes, Kat is topless. However, she’s drawn a PINK HEART over her chest.”

For the final scene where Jacqueline sees them drinking the champagne in the fashion closet theyre supposed to be making toasts. Jane says one about kicking ass at her dream job. Sutton says she thinks shes falling in love. And Kat says “I think I like a girl…”

ariqueery  asked:

Hey dude! Just wanted to say I think it's so nice that you picked up the Tumblr Mom thing. I know people have been jerks to you (scone discourse!) but you just decided "yeah, I'll be your mom" to a bunch of strangers and give advice and support and that's so good. Moms have this weird glorification, where they're all so amazing and you need to love them more than anything but a lot of the time they're not, and you're there for strangers when they need it. Thanks!

I’m extremely humbled and thankful for the whole ‘mom’ thing. When I hesitantly** told that one anon over a year ago “sure! you can call me mom if it helps you feel better…”,  I never expected it to snowball into what it is now, with hundreds and then literal thousands of people calling me some variation of familial relation (mom, aunt, sister, cousin etc etc), but the very fact that people want to include me in their lives in such a way is honestly just staggering and completely overwhelming. 

For the longest time, “family” to me meant, people you had to leave to be safe…it doesn’t mean that anymore.  

And while I’ll likely never have children (physically it’d probably be the nail in the coffin I keep managing to dodge)—though ETD and  I are still seriously contemplating adoption (of fostering) in the future—it’s uhm…really quite emotional to receive letters and postcards from people where the first line reads “hi mom!”. 

I know it’s more just fun nickname for most people. But it’s something I never thought I’d have…and uhm…yeah. *cough* It’s…nice. It’s really, really nice. 

And I hope it shows just how much I love and appreciate all of you. I’m genuinely sincere when I say you have all changed and enriched my life for the better. And while the “mom” nickname will likely fade over time, it’s an honorific which I will continue to try very hard to be worthy of. And I hope (???) I manage it to some small degree.

So yea…thank you for including me in your lives. You’ve made a happy woman very old :P

** I grew up with a lot of fandom “mom” types who turned out to be rather toxic and predatory, on top of my own poor familial relationship, and I had a real internal debate over how I felt over using that same moniker. When people kept on using it without me prompting them to, I came to the decision that I would strive very hard to be the adult I needed as a young person and not be like them. I work very hard to respect the boundaries of others, and adhere to my own rules. I don’t follow back anyone under the age of 18 with very few exceptions, and I always try to ensure the age of someone when they start talking to me about certain things. If I can’t confirm their age, I will respectfully decline to talk about certain things. It drastically changed the way I interact with fandom on here too, and It try not to make people feel alienated or like my work is in there face and uncomfortable. No small feat when you write porn for a living, but again hopefully I manage it well enough that people feel welcome.

BTS | Their s/o Has An Over Protective Mother

Anonymous said:

You know how in scenarios, people usually write the reader having a protective father? Well, how about instead the reader having a protective mother? So, whenever you aren’t busy, can you please do a big bang and bts reactions to their s/o’s protective mom? (the reader is dating them) :) thanks!

It had actually be Jin’s decision to talk to your mother in private. You had told him that she could be over protective and that when he first met her things might be a bit iffy. But he took it upon himself to want to talk to her and tell her about him and about your relationship and answer any questions she might have man to woman.

“You do realize it’s not going to go the way you have it all planned out in your head,” you warned, “It’s not going to be Twenty Questions, and then life will go on like it normally does. Seriously, in the seven circles of Hell my mother’s questioning tactics are used as means of torture…I can show you where Dante wrote about them.”

“I’ll be fine, Y/N…me and your mom are just going to talk and then we’ll have dinner and everyone will go about their business and no one will have anything to worry about.”

*Several Hours Later*

Jin came walking out of your father’s home office, which your mother had borrowed for the private conversation, and flopped on the couch, his head landing in your lap. “How was it?”

“I think I cried,” he replied.

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For Yoongi, Sunday afternoons that he rarely had off could be better spent curled up on the couch with you watching a movie. Instead you had dragged him to your parents house. He wasn’t objecting to meeting your parents…the fact was he just wasn’t looking forward to it.

You had told him about how your mother could be a little on the over protective side and that whenever you had mentioned him she would start questioning you about everything in the book. 

“Just try to avoid any sensitive subjects…” you reminded him, as you stood at the front door a pie in hand.

“I would rather not talk about that with your parents to begin with,” he said, “If it’s brought up it definitely wont be by me.”

The door opened and your mother was stood there a half-hearted smile on her face and she greeted the both of you. “This is must be the rapper that you’re dating…what’s your stage name again umm something wit STD in it…I can never remember. I truly hope you’re not hinting at anything…coffee anyone?”

“Best day off ever…” Yoongi sighed.

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*Starts campaign to protect this ball of sunshine* “Hoseok…you really didn’t have to come with me,” you said as you headed up to the door of your childhood home. Just a few more steps and there was no way out.

“I wanted to come, jagi…plus I need to meet your parents sooner or later,” he said, his perfect smile plastered on his face.

“It’s not gonna be that-…” it was too late, he knocked on the door. Say goodbye to the sunshine…the rain cloud was arriving in the form of your mother.

When your mother opened the door Hoseok smiled at her and held up the soup pot that he had been carrying for you. “Hello Mrs. Y/L/N, I’m Hoseok…Y/N said you weren’t feeling good so we brought you soup in hopes that you feel better.”

“Do you think bringing me soup will make me like you any better Mr. “Y/N I’m out of the shower you can use it now”….I can see by your faces you didn’t realize that I heard that little conversation,” your mother said.

“I…I just used Y/N’s shower…we haven’t even done anything yet…” Hoseok said.

Yet…and never would if I had my way…” you mother said before taking the soup pot and giving you both on parting glance before shutting the door.

“I just wanted her to like me…” he said sadly.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“Why is my mother looking at you like you just kicked a small animal?” you questioned walking into your mother’s dining room to see him sitting at the table, your mother sending him death glares.

“I…tried to help with dinner…” he said.

“When you said his nickname was the God of Destruction cause he was clumsy…you didn’t say I had to protect everything in my house. First, I have to worry about this boy and what he’s doing with you and then I have to worry about my fine china,” your mother said, starting on a rant.

“What did you break?” you questioned.

“This expensive looking platter…” he replied.

“So…only the oldest and most valuable thing in the house,” you said, “What else?”

“I knocked over some glasses…”

“Just keep him out of my kitchen,” your mother said, “You better not be having any sort of sexual relationship because at this point I’m afraid of where things might go!” After that moment your mother continue to rant about how she couldn’t believe you had found such a destructive young and how she thought she had taught you better and blah blah blah.

“I think I’ll go take a walk,” Namjoon said, going to put on his sun glasses, only to accidentally break them in the process.


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For about a month you and Jimin had finally made plans to go and visit your family. His schedule really had nothing to do with the fact that you hadn’t gone yet, he had several times said he could take a couple days off for family (which you of course were to him), but it was more because of your mother.

Unlike your father, who was thrilled that his child was not only happy in their professional but love life…your mother wasn’t having any of it. Not only was she not happy that you moved to a big city at such a young age she was not happy that you were dating someone whose job kept him away for not only days but sometimes months at a time.

So when “D Day” started to creep up you started to show signs of nervousness that only made Jimin nervous.

~3:30 AM~

You had gotten up for a glass of water and headed to the kitchen and saw the living room light on. Finding it strange that the light was on on not only Jimin’s day off but the night before an important event when he should be getting sleep you started to get worried. “Jimin…why are you up, we have to catch the train at eight,” you said, seeing him hunched over a notebook, “Are you working?”

“I’m not working…I’m studying,” he said.

“For what?” you questioned.

“You told me about your grandparents, siblings, parents, their jobs, the family business, you’ve showed me pictures so I know who is who, your mother’s favorite EVERYTHINGS….I need to be ready,” he replied, “For all I know there could be a pop quiz.”

“I don’t think that-”

“You never know!”

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The evening had gone surprising well. Which made you suspicious; you weren’t so suspicious about your father and Tae getting along as you were him and your mother. Your father had as much of a sick sense of humor as he did so you figured that between the two of them the laughter would be hard to control.

As for your mother, you weren’t expecting her to hug Tae and warmly welcome him to her home. On more than one occasion you had asked her “what are you up to?” only to receive a smile and her saying “Up to? Sweetheart, I’m happy for you.”


She was planning something; your mother had always been over protective, always scaring away anyone you brought home to meet them. Even scaring away a few friends. So as you sat down for dinner and your mother’s demeanor started to change you knew something was coming.

“So Taehyung…” she said, setting down her fork and knife.

“Yes ma’am?”

“I can see that Y/N…for some reason likes you, I can’t figure it out yet what with a job that keeps you away for so long, but I do have to tell you one thing,” he said before pointing her knife at him, “I better not find out that you have gone very far.” Your mother didn’t have to give specifics to know what she was talking about, but all the same you were completely embarrassed.

“Well ma’am…I have some bad news for you…” he started, a terrified look forming on your face.

“I would have to check Y/N’s passport, but I think I think the furthest we’ve gone is New York….”

There was silence in the room before your father burst out into laughter. ‘Well at least someone found it funny,’ you thought.

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You had saved up for a year for this dinner. If your mother was going to meet Jungkook is was going to be in a public (but of course not too public) setting. So when your mother’s birthday came around your parents out to Seoul and you went out to dinner on her birthday.

“I can pay, you know that right,” Jungkook whispered to you, “I don’t mind treating you guys, especially on your mom’s birthday.”

“Yeah, I know…but she’ll turn it into a thing like you’re trying to impress her…just let me get this,” you whispered back, earning a nod from him.

So far the evening had been going well, and by well you considered Jungkook only getting dirty looks from your mother instead of an earful unlike what you had on the phone. Your mother was convinced that the relationship would never last with what his job was like and that he was just going to turn into some playboy. She didn’t get that past the hip thrusts that he gave on stage there was a shy boy who that after you two met in the coffee shop you worked at took some time for him to actually get the nerve to ask you on a date.

Dinner was pretty quiet, your father mainly the one to break the silence asking about both of your jobs and how they were going and asking how you had been adjusting to life in the big city over the past couple of years.

“It was hard adjusting at first since I didn’t really know anyone, but when Jungkook and I became friends and then started dating that really help since I actually had someone to talk to,” you said, looking at Jungkook and smiling.

“He better not be helping you adjust too much,” your mother chimed in.

“Mom…” you said lowly, “Don’t start.”

“You come to the city and next thing I know you have a boyfriend…he just better be aware that if he does anything with you he’ll never be able to have kids, especially not with you,” she said, looking at him with an evil grin.

Jungkook popped his head up from eating with a terrified look on his face. “Oh…well…um….”

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Karaoke Machine - Joe Sugg

Request: Hello! Can you please write an imagine where Joe’s GF is usually super shy and quiet around the Buttercreams and then one night she’s out with her friends and the boys show up at the same place and she’s singing on the Karaoke, dancing with her friends etc. And the boys are all super shocked? Thank You! 💖💖

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Guys, I probably just failed a midterm cause fuck everything in life. This week is SO bad and has seriously messed with my entire life. On the plus side, I have next week off so I’m doing NOTHING but SPENDING TIME WITH YOU GUYS! WOOHOO!

Also, do you get what I did with the title? Get it? Lemme know if you get it. 

I hope you like it :)


Being around the Buttercream Gang is quite difficult and you’ve come to realize it over the couple of months you’ve been around. You and Joe bumped into each other after years of not speaking since the 10th grade. You’ve always enjoyed his personality but the summer after 10th grade changed everything. He became sort of…different. He was hanging out with new people and you didn’t exactly get on with them so you two eventually stopped talking. However, when you moved to London a couple months back, you bumped into Joe on a night out and things quickly changed from strangers to romantic interests. 

He introduced you to the boys pretty quick but they all seemed to love you so you would continuously hang out with them, sometimes even without Joe. They all have pretty dominant personalities and definitely love being in the spotlight so you were often pretty quiet when you hung around them. They didn’t mind though, you had your moments of one liners, so they enjoy your company either way.

“Guys, what are we going to do tonight? We’ve been stuck around the house all day.” Caspar complained. They had been filming and editing for hours now but they were slowly dying of boredom.

“Joe…what’s (y/n) doing?” Oli asked, looking through his phone.

“She’s out with friends, why?” Joe replied, suspicious of why Oli was asking. Oli tossed his phone in Joe’s direction as the others crowded around. 

“Hit me with your best shot! Why don’t you hit me!” You sang on your Instagram story. 

“Is she drunk?” Jack asked, knowing you would never be as outgoing with them. “I mean, that’s the only way-”

“Nope.” Mikey said, as your next Instagram photo came up on your story. 

“When you’re the sober one and you’re going harder than the others.” You captioned as your three friends struggled to take shots.

“Let’s go.” Caspar said, standing up. “We’re not sitting here any longer.”

“Babe!” You said, running over to Joe as you saw him enter the bar. “What are you doing here?”

“We wanted to see you perform in person!” Conor said, pointing to the karaoke machine. 

“They were all really surprised when they saw your Instagram story.” Joe laughed, knowing they were in for a real treat. He knew your wild side more than anyone and he knew they’d be speechless once they really got to know you.

“Conor, come with me!” You said, pulling him towards the stage. 

“Hey wait,” Joe said, taking your wrist in his hand. He quickly pressed his lips against yours before cracking a smile. “You look really good.” You smiled at him, kissing him quickly before joining Conor on stage.

Meeting Taylor

SO everyone’s been asking me for my story of how this amazing picture came into my life:

and so I thought I’d finally get round to sharing my story!! Sorry that it’s taken so long (almost a week - oops!) it’s just been totally crazy with me and I just want to take this chance to first of all thank you for all the reblogs, likes and support you guys gave me, and for being so kind and lovely after it finally happened!!

My 1989 tour story starts at the Glasgow date on 23rd June 2015 (although my story with @taylorswift starts way back). At the Glasgow date, I camped out with some lovely gals from @thescotlandsquad - @forever-dreaming-0f-you, @we-found-wonderland-in-1989, @taylorfreakinswiftt and @tayloralis0nswift! I was actually in Paris the weekend before at a convention, and was due to come home on the 23rd, but wouldn’t have made the concert so I swapped my flights over just so I could go. I wore my big white prom dress and camped all night (literally) with some of the best people - and something wonderful happened!! @taylorswift followed @forever-dreaming-0f-you and @tayloralis0nswift while we were on tumblr trying to let her know that we were already camping out for her!! We freaked out and it was the best. During the day of the concert we met up with a bunch of other fab people from @thescotlandsquad AND I FINALLY GOT TO MEET @panicatthetaylorswiftconcert!! This was all seriously cool and she brought Taylor’s coat that she got given in her valentines day package and she let me try it on and then Gaby said she was meeting Taylor and she took my scrapbook that I made for her in for me (which I will forver be grateful for and you are the best and I miss you) - side note THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR MAKING GABY SO HAPPY BECAUSE SHE IS THE SWEETEST - and then it was time for the show. I was in block 11, and it was the closest I had ever gotten to Taylor during a show (more on that later). I had the time of my life, although my dress was a bit too hot and it was hard to move but I really loved wearing it and people kept coming up to me to say how beautiful I looked and some people even asked for pictures with me, which was lovely. I got to speak to Sierra at the Taylor Nation booth and she was so so lovely. I bumped into @goodgirlwhoshopeful at the TN booth and we talked and then we had a picture of us taken (which would later end up on Taylor’s website!!) I then went to my seat and not long after, I see @nowthat-imclean and her mum being upgraded to pit!! Just after, I see @goodgirlwhoshopeful get upgraded too which is super cool. About halfway through the show, there was a message on the Scotland Squad facebook chat and it said that @oohiremember, @screaminggcolourr and @oohmymymyy had GOTTEN LOFT ‘89! Everyone really really wanted them to get it so we were all really really happy. And then I started to wonder if it was going to happen to me, since Taylor had been following me since May and had noticed my posts before. When it didn’t happen to me, I got so sad (I don’t even want to talk about how sad I was but if anyone saw me at the date after the concert was over you’ll know what I’m talking about.) But now I understand that it wasn’t meant to happen then, and that’s totally totally okay. 

Flash forward to 26th June 2015. Initially, I was only planning on attending the Glasgow date of the 1989 tour, but this was the day it all changed. I was just browsing tumblr when I saw that @xomol  was giving away a free ticket to the london show!! I quickly messaged to see if it was still available, and when she told me it was, I booked my train down without question. I had nowhere to stay or anything, I just hoped I would be able to stay in the train station overnight or something. I didn’t really care, all that mattered to me was seeing Taylor again. I narrowly missed my train the next day, and had to cry my way out of a £60 fine for getting on a later train (as technically my tickets weren’t valid). I got there eventually around 2pm and waited for Molly to arrive with my ticket. Around this time is when I bumped into @showyouincrediblethings who was an absolute darling and we queued for ages together! I got to meet up with my best friend @partyinhannahsroom and her sister while I was there too which was so great! I managed to find the (well hidden) Taylor Nation booth and Sierra was there again, and she recognised me from Glasgow! I said hi and I told her that it was a split decision and that I was just here because I kind of threw caution to the wind and emptied my bank account for the train down. She said she hoped I enjoyed the show and then I wandered off and managed to find @partyinhannahsroom by chance (since it was such a big place and it was all standing!) and then the concert started and Ellie Goulding was incredible and then Taylor came on and I stopped being able to cope with my life when she brought out the squad during Style - seriously Taylor OH MY GOD!! and then I wasn’t fussed about not being noticed by Andrea or anyone that night because I knew chances were really slim anyway and I just wanted to see Taylor again. I was so grateful to see the show a second time because this is the first tour where I’ve been able to go to multiple dates.

A week or so after that, I began to miss Taylor and the 1989 concert terribly, and I wondered about the idea of travelling to Asia to see the tour - since one of my ultimate goals is to see Taylor on every continent that she tours in. I put it out of my head and decided I couldn’t afford it, but when I started making money from my redbubble account I knew that seeing Taylor again was what I wanted to do with the money. I booked my hotel and invited @southwesteros to come to Singapore with me, since she studied it for her graded unit at college and she’d always wanted to visit there. I hadn’t bought my ticket by this point and the show was actually sold out, so I had to buy my ticket from viagogo. I was really worried about it being fake, but it wasn’t so that was good 

As everyone who follows me knows, I made this post about me attending 1989 Singapore this year after I found out where I would be sitting, and I reblogged it from August right through to just days before the concert. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make any other dates this tour, so this was my last chance. I queued the post to post when I was sleeping, I constantly reblogged it whenever @taylorswift was online and started tweeting it to Taylor Nation on twitter and tagging them in posts about it on instagram. We flew out on November 6th and I didn’t hear anything for ages and ages and I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen, so I just got on my flight to Singapore. We were two hours delayed and then we finally got there on November 7th. When we got there, I logged on to the airport wifi (the first time I’d had wifi in around 24 hours) and I HAD AN EMAIL SAYING THAT TAYLOR NATION HAD DM’d ME ON TWITTER. I started to cry and I couldn’t deal with it and Gail had to calm me down,Then I replied and the next day I got a phonecall from Kevin to say that Taylor had seen my tumblr post that she loved it and everyone at Taylor Nation loved it and that she’d asked to meet me. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! I thanked Kevin over and over again, and then he was like “we’ll see you tonight then!” and I said my goodbyes. We went around a shopping centre in Singapore and I was FREAKING OUT when I got another phone call - this time it was from Erica! She explained that it wasn’t an official meet and greet, and that it was going to happen backstage before Welcome To New York. She also said she was UPGRADING MY SEAT which meant that Gail could go to the concert which was super cool!! So I got upgraded to front row:

We then went to the venue and queued, here’s a picture of me queueing with my sign (which the venue took from me before I was allowed to get in and they threw it out so I couldn’t have it back but I didn’t really care at this point:

so they took the sign off me and then I went into the venue and sat in my (UPGRADED) seat and waited for Erica to come get me. She came and got me around quarter to 8, and Taylor was due to come on stage around 8. We went backstage and there was also two other girls, but I was the only one from tumblr. We were led to a door and told to wait there, and Taylor’s dancers were warming up right in front of us! A few of them introduced themselves and asked how we were holding up, and then suddenly they were gone and Taylor and Andrea appeared. 

The first thing Taylor did when she arrived was say “Hey Guys!” and came straight to hug me (TAYLOR HUGGED ME WHAT IS MY LIFE) and said “thank you for coming all this way, that’s crazy!” she then spoke to the two other girls who’d been asked to come backstage and I spoke to Mama Swift and she was so so lovely to me and we got this selfie: 

And then it was time for Taylor to talk to me. She came right up to me (I didn’t even have to introduce myself!) and she said: “ You’re so fun to follow on tumblr, you’re so fun!” and she said she’d seen my post that I’d reblogged “like 100 times” so basically she knew everything about me,  then she said my cat was cute and she love cats like that and that she loved that his name was Dusty because “he’s, like, Dusty.” (like the colour) and then I was like “I brought you a cat!!” because I’d brought her a cat toy thing thats hand moves when there’s a battery in it and she said she loved it and that she used to have one but she lost it, so this was really cool. I then said hi from @thescotlandsquad, and gave her Izzy’s (@iknowyouveheardaboutme) URL and she sent Izzy her love and then I told her that she’d saved my life and I thanked her for everything and she took my hands and said thank you too and she was holding my hand the entire time and we got a picture (Erica kept trying to get Taylor to hurry up I think, but she kept on talking to me) and we got a picture and then she had to go and we were led out by one of her team to the B-Stage and given B-Stage wristbands. The guy who was in charge of the B-Stage seemed confused that I was there and the member of Taylor’s team who led us out was like “oh she’s good, she’s Taylor’s.” SHE’S. TAYLOR’S. Taylor I’m yours now okay? Okay. And when the people around me saw that I met Taylor (because I’d already made the picture my lock screen, obviously) they let me straight through to the front and I was literally at the bottom of the B Stage and she looked at me all night and I genuinely have photos of her directly looking into my camera and basically the whole night was perfect and unbelieveable and I can’t believe this is my life. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my Taylor journey, eras past and present, and thank you to Taylor Nation for making this happen. Thank you to all my followers who stuck with me during my mass reblog of that post, it all paid off!! 

The biggest thank you goes to you, @taylorswift. Thank you for wanting to meet me and for making me feel just like we were best friends who just hadn’t met up in a while. Thank you for surprising me, and thank you for going to all that effort, because you really didn’t have to. I’ll never forget you as long as I live, Love you forever. <3 <3 <3

(photo creds to @southwesteros and Erica Worden)

*finds a great fandom blog*

*said blog posts some bullshit about feminism, swj-ism, etc. apparently frequently*

*sighs, mourns what could have been, moves on with life and never checks said blog again*

Reading some seriously old GRRM interviews and laughing my ass off. Few days ago a person commented on one of my posts saying “I don’t get why y’all think it’s cool Sansa looks like her mom. Cat made Jon’s life a living hell. I don’t think you people understand the characters you are shipping.” The comment didn’t bother me at all. By now I am used to Sansa and Catelyn haters imagining an alternate game of thrones where incidents took place that clearly weren’t in the books or the show. So tonight when I read this comment by GRRM it made me remember the person’s comment

Thus, the question I have is if Catelyn went out of her way to mistreat Jon in the past – and which form this might have taken – or if she rather tried to avoid and ignore him?

GRRM: “Mistreatment” is a loaded word. Did Catelyn beat Jon bloody? No. Did she distance herself from him? Yes. Did she verbally abuse and attack him? No. (The instance in Bran’s bedroom was obviously a very special case). But I am sure she was very protective of the rights of her own children, and in that sense always drew the line sharply between bastard and trueborn where issues like seating on the high table for the king’s visit were at issue.

And Jon surely knew that she would have preferred to have him elsewhere.

In Memorium

Wow. Never thought I’d be saying a TV show changed my life, but here we are. Seriously, if it wasn’t for Turn, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I know that sounds crazy and dramatic, but it’s 100% true. Honestly, if I had never started watching this show, I don’t think I’d be pursuing my dreams by joining the Army. Ben Tallmadge and George Washington have given me all the inspiration I need to serve my country, and I couldn’t be more happier with the choices and sacrifices I’ve made in order to get where I am now. This show has been a part of my life for 3 years, and has brought me nothing but joy. Of course there’s been tears and anger, but that just makes it a great drama. This show inspired me to care more about my history, so much to the point where I decided I would major in history. I just can’t believe this show is over for good now. I know eventually we’ll get a new American history show about the revolution or something, but we won’t get these actors back. These incredible, talented, amazing actors, who have completely devoted themselves to portraying these characters from history with the utmost respect and grace. I’m so proud of them and the work that they’ve done, which has truly made this show unforgettable. And I am so happy to say that I have been a part of this memorable fandom, and have met so many amazing people through it all. I hope that, even though this show is over, we can all still be a part of the Turn community and keep the spirit alive, not just because this was a stunning show, but because these were real people from history, and we should do all that we can to keep their stories alive and honor their memories.

So, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone on Tumblr who is a part of the Turn fandom, because it’s your posts, gifs, and edits that have kept this show alive for the past 4 years. Even though we get into squabbles over ships, character writing, and bad wigs, at the end of the day, we’ll all a family, and we should all be proud of our hardwork and devotion to this fandom that has brought us all together.

Human 101

Part 1 of 2

Several humorous short stories with the gods spending time with MC on Earth and encountering something that only humans have. 

Rating (M)

Warning: Sexual Content


    I was so excited that Leon had finally agreed to a date here on Earth that I couldn’t decide where to take him. It would probably be best to go somewhere with fewer people seeing as he wasn’t exactly fond of humans in the first place. As I wracked my brain trying to come up with something a voice close to my ear made me jump nearly out of my skin.

    “You certainly look like your thinking hard goldfish. It had better only be about how your going to please me while I’m here.” There was a time I would have found everything he said to me to be offensive. Not anymore, I knew how to read between the lines.

    “Actually I was thinking of where to go for our date but you got here early so….”

    “So forget the date and lets skip to the good part.” He teased as his fingers pulled up along my thighs.

    “Leon cut it out! You can’t…touch me right now.” My cheeks began to burn.

    “Oh-ho! Telling me what I can do was brazen enough but now you want to tell me what I can’t do? Enough of this.” He snapped his fingers and one by one the buttons on my blouse came undone. ‘Not this again.’

    “Seriously! Quit it. I can’t right now okay? Do I have to spell it out for you?” He stared at me dumbfounded.

    “And just why can’t I touch my girl all of the sudden?” He looked angry but I could also see a bit of hurt in his eyes. 'Does he seriously not know about this stuff?’ Sighing I decide to redirect the conversation for the time being. Approaching him I pushed him back onto my bed playfully.

    “How about I touch you instead.” I teased seductively. The surprise lasted but a moment and he was back to his usual self smiling at me with that knowing grin.

    “That’s more like it. I’m glad to see you come to your senses.” He snickered comfortably resting both hands behind his head. It was the first time I had ever initiated something sexual between us and as excited as I was to see that desire burning in his eyes I was also slightly bitter that we couldn’t go much further than that for the time being. Sensing something weighing on me he stopped me as I began to unbuckle his belt.

    “Stop.” He commanded firmly but his look was gentle and full of concern.

    “Seriously, what’s up? We really don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to.” Blatant as always he offered sweetly making me more frustrated. 'He seriously thinks it’s because I don’t want to have sex with him…’

    “Can we-just not talk about this right now. I was really looking forward to going out with you tonight.” My eyes pleading with him seemed to temporarily ease the conversation. After sighing he smiled his signature Leon grin.

    “Sure. Whatever you want goldfish.” I knew this wasn’t the end of our conversation but at least we could save the embarrassing part till after the date. Smiling happily I decided I would take him to this really amazing Italian restaurant that was well known for their meatballs. As we got ready to leave I asked him to hold my clutch while sliding into my heels and fastening the buckles on the side.

    “You humans sure are ridiculous carrying all your stuff with you.” He teased knowing full well we had little choice seeing as unlike him we couldn’t just snap our fingers and procure whatever it was we needed at that moment. As I slid the other shoe on he started peeking through my stuff inside. I guess curiosity got the better of him. It was kind of cute watching him thoroughly inspect each item trying to understand it’s purpose. Lipstick, keys, wallet, a tiny barrette in case I needed to pull my hair back. Unfortunately it slipped my mind about the last item in there and as he inspected it his brows furrowed.

    “What’s this?” He asked genuinely clueless. Guess I wasn’t getting out of this conversation so easily after all. I started to feel self conscious worrying that he may find me disgusting after explaining it to him.

    “It’s called a tampon.”

    “Yeah? And what’s it for?” I sighed trying to think of how to word everything.

    “Before I answer let me ask you a question. How are gods born in the heavens?” His expression shifted into one of annoyance.

    “Who cares? It’s probably not that different than it is here.” His tone was flat and that of disinterest.

    “What does any of that have to do with this?” He brandished the still thankfully wrapped tampon between his long fingers.

    “Sooo….do goddesses get their periods in the heavens?” I asked nonchalantly. His eyebrow arched showing there was a spark of interest now budding in him.

    “What the hell is a period?” 'Oh sweet heavens do I seriously have to have the birds and bees talk with Leon?!’

    “It’s what happens once a month to a woman through childbearing years, she bleeds for about a week but then it stops and goes away.” An amused grin spreads across his face as I explain things to him.

    “I’ve never heard of something messed up like that. In my infinite time of existence I have never known of a goddess that bleeds for a week. Where exactly do you bleed for that amount of time?” /facepalm. 'Seriously? Fuck my life this is too embarrassing!’ Growing frustrated as the heat spreads from my cheeks to my ears I glare at him angrily.

    “What’s with that scary face all the sudden? Did I ask you something weird?” His voice may have sounded innocent but his expression clearly showed how much he was enjoying making me uncomfortable.

    “Well? Where’s your answer.” He demanded still smiling. I was pretty sure my temper was about to get the best of me knowing he was purposely toying with me but I took a deep breath to center myself before answering his ridiculous question.

    “Gee Leon, where do you think? Do babies come out of a goddess’ vagina like they do here?” His smiled widened chuckling to himself.

    “Pffft, how the hell should I know? Does it look like I have a vagina?” 'UGH! Seriously! You stubborn little..’

    “Why are we talking about babies all of the sudden? Or is it you want me to put one in you?” His egotistical confidence was just utterly absurd.

    “Ugggh! You just reallllllly want me to say it don’t you?” I threw at him, my eyebrows knit tightly together.

    “Say what? That you want me to fuck a baby into you?” He teased further darkening the shade of red already dominating my face. Finally having had my fill of being teased I pointed at the tampon packaged in his hand.

    “You wanna know so badly? Open it.” I said sternly as he continued to snicker at my frustration. He pulled the wrapper away and stared at the pink plastic in confusion. After fiddling with it a minute he figures out how it works and only grows deeply confused as the rod of cotton pushes it’s way out.

    “Seriously? What the fuck is this thing?” Watching him with that expression was too cute and I accidentally giggled. He shot me an annoyed expression for not answering his question.

    “I told you, it’s called a tampon. When a human woman gets her period she uses that to soak up the blood so it doesn’t get everywhere.” I say coolly donning a calm expression. I can tell some of what I’m saying registers but he still hasn’t pieced it all together.

    “You asked me where we bleed from, well think about it. Why did I turn you down earlier when you wanted to have sex?” As he considers the question I watch as the connection is made, his eyes going wide.

    “You goldfish really are weird. I’ve never heard of such a thing as a woman bleeding from her vagina for a week straight. That sounds like a twisted ass punishment from one of those nut jobs in that ridiculous department.” Growing tired of the subject I look at him in such a way as to let him know I have had enough of this subject for the evening.

    “So I take it that’s why you turned me down earlier. You’re having a period or whatever?” Still embarrassed all I can do is nod trying not to make eye contact.

    “Heh, it’s fine. I can wait.” Surprised at his words I stare at him in amazement.

    “You will?”

    “Pffft sure thing. A week feels like a second to a god. Plus I get to look forward to putting a baby in you when you’re finished.” Blushing deeply I hide my face in my hands. I still don’t think he fully understands how this whole thing works.


    Though I knew it was the very last place he’d rather be Scorpio had decided to spend the day with me on Earth much to his discomfort. I hadn’t asked him to but seeing how absolutely excited I was when he suggested it as an idea, he didn’t have it in him to turn me down. He had demanded we stay at my apartment not wanting anything to do with humans especially if there was a chance of being accidentally touched by one.

    “Seriously. Human’s are disgusting.” He grumbled watching them as they passed by on the street below from my window. Trying not to laugh I finished the dishes before hanging my apron for the day.

    “All the preparations for dinner are finished.” I smiled happily as I approached him. He gave me a quick once over before frowning.

    “You realize you are filthy right?” 'Ugh! Such a mood killer I swear.’

    “And you realize you’re words are harsh right? Must you always be so critical of me?” I frowned slumping into my couch knowing full well he would lose it if I touched him before showering. They have a name for people like this on Earth but there was no way in hell I was going to tell him that! He could be impossibly frightening at times.

    “Pffft, if you wanted to be sweet talked you should have chosen Lou.”

    “What? Hey you’re being extra nasty today you know.” I couldn’t help but chastise him a bit, after all he sometimes hurt my feelings with his crude way of speaking. He glanced over at me before smirking.

    “You are filthy, but how about I give you a bath and show you just how nasty I can be.” I could tell my face was bright red just by how hot it felt. He always catches me off guard when he says stuff like that. I have to admit though, it’s really sexy. Deciding to play along I smile at him before nodding.

    “Okay then, shall we?” I teased seeing if he would actually go through with it and to my surprise he gestured to head toward the bathroom. I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at the thought of him actually bathing me. As we entered my tiny bathroom I felt grateful I had cleaned it the night before. Looking inside the tub Scorpio suddenly went rigid. 'Ugh….now what.’

    “I can’t bathe you in this, it’s-” I cut him off my anger getting the better of me.

    “Let me guess?! Filthy!” He turned and stared at me incredulously. Rolling his eyes he raised his hand getting ready to snap when I had an idea.

    “No! Don’t. I’ve had it with your crazy obsession of cleanliness. We humans aren’t THAT dirty! But since you are sooooo determined to make a spectacle of it how about you get a better understanding of what it takes to keep things clean up to your standards!” Unable to respond for once I decided to explain.

    “You forget we don’t have the luxury of snapping our way to perfect cleanliness. Everything we do is with our own hands and hard work! So guess what? YOU are going to help me clean this bathroom the human way till it passes your high standards.” His expression relaxed and he tried to stifle a laugh.

    “Don’t you dare laugh!” I shouted at him. That apparently was all it took to break him. I wanted to be so angry but hearing Scorpio laugh? I was pretty sure hell just froze over. I couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

    “Damn woman you have quite a temper.” He teased causing me to narrow my eyes before responding.

    “Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?” He smiled looking somehow impressed at my abnormal boldness today.

    “Sassing me is only going to worsen your punishment later.” That naughty smile of his set me on fire inspiring an idea I would NEVER normally do but hey, go big or go home right? Giving him a seductive smile I dropped all of my clothing at my feet standing before him as naked as the day I was born. His cheeks instantly flushed and I couldn’t help but giggle.

    “I thought we were going to clean the bathroom” he said gruffly trying not to look embarrassed. It was too adorable seeing him all pouty like this.

    “Oh we are! Besides, I didn’t think you would dare touch me while I’m this dirty.” I shot him a confident smile antagonizing him further. He opened his mouth about to say something but immediately closed it looking defeated.

    We began scrubbing the tub together shoulder to shoulder as Scorpio tried to hide his adorably pink cheeks. He hadn’t said two words to me but he did everything I asked him to do as we cleaned. I’m sure his silence was partially due to the fact that I was still in my birthday suit acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. This was just too much fun though I knew I was going to pay for it later. 'Worth it.'Besides he looked so damn sexy doing hard labor that I could barely keep my mind out of the gutter staring at his perfect godly form. He accidentally bumped into me due to the ridiculously small size of my bathroom bringing me out of my daydream.

    “Dammit stupid woman! Keep those thoughts to yourself…” Realizing what I was thinking about when we bumped I couldn’t help but giggle as his cheeks were even darker than before.

    “Awwww, but you really would look good in nothing but my apron.” I teased thoroughly savoring every moment of this.


    His eyes were wide staring at the pristine snow covered scenery in front of him. My heart warmed at his child-like surprise and I couldn’t help but giggle.

    “Wow. I still can’t believe you have never seen snow before.” I teased though still smiling warmly. He smiled sweetly taking my hand in his and I couldn’t help it that my heart started racing. Everything was so beautiful and seeing Dui’s perfect features accented by his surroundings made it all seem so surreal.

    “Well technically I have seen it but only in the reflecting pools, never in person. I had no idea how much I was missing not experiencing it first hand. Thank you so much for bringing me here.” My heart swelled at that perfect smile and I rested my head on his shoulder as we watched the snow softly falling all around us. I wish this moment could last forever.

    Dui kicked the snow around with his foot amused as it tumbled about. Chuckling to myself I grabbed a handful before returning it to the ground and rolling it in front of me. The snow was the perfect texture allowing me to create a huge ball in no time. Looking back Dui was just standing there eyes wide with surprise at the creation at my feet.

    “Well aren’t you gonna help me?” I said playfully and he sauntered over resting his bare hand against the enormous boulder sized snowball nearly high as our waists. He quickly withdrew his hand looking at me with concern.

    “It’s so cold. How can you stand touching it?” His eyes shifted to my hands and seeing that my skin had turned slightly red from it snapped his fingers. Beautiful thick warm gloves surrounded my icy hands bringing some relief almost instantly. I noticed upon looking up that he was now donning his own pair but still seemed very apprehensive of touching the snow.

    “What exactly do you plan on doing with this?” He asked curiously.

    “I wanted you to help me build a snowman.” I offered but his expression suddenly changed.

    “A snow man?” He stared at me in wonder and awe. 'Huh? Is it really that strange?’

    “I had no idea you were capable of such a thing. Are all human able to do this?”

    “Y-yeah? It’s really quite common actually.” Watching him trying to process everything I knew something was bothering him.


    “What do you do with them once they are created?” My brows furrowed in confusion not really understanding his rather odd question.

    “Do? Nothing really. They are just fun to make and than look at.” I offered matter-of-factly.

    “What happens after that?” concern still poured from his innocent face, a worried frown making him look strangely adorable somehow.

    “What do you mean? Umm…I don’t know, younger kids often knock em over or they melt in the sunlight.” Dui’s face twists into an expression of horror and it’s then that I finally realize he completely misunderstood.

    “N-No Dui! Please don’t worry, they aren’t actually real men or anything.” I try to explain hoping that expression relaxes before someone else makes an appearance.

    “Wow, I knew you humans were sick and twisted but this is just on a whole other level.” The sadistic smile on his face immediately told me I was now dealing with Shadow Dui. Thank goodness he doesn’t actually want to kill me anymore. This could have ended ugly.

    “It’s not like that, cut it out.” I snapped harshly at him but he only smiled further in response.

    “You sure are sassy today, does this environment inspire boldness?” I knew he was teasing but it still made me edgy. Shadow Dui was a completely different person than Dui. My expression must have alerted him to my sudden discomfort.

    “Heh, do I really make you that nervous?” His grin was slightly sadistic but I knew there was genuine concern behind his words. He words may be harsh and actions bold but even shadow Dui had a fondness for me that he presented in his own way. I decided to have a little fun and see how shadow Dui responded to snow and the cold. Not making eye contact I casually picked up a handful of snow and began packing it into a ball. Meeting his gaze I gave him my best mischievous grin before striking up conversation.

    “Do you like the snow and cold Dui?” He continued smiling but he arched an eyebrow in suspicion. It was really hard to fool this version of Dui. He knew how to read everything.

    “Never mind that, I want to know what you think you’re about to pull here. I hope it’s something worthy of punishing you for.” His smile only widened and was now tinged with sexual implications. I couldn’t stifle the giggle that unexpectedly escaped my mouth as I looked at him with my best poker face.

    “Oh I see, you WANT me to punish you eh?” There was something undeniably sexy when he was aggressive like this and I secretly hoped he would take me right here and now. I would never let him know that however. Not in a million years. He walked toward me slowly closing the distance and before he could get any closer I caught him off guard, my snowball I had been crafting creating quite an impact against his broad chest. His body absorbed it like it was nothing. 'He is a god after all, he probably didn’t even feel anything.’ His expression said otherwise. He looked at me with surprise but his expression quickly changed into something that made my pulse quicken. I slowly started to back away with my hands in the air but he only laughed.

    “Now Dui….I-I was o-only playing okay?” I smiled pleadingly but he said nothing and continued moving toward me like a predator. I knew I was in trouble but I couldn’t help pushing him further by trying to ward him off with a barrage of snowballs. He finally stopped moving and his smile faded. Looking at me with an entirely too serious expression he narrowed his eyes before sighing.

    “Well, you’ve left me no choice.”


    “AHHHHHH!” the seductively smiling little sadist now standing impossibly close had took it upon himself to rid me of any clothing. The cold air was almost painful and my skin erupted into angry goosebumps. Shivering I glared at him incredulously.

    “Dui stop this! I-I’ll freeze t-to death!” Pushing me down on my back in a pile of snow he laughed as my expression of panic grew to one of sheer discomfort from the icy cold on my bare skin. I couldn’t even speak it was so painfully uncomfortable.

    “Don’t worry, I have every intention of thoroughly warming you up.” That seductive sadist snapped away his cloth barrier and quickly climbed atop me instantly bringing me comfort from his warm skin. His hot mouth made it’s way up and down my neck sending an aching thrill through me as I heard his voice ridden with lust in my head.

    “I’m going to fuck you so hard we’ll bring back the spring.”


    After a long day at the beach Ikky and I practically collapsed on my couch. I hadn’t done that much swimming since I was a child and the exhaustion I was feeling was a stark reminder of that. It had all been worth it just to see him smiling and having so much fun. He was absolutely adorable when he acted so carefree like that. Like an innocent child taking in the world from an untainted perspective. We had so much fun I couldn’t think of a happier time in my life. I wish it could be like this forever.

    He rested his head in my lap and I lazily stroked his soft hair that smelled of ocean and sunshine. His eyes closed he smiled blissfully making his already boyish charm even more irresistible.

    “Hm? I can feel your eyes on me, are you undressing me in your mind?” Though his eyes remained closed his smile morphed into something much more mischievous.

    “Ikky you’re always undressed in my mind.” I teased. His eyes opening wide he gave me his best pouty face staring at me intensely.

    “Nooo fair! Are you doing that on purpose?” He complained cutely. I tried to stifle a giggle. His brows furrowed displeased at my amusement.

    “You’re tooo mean! You know I have exhausted my powers for today and now you’re exploiting it by trying to seduce me!” I couldn’t help laughing, he was so stink'n cute like this I wanted to just eat him up!

    “Awww, my poor wittle Ikky. Whatever will you do without having your powers to make love to me?” I smiled wickedly causing him to blush fiercely and look away.

    “Cut it out! Otherwise I’m going to punish you twice as hard tomorrow once I’ve recharged.”

    “Ahahahaha! Yeah? And in the meantime?” I teased him further this time causing him to tackle me and regain the upper hand. I was pinned firmly beneath him, his hands holding both of my wrists down yet my expression never faltered.

    “Wow, you are reallllly asking for it aren’t you?!” Before I could respond he started tickling me all over causing me to writhe and scream for him to stop but of course there was no way that was going to happen. We were both laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes as he pulled my t-shirt up with his teeth exposing my tummy before moosing me. I was nearly in fits as he mercilessly tortured me before abruptly stopping. His expression was now puzzled and riddled with concern as he stared at something on my skin I couldn’t see myself from this angle.

    “Ikky what is it?” I asked as a sinking feeling flooded my insides.

    “These marks? Where did they come from?” He frowned which made me even more worried. He helped pull me to my feet so I could go look for myself in the mirror.

    “You definitely didn’t have those the last time I saw you naked.” He added unnecessarily making me embarrassed on top of everything else. When I stood in front of the mirror lifting my shirt sure enough there were definitely marks, though nothing as bad as I had anticipated. Feeling a tad relieved I brought a small tube of cold gel and handed it to Ikky before removing my shirt and turning around. Feeling his confusion I explained further.

    “It’s nothing too serious Ikky, it’s just a sunburn. It will go away but it will hurt a lot less if you put that aloe in the tube on it.” Though he followed my instructions as the soothing feeling of coldness met the heat radiating off my skin he was as confused as ever.

    “Sun-burn? The sun can…really burn you?”

    “Yep. We humans have to be careful when being out for long periods of time in the sun. This is just a mild burn but without proper protection we can actually get seriously injured. The only reason this is so mild is because I put on sunscreen before we left this morning. However after all the swimming we did I forgot to reapply it afterward which is probably when this happened.”

    “That’s…horrible. It’s just like in the vampire movies where the sun melts off their flesh and they die!”

    “What on Earth have you been watching? First of all, vampires aren’t real. That’s just fictitious nonsense. Secondly, humans don’t melt in the sun but our skin does burn so we just have to be careful, that’s all.”

    “You saaaaaay there is no such thing as vampires but how do you know? Have you ever met one?” I know he’s teasing me but for some reason I can’t ever help myself from taking the bait.

    “Ikky there is seriously no such thing as a vampire.”

    “Maybe that’s just what they want you to believe.” He smiled in amusement though I could tell my frustration was clearly visible to him. Instead of fueling this conversation any further I notice that we had tracked sand in on the carpet. Normally Ichthys could clean it all up in a snap but he is completely drained of his powers from the day we had. 'Guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way.’ As I retrieve the vacuum from the front closet and roll it in Ikky’s eyes go wide.

    “What is that?” He asks looking kind of concerned still eyeing the contraption suspiciously. I couldn’t help but smile at his reaction.

    “This is called a vacuum. It sucks up dirt and all sorts of things off the floor.” The way his expression suddenly contorts I can tell Ikky’s eccentric imagination has gotten the better of him. Eyebrows furrowed tightly and a face ripe with unknown tension he backs away slowly across the room and onto the armchair. I am cracking up inside as he draws his feet up far away from the floor waiting for me to do something. 'Teehee! It reminds me of a dog whose terrified of the vacuum!’ While I could do the right thing and explain things in a way so he could understand that this is nothing to be afraid of, I decide instead to extract my revenge for all the pranks my trickster boyfriend has pulled on me from the beginning. Smiling wickedly I plug it in and bring it to the carpet and just before I turn it on I tell him in a frighteningly dark tone-

    “Be extra careful Ikky, though us humans have nothing to fear because we are their masters, I have no idea what will happen if you get too close to this thing.” Looking horrified he climbs further up the armchair perching himself on top of the back like a cat. It takes everything I have to hold in the laughter as I turn the vacuum on and begin covering the floor. Never taking his eyes off the loud machine he grows ever rigid as I get closer to the armchair. Unable to take anymore he leaps across the living room onto the back of my couch making sure none of his limbs are anywhere near the ground.

    “STOOOOOP! Put it away! PLEASSSSSSE! NO MORE NO MORRRRRE!” Luckily I had managed to get up the sand before he had his meltdown so I took mercy on him and turned it off. I wrappped the cord back up and put the vacuum back in the closet. As I returned to the living room there was a loud round of applause giving me quite the surprise. I was dumbfounded to see all eleven of the other zodiac gods cheering and smiling at me. ’…..Whaa?’

    “You just earned a favor from every god here goldfish.” Leon laughed heartily. Confused I looked around at all of the gods wondering what they were all doing here in the first place.

    “I may have misjudged you human. Not even a single god here can boast of pulling such a divine prank on that mischievous fish. For that, you have earned our respect.” The great Minister of the Department of Punishments stood before me congratulating me with an actual smile on his face. I was so in shock I was unable to speak.

    “Yeah. I take back what I said about you being stupid.” Scorpio added smiling. 'Uhhhh……this HAS to be a dream right? RIGHT?’

    “Ummm…..did Hell just freeze over or…?” They chuckled at my response but their smiles never wavered.

    “Wait did Scorpio just-”

    “Don’t read into it.” His usual scowl was back. 'Phew!’ Turning to Ikky still unsure of everything I suddenly felt bad. 'Was he really that scared of the vacuum?’

    “You have our thanks goldie!” Teo smiled sweetly.

    “Not you too Teo?” Ikky complained as a sadly defeated expression filled his face. 'Oh man, I definitely went over the top with this. Poor Ikky, I was only teasing him a little…’ I turned and walked over toward him but he nervously flinched away from my touch. 'Ouch. I deserve that.’

    “Guess we will leave you to it, see you around!” Dui smiled sweetly, while they quickly one by one disappeared from my living room.


    “That was sooooo not cool. I can’t believe you of all people would do something like that to me.” He looked so dejected it was breaking my heart.

    “And on top of it all the other gods know so I am nevvvver going to hear the end of it.” Unable to take anymore I firmly wrapped my arms around him trying to hug him as tightly as I could.

    “I’m so sorry Ikky, I really didn’t mean to take it that far. But you were so cute trying to escape the big bad vacuum I just couldn’t help myself!” I giggled making him blush deeply. Still looking angry he grabbed my chin roughly to look me in the eyes.

    “You are in SO much trouble. Never ever, EVER try to trick a trickster because now? You just joined the big boy’s league. Any trick I could and would play on the gods will now also apply to you my mischievous little minx. I will never, NEVER go easy on you again.” His smile was fictitiously sweet and at that moment I knew I just made the biggest mistake of my life. 'Gods save me!’


    “I take it back, you’re not pure at all so casually inviting a man to your bed.” My cheeks flush but there was no way I was going to let his teasing deflate my mood.

    “You’re expectations may be a tad high Hue. How I am I supposed to act when you look at me like that?” My smile widens as it’s now his turn to be the one blushing.

    “You don’t play fair do you?” He teased still glowing a beautiful crimson.

    “Well I suppose that’s because I learned from the very best!” I loved how we always bickered happily like an old married couple. Always teasing each other affectionately.

    “Ahaha! Oh aren’t you cheeky tonight! If you keep this up you know I’m just going to have to close that mouth for you.”

    “!!!!” Those eyes of his kill me. Especially when he is looking at me like he is right now. I can’t let him have the upper hand, not yet! It would totally ruin the surprise.

    “Okay okay! Geeze…..don’t say things like that.” I respond still feeling heat in my cheeks.

    “I like when you look angry though. You make the cutest faces.”

    “S-Stop it Hue! Haven’t you already embarrassed me enough?” His smile widens before responding sweetly.

    “I haven’t even started yet.” He teases happily watching me get more and more frustrated till I finally can’t come up with a retort.

    “What, have you finally run of things to say?” All I could do in response was glare at him dubiously.

    “Does this mean you are offering your surrender? Very well, I graciously accept!” Smiling deviously he scoops me up in his arms and heads over to the beautiful and private outdoor bath. The moonlight softly reflects off the water while a light breeze sends ripples across distorting the image.


    “KYAA! H-HEY! WE’RE NAKED?!” I shout as he carries me into the water submerging us with me still in his arms.

    “Wait, are you sure? I honestly hadn’t noticed.” He says flatly yet the smile on his face says he’s enjoying this entirely too much. As he gets comfortable and relaxes leaning back before shutting his eyes I begin to flush from head to toe.

    “Ummm, y-you know you can put me down now..” I manage feeling flustered at his boldness. He gives me that quirky smile but doesn’t bother to open his eyes or show any signs of moving for that matter.

    “That’s true, I absolutely could but there’s a problem. I don’t really want to.” He teases tightening his grip on me and chuckling as I flail about.

    “Tell you what, you’re free to go but only if…” He offers not finishing his sentence.

    “Only ifffff?” I try coaxing it out of him eager to hide the embarrassment threatening to kill me. His almond eyes pop open and he brings his face dangerously close to mine.

    “If you can escape.”

    “!!!!!” Frantic from our naked closeness I try desperately to escape but it only seems to encourage him further. He pulls me in closer pressing his lips to my temple.

    “Knowing that there is no way you can win in this scenario it’s just entirely too adorable to see you still foolishly try.” Finally giving up trying to escape I resort to hiding what I can with my hands and pouting furiously.

    “No, I’m afraid that’s not going to work either. I’ve already memorized every inch of your body.” He smiles deftly pulling my hands away from my chest and exposing the soft mounds now floating in the water.

    “Though it never hurts to review the content.” He laughs as he notices the unmistakable new view.

    “Boy you are really full of it tonight aren’t you?” I complain testily. His smile remains unchanged and if anything there’s a fire now burning in his eyes.

    “Y-You know two c-can play this game!” I idly threaten him which only seems to amuse him further as he pulls me onto his lap facing him. 'Thank the gods it’s nighttime!’

    “Hmm, what game do you speak of?” I narrow my eyes trying to give him my best scary face.

    “You know damn well what game!” I hiss causing him to momentarily stop smiling. 'Eeek! Did I make him mad?’ Without warning I feel both of his hands grab onto my backside firmly causing me to yelp. An almost sinister expression stares back at me with a daring smile.

    “Nope, could you please clarify?” His fingers squeeze the soft flesh even harder sending a sweet shiver through my body. There’s a hunger in his eyes that tells me he’s definitely not letting me go till he’s satisfied. That thought alone stirs the heat inside of me. The next thing I know his mouth is on mine kissing me feverishly. The sounds of desperately growing passion fills the air. His hands are still cool to the touch despite being in the warm water making everywhere he touches come alive.

    “H-Hue-ahh!” His cool lips trace along the skin of my throat and he teasingly nips at the skin. He pulls my hips down on him and enters me. The strange sensation of being in the water while becoming one overtakes me causing me to lose all control and fully submit to the god of Aquarius. As he has his way with me I can’t help but feel as if even the water surrounding me is tantalizing. Almost as if it’s following it’s masters lead lovingly embracing me and seducing my senses. Overcome with such pleasure our passion continues well into the night.


    He pulls his fingers up my back softly comforting me after our intense lovemaking causing an embarrassed smile to find my lips. I’m grateful he can’t see as my head rests comfortably on his shoulder and my arms locked in his embrace. We haven’t moved. I’m still straddling his lap with him inside me and though we both have climaxed several times my body is no match for a gods endurance. I feel so weak I couldn’t stand even if I wanted to.

    “Perhaps it would be best to get you out of the water now.” He offers sweetly with concern in his voice. I was about to make a joke about it being a literal or figurative statement but I was too exhausted to even think.

    “I never thought I would see you so complacent. Was it really that good?” He chuckled but about all I could offer in response was a incoherent grumble. He carries me effortlessly to the bed but hesitates to set me down a moment.

    “You’re already practically asleep aren’t you.” He whispers in my ear before nuzzling my neck.

    “Mmm.” I smile sleepily but still manage to look into his beautiful sapphire eyes. There’s so much love there my heart feels like it’s about to burst.

    “Would it be okay if I kept you in my arms all night?” He asked softly and I nodded blissfully. As he gently sunk into the bed with me still in his arms his eyes went wide in wonder.

    “T-this is?” I couldn’t help smile so pleased I was able to surprise him in the end.

    “Yup! Surprise!” I offered cheerfully grinning ear to ear. Still completely stunned he gently rocks against the mattress sending waves up and down the bed. A huge child-like smile fills his face.

    “I had no idea something like this existed.”

    “Teehee! It’s called a waterbed. I’m glad you like it, I knew you would.” I felt so proud I was able to actually educate him on something for once.

    “You knew huh? Just how much were you fantasizing about me being in bed with you?” 'Leave it to Hue to ruin the moment.’

    “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I tease but without warning I’m on my back, wrists pinned to the sides of my head.

    “I suppose I’ll just spend all night finding out.”


     Teorus was actually really difficult to write. I have tried to incorporate a lot of their actual main story line themes into their respective chapters. Due to Teorus’ content it was really tricky to make the story humorous without making him into a total asshole. Thus, his chapter is more emotional than humorous so I hope you don’t mind.

    Sighing to myself utterly frustrated at the sight in front of me I feel the jealousy bubbling to the surface. I have my hands clenched so tightly into fists that my nails are digging into the skin causing minor pain. It’s nothing compared to the pain I feel in my heart. I knew dating Teorus came with a special set of circumstances seeing as he was absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere we went there were women, goddess and human alike throwing themselves all over him. It didn’t even matter if we were together they just pushed their way through eager for his attention. Teo being ignorantly oblivious and unable to be anything less than charming could never bring himself to be mean and flat out refuse them or walk away.

    Out of the blue one of the many goddesses throwing themselves at him decides to test her luck and steals a pretty over the top kiss. Teorus looks shocked for a moment but it’s when I see his cheeks turning pink that I lose it. 'Pssh! Goddesses or not I’m gonna knock her out!’ I stand, absolutely seething and about to move in when a hand grabs my arm and pulls me around the corner and out of view of the ridiculous spectacle.

    “Ikky! What are you doing? I was this close to giving that goddess a piece of my mind!” I hissed. He just smiled at me calmly placing his hands on my shoulders.

    “Just breeeeeeathe.” Still unwillingly to let the hatred leave my face I at least appease him by taking a few deep breaths. Feeling slightly less murderous I try to calm myself down a bit and it’s only then that I realize tears are streaming down my face.

    “Ah! No no noooooooo…please don’t cry.” Ichthys panics trying to cheer me up but it’s no use, the dam has broken and I can’t stop the flood.

    “Awwww, please don’t cry. You’re too pretty to cry.” He says looking on the verge of tears himself. 'Why can’t Teorus be as sweet and understanding as Ichthys?’ It feels like there is a pit in my stomach and feeling so desperate for affection I bury my face in Ichthys’ chest while the tears continue to fall. I hear him sigh before he gently embraces me, stepping in where my boyfriend should have been.

    “Hey Ikky?” I murmur as his hands gently rub my back.


    “Teo’s you’re best friend and you know him better than anyone. Does he….even love me?” Ichthys is silent a moment but squeezes me tighter.

    “Yes. I know he does. He talks about you like allllll the time.”

    “T-Then w-why?” I can’t even finish my sentence as everything I have been holding in comes pouring out. I can feel him rest his cheek atop my head as he tries to comfort me.

    “Teorus has always been….you know….Teorus. He’s always been surrounded by women whether he wants to be or not. I don’t think he really understands how it makes you feel to be honest. He’s never had a reason to be jealous before so he doesn’t understand the feeling you know?” As I listen to Ikky’s words I try to understand things from his perspective. Even if that’s the truth they are gods and I am simply human. I can’t control the way I feel inside which makes me feel even more depressed. Could we ever make this actually work? Maybe this relationship really isn’t meant to be after all. The sadness of that thought consumes me and I wrap my arms tightly around Ichthys hoping my heart won’t crumble out of my chest.

    “There you arrrrrre……whaaa?” Teo’s sickly sweet voice rings out as he comes bounding around the corner.

    “What’s the matter?” He asks frowning. I don’t want him to know I was crying over what happened so I give Ichthys a pleading look and he smiles.

    “She’s fiiiiiine. I totally stepped on her toes by accident and it must have realllllly hurt. I felt really bad so I hugged her to say I was sorry.” Ikky’s smile was amazingly convincing and Teo bought it.

    “Are you okay? Does it still hurt?” He asks me sweetly and I choke down the anger I still have in my heart and just nod.

    “Yay! I’m glad. I have some bad news though, Leo is being tooootally unfair and said I HAVE to turn in paperwork from last week.” He complains looking disappointed.

    “It’s okay, I can get back on my own. I don’t want to get you in trouble with Leon.” I offer feeling secretly relieved.

    “Don’t worry though, I promise to be back as soon as possible so we can still spend the night together.” Smiling, he kisses the back of my hand and disappears.

    “He does loooove you, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.” Ikky offers trying to cheer me up again.

    “Wait what did you just say?” I ask as an idea starts to form in my head.

    “Errrr….that he loves you?” Ikky responds looking startled and confused at the change of tone in my voice.

    “No, not that. If it’s hard to 'see’ sometimes. Hmmm, maybe I need to approach this in an entirely different way.” Just like that I know exactly what to do though it’s going to require a little bit of help from a specific god. Sighing, knowing I’m walking into the lion’s den I turn to Ichthys with determination in my eyes.

    “Ikky, take me to see Partheno.”


    “Well well! To what do I owe the pleasure of your divine presence?” Partheno oozes charm and sexiness and being the most beautiful god in the heavens on top of it makes being in his presence nerve wracking to say the least.

    “Well, to be honest I really need your help Partheno. Can you….make me beautiful?” The surprise on his face is quickly followed by a frown.

    “What a ridiculous request, I can’t possibly grant it to you seeing as you are already very beautiful.” His lips softly press against the back of my hand and for some reason it gives me butterflies.

    “Cut it out you dirty birdy, that’s Teo’s girl and I don’t think he’d appreciate you shmoozn’ his woman.” Ichthys says sternly causing Partheno to withdraw but not before winking at me making me blush.

    “Partheno, um….how should I put this…err.”

    “Oh don’t fret so much, besides making a face like that will give you wrinkles. Here, have some beauty enhancing tea and calm yourself.” He hands me a beautiful and ornate teacup with it’s contents a lovely light pinkish hue.

    “Oh wow…it smells and tastes like roses. This is amazing! Thank you Partheno.” I feel the tension slowly leave my body with each sip.

    “You’re quite welcome. Now then, I know why you are here and I must say how pleased I am that you asked for my help. We shall transform you into the very image of beauty! All the goddesses of the heavens will be jealous at your radiance!

    "Teehee! Thank you, I’ve never actually had a make-over before. I didn’t think gods even knew about something like this considering you are all so perfect and beautiful anyway.”

    “While it is inherently a human practice I find perfecting beauty a wonderful way to spend my time.” Makes perfect sense considering who he is yet I can’t possibly fathom Partheno being any more gorgeous than he already is. He immediately gets to work starting with my hair. Excited and nervous I anxiously wait as he works his magic.


    “Are you sure I look okay Ikky?” I ask for the hundredth time as he escorts me back to the mansion.

    “Duuuuuuh, seriously stop asking me….it’s difficult enough okay?” I look over at his beautiful boyish features and am instantly startled to see Ichthys bright red.

    “Huh?? I don’t…”

    “Seriously, you don’t get it do you? You’re beyond beautiful, so much so I don’t want to look at you because it’s hard to stop my mind from wandering. I’m a man too you know!” The frustration and anger of his tone renders me speechless. I had never seen this side of Ichthys before, it was actually kinda cute. He refuses to look in my direction and continues to stare straight ahead, his posture stiffer than normal.

    We reach the door to the mansion and I suddenly feel like chickening out when I look down and remember how sexy and revealing this dress is. I would never have thought I could pull it off but when Partheno led me in front of the mirror I was dumbfounded. Every trace of the boyish and plain features of mine had been transformed into an elegant yet sexy woman. I couldn’t believe I had been actually looking at my own reflection. It was the first time I had felt worthy enough to stand by Teorus’ side. My hair was in an intricate up-do and my make up though a tad dark suited my palette. A gorgeous dark blue velvet dress that sparkled near the chest and ankles hugged my body. I had complained at how low cut the front was and high the slit for the leg went but Partheno was absurdly convincing that I pulled it off flawlessly. For the finishing touch a perfume of his own design that smelled heavenly and so I was now ready for my grand debut.

    “Deep breath and remember what Partheno told you.” Ikky said quietly at my side raising his hand to open the door.

    “Confidence is sexier than everything else combined.” I answered as I took a deep breath and held my head high. Just before Ikky opened the door I whispered softly to him.

    “Thank you Ichthys. For everything. You truly are an amazing friend.” Watching his cheeks burn up once more I said nothing more, only smiled.

    The door opened and we walk inside where we hear many voices coming from the living room. It seemed like many more than usual and I could swear some I had never heard before. As I turned to glance at Ikky he gives me a knowing smirk.

    “Consider it a gift.” His smile only makes my nerves start to surface but it’s too late, there’s no turning back now.

    “Hellllloooooooo? We’re baaaaack!” Ichthys says in his usual playful tone and everyone starts to go quiet. We walk around the corner and into view and I am suddenly surprised to find all of the gods gathered in one room. Everything instantly goes silent and all eyes are on me, apparently having shocked all of them into silence. Nervously looking around the room as my heart beats wildly and my confidence wavers my eyes meet Partheno’s who was standing alone at the back of the room sipping tea. He nods and smiles restoring my resolve. I finally allow myself to smile as I greet everyone.

    “Good evening.” I manage. As per usual, Leon is the first to speak.

    “Oh-ho! What’s this?” He struts over to me lightly taking my chin and thoroughly looking me over.

    “You’ve left me no choice but to make you mine.” His voice is deep and sensual, his eyes burning with desire. Suddenly a hand pulls me away from Leon.

    “You are not worthy of such a goddess.” I’m flabbergasted when I see that the voice and hand belong to none other than the Chief Minister of the Department of Punishments. 'Zy-Zyglavis?! No way!’ He kneels before me kissing the back of my hand sweetly.

    “Be mine and I will treat you with all of the love and passion a goddess such as you deserves.” 'W-WHAT?!’ Apparently I’m not the only one completely dumbfounded at the extremely uncharacteristic behavior of the god before me. Almost everyone in Punishments’ eyes are wide and mouths agape.

    “Choose me and I’ll give you all of my heart and soul. I will treasure you for all eternity.” Dui also bows before me. 'WHAT?! DUI NOW TOO?!’

    “Come with me and I will worship every part of your mind, body and soul.” 'GAH! HUE?!’

    “I will treat you as the queen you are, your every wish is my command.” Karno also takes a knee, bowing before me.

    “Belong to me Little Lady and I will make your every fantasy a reality.” Tauxolouve winks suggestively. ’T-This…is just….too much!’

    “No one here could protect you better than I could my goddess. Let me serve you.” Even Krioff pledges to me making this entire situation over the top. I know I am blushing from head to toe as one by one the gods profess their love. It isn’t until they all have spoken their intent or requests that the one among all of them I wanted so desperately finally approaches me and speaks. His honey colored eyes full of worry, regret and sadness slowly shift to an amazing cerulean blue leaving me breathless.

    “Please forgive my foolishness my precious beautiful goddess.” He kneels at my feet before bowing so lowly he presses his forehead to the floor.

    “T-Teorus..” His name escapes my lips on a breath. He doesn’t rise from his knees but tenderly takes my leg and grazes his lips across the skin sending a fiery shiver through me.

    “I’m not worthy of your love, not after what I have put you through. I see that now and not because you are dressed and look differently. Nothing is as beautiful as you in every way and any form. It’s because I didn’t realize what it felt like to have the one you love surrounded and hit on by others. I am so deeply sorry for not cherishing your heart. There isn’t a man alive, human or god that could ever be worthy of you, but I would give everything, the stars from my eyes, my very life just to try.”

    I try to hold back my own tears as I watch his own tears softly fall to the floor. 'Oh Teorus.’ I bend down and take his hands in mine before bringing us to our feet. I smile warmly before embracing him so tightly it hurts.

    “My heart belongs to you and only you, now and forever.” I offer tenderly. Overjoyed more tears fall but a huge smile fills his beautiful face. His eyes soften and return to normal and suddenly I am in his arms and be carried from the living room. As I look over his shoulder I see all of the gods smile. When my eyes find Ichthys I see that familiar mischievous grin as he gives me a thumbs up. 'Ah, so that’s what he did! Ha!’ Smiling in return I silently mouth the words Thank You.

My opinion on Floriana leaving the Supergirl Cast

If Maggie’s presence on the show is going to be seriously limited, then it would be best to end their relationship. Otherwise, Alex’s love life becomes an afterthought. Maggie was a good first romance for Alex, but it’s time they put Alex out there. Instead of handing her this cut and dry relationship, where they can make things as simple as possible, let her explore a bit. Consider something that’s not sewn up all neat and tidy. The actual trials and tribulations of dating, for someone who’s tentative and inexperienced. A great contrast to her confidence as a DEO agent. And let’s be honest, as much as we (myself included) love Sanvers, their relationship was extremely rushed, it just felt tacked on.

How about an honest to god, will they/won’t they relationship between two female characters on a mainstream show. It’s so rare that we get seasonal build up between queer characters without it being queerbait. Wouldn’t Lena be an interesting possibility? (Just a thought since the writers seem to be flinging Kara down the Mon-El road, it’s likely the pairing will only remain best friends, but Lena’s sexuality has never been inherently and explicitly defined, save for Jack) We’ve barely seen Alex and Lena interact, so let’s throw them together and see what kind of chemistry they have. There is a massive amount of potential in such a relationship. Butting heads at first. Layering in the tension. Something they could build over the course of seasons, instead of plowing through like a locomotive. Alex’s coming out was handled deftly and with great care. I would hate to see them suddenly take the easy road and present her sexuality as nothing more than some quota to fill.

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(1/2) It was a quiet day in the bunker. It was around lunch time, so Sam set his salad out on the counter, then remembered he left his book in the other room. A few minutes later he came back with the book, to find Dean and Cas standing at the other side of the counter. Sam sat down and greeted them. "Good afternoon." Cas grunted.

(2/2)  They were standing awfully close, which usually wouldn’t set off any alarms, considering they had no personal space. Except Dean kinda had a look on his face, and Cas was moving his hips in an odd way, and hey, is Dean not wearing…  Sam jumped up. “Are you guys seriously fucking?!” He shouted, “right in front of my salad?!”          



Okay but for real this like makes me think of an alternate universe where people just fuck in front of each other and it’s totally normal, and all his life, Sam’s seen Dean fucking people, taking charge, showing them a good time, etc.

But then Cas arrives. And he takes Dean whenever he likes and Dean absolutely loves it, falls over himself just to get his pants down fast enough to get Cas inside of him, becomes complete pliant in Cas’ hands, bending to his will as though he’s made of putty.

It’s very eye-opening for everyone involved (this includes Sam).

Fucking in front of Salad’s is still considered unhygienic tho so this scenario still occurs.

I find myself constantly saying this, but all time low will forever be my home.

“you’re going to grow out of them one day” was probably the most annoying thing someone could’ve said to me as a young teenager. I mean, what could’ve been a bigger insult? looking back now, though, I can recognize that to an extent, they were right. but only to an extent. my interests have drastically changed since my earlier days of listening to the band. I am definitely no longer spending every second tweeting at/about bands, nor do I live a bandom-centered life anymore. but the naysayers thought that leaving the “obsessive” part behind would include my appreciation for my favorite band altogether.

that’s where they could not have been more wrong.

while yes, phases do come and go, the love I have for all time low is so much more than that (it’s not a phase, mom!!!!). seriously, though. the way they’ve altered my life for the better will never go unacknowledged, nor will I stop giving them credit for the things they’ve done for me. the friends I’ve made through this band? they’re now people I call my best friends. the energy I consume at their shows? that inexplicable feeling of joy that surges throughout my body when I sing their words at the top of my lungs? that pure passion? it will never be forgotten. 

I have irreplaceable moments and memories thanks to all time low. their music takes me to an immediate comfort zone. talking to the guys always makes me feel loved. I’ll never get tired of looking at pictures of myself with the band/candids of me at their shows and thinking “god, I was so happy there”. and honestly? I’m pretty fucking thankful to have something that can still make me enthusiastic after so many years. this band is such an important part of who I am today. they’ve given me a much needed positive outlet. they’ve given me a family. they’ve given me a sense of safety. I’ve had to sit back and watch as lots of things came and went, but all time low will always be with me - no matter where my life is. 

see, I can’t “outgrow” this band because they continue to grow with me. they are so much more than a silly little thing to eventually get over. once again, at the end of the day, all time low is home. the place in my heart for them only gets bigger.

and because of that, I will always love them.

Goodbye Pretty Little Liars! Thank you for everything.

I started this blog in march 2015. All I planned on doing was sharing my idea about Wren and his role in the Charles storyline. I never expected that insignificant moment of signing up to create this blog to turn out to be so significant.

I have enjoyed every single moment of running this blog. Sometimes it’s been stressful. It’s used up hours of my days. Once or twice I encountered some not so nice people. These things aren’t significant at all when compared to the absolute pleasure this blog has given me. I’ve met so many wonderful people, anonymous or not. I’ve heard so many brilliant ideas, hilarious stories, and given my advice on personal issues some of you were having. I want to thank you all for allowing me to hear these stories, be in awe of your genius ideas and having a say in your personal lives that really had nothing to do with me at all!

Furthermore I want to thank you for doing the same for me. This blog turned out to be so much more than a way for me to chat about a tv show. This blog has been my diary, a place where I’ve made friends, and a place where I’ve received some incredible advice. You guys have seriously been a huge part of my life for these past two years and I can’t thank you enough for it.

To all my Wren theorists: we made it! It’s been long and painful and stressful, but we did it. Thank you all for reading my ideas and sharing yours with me. Although I have an undying love for Wren, I don’t think it would have been as easy to keep it up if it wasn’t for all of you being deluded with me! I hope Wren’s role in this makes the wait worth it for all of us.

Now onto Pretty Little Liars. The show that has made me pull my hair out in anger. The show that has given me nightmares! The show that has been so problematic at times I’ve been embarrassed by it. The show that makes me go red when I’m trying to explain the plot to someone because it’s so damn ridiculous. The show that has seriously taken over my life. As much as I moan (and I am sorry for the amount of moaning!), I adore this show to pieces. I absolutely love thinking about the plot and all the possibilities. Having “aha!” moments because I think I’ve cracked the whole thing, when of course I haven’t. Driving my friends and family mad by telling them all my ideas and showing them clues they don’t care about. It has been incredible being apart of such an iconic tv show’s fandom. I’ve never been involved in a show in this way before, and I think that’s down to how unique PLL is. I got invested in the storyline to the point where I couldn’t resist making this blog and writing down my ideas, and no tv show has ever had that impact on me before. Despite its trouble, PLL truly is iconic.

As much as I moan about these dumb characters, I will miss them ridiculous amounts. It sounds strange, but it’s almost like they’re friends. Friends I want to kill most of the time…. but still. I will particularly miss Spencer and Mona. Spencer for her wit, intelligence and humanity, and Mona for her fierce passion. I hope all the cast have had the time of their lives on this show and I can’t wait to see them moving on to bigger and better things (not that I think that is ever possible!)

Finally to the boy… Wren. It wasn’t until about season 3 I started suspecting you were involved, but you were the first character I was ever weary of! So many years later here I am still rooting for you. I’m not expecting you to be AD, because this show has a habit of giving me the opposite of what I want! I am so excited to see you being the shady lady I always knew you were though. Thank you for being the reason this show became an experience for me! Also to Julian Morris for creating this character I adore so much. You are the man. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this finale allows you to act your ass off and blow everyone away. Make Wren a character to never be forgotten!

Once again, thank you all so much for making this show a real experience. It’s not every day you can say you have thousands of friends with one common interest! If I don’t get to speak to you again, I hope you all have amazing futures full of happiness. I hope this show ends in a way that leaves you feeling shocked, content, relieved and excited! Now, let’s enjoy our last ever episode together and have a great time doing it!

Lots of love, Kate xxx


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Number 3.

Author’s Note:

This is surprisingly short!! Hahahah I hope you guys like. Please, don’t be mad at me because of, well, if you read it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about hahahah my imagination is just running wild lately, and I like to run away from clichés and stuff.

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We were still talking a lot through all of that, and one night after way too much thinking I showed up at where she was staying and after a long winded conversation in her doorway said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She then asked if I seriously just proposed to her at one in the morning at her door, and I told her I did if that’s what she wanted. The actual announcement followed a while later.

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Hi! I was just wondering if you have any good bottom! D.O , where he has a maybe not so innocent personality?. I seriously need more bottom Soo in my life lately orz, thank you

Hello sweetheart! Here’s some not-so-innocent bottom!soo heheheh (By the way these all have an NC-17 rating!):



smut rec fyeah Alright, I hope you enjoy these darling! Happy reading